Review: “Three Kingdoms RPG” (By Miriamfanz)

Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>
Hong Kong TVB Drama 2012

Producer: Lau Ka Ho
Genre: Historical Comedy
Episodes: 25


Kenneth Ma as “Vincent/Sima Shun”
Raymond Lam as “Zhuge Liang”
Joseph Lee as “Liu Bei”
Au Sui-wai as “Kwan Yu”
Savio Tsang as “Cheung Fei”
Pierre Ngo as “Sun Quan”
Ruco Chan as “Zhou Yu”
Law Lok Lam as “Cao Cao”
Tavia Yeung as “Song Yau”
Kaki Leung as “Lady Wong (Mrs. Zhuge)”


Vincent (Kenneth Ma) gets caught up in a big storm in 21st century Hong Kong and time travels back to the Three Kingdoms period. There, he meets Zhuge Liang (Raymond Lam), Liu Bei (Joseph Lee) and other historical characters. And then TVB lost their history books.


For the record, this series takes place in the prelude to the Three Kingdoms. But it really didn’t matter, because the story could have easily fit into another time period. Do we see the battles, the strategies or the intellect that the Three Kingdoms era is famous for? No. We see petty, domestic squabbles. The wives fighting over a maid, the maid’s love troubles, Zhuge Liang’s wife’s sickness and feeling not good enough for him, etc, etc. Hey TVB, you know that there are three states, right? We get introduced to Cao Cao early on, but he doesn’t appear again for many episodes after that. And Sun Quan makes his appearance in episode 16. Sixteen! That’s more than half way through the series!!

Even when battle scenes are shown, they are uninspiring. Any fighting scenes are always blurry. Heroic guy slashes left, enemy falls down, heroic guy slashes right, enemy falls down, repeat. The Battle of the Red Cliffs was an epic naval showdown, but what we get instead are the worst computer graphics and the commanders standing in front of tents at the “battlegrounds”. Visual aspects aside, there is no showing of the tactical planning and brilliant strategies for the battles. We see the leaders looking very worried and hoping for the best. Cut to a montage of soldiers fighting, then cut back to the leaders who are either celebrating how lucky they were to win or crying over a loss.

The character portrayals are just… urgh! I was laughing so hard in the last episode when Kenneth said “Lau, Kwan, Cheung are historic figures. How can you mess with them?” And what exactly did TVB just do? First, Liu Bei. He is weak and indecisive. He always looks worried. He never has any input on military affairs. Compared to Sun Quan and Cao Cao, Liu Bei is nothing like a noble leader. Then there’s Zhuge Liang. The best strategist in history? You would never know from watching this series. In most situations, he doesn’t know what to do. He always looks depressed or unsure.

In the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Yu was no match for Zhuge Liang, but here, Zhuge Liang is nowhere close to Zhou Yu. Although Zhou Yu is jealous and despicable, he actually has intelligence and foresight. I think the actual most intelligent person may be Han Leung, the turncoat advisor. Often, he knows what kind of schemes other people are trying to pull off. For instance, he saw something wrong with the sudden surrender of Sun Quan’s advisors before the Battle of Red Cliffs. Of course, Han Leung is just TVB’s own fictional creation. Have to blame the scriptwriters for their “unique” take on the historical characters. Unique indeed, but in a stupid way. I’ll bet Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang are rolling in their graves right now.

The romantic storyline was EXACTLY the same as Witness Insecurity: girl likes guy, guy doesn’t like her back, girl is sad. All of a sudden, guy realizes he really likes girl, but due to the circumstances, they can’t be together just yet. Then guy dies, girl cries. CUT! Roll the credits. Tavia is an insignificant maid. Wouldn’t it be more intriguing if she was someone more important, like say the daughter of the enemy? A story about forbidden true love would add some excitement and twists to the series.

As a historical drama, Three Kingdoms RPG gets a big, red “F”. What about as a comedy? The funniest characters were Fan Gun and Cheung Fei. Fan Gun is adorable being the wide-eyed best friend of Kenneth. He actually develops from a simple-minded person to a mature man, but never loses his sincerity and kindness. Cheung Fei’s best moment was when he broke the bridge by yelling out loud. There are also humorous parts when Kenneth uses modern lingo to speak to the ancient people. Still, the comedic effects cannot make up for the overall failures.

The ending… Does it matter? Bad ending for bad series.


Lau Ka Ho wanted to screw TVB before leaving.

This review is written by Miriamfanz, a Contributing Writer at Visit Miriamfanz’ blog

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  1. Though this series was not the best, I will admit, I sorta took this series only as a light entertainment.

    This series was before Witness Insecurity, just saying.

    Good actors, bad script.

    1. Good series, good actors ,stupid ending. sima shun should have returned to 3k to ditch sima yin and become the dictator that unite 3k.

    1. Yeah agree. Bad series, ugly ending, waste of time, destroyed three Kingdom characters. Two thumbs down.

  2. Thumbs down: The insignificant maid got the last 30 minutes of this series dedicated to her flashbacks with Sima Shun.

      1. The use of flashbacks is definitely an example of “揼波鐘”, to fill up the last episode.

        In overall, the series was not that bad, but the ending… Maybe the writer wants to inspire Hong Kong guys with some morals/ideas related to love and relationship. But please don’t do it at the series expense.

  3. I actually enjoyed this series. I also took it as light entertainment, nothing taken too seriously about the plot. Though I have to say, really shipped the chemistry between Kenneth and Tavia-although Tavia is an insignificant maid…she truly brought her character to life! They both hammered the nail on the head yet again! <3 Tragic ending…but it was beautiful, memorable sad ending. Unlike Witness Insecurity…IMO, it's ending was pretty stupid -.-"

    1. And bravo to Tavia’s crying scenes-never seem to fail me with her water works.

      1. No Offence but 3 Kingdoms ending was more stupid than WI like what the heck Tavia comes to the modern world after he died? And she hasn’t aged at all?
        Atleast in WI they saw each other for the last time.

      2. I think you don’t understand about the time travel! Tavia travels to the future!

      3. There is no explanation of how Tavia never aged. The series just left it open. It was bad.

    2. No this three kingdom series is more stupid. I still manage to feel sad at WI ending although it was devastating but I can’t stand how the ending of this series focused on the insignificant Tavia! What the hell? As many have said she was insignificant until the last half an hour or so! How come the limelight of the ending suddenly shone on her? Ugly and draggy ending when Sima Shun only think of insignificant Song Yau. Did they forgot about Fan Gan? Zhugeliang? the others in three Kingdom who are far more significant?

    3. I have to agree with ragnarok here. Having Sima Shun spending 30 years thinking about Song Yau whom he doesn’t even care about for almost the entire series is too far fetched. He has better brotherhood with the cute and loyal Fan Kan, if he need to miss someone – it should be Fan Kan, not Song Yau the insignificant maid.

      1. By the way I shed zero tears at the ending. I remember thinkinf: “Sh-t, it ends like this?”

      2. I’m better. I laughed at the ending. Poor KM is my favourite but he can’t do anything to make the ending better. LOL

      3. Sure, BT3K could’ve been better. But hell No WI’s ending to me was just wtfly unneccessary…bosco’s death was wtf.

      4. It was more of a wtf and ridiculous one. Cant blv LKH still feels proud of it.

    4. Repost Song Yau quotes LOL

      “Only Tavia’s fans would love the ending because it spent so much on insignificant Tavia. What the hell.”

      “Disappointing that the series focus on Song Yau and Shun’s nonexistant romance for most of the ending.”

      “Song Yau is an insignificant character in the series. Shun doesn’t even love her 90% of the series. Why make their ‘romance’ the main focus of the ending?”

      “It was dumb for the finale to be about Song Yau and Vincent’s relationship. ”

      “Song Yau who? ”

    5. Am I the only one feeling something off with Tavia’s reaction at the ending? I don’t know. She doesn’t give me the feel to make me sad.

  4. Ending was ugly and series was only enjoyable in the first few episodes! This series destroyed three Kingdom characters! The only admirable character and performance is Fan Gan!

  5. Not exactly the same, as least Bosco got to spurt blood, effectively confess his love and then die.

    Poor Shun.

    1. Poor KM, Funn. But I still laughed at the ending. I’m sorry to KM.

    2. Hui sir didn’t confess his love by words. He only said he was late and that he will continue to protect her. By coming to meet her wearing the blue helmet is what implied that ‘Hailey has a room in his heart’ since it was what they promised earlier.

  6. Well Hui sir and Linda did made me feel sad and it make sense because they are significant in WI, but looking at Tavia suddenly dominating Kenneth and the draggy ending, and how the story suddenly forgot about the three kingdom characters made me hate the ending! At least spend some of the time to talk about Fan Gan, Zhuge Liang and what happened after the war! The war itself is stupid!

    1. When TY and her nose come, the script forget about all our favourite heroes in the three Kingdom. Sucks. Fan Gan was so cute 🙁

  7. I watched halfway and skip to the disastrous ending and decide giving up all the middle episodes LOL. Poor KM but this series is worse than expected.

    1. Disastrous typhoon ending. Worst ending TVB ever made. KM should’ve rejected this series from the beginning 🙁

  8. They should’ve just made a sequel for The Mysteries of Love instead.

    Strong cast, weak script.

    Witness Insecurity’s ending touched me more though, but I only watched this series for the cast, haha.

  9. the ending got downhill and stupid when ma ming went back to HK and the story shifted to the love story of ma ming and tavia. Love ma ming a lot but not feeling the love story of him and tavia! i agree with everyone that ma ming and jonathan cheung or famously fan gun have much better brotherhood chemistry.

    1. Basically you should just say the last 20-30 minutes of this series sucked. That’s the word.

  10. I am disappointed with the series initially. However did gradually enjoy it as light entertainment with the comedy bits. Both Tavia and Fan Gan are good in their roles. Raymond plays a very insignificant role here. Very disappointing. Must agree with others poor ending!

    1. i think tavia’s role is the most insignificant and more insignificant than raymond’s, although raymond is overshadowed by ma ming, fan gan, ruco and pierre.

    2. “Then there’s Zhuge Liang. The best strategist in history? You would never know from watching this series. In most situations, he doesn’t know what to do. He always looks depressed or unsure.”

      Poor LF 🙁

    3. The best performer in here are Ruco, Pierre and Fan Gan.

      Kenneth is exaggerating.
      Raymond is boring.
      Tavia tried too hard to be an innocent maid and sometimes her voice becomes unnatural and for mysterious reason her insignificant role got pushed out to be focus of the finale.

  11. Maybe I the one think differently at here about the reason why Sima Shun so miss Song Yau at the end .

    Song Yau take care of his daily needs during his time at Lau Bei house. Beside Fan Kan, she also the one tat bring money and food to Sima Shun during the time Lau Bei wan to caught him for burning up spring pool . During the time he been chased by assassin , Song Yau tat one help him clean up the wound and take care of him. Beside tat, they experience together almost beheaded by Cao Cao. If I am Sima Shun , I sure love Song Yau the most after so much thing happened .

  12. The second wife look same age or younger than the maid LOL. The maid has too much makeup too.

      1. LOLOL Kelle- nice comment.

        Realise Vivien’s pattern of bringing up Tavia’s nose or appearance whenever she’s mentioned. Get the F over it dude.

      2. Viv is just saying what she sees and apparently that might have stood out and left a deep impression for her. No harm expressing opinions..

  13. The only one I care is Kan and there is NO ending about him.


    1. Bad luck me.

      Watched Witness Insecurity only for Hui sir – Hui Sir died tragically. Sob.

      Watched Three Kingdom for Kan – Kan has NO ending! Sob!

  14. This is probably one of the worst drama ever produced by TVB this year! I was actually looking forward to it after watching the trailer and what BIG disappointment!

    The fighting scenes with the less than 20 soldiers around the same area is really pathetic. Did we get to watch Kwan Yue or Cheung Fei fight like a real warrior? Not a chance!

    Zhuge Liang is a miserable husband who only cares for the sick wife (the wife is a better strategist than him!).

    Travia the maid is a totally waste of screen time.

    Cao Cao and gang are only cameos!

    The battle of the red cliff? The ships looks like match boxes with a flags!

    1. Can’t agree more. This is the worst by TVB this year as of now.

  15. WI’s ending is a lot better, lol

    TVB’s ancient series do not appeal to me anymore. Bring back wuxia!

  16. The script is AWFUL, the special effects is AWFUL, the scenes is WAY AWFUL; some of the cast in this series is a MISCAST! The jokes were mostly not even funny. I should not have listen some advice from this website to force me watching this GARBAGE series. I knew it, it was not enjoyable series.

    The good side is producer Lau Ka ho is left TVB.

    Rating: NO STARS

    1. Larry, that’s a little harsh bud. It wasn’t that bad, in terms of plot/storyline not much can be done there as it’s based on real history. They could of done better with the special effects. Casting was ok, except for the KM & TY both are a little too mature looking for their roles. There are some funny moments, although the “chok” jokes were over used. All in all the series was a good “time filler”. I give it 3 out of 5.

      1. Ooops, let me correct to a 2 out 5. The ending was rediculous!!!

      2. Plot/storyline was not based on real history. It’s actually based on the book, that has many fictional scenes. However, the book doesn’t have Zhou Yu as a baddie or Vincent coming in, or ZGL being a dummy.
        So the plot sucks based on the changes made.

      3. I disagree that more couldn’t have been done with the plot. The Three Kingdoms period had a lot going on, like battles and schemes. Romance of the Three Kingdoms had more stories. There was a lot of material to work with and it doesn’t even require much thinking from scriptwriters because they could have borrowed from Romance of 3K. But TVB chooses to focus on the insignificant things, like Tavia the maid, which is a pity. The series could have been so much greater.

      4. Anyways, I’m glad that Lau Kar Ho left TVB. Hate 80% of his series. This was the pits.

      5. I agree. Focusing on Tavia the maid was a waste of screentime which could be used to create a better story.

      6. Man, you guys are tough. The novel was based on real history…the series is based on the novel…of course a few things got changed because it’s entertainment, plus it’s meant to be a comedy…so for me it’s good enough. If they are really doing a series about Three Kingdom I don’t think 25 episodes would cut it…more like 125 episodes & some.

      7. That’s why 3K ending is crap. because it was promoted as a comedy! I laughed at the ending anyway, so that means the ending succeed at making people laughed? LOL

  17. WTF is wrong with TVB not putting enough time to invest their own production?

  18. i dont get this, you gave this series an “F” review but yet you rate it 3.5/5. interesting.

    1. If you ignore all the historical inaccuracies, this is a decent comedy.

      It is a pity that TVB could have made a very good series with the premise, but choose to make a mockery instead.

      1. You can’t ignore all the historical inaccuracies because even the characters seem inconsistent. Just ignore it is about 3 kingdoms. It is in the end not a comedy. The better series is a premise it should have gone through but never did. Maybe TVB just doesn’t know what to do with it. It is not a mockery though, just one who had the potential to be great but did not.

      2. I think the only funny factor in here is Fan Gan. He’s a natural.

  19. First few eps of series = good
    Last few eps of series = good
    Middle of series = plain boring

    I almost gave up watching the series near ep 17/18, but decided to just watch it for the end. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the ending. Even though it was sad, it was beautiful. It was touching, and I would be fine watching it twice :’)

    “The romantic storyline was EXACTLY the same as Witness Insecurity: girl likes guy, guy doesn’t like her back, girl is sad. All of a sudden, guy realizes he really likes girl, but due to the circumstances, they can’t be together just yet. Then guy dies, girl cries. CUT!”

    Yeah, completely agree with that. But, the two endings gave a totally different feel. Witness Insecurity made me want to smash something at the end. Illogical, stupid, awful ending. I had no feel of the supposedly romance between Linda and Bosco’s characters. And, most importantly, why did Hui Sir have to be FIRED and KILLED? He couldn’t even die as a policeman! On the other hand, Three Kingdoms RPG had a beautifully crafted end. Okay yeah, it may be unrealistic, but the chemistry between Kenneth and Tavia’s characters were much stronger. It left me with an “awwwwwww” :”)

    1. Sorry I disagree. Hui Sir and Hailey has great chemistry and their chemistry is one of the best part of the series. The ending left me depressed for days but there was no way Hui Sir and Hailey can be together after all that he had dig out for her dad to revenge for Ronald risking his job and everything. Killing him is an option but at least when he knew he has little chance to make it, he use the remaining time to tell Hailey that she did have a place in his heart. The ending is bittersweet.

      1. I guess I’m not really a huge fan of Linco in the first place. In MR, didn’t find them appealing either. But I am a fan of Linda and Bosco, separately. Idk, but I think Linda always pairs better with LF, and Bosco has better chemistry with Myolie or Tavia onscreen.

    2. Beautiful ending? You must be kidding. The whole last 20-30 minutes was pointless and sucked. The worst part is when the series choose to focus on insignificant Song Yau and Shun romance and neglect the more significant characters of the series whose fate in 3K left hanging when Shun left.

      1. But the whole point of the show is about time travelling, so I don’t see a need to focus on the 3K characters after the important battle is over.

      2. The battle isnt really over. And in Bu bu jing xin, at least Liu Shi Shi still go to check for other chacs in the past to know how they are, wat will happen to him. MM in this one, with Google on hand, go to check for a maid that of course wont be mentioned by anyone and not anyone else, including his frds, idol, rivals, etc. At least should mention of them because the series is not about the love of Sima Shun. The love of Sima Shun is insignificant and just a side story. Waste too many screentime for it in the last two eps.

    3. I dsagree. No ending can be worse than 3K. I’m not a fan od WI or Bosco and Linda but the ending in WI is more touching. 3K is just bad. Bad.

      1. Besides Hui Sir and Kiu Chi Lam in WI shared cute chemistry and sad separation before the tragic ending whereas Sima Shun shared cute chemistry with Fan Gan and not the insignificant Song Yau! I feel nothing at this pairing. Sima Shun should’ve paired with Fan Gan!

  20. I thought the whole series was pretty weak. Found Shun’s character quite annoying and whiny even in the beginning. But the last couple of episodes I found myself attached to lovable goof Sima Shun.

    As I have mentioned before, Tavia should have been cast as Sun Quan’s sister who has to marry Liu Bei for military alliance. There was fun story where she would threaten to kill Liu Bei every time he tries to sleep with her. It would be good drama to make the reason is because she is secretly in love with Shun and marries Liu Bei to spite him.

  21. Let’s be honest here it is what it is…the over worked and under paid script writers just did enough to hand in their homework 🙁

  22. Funn:

    You spent so much time in writing the Episodic Thoughts of “3 Kingdoms RPG”. I wish to read a review done by you. Would you rank highly of “3 Kingdoms RPG”?

  23. I wish the one who has come to the future is Fan Kan. That would be funny.

    Fan Kan has been Shun’s confidante for so long, he might have some knowledge about Shun’s family and HK. Plus, he knows modern lingo. I want to see how he will survive in the future. 😀

  24. 3K is officially the #1 worst series of the year as of now. #1 worst ending too.

    Miscast of Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung which result in Kenneth’s overacting and Tavia’s fake acting and thick foundation.

    Under utilized Raymond Lam who gets a supporting role.

    Under utilized Ruco Chan, Sharon Chan and Pierre Ngo.

    Worst war scenes from TVB.

      1. Fan Kan is good. He’s the only bright spot of this series 😀

    1. Just wanna add a thing: Thank to this series, I deleted You’re always on my mind out of my playlist forever. Liked this song a lot until this series and I cant never feel the song the same way anymore.

      1. The series does make fun of the song. It’s weird how I like Moon Represent My Heart after WI though.

    2. lol true, Fan Kan was hilarious, he was the cutest and the best caracter in the whole drama. hahah I think i enjoyed him the most.

  25. @Jayne: On second thought maybe I shouldn’t have posted it here. Why don’t you just delete it? Thanks!

    1. Clamine: It was that BAD.

      The series overall is TVB’s worst for the year so far.

      The ending is TVB’s worst for the year so far. It’s meant to be sad, but it failed.

      Kenneth was a miscast and he overacted. Tavia was a miscast and she put on unnatural acting and voice and powdered think foundation to be the maid. Raymond Lam did not convince as a Zhuge Liang.

      Ruco, Sharon and Pierre are good but are underutilized.

      The war scenes look like bad cartoons and worse than 80’s productions.

      1. Yet you managed to finish watching the whole series? Why?

      2. Because the series started good and it has good material to work with. By the middle it becomes boring and I just watched to see what happen to good characters like Fan Gan.

      3. Sorry, but I don’t agree about it having the worst ending. IMO, no ending is worse than Witness Insecurity. It’s as sad and terrible as some Korean dramas.

      4. Worst ending? How can anyone forget Bottled Passion? That was worst. Close to number 2 is WI and 3 Kingdoms, tied. And guess what? TVB just made a new record of sort. 3 bad endings in 3 different eras with 3 different set of actors.


      5. Nah, for BP ending, at least you feel something. And from the beginning, it’s already advertised as a romance series. And romance usually brings about tragedy, cues in korean dramas.
        3k, Idk why it’s supposed to be a historical comedy, but end up with an absurd ending which is supposed to be sad and tragic, but no one feels anything, because they are dumbfounded.

      6. But doesn’t mean the ending of one guy crawling half the town and then to a boat or something and then die isn’t crappiest. At least 3 kingdoms made more sense in that ending. He was older, he had a heart attack after running to the hill. Crappiest ending is Bottled Passion.

      7. That part about Raymond Wong running around town half dead was crappy no doubt, but u do feel sadness, because Niki and Raymond Wong’s romance was a big part of it.

        For the 3k ending, I thought that kenneth climbing on the hill was hilarious. While Kenneth dying does make sense, but it looks stupid, and doesn’t evoke any feelings. But the rest of the ending does’t make sense. How will Tavia being able to come to the exact time in the future make any sense?

        Ah well, at least BP’s ending was well filmed with nice music.

      8. WI ending is way better than BP and 3K for those who watched all three series. It was sad and focused on the right pairing and didn’t drag and the duet was sentimental.

        BP made Raymond Wong crawled across town for hours and opt to die alone leaving Niki with false hope. But at least it was sad and focus on the right pairing.

        3K focused on the wrong pairing for Sima Shun and not sad! How can it be sad? 90% of the series was about the other characters in three kingdom and suddenly most of the ending focus on a pair which was insignificant for the rest of the series! At least spare a little thoughts for the other characters inatead of making Shun wait that long and dying for an insignificant character! What a regret!

      9. 3K ending is most crap because it’s promoted as a comedy drama. Look at all the trailers. Mostly about KM fooling around and a funny looking ZGL. The ending is absolutely crap when it tried too hard to be tragic. I laughed at the ending. So that means 3K succeed at being a comedy? 😛

        Never watched WI but the series was promoted as a serious drama. The themesong sounds sad, the poster is dark, so the tragic ending is fitting LOL.

        BP ending was crap with all the crawling thing but the series was promoted as a serious drama, so the tragic ending was fitting.

      10. The ending of 3K didnt make me feel one bit sad because it feels so unnecessary and out of place to end it like that.

        Even though BP’s ending make no sense and was rather illogical for Ray to crawl around but i guess their love story throughout the drama really touched me so i dont think that ending would be considered worse than 3K.

        As for WI, definitely left a more touching feel for the audience compared to 3K. Cant stress how crap the ending was.

      11. @Funn

        I never watched Bottled Passion, but I do believe 3K ending is much better than WI. The ending of WI made me hate the whole series, cuz I liked it at first.

    2. It had such potential to be awesome, with the cast, and the theme of 3 Kingdoms. But with TVB’s productions…

      But we ended up with a dumb/depressed ZGL who was outsmarted by his wife and Vincent. Then the iconic 3 kingdom scenes are reduced to a paltry amount of soldiers running here and there. A real mockery. Why even call it 3 Kingdoms!?

      In fact, if Kenneth went back to a lesser known period without battle scenes, it might actually work. We can still have the cute pandas running around, and the panda eating scenes, Fan Gen can still be there.

      1. It is 3Krap from the moment Lau Ka Ho takes the producer. The beginning is quite ok for 5-6 first eps, and get terrible in the middle, a bit less crap nearly the end and 2 last eps is just rubbish. I even regret to fast forward throughout 2 last eps. I should wait to see the review first then download later.

      2. never really liked LKH’s productions including HOG or MR. don’t get the hype over those. his wife’s productions aren’t the best either but still better than her husband’s

      3. I looked at Lau Kar Ho’s list of productions, the last of his I liked was actually back in 2005!

  26. Can anyone help to clarify abt the ending? I don’t understand how song yau came to modern life but not aged at all?

    1. Easy to explain. Song Yau come from a different time period. So, she might only have waited of 5 to 10 years, then, saw the time portal open and went inside and traveled to the HK where Shun is already 60 years old.

    2. apparently the explanation is because she entered the portal later than shun, so transferred to a later time which is 30 years after shun.

  27. If tvb had a crappiest drama award, 3K needs one asap. Never had i watched something this crap before especially the ending! Oh how i want the 1 hr of my life back

    1. Exactly. This series can win crappiest ending of the year

      1. I support 3K to win crappiest award. It destroyed three kingdom

      1. If they actually copied KOsanguo, it’s no wonder that 3K is crap. because that series itself is CRAP. Copying crap brings about more crap.

      2. No, just a comparison because they are both messed up version of 3 Kingdom. TVB didn’t copy from there.

        I enjoy KO3anguo. It’s a silly series, but, I still find it entertaining.

  28. Since, the spoiler already hints tis series will end up in tis type of crap way and would focus more on Sima Shun and Song Yau at the end, then why people keep complaining so much tat they had wasted their time to watched the ending.

    1. Not expected that it would be crappier than the spoiler this way. Some ppl still hope for a little better, just that disappointed when the hope is scratched.

    2. Because the hint is wrong. Yes he died but not the way as described. If it is as hinted, there wouldn’t be much complains.

      1. These days can’t avoid it anymore. Better not read any related article and comments at all.

        But some do like spoilers. I suppose to know ahead why? whether worth watching on?

  29. maybe someone tat very good in the whoo whoo scene… but did not whoo whoo in the ending make the ending dun provide sad feeling.

    1. I believe if the ending plot can make good use of Tavia crying skill , the outcome and feeling may be different.

      1. I’m not sure. I think it’s stupid enough that Kenneth suddenly feel the need to wait for her that long and for her alone. I pity Fan Gan.

      2. Because it is called love. That part I can understand and it is not stupid.

      3. But there was no love feeling between them. Sima Shun has more love for Fan Gan and Zhuge Liang!

      4. Of course he loved her. He was too selfish and too much of a narcissist to realise it.

      5. I feel no chemistry between Shun and Song Yau either. I would choose the bromance with Fan Gan anytime. Even Shun’s relationship with Zhugeliang has more chemistry

      6. But TVB is not going for a gay love so Song Yau is there to neutralise thing. I agree her role is minimal but I understand how he could love her. And theirs is love, Kan and ZGL is more brotherhood although if this is a gay story, I would guess he loves ZGL the most.

      7. Song Yau is too insignificant and unimportant TVB should just made her dead by an arrow earlier LOL

      8. At the end, I wouldn’t say Shun loves Song Yau. Their relationship didn’t develop anywhere near that. There might be feelings there, but something more was missing.

      9. @vivien

        How is Song Yau’s role insignificant? The whole point of the drama is about time travel. They’re not producing it for the history. As the cast explained earlier, there are already plenty of Mainland dramas that focus on 3K history. This TVB version is just a comedic twist. Song Yau and Sima Shun’s romance is what makes the whole time travelling thing come into importance. They realize that their love has a barrier. If there wasn’t Song Yau, then it doesn’t matter if Sima Shun returns to HK or not.

  30. LOL most of the comments here think the series is crap but mostly love Fan Gen 😛

  31. The ending is abominable with Sima Shun dying like a “Sickworm” on mountain. Next, Tavia makes her UFO landing next to his dying corpse, or is it a mirage? Anyway, the cast and their acting are very good, but poor script as most of us agree. Furthermore, there is not much action for the famous Battle of Red Cliffs. The actors are probably speaking in front of electronic cooling fans as an effect of blowing wind beside cameras.

    1. Probably before a green blue or whatever the colour screen.

  32. Lol I wonder what you guys will say if 3KRPG wins best drama series of the year 😛

    i only took this drama serie as entertainment, I found some part hilarious. Expectly when Kenneth started to sing, OMG I though I would die just by laughting.

    Despite on the negative feedback of this drama, amazing that it can still remain in top 10 list of tvb this year.

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