Relationship Outlooks in Year of Golden Snake

The arrival of the Lunar New Year often marks the habit of consulting a feng shui master to improve one’s auspicious luck and avoid costly mistakes. Renown feng shui master, Mak Ling Ling (麥玲玲) issues a few words of advice towards Hong Kong’s beloved celebrity couples and what 2013 holds in stall for their relationships.

Joel Chan (陳山聰) and Florinda Ho (何超雲) – The Year of the Golden Snake will be a critical year for Joel and Florinda. The signs align to make it an auspicious year to get married. However, if the couple forsakes marriage this year, their relationship may be threatened.

Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) and Andy Hui (許志安)- This year is the perfect year for Sammi and Andy to get married.  Sammi may even become pregnant, resulting in a year of “double happiness” for the long-time lovers.

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy– Both born under the snake sign, Xiaoming and Angelababy will encounter negative Jupiter energy, or Fan Tai Shui, this year. Although marriage may help dissolve the threats in their relationship, a marriage union is slim since Xiaoming’s fate ties him to a woman born outside of China as opposed to the mainland-born Angelababy. The next two years will be a critical time period for the couple.

Lynn Hung (熊黛林) and Aaron Kwok (郭富城) – Last year was the optimal year of marriage for Lynn and Aaron. If the pair missed the opportunity to get secretly married, then it will be difficult to sustain their relationship in the Year of the Golden Snake without borrowing luck.

Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) and Real Ting (丁子高)- After having a dragon boy in 2012, there is a good chance that Miriam will once again become pregnant at the end of this year.

Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍)- After revealing their relationship last year, Joey and Wilfred encountered much negative publicity. The couple’s relationship will have many uncertainties this year. Aside from not having any breakthroughs, the relationship may suffer setbacks and fizzle out.

Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙)- Tavia and Him’s relationship will remain stable in the Year of the Golden Snake. Based on a face reading of Him’s facial features, it appears that his romantic fate is in constant flux and will need a lengthy period of time to encounter his true life partner.

JJ Jia (賈曉晨) and Louis Fan (樊少皇)- Although JJ is willing to place love above all else, the long-term outlook of her relationship development with Louis is shaky. Their relationship may drag and not advance as desired.

In addition to predicting the relationship outlooks of celebrity couples, Mak Ling Ling also forsees that Ricky Wong’s (王維基) HKTV may encounter a positive turning point in seeking the approval of a television broadcasting license in the second-half of the year. TVB’s luck remains strong and will remain the top station in Hong Kong, while ATV’s fate will remain unaltered from its current status. Additionally, new younger artists will have greater opportunities for breakthroughs in their careers this year.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. um can someone translate about raymond/karena???

    搵咗三大玄學家李丞責、麥玲玲及吳佩孚預測眾星蛇年運程。吳佩孚:「林峯行正印貴人星,除咗有獎有女人之外,蛇年好大機會閃婚。」李丞責:「林峯同吳千語感情會有新發展,蛇年會進入另一個階段。」麥玲玲:「林峯蛇年事業唔錯,有利獲獎。感情方面同吳千語冇相沖,佢 哋蛇年都好旺桃花。」

    1. Subtleness:

      Raymond Lam and Karena Ng’s romantic fate is good in 2013.

      Ng Pui Fu: “Raymond Lam is on a stroke of good luck. Aside from having awards and a woman, there is a high possibility that he will have a flash wedding in Year of the Snake.”

      Lee Shing Chak: “Raymond and Karena’s relationship will have new developments and advance to a new stage in Year of the Snake.”

      Mak Ling Ling: “Raymond’s career prospects are quite good in Year of the Snake, improving his chance in winning awards. There are no clashes with Karena Ng in love prospects. The Year of the Snake will be auspicious for their love.”

      1. @Jayne: 忽然1周915期 三大玄學家蛇年大批 has 3 fortune tellers’ (including Mak Ling Ling) predictions for the above Hong Kong artists and some in the year of the Snake. Pretty interesting.

        google 忽然1周915期 三大玄學家蛇年大批 郭富城熊黛林結婚添丁 or goto link below:

      2. Clamine,
        If Lynn Hung is in mourning of her father’s passing, how can she get married with Aaron?

      3. @Jayne: Good question. Following the Chinese customs, she can marry within 100 days from the day her father passed away (Jan 10th ?) or wait 3 years from that. But apparently their relationship may become turbulent this year so best to tie the knot soonest this year.




      4. Clamine,
        I believe Aaron Kwok said in a recent interview that he will not be getting married this year because of “fan tai shui” (negative energy from Jupiter).

        Aaron appears to be resistant to a marriage in the near future, which probably is the biggest factor against a quick wedding.

      5. Each year, I do have a habit of reading my own astrology in the Chinese newspapers. However, the obstacles and challenges are described so generically that make them difficult to spot/identify and apply proper resolution to.

        Also the idea of “fan tai shui” is a little difficult to understand. What are you supposed to do to counter the negative energy from Jupiter?

      6. Jayne: What are you supposed to do to counter the negative energy from Jupiter?

        Guess that’s how the masters earned their living by telling you just how to do it. lol!

      7. Jayne,
        I was thinking the same, isn’t Lynn in mourning period for her father’s death?? How is she supposed to get married???

    2. thank you jayne!!

      um now wait to see how accurate they all are

  2. My parents say that mak ling ling words shouldn’t be taken seriously. Lol. Lets see how accurate she is.

    I found interesting is that Tavia may not be Him’s soulmate…hmmm

    Raymond and Karena flash wedding…possible!

    Hk tv license…please issue them soon. Most interested in this part.

    1. i think sow man fung is a better fortune teller,because he has predicted a break-up for myolie and bosco 1 year before they really end their relationship.and many company’s in hongkong are his client including the hsbc bank.

      its good to hear that him law isnt tavia’s soulmate.tavia can get much better than him.

      i doubt if hktv wlll ever get a tv license,because governor leung will make a point of this will be fight in the court i think.

      1. If I rmb rite, Sow Man Fung said: “If Boscolie won’t get married, they will break up”. It’s kinda… too common.

      2. @Fox –

        I remember him saying the same thing too! But everything else he said didn’t really seem accurate. I can’t remember what he said about Leon Lai and Gaile though.

      3. i dont personally know him,but if the largest bank of the world is his client then i think he is not so bad at all.

      4. I don’t think he is bad, but his words are always like that, too common.

      5. to be honest i dont really know what he is talking about,too much feng shui terms.but like to see his shows because he is a funny guy,and always joking with other female host.

    2. Same- can’t wait for TVB to have some competition. Chance for them to step up their game.

    3. 吳佩孚:「感情有變,蛇年會較多鬧交,有機會分手收場。」


      I only know of Mak Ling Ling, don’t know the other two masters but they both predict that Tavia and Him Law may break up this year because Him has blossom romance luck so a third party can easily intrude.(tou fa wan)

      1. Good luck, Tavia Yeung. Him Law is just too handsome and too young for you. Ha ha …..

      2. How funny, with predictions and claims that there will be a third party on his side, the criticism goes to Tavia? lol righteo.

      3. Very degrading… So us women deserve to get our arse dumped if we’re too “old” and/or “ugly”? We’re the inferior ones? If being handsome and young are the only criteria in a relationship then pffft.

      4. it’s sick and a little sad that there are still so many amongst us that condone victim-blaming merely because the victim is “old” and “ugly”

    4. I agree with your parents, lol.
      I personally find Mak Ling Ling not as accurate.
      I like So Man Fung more.

      1. Mak Ling Ling acts more like an artiste than a feng shui master now. She is appearing in all kinds of TVB shows, same as Lee Sing Chak.

      2. Peter So is almost reliable then Mak Ling Ling in the guessing game.

        They are good at telling make believe stories

      3. Yes, I know all these well-known feng shui masters are commercialized. But personally, I prefer Mr. So 😛

      4. Ma Ling Ling and Lee Sing Chak are pretty high profiled on TV. Agree, they are more commercialized than others. In fact, So Man Fung was, too, some years ago.

        I found these prices on Google re Feng Shui consultations, etc., in Hong Kong, as follows:

        Services Pricings:-
        Bazi Destiny Fortune
        Telling : $1000 HKD up
        Name Selection : $1380 HKD
        Date Selection : $880 HKD
        New Born Time Selection : $1380 HKD

        Feng Shui Consultation
        Property Choices : $2800 hkd up
        Feng Shui Home : $2800 hkd up
        Feng Shui Office : $3800 hkd u

    5. Mak Ling Ling = con artist who’s getting filthy rich because Hong Kong people are too stupid and/or superstitious to realize there’s no such thing as feng shui. It’s like believing in Astrology, complete rubbish used to manipulate people who have limited mental capacities.

  3. It sounds cruel to write this, but after On Call I wish Tavia and Kenneth are dating instead of Him and Tavia.

    1. I’d prefer Tavia with Kenneth too. But I guess at the end of the day, doesn’t really matter who she or he is with, outsiders will always be outsiders ha.

    2. You are not being cruel but are just stating what you think…It is not up to us anyways so we can think what we like. It will not matter.

  4. “Mak Ling Ling also forsees that Ricky Wong’s (王維基) HKTV may encounter a positive turning point in seeking the approval of a television broadcasting license in the second-half of the year.”

    I hope Mak Ling Ling’s prediction is correct. Too many artists and behind the scenes people’s job is at stake.

    1. The latest news is CY Leung is stalling the free tv proposals because of Red China. So much hopeful for Ricky & Co.

  5. If he’s so good at telling the future, why doesn’t he just go and predict the winning lottery numbers instead of doing this?

    1. i think feng shui masters can just predict what the chance is that certain things will happen but not the exactly the numbers of a lottery.

      1. Even if he was able to do so, he can probably do it for others but not for himself. It’s like you can tell others fortune,however, you can’t do it to yourself.

      2. @hts,suppose he know it exactly and tell it to someone else to buy and then share the money,could it be this way?

      3. It’s called accountability.

        He can make “predictions” based on the stars or whatever the hell and he won’t catch any flack if they’re wrong because it’s “what the stars told him”.

        And it’s the same for this article. Anybody else makes these predictions and the headline would be like “Superstar makes nasty predictions on couples in 2013” and there’d be a load of backlash.

        I seriously think there’s something wrong with the belief/religion system in China and HK. If it’s not crazed Christians doing weird crap like announcing you’re a virgin at 26 and won’t have sex until after marriage, or wasting a load of money on feng shui masters and basing compatibility with your partner on zodiac sign….it’s really messed up.

      4. i think there is nothing wrong with the believes/religion itselfs,but the person self who want to use it in a good or a bad could have a devastating or very constructive effect.

  6. I really wonder if any of this stuff is true? I used to really believe in it but I have been to some and some may be accurate but a lot of it is BS. They scam you of your money too… I have even been to psychics(or people that claim to be psychics) and they are also BS… They just want money and that’s it…

    1. I do believe in fortune telling regarding a person’s fate (life), but I don’t quite believe or understand feng shui. It is too complicated.

      I like to listen, but will forget it easily. If I remember, I will try to avoid the really bad things that may occur in my life.

      1. I too wonder about Feng Shui and don’t really understand it… Have you guys ever tried “psychics”?? I have tried some of them and they are BS!!Even worse than fortune tellers…

    2. When ppl has troubles in life, they often try to get the supernatural stuffs to lean on.

      However, some fortunetellers can really read the future, but there are many fakers. Feng shui is a complicated science that you don’t know where the feng shui master can’t reach.

      I choose to blv good things they said and ignore the bad things :P.

      1. I agree that there are some good ones, but not many… Most are scam artists and fakers.

    3. I admit that I do believe in them to some extent because some of the things they said about me were true, while some were just BS… However, I still wonder about it… My cousins and friends have tried it too and some of the things they said were true too. I guess I am still a bit skeptical but do believe in some of it…

      1. I think it depends on whether or not you have a good feng shui master (who also does fortune telling about life, fate, luck, love, etc.). Some of them are very good and accurate, while some are not. From my experience, most of them can tell the past better than the future.

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