Raymond Wong Performs at Sammi Cheng’s Concert

Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), who is currently holding her ten-day Hong Kong Coliseum concert tour Touch Mi, invited Raymond Wong (黃浩然)  to a guest performer at the fourth session of her concert.

In 2000, Sammi and Raymond collaborated in the Johnnie To (杜琪峰) film Needing You… <孤男寡女>, but the pair did not keep in contact after completing the romantic comedy. Fourteen years later, Sammi and Raymond bumped into each other at Johnnie To’s honors banquet held earlier this year, and the two caught up like old friends.

During the concert, Raymond told Sammi that he left his two sons at home, but brought his mother and wife with him. Sammi joked, “Is your wife watching me? Afraid that I’m too hot?” Raymond laughed in response, to which Sammi replied, “Don’t be afraid! I have my other half too!”

The audience cheered and laughed at Sammi’s slip-up for mentioning Andy Hui (許志安), whom she married in December 2013. When Raymond asked where Andy was sitting, Sammi brushed him off and said, “Let’s not talk about this!”

Raymond said his mother was overjoyed when she heard that he was invited to Sammi’s concert. “Your tickets are really hard to get!” Sammi then shared that one of her male fans, who was sitting in the front row, bought tickets from a reseller for $15,000 HKD. “Such a silly boy,” Sammi said.

Sammi and Raymond sang the theme song of Needing You, “On the Relationship Line” <感情線上>, which was originally performed by Sammi. When Raymond sang his line, Sammi burst into laughter. Raymond gave Sammi a look, and she quickly said, “I don’t even remember the lyrics! I can’t help you!”

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. She’s not pretty so she needs to be different to attract people’s attention. Fair game to her; she succeeded in her career.

  1. Honestly, to me, some artist just think too HIGHLY of themselves!!!
    I mean what’s in Sammi mind she said this “Is your wife watching me? Afraid that I’m too hot?”
    Who will find a STICK to be HOT???
    10years ago…MAYBE!!
    But..NOW??!! Seriously??!! PLEASEEEE!!!

    “Raymond laughed in response” – he is so terribly kind!!!
    Raymond wife can easily win over Sammi anytime!!

    1. sammi is so skinny…wonder why her skin is so thick to think that she is hot. she is only a bag of bones.

    2. Yes, Sammi Cheung isn’t much to look at and skinny like a stick. Raymond Wong’s wife is not a stunner either. She looks really old next to the dude. Both same level but yes, the joke is barely funny.

      1. Windy u are just a jealous hag.who r u to criticise people..not happy dun read the news..This is purely for entertainment, for goodness sake..keep sulking in your corner

    3. And you seriously are old cos you have lost your sense of humour..

  2. wow!!! don’t really get Sammi Cheng’s taste of fashion her make-up of the eye looks like a Fairy and the outfit that i saw on online is just horrible!!!!~~~

  3. And YES…..so many younger generation of HK singers follow what you so call her ‘horrible’ “taste in fashion”

  4. Weird make up and clothing are Sammi’s trade mark. So of course she is gonna flaunt it in HER concerts.

  5. I don’t like either Sammi’s makeup or her outfit in the above photo.

  6. You guys are funny, this outfit is a couture piece. What do you guys know about fashion? Do you have even 10% of her charisma, looks and success? No mirror, find a puddle of water please!

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