Raymond Wong Chases Success With a Tough Spirit

For many TVB artists, winning a prestigious award at the TVB Anniversary Awards is recognition of a job well done. However, a non-TVB artist winning a TVB award is not only just recognition for the artist, but it also marks the beginning of a new and, possibly, better career.

Raymond Wong (黃浩然) is the first non-managed TVB artist to win Most Improved Male Artist at the TVB Anniversary Awards. A bit of fate and luck may have contributed to the actor’s win, but this is by no means that the actor did not work hard for it.

When Raymond was scouted by director Johnnie To (杜琪峯) to star in his films in the late 1990s, Raymond was still in school. He gladly accepted Johnnie’s invitation, and did not expect that achieving success in the Hong Kong film industry would be that difficult. Of course, luck is and will always be an important aspect to a booming acting career, but due to the economic disasters brought by the late 1990s Asian financial crisis, 1997 handover to China, and SARs, many new actors who debuted around this time were just as unfortunate as Raymond.

Film offers to Raymond did not increase within the year. Annual Hong Kong films dropped from 200 productions per year to only 40, and Raymond’s workload dropped significantly. In 2001, Raymond joined ATV, hoping that signing with the TV station would bring a new light to his career. However, Raymond’s TV career was not much of an improvement from his film career.

“Half a year before I joined TVB, I only had work for about ten days. In this situation, I cannot help but to be worried about my career prospects. At that time, it was impossible for me to see a future.” Raymond spoke with a combination of firmness and helplessness.

Raymond finally joined TVB in 2007. “When I joined the station, I thought this would be the last step of my acting career. This is why that whenever I began a new drama, I would always put in a lot of effort to prepare, so I could face my new surroundings and colleagues fearlessly. A bit of time must be spent to mingle and get used to the new environment, so that was why I did not do as well as I had hoped in my first two to three dramas. When I was beginning to feel dejected, Tim Gor (Lee Tim Sing 李添勝) cast me in Sweetness in the Salt <碧血鹽梟>. I was able to find a suitable way to communicate with my colleagues and crew members. I was finally on the right track of my career.”

Raymond: “It’s Important to be Tough and Resilient”

Raymond’s workload has indeed increased since joining TVB. He has never called in sick in the last five years. The exhausted but spirited actor exclaimed, “I remember when my son was born, I requested a day off to go see him. On the second day, when my wife and son were still at the hospital, I was already back at the studio filming!”

Being hardworking is not enough for a successful career. It is also important to be tough and resilient. “When I filmed Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到> and No Regrets <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情>, I went 60 hours without sleep. Even when I did have the chance to rest, it would only be about 3 to 4 hours. When taking into account the time it took to get back home and shower, I only had about two hours to sleep. I did not dare to sleep in my room. I was afraid that I would be too tired and would not wake up, so I only slept on the sofa. It’s important to be tough. Even if the results would not be as good as I had hoped, at least I knew that I had the energy to keep on going.”

Raymond concluded, “To do well in this industry is actually quite simple. As long as you endure and listen, you will be given more chances. Those who are not hard-working will be eliminated quickly. Those who work hard and can endure hardships are the ones who get to stay, and can reach even higher places.”

Kent Gor – A Mentor and a Friend

Raymond has met many respected teachers in the last five years. TVB executive Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), producers Lee Tim Sing, Marco Law (羅永賢), and Mui Siu Ching(梅小青) have all helped him with his career at TVB. Most of all, he wanted to thank the veteran, award-winning actor Kent Cheng (鄭則士), who starred as his father in When Lanes Merge <情越雙白線>.

“Having the chance to work with Kent Gor is a kind of fate,” said Raymond. “Before we collaborated, we would often come across each other at TVB studios. At that time, he already took the initiative to chat with me. He told me that as actors, we should always try to spend some time on getting to know each other in case we have to collaborate in the future. Filming a drama takes at least two months or more to complete. If it takes one or more months’ time to finally understand and tune in the same channel with each other, the drama would already be near post-production by then. That is why he has a habit of watching different genres of television dramas to observe the acting styles and qualities of each actor. When there is a chance of collaboration in the future, he would know how to communicate with that actor, so their chemistry can yield more sparks.”

A month before When Lanes Merge began filming, Kent invited Raymond over to his home to read over the script and their character designs. Raymond explained, “He taught me how to study the script, how to grasp the proper acting rhythm, and how to connect the smaller details between the role and the script. Even to this day, he is watching my performances. When he sees something wrong, he will not hesitate to call to tell me. He will even ‘scold’ me about it! He is both my mentor and friend.”

Raymond’s deepest memory of working with Kent was in a scene where Kent slapped Raymond several times in the face. Before filming started, Kent asked Raymond if he was willing to receive three slaps in the face. Raymond immediately replied yes without thinking. When the cameras officially rolled, Kent slapped Raymond ruthlessly without hesitation, and half of Raymond’s face was bruised. One camera take finished the job. The result was perfect, and Raymond did not regret the experience at all.


“Acting is not the hardest part of the job. It is trying to get along with others,” said Raymond sincerely.

With fifteen years of experience under his belt, Raymond can be considered a veteran actor. Since he made the choice of joining TVB, he had to leave all that experience behind. He admitted that it is not easy to let go of his past experiences to accept new opinions, but it is a sacrifice he is respectfully willing to take.

“No matter who they are, I will always listen to their opinions. When I first joined TVB, I knew the most important thing I had to do was to open up my heart’s own window. When working with other actors, I would always say, ‘If you think I’m doing anything wrong, don’t forget to speak out. We can discuss it!’ Regardless if I agree with them or not, it is important to take consideration of other opinions and advice so I can enlighten myself.

“When working on a drama together, the most important thing is teamwork.”

Raymond: “Ratings are Very Important”

Many of Raymond’s colleagues claimed that they do not care too much about their dramas’ viewership ratings. Many of his colleagues also believe that the so-called “acting critics” in forums are nonsensical trolls, and their criticism should not be taken seriously. Raymond, however, does not agree.

Raymond explained, “Kent Gor told me that, as an actor, we should always be prepared. During filming, we should create a good relationship with the director and other crew members. When the drama is broadcasting, we should observe the audience’s reactions, such as surfing through the opinions posted on discussion forums. It’s as if we’re giving ourselves some self-criticism after a contest. For example, when Gloves Come Off <拳王> was airing, many people said that my acting was very over-the-top in the first half of the drama. This was a risk. If the audience did not like my acting, they may not continue to support the drama. Later on, I went on more forums and found out that the audience had accepted my style. If the audience did not accept my style of acting and my portrayal of the role, this means that I made the wrong judgment in my acting, and I will definitely reflect on the things I have done wrong.”

Raymond continued, “Television dramas are filmed to entertain the audiences, not just to entertain the actors. This is why I think ratings are very important. The ratings can prove if the audience can identify with the thoughts that the actors had of their roles during the filming process. This acceptance and identification is the reason why I’m still acting.”

Source: Recruit Magazine via kuangaitvb.com

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  1. A dedicated and hard working actor with very little recognition…he did not promoted heavily to get that major break through role with much fanfare or notoriety. I thought he had a good showing in “Bottled Passion” with Nikki Chow but it wasn’t meant to be.

  2. His best character has to be Tung Pun Sin in Bottled Passion. Top notch, especially the rice eating+crying scene! The others weren’t as memorable, but he’s definitely an established actor and has lots of potentials to only improve if given the support by TV station 🙂

    1. His best character to me is Wu Ting Him in ‘Sweetness in the Salt’. This has remain his most memorable TVB role for me.

  3. It depends who is marketable…seems Raymond W has been in longer than Raymond L but Raymond L has been riding the promotion train to stardom…

    1. Others have to work twice as hard bc they don’t have the right connections. LF best actor? haha feel sorry for Raymond W he has been robbed once again.

    2. RL’s dad is also a billionaire…i’m sure he gets more breaks than others.

      1. Ooops, make that 20billion lol

        Fox, don’t be naive…i not saying he’s not hard working & all but it doesn’t hurt when your father is a multi-billionaire. Maybe Kate is staying single hoping to catch a big fish lol

      2. His father may be a multi millionaire but look at poor LF, looking like he is sleepwalking lately. The effort is his own. Of course daddy knowing some big guns help a lot, but in the end he didn’t just sleep and do nothing. He did work very hard. He just sleep during dating but when working he is working. Unless daddy buys TVB or daddy pays record company for him. Doubt it. I think his daddy would be thrilled if his career didn’t take off, since he probably wants his son to run the business.

      3. Sorry, didn’t mean to downgrade the father. I meant billionaire.

      4. I dun say that his daddy isn’t a rich man and the fact is that he isn’t only rich but also honoured in Xiamen (his family has the high honour in Xiamen as well as his grandpa is named to a library of Xiamen University). I only stated that he has less breaks than other ppl because it was said by all ppl worked with him :P.

      5. Ladies, I didn’t say he’s not hard working. What im saying is his father being who he is & the connections he has definitely help his career big time. I’m sure he gets treated differently from other because of who his father is, you think producers & directors would raise their voice at the young master?

      6. Btw, not that there’s anything wrong with that…just part of the real world.

      7. My dear, his family and his father is rich in XIAMEN, not in HK :). And also the fact that he dun have more breaks than others like you said and I just wanted to tell you so. Of course his father is rich and still rich, but you are overestimated his father’s power.

  4. He is an underated actor, capable of acting in main roles. Hope he will have more chances in the coming year

    1. i agree. he does not look bad at all in real life functions quite cute actually but all his series he does not look that great and even if he looks great; they are mostly very BORING series that can never shine thru not like those heavily promoted ones out there. But i heard somewhere hes from a rich family so no worries he wont starve ahhahaa..lol..

  5. The above is a great picture of Raymond Wong who probably used 10 bottles of fake tan to achieve that look. I love him as an actor but that fake tan is too much!

    and I never see him as underrated actor. I feel he has been given good roles to flex his acting muscles.

    1. “Later on, I went on more forums and found out that the audience had accepted my style. If the audience did not accept my style of acting and my portrayal of the role, this means that I made the wrong judgment in my acting, and I will definitely reflect on the things I have done wrong”

      Wow he reads forums!

    2. Funn,
      Raymond Wong looks good with a light tan. Guess he is not the type that tans easily though.

      Since he is not a TVB managed artist, he has been able to explore interesting character roles.

      What he said about Kent Gor was amazing though, that Kent Gor will watch other actors’ performances to understand their styles, in preparation of working with them in the future. No doubt Kent Gor analyzed Wayne Lai’s acting style before costarring with him.

      1. Jayne: What he said about Kent Gor was amazing though, that Kent Gor will watch other actors’ performances to understand their styles, in preparation of working with them in the future. No doubt Kent Gor analyzed Wayne Lai’s acting style before costarring with him.

        Steven Ma said the same thing about Kent Gor analyzing his (SM) acting skill prior to collaborating with him in AJCL back in 2007.

        Steven says his biggest reap from filming AJCL was getting acquainted with Kent. “On the first day of work, Kent told me that he had studied my previous performances. His knowledge on me was astounding, given that he is a veteran. He told me since he knew he was going to collaborate with me, he should get to know me beforehand. He also told me to treat him as a new colleague since he was away from TVB for so long. I have learned much from Kent. He is my teacher, both in the series and out.”

        Later, Steven wrote a lengthy thank you/commendation ‘letter’ to/for Kent Cheng entitled: Thank You, Fat Boss!” (謝謝肥老闆)

        No exaggeration here, truly none! I dare to say that Fat Boss is the best collaborator I have acted with since I started filming tv series! Hmm… maybe I should say, among the actors I’ve met he is the one who is most willing to spend thoughts, efforts and time to act, to assist and to teach a junior…ai, he doesn’t like people addressing him as ‘veteran’ (ching biu); so… will stick with calling him Fat Boss (Fei Lo Ban) then!”

        I’ve lots of respect for Kent Gor.

      2. Steven’s essay on Kent was posted on his now closed yahoo blog.

      3. Claimine,
        Kent’s approach is what a younger actor may do if paired up with a veteran. Such as understanding his habits to avoid unnecessary outtakes.

        But for Kent, as an esteemed veteran, to take such a thorough and time-consuming approach to understand his costars’ acting approach and even rehearse at home is rare. No wonder he had such believable chemistry as Raymond’s father in “When Lanes Merge”.

  6. I don’t say he’s a bad actor but his gloomy eyes and all time tired face make me feel that this dude is a sick drug addicted. No offense.

    1. I don’t think he looks like a drug addict, just like someone who has been sick for a very long time and is still recovering from the effects. He is one of the best criers in TVB, and somehow there is this honesty with him that I believe everything he says. Love the way he speaks too, very old fashioned one word at a time way.

      1. Raymond does not look drug addict kind of sickly. More like after days have having drip on the hospital bed.

    2. Offense taken…It is god’s will that he was given that facial appearance and he has accepted it. To date, he did not have plastic surgery to make himself look artificial unlike other artists.

      1. Is his double eyelid natural? Doesn’t look very natural to me but then it doesn’t mean it’s not. Just like how I feel for Linda’s nose.

        Anyway, I really like him in BP. Too bad the series was broadcast so long ago. I don’t really like him in the past but grows to like him more and more. Same goes for Steven Ma and LF.

      1. Well if you think his plastic face looks healthier then so be it.

        Raymond W seems like a greek god compared to LF.

    3. kcaba,

      you must kidding, most actors look tired & pale without make-up…look at the amount of hours they work. Have you seen Kevin’s latest nose picking, cigarette smoking face without make-up?

      1. I never seen RW without makeup. The sicky impression he makes is through the series I watched, with make up on. Even with make up on, his face look sick, scare to imagine him without make up. KC’s eyes does not look as gloomy and sick.

      2. He has sad eyes, not sickly eyes. Anyways, that’s your opinion. Check his fb page…there are pictures of him of work…he looks fine to me.

  7. Raymond W is much like Kenneth Ma, under rated and not heavily promoted. Although, they seem to enjoy the notoriety when the opportunity presents itself, they do not actively seek it portraying the image of humility and not self indulgence.

    1. Aptos,
      Kenneth Ma is highly promoted this year. He will be leading in Wong Jing’s new drama for TVB next year, opposite Deanie Ip.

      Kenneth may have been underrated for years, but he has such a prolific resume and has been a producer’s favorite for years.

      Raymond’s drama output is not as frequent, but this is a good thing, which allows him to do research and emotionally prep for new roles.

      1. Raymond Wong has been around for quite some time, longer than Raymond Lam. Yet RL has been heavily promnoted and starred in leading roles a lot more than RW. Can only think of RW in lead role When Lanes Merge. Don’t really think RL is better than RW in acting. RW’s soulful appearance is an asset in series!

      2. Of course, RW joined TVB after RL. TVB would not go around promote ATV artists.

      3. Raymond Wong join TVB way later than Raymond Lam. Of course Raymond Lam is more promoted. When Raymond Lam starred in leading role, Raymond Wong has not yet joined TVB.

      4. Sounds good, only time will tell if KM makes the best of the opportunity.

        As RM is conducting research and getting prepped for his roles, the audience or the critics are not catching onto his performance yet. Or is it his performance is not up to par yet in the eyes of the audience?

      5. @applelim
        Raymond Wong was leading in more than 1 series. There’re BP and GCO that I know of and he was also cast in grand productions like NR and CBML with substantial roles. Considering that he only joined TVB in 2007, it’s already not bad for him.

    2. If you think MM is underrated especially from this year, maybe we should consider to lower the standard of this word.

    3. If Kenneth is underpromoted then it is weird why he is in the list of fav people that should Get BA award lol.

    4. Kenneth Ma not heavily promoted? Who is the lead in ‘Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles’?

  8. Hope he can leave TVB soon so his talent can be put in better use.

    1. So true, he deserves Much more than what TVB gives him. Same goes to many other artists

    2. His popularity was even worse when he was with ATV :P, then he soared after joining Txb. Where he can go? CTI – the big mouth but still can’t have the license of free TV?

      1. Lol haven’t they started to promote their drama series already? A lot of series but no lisence, Nice! 😛

      2. Yup, they shot the TVBuddy (Txb’s mascot) to promote for their series and artists, did some bashes to Txb and are still denied to issue a license by the government. It’s predicted that the soonest they can have this license is middle of next year but it hasn’t been ensured yet. Maybe they won’t have it forever :P.

      3. @exoidus: Lolz, CTI had few series completed and let’s see if they can sell any to China channels. And even if they can, if they only can sell to some small channels, their series won’t be appreciated. Txb also sells their series to China channels. Astro and Starhub already signed with Txb so prolly say no to CTI.

        So, maybe you will have to wait hopelessly :D.

        No CTI’s series is out yet then we can’t know the quality or the so-called “real acting” :P. I only find it’s funny of Ricky Wong to bash Txb nonstop but on the other hand, 99% of his artist list are from Txb.

        I also dunno what in these artists’ mind to shoot the TVBuddy like this. Seem to be very petty. Watever happened, Txb were their old house and this action means they won’t hold a way back to go.

        Crossing my fingers to wait for CTI’s series. If these series are not good, I can predict what ppl will say.

      4. Wrong series of small channels can still be appreciated by critical viewers with taste for good acting.

        Ricky is not bashing the artists but their corporate culture (e.g. nepotism, abusing employees) and for treating the public like morons with their stupid noncreative series. He is actually doing the audience a favor for giving the talented artists a chance to show their skills.

        Ricky:”I really want to know what they are thinking. Respect is the most important in this industry. You have to understand how to respect everyone, don’t give them garbage” *thumbs up*

        Plz using water guns on TVBuddy which represent the evil within the empire. I would have Justice Pao using the doggy guilotine on TVBuddy, LOL

        Nah, TVB would beg them to come back if they have MV. All they care abt is money, money and more money.

      5. TVB pulling the puppet strings stopped CTI from getting free license? Over estimated the power of TVB in HK.

        In the end of the day, it’s the policy making group.

        p.s. Is CTI linked with any political party/back up in Beijing? It may also affect the reason why it’s not being approved.

        A few years back, SMG (Shanghai Media Group) expressed interest to buy Uncle Six shares. There was a furore in Legislative Council, protesting against such possibility because they do not want any Mainland China to influence (control) HK media.

      6. Oh wow. I didn’t know that TVB was once close to become CCTVB had SMG gotten hold of Uncle 6 shares 😛

      7. Has CTI phone you exoidus? Or Ricky still think you are not devoted enough? Too bad diet pill Goddess still loyal to TVB, may be she’s just so naive, so silly.

      8. Ok, let’s see what are CTI’s quality series. So far I dun see anything too special about the scripts of CTI. I can’t wait to laugh if CIT’s works are so much alike to Txb’s, and it’s likely happening. CTI is simply Txb’s old wine new pot with big mouth advertisment.

      9. Txb is definitely scared of losing audiences to CTI and other channels…lol. Look at how txb’s veterans begging those big shots to come back and film low budget series like Andy Lau and CYF. Hope CTI will get the lic soon.. then RW’s talent will be appreciated if he jumps ship.

      10. =)) but too bad, Raymond Wong may deny to jump ship LMAO~. He is afraid that his ATV time will come back.

        If can. I bet CTI also wants to invite the big shots =)), but they can or not, it’s the matter.

      11. @Sehseh,

        Well it seems TVB & ATV have threatened to sue the HK Gov. bc it will be a danger to their survival. They claim the ad-pie at abt HKD 3 billion isn’t enough to feed them all. Checked with another source and the pie was abt HKD 10 billion so it seems they are just playing the numbers to make a case.

        Your guess is correct seems Ricky has some connection to the political party in China. Besides it’s obvious that the policymakers are favoring TVB, being in the HK market for so long.

        Still think it’s just a matter of time before CTI gets the license. Every dynasty no matter how powerful comes to an end…

      12. “Astro and Starhub already signed with Txb so prolly say no to CTI.”

        Can anyone verify if this is indeed the case? I mean, can TVB actually prevent Astro and StarHub from acquiring CTI series?

        For Singapore there’s also MediaCorp. I remember MediaCorp has shown ATV series before, so CTI shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

      13. They have license agreements, maybe exclusive contract since they are now airing TVB series up to date.

    3. He only achieved this level of fame due to tvb though. He’s already tried movies and other networks.

    4. He’s not. TVB is pretty much is life savior. Despite his extensive years in the film industry, Raymond was a bad actor. Switching to TV really helped his career.

  9. Glad to hear Raymond and Kent have such a good working relationship. They were excellent together in When Lanes Merge. Pity the series was under-promoted.

  10. I like the lighter skin look, like how Louis koo use to look before the crazy tan, Raymond should just rock his pale skin! I hope he will be like Joe Ma, and get more leading rolls.

    1. I like the tan actually, better than his previous skin color

  11. Ah, love Raymond! One of my favorite actors nowadays, especially after Bottled Passion (which I’m currently re-watching again for like the 3rd time…LOL!) I actually only started noticing Raymond after watching When Lanes Merge (since I stopped watching ATV series a long time ago) and he did an absolutely fine job in there – his chemistry with Kent Gor (another one of my favorites) was very real and convincing…loved their father/son relationship!

    I actually don’t feel that Raymond is underpromoted at all, though I understand why people may think that way – it’s not TVB that’s underpromoting him, it’s just that Raymond prefers to stay out of the spotlight. I read an interview that he did earlier in the year (around the time when GCO was airing) where he said that he only accepts interviews during the promotional periods for his series and outside of that, reduces his media exposure to minimum levels – he said that after his son was born, he reduced his media exposure even more….so that’s pretty much why we don’t constantly see his face plastered all over the tabloids and such like other artists….

    Definitely enjoyed reading the bit about Kent Gor -now there’s a guy who has tremendous talent as well as a big heart! Almost every artist that he’s collaborated with praises his work ethics and his enthusiasm for mentoring / teaching others….it’s no wonder that he is so well-respected in the industry! The younger artists are lucky to get the chance to work with him!

    1. He is smart, staying away from the spotlight also means staying away from rumours.

    2. llwy12,
      Appreciate your always insightful comments, as you follow HK entertainment news closely.

      Is Kent Cheng on bad terms with TVB after “King Maker”? I remember coming across a headline that claimed that this was the case and he has not been contacted for any future projects since “King Maker”.

      1. @Jayne: Thanks! 🙂 Great job with your site as well – very up to date with the articles, especially the ones related to TVB!

        Regarding Kent – nah, the rumor about Kent being on bad terms with TVB is probably another example of the media trying to stir up stuff. From my understanding of Kent’s personality, he gets along well with practically everyone. Plus it’s not like he films a whole lot for TVB anyway – he’s pretty selective with the series he chooses to accept because he’s also quite busy with filming in the Mainland….that’s why I’m not surprised if he truly hasn’t been contacted for another project (they probably know he’s busy)- it’s not like he’s sitting around waiting for TVB to call him….in fact, they’re lucky if he even accepts their invitation…LOL!

  12. I like Raymond. Has versatility, humility, acting has lots of potential, and seemingly a humble hardworking person.

  13. A very well written article about Raymond Wong. I quite like his characters in a few dramas. Hope he gets more better roles. 🙂

  14. I like Raymond Wong. My fav character of his is Tung Pun Sin. His crying is so heart wrenching…

  15. Maybe an article on the veteran artists willing to lend a helping hand by providing constructive criticisms/comments to younger artists would be extremely enlightening. I see most would not as they view the younger artists stealing their proverbial ricebowls.

    1. aptos: How about the below article?

      2009/05/21 @苹果日报
      Rosy Business Chiang Bit Mou, Kelvin Leung 梁 証 嘉’s Special Thanks to Steven Ma for His Pointers.

      Kelvin Leung said: I was so nervous over this scene (epi 18) that I couldn’t even eat my dinner the night before.

      Kelvin expressed he wants to specifically thank Steven Ma. He said: Siu Hong Jeh (Kara Hui) saw that I couldn’t eat my dinner. (at TVB cafeteria) She saw Mazai and asked him over to give me his opinion. After reading the script, he said the scene does pose some difficulty for me. Later, as if writing an attack strategy, he annotated specific parts of the script with notations and comments, such as: which words should be spoken loudly, which position will get the best focus on the eye expression. He even said he would return to the studio to watch me act out the scene. And later I found out he did come to watch me performed that scene. He said it was a wrap; he was surprised I could really let myself go.

      However, other artistes may have their own points of view and ways of acting, even if you are a senior or a veteran your advice or pointers may not be well received, even seen as meddling by them.

      感 謝 馬 浚 偉 教 路
      演 戲 經 驗 淺 不 是 罪 , 貴 在 要 懂 得 虛 心求 教 , 梁 証 嘉 表 示 要 特 別 鳴 謝 馬 浚 偉 , 他 說 : 「 小 紅 姐 ( 惠 英 紅 ) 見 我 食 唔 落 飯 ,佢 見 到 馬 仔 ( 馬 浚 偉 ) 就 叫 佢 畀 意 見 我 , 佢 睇 完 個 劇 本 , 都 話 對 我 嚟 講 係 有 難 度 ,之 後 佢 就 喺 我 個 劇 本 上 面 好 似 寫 攻 略 本 咁 , 喺 一 啲 特 別 嘅 地 方 加 上 符 號 同 文 字 , 例如 邊 個 字 要 大 聲 啲 , 邊 個 位 對 眼 可 以 out focus , 之 後 佢 仲 話 會 入 廠 睇 我 點 做 , 事後 我 知 道 佢 真 係 有 嚟 睇 我 做 嗰 場 戲 , 佢 都 話 收 貨 , 仲 話 估 唔 到 我 可 以 咁 放 。 」

    2. Actually I’ve read many articles of Damian Lau and Liza Wang guiding fresh newbies on the set. Liza Wang often regarded as fierce and diva-ish but from Eliza Sam and Bosco’s account she sounds like a helpful veteran.

      1. Expressing gratitude in Power Chan Kwok Bong’s consolation, Bosco also thanked Damien Lau Chung Yan for his insight. “I was very fortunate to have Damien teach me so many things during the filming of Growing Through Life. He was very helpful. Prior to filming, we often discussed the script together over meals. He was very sharp and analyzed [the script and characterizations] deeply, spotting things which I did not even think of.”


      2. I think Bosco and Myolie did comment that Liza helped the newbies a lot when acting with her.

      3. I think so too. Apparently notorious Ah Jeh wasn’t that notorious after all?

      4. “Liza Wang often regarded as fierce and diva-ish but from Eliza Sam and Bosco’s account she sounds like a helpful veteran.”

        What do you expect the newbies to say? She was a total b*tch? I believe Liza has mellowed down. Several years ago, only Lydia Shum could get away with sorta criticising her or was it Eric Tsang? Well the old ones, not even Dodo Cheng could get away.

  16. I liked watching Raymond in “SITS” and grew to like him just a lot more during “BP”. Definitely a great actor, hoping to see more of him. 🙂

  17. Never noticed him till BP. The scriptwriter must hate him to give him such an ending. He looks okay, and tall, can he sing? KM #2 maybe?

  18. Like Raymond. He did well in The Other Truth, Bottled Passion. Ruco Chan was good in The Other Truth, carries the show, they say. Raymond’s character carries the humour part of the show.

  19. An inspiring interview of Raymond! I like the way he shares his ups and downs in a humble and yet confident Kent is indeed a great actor. will support Raymond hope he will get nominated for this year’s award!

  20. Raymond is so awesome! You can tell he’s a good person inside out, love him!

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