Kent Cheng and Kingdom Yuen Return to TVB for “Triad Boss Under the Line of Fire”

Kent Cheng (鄭則士), Alice Chan (陳煒), Tommy Wong (黃光亮), Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Joel Chan (陳山聰), Mat Yeung (陽明), and more, attended the press conference for their upcoming TVB drama Triad Boss Under the Line of Fire <火線下的江湖大佬>. Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹) will also star, but was absent at the conference.

Triad Boss Under the Line of Fire is Kent and Kingdom’s first TVB drama in three years, their last drama being the 2012 historical series King Maker <造王者>. The comedy drama, which is about a gang of old, retired triad bosses, is produced by Leung Choi Yuen (梁材遠), Kent’s frequent collaborator.

Earlier, a gossip magazine falsely reported that TVB executive Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) was demoted to a “consultant” position in TVB’s drama department, which in turn led to rumors claiming that Triad Boss Under the Line of Fire would be axed due to a result of office politics.

Kent expressed, “These kind of rumors will always happen. We are only actors, so we will not put too much thought into such news. TVB is a large company with policies and procedures. You cannot just cancel a drama because of that.”

In regards to the news that many TVB actors have decided to leave the company for a career elsewhere, Kent said, “They have their reasons to leave TVB. Maybe it’s the market, or maybe because they want to find ‘real money.’ We should let them. There are no permanent enemies and no permanent allies. Many artistes who have left have also come back.”

Kent and Tommy will be leading the series, portraying a pair of retired triad leaders. Alice, another frequent collaborator of Kent’s, will be playing Kent’s second wife and Tommy’s previous lover. She said, “I’ve worked with Kent twenty years ago. I played his younger sister then, and now I play his wife. How lucky is it to be a man?”

Asking if they will have intimate scenes in the series, Alice said, “This is a comedy, so the intimate scenes will probably be more unique.”

On the other hand Eliza Sam, who will be playing Kent’s daughter, will be involved in a love triangle with Joel Chan and Mat Yeung.


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  1. finally tvb have found raymond lam’s succesor,kent has great acting will he pair up with eliza? great.

    1. @kolo Eliza is probably pair with Matt or Joel. I bet Joel is the third wheel who comes between Eliza and Matt. Yay for typical TVB love triangle. I alos think Eliza will be Kent’s daughter who got shipped to US to study and now she has return. Viola, accent rejoiced! xD

      1. @jjwong i highly doubt if eliza will pair up with joel or matt or kingdom yuen because if do so,means that joel or matt or kingdom yuen will become leading man or eliza is downgraded to second line and kent or alice chen become first lead. anyway the pairings looks weird and not matching.

      2. @kolo wait, why would Eliza pair with Kingdom? They’re both female… it might be kingdom with kent; at least i hope so or else Eliza and Kent will be a horrible pair indeed. I predict Kingdom is the female lead and pair with Kent. Eliza can still be another lead. Matt has been getting pretty solid roles. So I won’t be surprise of he’s “promoted” to Eliza status.

        Here’s what I think the plot will be:
        1) Alice cheats on Kent with Tommy.
        2) Kent finds comfort in Kingdom.
        3) Eliza likes Joel or Matt while the other one has a crush on Eliza. One guy is a triad and the other guy is for justice.

        Wouldn’t it be hillarious if I’m right? 😀

      3. @kolo Also, Eliza hasn’t truly lead a drama. She had always been 2nd or co-lead. At least none that I remember. None that as prominent and bluntly as first lead as Grace or Sisley. So i wouldn’t be surprise if she’s paired with Matt and not 1st lead Kent or Tommy.

  2. Omg! Fei Mao is back! I can’t watch this! Fat must be cute like Bobby but he’s not.

  3. Kingdom Yuen! Yay, I missed her. She’s great. I’m more excited about her than Kent Cheng. His acting ain’t my cup of tea.

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