Raymond Wong Cannot Guarantee Marriage Will Last Forever

Raymond Wong (黃浩然) has come a long way since his debut days when director Johnnie To (杜琪峯) brought him into the entertainment circle. Raymond’s popularity has been on the rise lately, and he is currently one of the main leads in TVB series, Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>. However, he has faced many challenges in the past, including having no jobs for a whole year.

Raymond was the guest on Leila Chow’s (周美鳳) entertainment talk show recently where he revealed his past hardships and his current life as a father and actor. When asked if there have been major changes after getting married, Raymond admitted, “I guess the biggest change would be that there’s less communication because we’re both so busy between having to take care of the kids and work.”

Dark Days Before Entering TVB

Six years ago, Raymond had no filming offers for nine months as opportunities in the Hong Kong film industry dwindled. Before joining TVB, he picked up odd jobs to survive.  Raymond said, “I had help from my family and some savings left, but it was difficult. That year, when I had to pick up random construction jobs, I would avoid having lunch with coworkers because I was scared of footing the bill! I couldn’t see down the long road ahead of me and it was disheartening.”

Joining TVB turned out to be a career milestone for Raymond. Starring in Sweetness in the Salt <碧血鹽梟> allowed Raymond’s recognition level to soar as millions of viewers watched his performance on TV.  The road to becoming a successful actor is long, but Raymond never gave up. He disclosed that even when the clouds were dark, he would try his best to get everything under control. In the initial years of his career, Raymond only had four hours of daily sleep and had to juggle between filming and maintaining his relationship with his family.

Juggling Between Work and Family

Raymond and his wife, Ka Ka, have been together for eleven years, and married for seven years. They met on the filming set of one of his past movies, in which she was part of the production crew. The couple have two sons, 2-year-old Kayden and one-month-old Ransley. Raymond does not plan to have more children. “I think we have enough already! Money aside, the kids might get jealous of each other over attention! But honestly speaking, I’m happy that my kids get along well. They might act like they’re fighting all the time, but my oldest son’s always joking with his little brother.

After Ransley was born, Raymond took off time from work to help take care of their new baby. Raymond spoke about balancing family life with work, “[My wife] would be disappointed at times, but she understands that there’s a trade-off between spending extra time with the kids and earning money.”

On Infidelity

Asked if his wife worried about infidelity, Raymond said, “A lot of people warned me already! Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) told me to be careful when working in mainland. It’s hard maintaining a marriage, and I do hope that it’ll last forever, but I can’t guarantee that I won’t be seen walking down the street with another girl in the future! However, I’m more self-conscious about this in Hong Kong, I know what the limit is and where the line stops.”

A Look into the Future

Despite having to work frequently, Raymond’s marriage remains exciting and loving. Now that Raymond’s career is more stabilized, it is natural to look into the future. Raymond says his dream is to open an art gallery and take painting classes at the Emily Carr Institute in Canada, as well as have a breakthrough moment in his career. “I still have my family to take care of, so I have to allocate my time properly.”

As a resident of Hong Kong, where the cost of property is through the roof, it is a dream for everyone to eventually buy a house. It is no different for Raymond, who is currently saving up to buy his own house. Raymond concluded, “As an actor, you have to achieve to get breakthrough roles and get the audience’s approval. At the same time, you always have to put in your best effort in everything you do!”

Source: Oriental Sunday #806 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Nice. And the emily carr institute.. as in Emily Carr University!?

    1. No it’s not but it’s very prestigious school and very hard to get into

  2. Yea, who knows the future? Many that I used to think would have a lifetime of happiness together suddenly divorced one day.. Life is truly unpredictable…Good luck to Raymond!

  3. Yes Raymond come to Emily Carr so I can ogle you

  4. lol not something the other half would want to hear, even if he does say i hope it’ll last forever.

  5. Wow, a married man and admitting to below?? WOW hahhaa. Don’t know what to make of that but that is chillinly honest. haha LOL..

    “but I can’t guarantee that I won’t be seen walking down the street with another girl in the future”

  6. I remember him from Central Affairs because he was paired with Michelle Yip, who had just left TVB.

  7. I have been a fan ever since I first saw him on his very first series. Raymond is so attractive. .everything about him is perfect. Best wishes and luck to you Raymond!! <3

  8. It is his dream or his wife’s dream to open an art gallery and take painting classes at the Emily Carr Institute in Canada? I read another article, and he said it is his wife’s dream. Lost in translation, jaynestar?

    1. Yes qwerty, I read an article saying it’s his wife’s dream because she studied there.

      1. It’s his wife dream…. She use to go to school there.

      2. make sure you proof read before publishing.

  9. I like the part where he talks about his wife and also the guy with the Porsche. Plus “女仔唔靚做唔到一線,但男仔唔靚都做到一線”. Sad, but true…

    1. Actually, NOT always haha… I mean some taiwan actresses are really mousy and ugly and they became leads. Most of TVB actresses’ are not that pretty either and they still became leads. Which ones can you really say is beautiful beautiful????
      Jessica Hsuan, everyone thought she looks horrible when she first debuted, you just got used to her face is all…

      1. I think some of the dudes of yore and some of the characters today are cast because they resemble certain physical types so that the audience can see themselves on screen.

  10. I always want my brother to take a trip to Hong Kong and China. Part of the fun is not only the cultural richness of places like Xian and the fantastic food but also the lovely authentic girls there. I can’t IMAGINE what kind of heaven it must be for well off Chinese males – they must feel like Kings. In America, no matter how pretty the girl, I don’t think there is that temptation because there isn’t as much of a POSSIBILITY.

    When people talk about how no fidelity can survive on the Mainland, it is impossible for an outsider to understand what they are talking about – what DO they mean?

    Is it because there are so many pretty girls or does the environment make it okay to commit emotional violence to a family?

    1. a lot of mainlander girls just ‘hone in’ on the guy and throw themselves at him…. unless he’s really faithful, it’s hard to resist.

      ofcourse, this isn’t saying that all mainlander girls are like this; but there is a subsect of this population that tries very hard to ‘get out’ from where their current life/social station is.

      i have some caucasian patients (i live in Australia) whom have married mainlander chinese women – but the women can’t even speak english!!

      1. It is not just the girls but the guys too since there is a shortage of girls in China, you wonder what their motives are, especially if they come from a poor background. But even those that come from rich backgrounds don’t want to stay in China and want to move overseas. It is not just China, but many other third world country people who want to get married to anyone from overseas just to escape and hope for a better life. Yea, many of them can’t even speak English or communicate but some guys are older or want to remarry or marry just for the sake of being married, so will just take anyone after they reach a certain age. Sadly, some take advantage of that and just want to get married in hopes of a better life. Sadly, no love is involved and so problems occur and the marriage either does not last or just isn’t happy or both… Hard world out there…

  11. We have a family friend who was destroyed by a celebrity going after her husband even though she is richer than when we knew her. From photos of her on google, she doesn’t look happy because emotionally she had something stolen from her. That celebrity deserves to be hated and she must be insane because she is not a working star or singer anymore but she is always talking to the press. Every time I see her with her pretentious drawl on the news, I just think how even if you didn’t know what she did, she still doesn’t come off as sincere or a genuinely nice person.

    1. IS this true? IF so, I really wonder who it is. Celebs can be dangerous but many think that if they are involved or pursued by a celeb that they are lucky. Not necessarily since their lives are often really complicated.

      1. celebs like models are usually uber groomed – I remember seeing some sitcom child star in college who was thoroughly made up even though everyone else was bare faced.

  12. Nothing is a guarantee in life ever… Therefore, I am not that shocked that Raymond said that. I have seen many happy marriages that I thought would last a lifetime ended up in divorce and unhappiness. Life is truly unpredictable.

    1. some people I think don’t look really married from the outside looking in e.g. Devon Aoki

    2. @HeTieShou
      I agree with you and what he says – but I think his wife would be a little hurt by this brutal honesty to the media.
      Though not all, most young mainland women would be willing to go under the knife to achieve the kind of beauty required to tempt a saint. So, his response kinda gives the impression he isn’t confident he can withstand the temptation if they were to happen. Admire him though, for he mentioned about the need to know the limits and when to draw the line.
      Let’s face it, while women may age gracefully, she would still be unable to measure up in terms of youthful beauty while men can still look good regardless of age as long as they make an effort.
      I do hope their family will be together to face anything/everything that comes their way.

      1. True and yes, he should not have been too honest to the media and should have kept those words to himself.

  13. I love Raymond Wong and everything about him

  14. “but I can’t guarantee that I won’t be seen walking down the street with another girl in the future! However, I’m more self-conscious about this in Hong Kong”

    Nice… sure his wife loved to read that. And [i]less communicaiton[/i] after getting married? lol… seriously? You are doing something wrong Raymond.

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