“Reborn Rich” to Stream on Netflix and Disney

Breaking tradition with a thrice-weekly airing schedule, Song Joong Ki’s new drama Reborn Rich will also stream simultaneously on Netflix and Disney Plus!

Touted as the star’s anticipated comeback K-drama since Vincenzo, the fantasy series will be aired on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Korea’s JTBC station and also tving, ViuTV and  Taiwan’s FriDay platform.

Reborn as Chaebol Heir

Adapted from webtoon The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate, Reborn Rich narrates the story of Yoon Hyun Woo, a loyal staff who is framed for embezzlement and murdered by the company’s management. Fate offers him an opportunity for revenge, as he is reincarnated and sent back to the 1980s, as the youngest son and heir of the very family that kills him.

Screenwriter Tae-heui Kim has worked with Song Joong Ki on 2010’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal, while other cast actors and production crew are top-notch including critically acclaimed Lee Sung-min (The Spy Gone North) and Shin Hyun-been from Hospital Playlist.

Playing two characters within the drama, Song Joong Ki shared that he took on the project due to his good ties with Tae-heui Kim, and was also drawn to the fun-filled world views presented. “(It is) not a straightforward fantasy drama, the characters’ emotions are subtly intertwined into the theme. The two characters have different names and come from different eras, but their inner worlds are consistent, so I treat them as one and the same in my onscreen performance,”

Taking on Noir Film for “No Fee”
Having achieved financial freedom, the actor’s criteria for taking on projects depends on whether the subject matter appeals to him. The superstar is currently busy on the set of upcoming noir film Hwa-ran (romanised title), which he took on without payment as he was keen to support the independent small-budget production – a precedent the actor is setting, which industry insiders add will bring much hope to independent productions.

“I’m happy to appear in Hwa-ran and since it’s a project that will be a new challenge for me…I look forward to the competitive, passionate set that we will create together with the director and actors.”

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Source: Upmedia

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  1. May try the first 1-2 episodes when it starts airing. Somehow keep thinking this is Lee Joon-gi’s drama.
    Been on-off watching Under the Queen’s Umbrella, anyone watching this as well?

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