Review: “Triumph in the Skies 2” (by Miriamfanz)

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Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
Hong Kong TVB Drama 2013

Producer: Sharon Au, Joe Chan
Genre: Modern, Romance
Episodes: 41


Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Fala Chen, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Nancy Wu, Him Law

Imagine the series as a plane flight. After a lengthy delay, passengers finally get to board the flight, where they are unexpectedly welcomed by an unfamiliar tune. Nonetheless, it’s been a long wait and everyone is just happy to be on board. The plane has a smooth takeoff. As the plane makes its climb, the passengers look out the window, seeing the city they are leaving and looking forward to the journey ahead. The plane starts cruising along at 9,000 m. Everyone is settled in comfortably and the flight attendants hand out some snacks. The passengers were expecting the main course, but they accept it anyways. The attendants come around again, this time with drinks. Still no main course. By now, some people start to get restless. They check the flight tracker and find the plane is still at the same level. Nothing wrong with this height, just that we had expected the plane to fly higher. Then slowly but surely, the plane starts losing altitude. Why? Because Holiday is controlling it. Not everyone notices, because some are no longer paying attention. The few that do complain loudly. Finally, before anyone realizes, the plane has touched down for a safe landing.

Triumph in the Skies 2 Europe 2Fans of the original have waited ten long years for a sequel, so everyone is understandably excited for this series. Not even a crappy theme song can change that mood. The first few episodes don’t disappoint. Bright, beautiful scenery, with everyone looking sharp in their uniforms. Captain Koo is especially charming and steals the spotlight just as easily as he steals women’s hearts. We relieve memories from the original and find out what our beloved Sam, Isaac, Roy and Coco have been up to in the past ten years. But further development of these characters eludes us for 20 episodes. Instead, we are served with random side stories and a lovesick Holiday. Gradually, some viewers get bored and find something else to do. For those who stuck around, we wonder: is anything exciting actually going to happen? The short answer is no. There are some bumps along the way, but it is mostly a calm flight from start to finish.

Triumph in the Skies Myolie Chilam RonTVB sequels all have a common formula: forget about the very profession that enticed viewers in the original and insert as many love lines as humanly possible. Triumph in the Skies 2 follows this to the word. First, there’s the Isaac-Summer-Josie-Teddy rectangle. Then there’s the love not-sure-what-shape with Sam/Holiday/Zoe/Daniel/Jayden. And don’t forget the whole Heather/Roy/Tony/Mr. King pyramid. We’re learning more about geometry than aviation.

The original series was heavily focused on romance as well, but the problem with the sequel is: one, the imbalance between love and work and two, the ill-development of the love lines. Many things were missing, such as how Sam falls in love with Holiday or the cause in Jayden’s character change. 42 episodes is a long time; there should be no need to rush at the end. Too much time was wasted on irrelevant things (Eliza’s mom, anyone?), such that development of the main characters was stunted.

Triumph in the Skies 2 Fala Chen 8Still, Triumph in the Skies 2 is the highest rating drama of 2013, so there must be reasons for its success. There’s the nostalgia from the original and watching how the characters have grown up. Surely, the actors themselves have matured and it’s great to see the chemistry amongst the cast working together again ten years later. The series is light-hearted with no evil, back-stabbing, scheming sort of stuff. There’s the hot, steamy, sexy sort of stuff, but of course, we’re talking TVB here. There’s also a fair share of tear-jerking moments that will probably make you cry more than Fala. There’s laugh-out-loud moments, what-the-heck moments and many I’ll-never-fly-in-a-plane-again moments.

All in all, a series to laugh, cry, relax and enjoy, and before you know it, it’ll be end and you will realize it has been a wonderful journey after all.

The review is written by Miriamfanz, a Contributing Writer at Visit Miriamfanz’s blog!


94 comments to Review: “Triumph in the Skies 2” (by Miriamfanz)

  1. m0m0 says:

    i stopped watching the series at episode 16/17. the plot was pretty much at standstill….

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  2. i stopped watching. i dont like this series as much i expected i would

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    • replyer replied:

      me too well i stopped at ep 25 might want to watch the last ep

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  3. AC says:

    Wow, really love the plane flight analogy!

    Overall, I really did enjoy the series but they could have easily gotten rid of some of the pointless side stories, especially Toby’s whole character/storyline! Eliza’s mom storyline was pretty useless too. I am pretty sure that they added it in last minute because Divas in Distress just finished airing as they were starting to film this series, so they wanted to make more use of her.

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  4. M says:

    In which episode is about Eliza’s mum?

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    • miriamfanz replied:

      Ep. 13

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  5. hong says:

    i was one of those people that waited for triumph in the skies 2 too finally be filmed for 10 yrs i am happy , Sam Issac and coco came back but what made me un happy was tvb killed Zoe i wanted to see Sam and Zoe live a happy married life . why did tvb kill off Zoe was this tvbs original plan to kill off Zoe

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  6. smurf120 says:

    you forgot Tony’s girlfriend in the in the pyramid (Heather’s colleague).

    Sigh…. Skylette apparently only has 2 airplane, 15 pilots, one engineering crew, 15 stewards, and 594 back stories.

    I didn’t hate the show – it just never went anywhere. The ending didn’t move me, the area of greatest anticipation was whether or not Colby and Victor will come back to claim Coco’s baby.

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    • miriamfanz replied:

      Oh right, Rachel… wouldn’t it have been more interesting if she had been in love with Heather instead of Tony xD

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      • smurf120 replied:

        LOL – that would truly make the romances more “modern” and interesting at least! Or they can expound on why Rachel encouraged Heather to enjoy herself more with the guys in Taiwan (where Roy caught her dancing) – maybe ulterior motive was that she wanted her husband. Or reverse that and make Tony/Rachel dating a little bit more betrayal and apologetic – it was such a nonevent.

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    • Tvbxo replied:

      Does skylette have more than 2 planes? Bcuz i swear in this 40 ep drama when the captins or whoever call in to check with people they always say skylette 223 or skylette 322 throughout the whole series….

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  7. M says:

    I prefer issac’s captain exam scene than the finale…such anti climax….

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  8. llwy12 says:

    LOL! I like the plane analogy as well — perfectly fitting to the theme!

    I think I might be one of the few who actually gave up on this series way early, like back around episode 9 and 10 (though it didn’t help that my mom watched the entire series as usual, so of course I ended up catching a few episodes here and there)….

    Honestly, there were truly way too many love lines in this series — I read yesterday that someone actually counted / analyzed all the love relationships and concluded that there were 8 different love relationships going on at the same time, with 4 of those being love triangles / quadrangles (or whatever you call those 4-way relationships). Definitely a bit too much if you ask me….might as well change the title of the series to “Love in the Skies” instead (would have been a much better fit).

    And was it just me, or did anyone else find the 2 hour finale boring as hell? I actually hadn’t watched a full episode of the series since episode 10 (as I said earlier, I already gave up on the series by then), but figured for the finale I would at least watch the whole 2 hours…boy was it a letdown (should have just spent those 2 hours doing something else).

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    • advo replied:

      The finale was extremely boring and predictable. Didn’t help that they edited it so shoddily. Never heard about this technique where you cut from the “big climax” to reveal the conclusion and then cut back. Talk about FLOP editing, lmao.

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @advo: Good to see I wasn’t the only one who noticed the shoddy editing….the way they cut that scene and went back didn’t even make sense — it felt totally random and unnecessary to me. They should have just continued on with the climax and then went on from there….no clue what the producers were thinking….

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  9. Jeff says:

    Did anyone else notice Fala’s face during the ending flight scene >.> iunno something about her just ruined it and I wanted to punch her lols.

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  10. Kelly Ngu says:

    Does anyone know what’s is Hero real name is?

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    • Shrimpboat replied:

      何君誠 Quinn Ho Kwan Shing 🙂

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  11. ppearl says:

    it was a let down for me since there’s no Sam/Zoe line in the sequel. if anything at all, it will be the main reason that i will look forward to the sequel.

    hence, i stopped watching after Sam’s closure on Zoe. i can’t believe i rather watch masterchef. 😛

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  12. sandcherry says:

    It is interesting to read your review, especially when you described it as ” We’re learning more about geometry than aviation.” from those many-shaped love lines. Thanks!

    I totally agree with you that there were too many unnecessary side stories which hindered the developments of the main characters, resulting in a rush and not convincing ending. The storyline was terribly written, as well as some of the characters.

    Your review will be more complete if you could spend some time to talk about the acting of the the cast.

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    • miriamfanz replied:

      Thanks for your feedback. I was lazy on this one… I think the best acting were Sam, Chilam and Nancy, especially for their crying scenes. Obviously Fala couldn’t drop a tear to save her life. I find Fala was inadequate for the emotional scenes, but not as terrible as others have put it for the other scenes. Ron seems to be quite as ease reprising his old role. Kenneth, not much special. Elena was great though.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        Thanks for giving us your comments on acting. I agree with you totally. The best artistes were Chilam, Francis and Nancy. Personally I think Fala was not bad at all, but she needed to add some details to show her inner emotions, especially in cry scenes. Ron is adequate, but not amazing. Kenneth did quite well as a silly and immature guy interacting with Elena, though I did not think highly of their relationship.

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  13. tearfulheart says:

    Is Hong Kong lacking good entertainment for this to peak at 41 points?

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    • sheldon replied:

      This series is really not as good. high rating does not mean a good drama. agree with @Godon

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      • F replied:

        Would the ratings help their chances of getting the TVB awards though?

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      • F replied:

        technically viewers vote for the awards…but ultimately the execs make the decision right?

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  14. Godon says:

    Long comment short, this drama was not a true sequel and did not do the original series justice. Ratings may be high, but it does not mean the drama was good. This series was a disaster and just a huge disappointment. The only people that did well was without doubt, Francis and Chi-Lam.

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    • sheldon replied:

      You’ve said it. Totally agree

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  15. Austin says:

    Somehow I felt that this series is unrelated to the previous installment, it could very well be a brand new series for someone who didn’t even watched the first one. First there was no mention of the characters in the first installment like Belle, Zita, Donald, Chris…etc. Keep in mind they were very important characters in the first one and the sequel is only set a couple years or less since the first installment it’s not a 10 year gap based on the filming process even though the characters do look a lot older but that’s besides the point. I understand this series is produced and directed by people who were not involved in the original one but I felt they didn’t do the sequel any justice at all and nor did they respect it. I’m not trying to sound like I’m harboring any harsh resentment but I mean for most of us, we waited 10 years for a sequel and this is what they decided to do with it. I understand since the main characters have already graduated and there won’t be much cadet training but at least show more of the struggles they went through as licensed pilots. This was obviously a romance series and they intended to keep it that way. I just think there is more to a person’s life than romance and there are far more interesting things happening in a human being’s life than their love life. The romance was really cheesy, especially when you see grown men and women act like pre teens does when they’re “in love.” It probably was a bit embarrassing for them to behave that way especially since they already reached to the mature age where you don’t need to constantly do what teens does in a relationship, too childish but hey I suppose hk audiences love that kind of stuff so why not.

    Major shift especially with Julian’s character, I felt like the writers didn’t know what to do with him as with most of the other characters. The whole turning the bad boy into settling down is not exactly a new attraction anymore, they could of at least been more in depth with that story. It would of been a bit more tolerable if they were to written off half of the characters and and make it a series with no more than 30 episodes. Some of the conflicts they had in the series could of been resolved episodes ago if it weren’t for unnecessary characters. I don’t know what message they try to convey there since in reality most of the time there are not many love triangles, falling in love with pregnant women and what not. They written the idea and purpose but no reason which was a major flaw. Overall it was somewhat entertaining but not great. This is just my opinion since I was 9 when the first installment came out and anxiously waiting for a sequel, it was a disappointment despite efforts to make it grand as the original.

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  16. UTATS says:

    I think the reason there were sooo many storylines is because they want to convey the message that the aviation industry brings together (and splits apart) many relationships. eg. Apple being left at an airport, Eliza meeting her mum on the plane, Manna waiting for her captain pilot partner etc etc. But agreed, it did get a bit much and detracted from the main characters.

    Or they just didn’t need to drag things out as much! How many episodes of silent feuding between Isaac and Summer do we actually need? Or Holiday moaning about strict Sam is?

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  17. bubbles says:

    after episode 20 I got really bored. But I enjoyed the summer-issac relationship. Ron Ng for My Favourite Male Character!

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    • lol replied:

      There’s a chance unless there’s a more favorite character that comes out

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      • sandcherry replied:

        I like Chilam a lot better acting as Jayden. He is my favourite actor.

        Ron was good in acting Isaac in the early episodes because he gave us some freshness in his acting vs. his usual and typical ones. But his acting remained the same throughout, no breakthrough and no excitement after the 10th episode.

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      • lol replied:

        the main thing is ron did a good job playing issac

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      • sandcherry replied:

        So did Chilam as Jayden. Unfortunately many of his scenes with Holiday towards the end were cut by the editor, which made his character rather inconsistent and his love for Holiday unconvincing.

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      • Shrimpboat replied:

        The whole Sam-Holiday-Jayden relationship was unconvincing as a whole because the writers failed to create a character (Holiday) good enough to convince us that Sam would love her more than Zoe or that Jayden would “go crazy” for her.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        Agree. The storyline was not convincing and did not impress us that Sam really loved Holiday.

        However, Sam never said that he loved Holiday more than Zoe. No matter how much Sam loved Zoe, Zoe was dead and Sam still had to live on. If people love Sam (like Isaac and Coco), they should want Sam to put Zoe down and start a normal life again. This is something that the audience can’t do ……. to accept Sam to love someone else.

        As far as “Jayden would ‘go crazy’ for Holiday” is concerned, I believe that many scenes between Holiday and Jayden must have been cut by the editors. As a result, we could not see that Jayden had changed his mind and personality after meeting Holiday, and that Jayden decided to make a commitment with Holiday upon his return to Hong Kong.

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      • Shrimpboat replied:

        That’s true. Sam never said it. Though I wish there was a scene where he told Holiday, “She’ll always be the one I love most, you know?” And Holiday smiles and nods. That would show her maturity and love for Sam. Buuuut…I’m not a TVB writer. 😉

        I agree, all that cutting ruined Jayden’s character. They should have taken the screen time that was used for Eliza’s Mom and Toby’s storyline to develop Jayden’s change.

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      • felicity replied:


        If Chilam’s scenes were cut by the editors, then it didn’t happen. As viewers, we can only judge the characters actions by what is shown on the screen. It’s absurd to expect us to fill in the blanks ourselves to get a better understanding of the characters, or guess what happened based on what was left on the editing floor.

        Hence, I agree with lol that Jayden’s love and pining for Holiday was unconvincing. When did Jayden realize his deep love for her? Outside of PPP, they hardly spent any meaningful time together to get to know each other (not just on crazy, wild dates that gives them both a temporary rush of high) for him to still be so hung up over Holiday.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        ……….. plus Pink Pink’s love line with Hero, Issac’s with the coffee girl, and Heather’s with Adrian. If we can eliminate all these, the storyline will be a lot better and more closely connected.

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      • felicity replied:

        Correction- I meant, agree with Shrimpboat, not lol.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        That is why most people claimed that TITS 2 failed on its terrible storyline.

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  18. F says:

    I feel like they were at a slight advantage with getting high ratings considering their success from the first one. Some people tuned in just to watch the finale to see what happens at the very end.
    I gave up after ep10 or so because it was just so long and boring.
    I was really looking forward to watching TVB dramas this summer but TITS took up the timeslot the entire summer (or it felt like the whole summer). -_- I could have watched a decent show…

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    • Sheldon replied:

      Honestly I hated this drama. It’s just so boring, I really can’t stand took forever to end

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  19. Zass says:

    Fala presence ruin my interest in the serial. Why do they have to kill off Zoe . I would love to see her and sam happily and ever after

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  20. Lovely Bug says:

    i stopped watching- feel bored

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  21. Jujubean says:

    I agree with miriamfanz every single word and every single punctuation mark used in this review. Everything! Agree! I agree!

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  22. Keo811 says:

    I was so looking forward to this series because of Francis, Myolie and Chilam. I was very disappointed to find out Fala is the female lead. Her acting as a carefree and punk rock girl was horrible. Not to mention all her crying scenes with no tears.. I mean, seriously… Add eye drops or something to make it look more realistic. Myolie’s role was more like a second or third lead and Summer’s character was so bland… I thought Coco’s character had more lines and layers… Oh, all those love stories and side stories… OMG, they were useless.. Like the producer and writers were out of ideas and just added junk to the series to make it 45 minutes per episode. Let me count.. Sam-Holiday-Jayden, Summer-Issac-Josie-Teddy, Roy-Heather-King-Tony-Rachael, Coco-Nick-Jim Jim, Hero-Pink Pink, Apple- Tucker.. And the one story that shocked me was Hanna ( Holiday’s mom) and K.K. Cheung.. I mean, man they didn’t leave anyone out in the entire series… I just thought they tried too hard to make it like the British hit film “Love Actually” to make all the relationship intertwine with one another.. But it was a epic fail… I only enjoyed Francis, Chilam and Nancy’s performances the most…

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    • smurf120 replied:

      And…. Colby-Victor, Apple-Tucker-Fergus (when they thought Fergus liked Apple)

      I think if the other female cadet was more well known, she might have been pared with at least 3 other male cadets.

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  23. Ohnojov says:

    Stopped watching after about 20 episodes. I feel irritated by Fala’s presence everytime I watched it. (Does this mean that she succeeded in her role?) They should have just killed off all the characters and created an entirely new drama altogether.

    I feel that they were trying way too hard to make the drama interesting by adding in many side stories for the different characters in the show, and these made the plot really messy, and even boring as the side stories just started and ended without having a chance to be developed. Same for the characters.

    Returned to watch the last two episodes. And honestly, it was scary – the thought of having pilots like Holiday, and pilots who were couples/ex-couples on the same flight as co-pilots… (Wouldn’t a normal company prevent this from happening?) The plot is way too dramatic… too unrealistic… too hard to follow…

    Oh wells, I just rewatched the original series (probably my 5th or 6th time watching it over the years) – the cast was so much better, the plot was much ‘simpler’ yet everything was so much more interesting. What’s lacking on the original was probably Chilam’s presence. =)

    The sequel probably got the highest rating in 2013 because the rest of the drama series were worst. What’s happening to TVB dramas? =(

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    • smurf120 replied:

      Skylette must only have 2 airplanes. Otherwise why would they have 15 cadets but seat 2 senior officers together on the same flight over and over and over again.

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  24. Jack says:

    The fat could have been trimmed out of the plot. I like the original series because I could see where the plot was leading up to and I was willing to wait out.

    This series…. it’s not awful but it makes work at an airlines look a lot more comfortable and less stressful than it really is. The luxury depicted was almost too excessive and I wish there wasn’t so much focus on the workplace romance.

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  25. sandcherry says:

    I would say that people hated Fala Chen partly because of Holiday’s unstable character. She was rather irritating during the first 1/3 of the drama series, but she changed from bad to good towards the last 1/3 of the drama series. In a way, I would say that Fala was quite successful in acting Holiday because Holiday did give us bad impressions of her character and personality.

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  26. Passerby says:

    Yes agree. I loved the original as it showed more about the industry and their jobs. I remember seeing small side plots of them helping families, issues/things thar occur at the airport, how the airport connected different families together etc?

    This ‘sequel’ was just all love stories – can tvb realise we’re sick of love triangles and just want more profession based series?!

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    • sandcherry replied:

      Personally I hate watching love triangles, love rectangles or even more complicated ones. However, TVB wants to attract more audience (favouring their idols) to watch their drama series by casting at least 2 lead actors and 2 lead actresses. In that case, they can easily make their drama series longer and more sophisticated.

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      • smurf120 replied:

        Agree – many ways to develop characters without using lazy romantic linking. They tried to throw in sibling relationship with Apple and Fergus – but that was framed like romantic pursuit too – very icky.

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  27. Smart Aleck says:

    Your review pretty much summed up what everyone wants to say. As expected, the sequel did not do the original justice having no mention of any of the old characters whatsoever. Didn’t the directors figure out that old fans would be curious to what happened to the other characters from before? Guess not. The overload in love stories blocked out all aspects of the whole aviation theme and there were barely any airport scenes vs. the first one! This is definitely not a great drama overall, but not that bad mostly because of the amazing scenery and Chi Lam and Francis.

    Fala disappoints throughout. Sorry to any fans out here, but she just could not tackle the character overall. Her expressions and reactions were just awkward. I felt that Myolie was assigned the wrong character because she probably could have done better if she and Fala switched roles. Ron did a decent job as Isaac. Kenneth as well. No complains on those two even though Kenneth’s character was really inconsistent.

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    • lurveangel replied:

      Myolie really should be Holiday. Meeting Sam after losing Daniel and then have Holiday-Sam-Jayden love triangle. That will be a story! Fala would be quite a decent Summer I would say. Oh well.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        Personally I don’t think Myolie Wu could handle Holiday’s character with her acting. She did not even do well as Summer.

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  28. Jenny mok says:

    In short, there wasn’t any “WOW” factor in Triumph in the Skies 2!! It didn’t do justice! It didn’t follow the integrity of the original.

    Yes, I have say, Fala Chan didn’t do just a bad job with Holiday, it was terrible all the way and more! If we go back to part 1, as much as some people though at the time Myolie didn’t do a good job. In contrast, I have to said myolie did a lot better then Fala did now.

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  29. Jenny mok says:

    In addition, this time, the love triangles and the twist of fate of the characters was not as strong and convincing as the part 1.

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  30. felicity says:

    As a whole, I would describe TITS 2 as pleasant enough but rather forgettable and boring flight, without any major bumps but not a great trip due to too many stop-overs and delays. TITS 2 could have wrapped up in 25 episodes by getting rid of all the riff raff and still been able to develop the main characters properly, if the script had been better developed. It just didn’t have any major story arc that was compelling enough to sit through 43 episodes. Ok to watch to pass time if there’s nothing better to do…but for fans TITS waiting so many years for the sequel, it is a let-down. TITS 2 is pretty much a super-long travelogue scattered with many superficial love stories and cardboard cut-out characters, to justify its length.

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    • sandcherry replied:


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    • smurf120 replied:

      I felt overall the writers were very lazy about showcasing the aviation industry but they obviously spent a lot of money on a landing seminar because they did 900 variations of landing with Jayden, Sam, Isaac, Roy, and Holiday all reciting the exact same mantra, “landing checklist”, “descent”, “[something] altitude”, and “Skylette two two tree”.

      I actually wished they did more travelogue at least we learn more about the countries they traveled to – I only saw beach resort (China), London, Paris, and Taiwan. Nothing cultural except the bookstore and the bridge. I remember wanting to know more about the lock vendor guy on the bridge than hearing Teddy whine one more time about not wanting to be a pilot and follow his dreams of becoming an engineer.

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      • miriamfanz replied:

        “Skylette two two tree” ROFL!!!!

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      • felicity replied:


        LOLed at your comment on the repetitive scenes of the pilots all uttering the same landing checklist, ad nauseum. 😀
        It’s true that the writers were very lazy with showcasing the going-ons in the aviation industry this time around. There are many ways to showcase drama in an airport/ during a flight, and not just during a plane landing.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        I guess it is easier just to repeat the landing procedures again and again …………… less work and coaching from the real pilots and airline.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        I notice it is always the same plane number such as 223 but last episode, plane got problem, a wholly different number.

        By the way it is the same mantra because that’s how it works. No pilot suddenly say “YO dude we are going down on the runwayyyyy and we are skylette deux deux trois” so to me that is an unfair criticism.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        I think people meant that the scriptwriters should have spent time in talking about other flying procedures beside landing and S.O.’s preparation work.

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      • J.Li replied:

        Lol @ Funn Lim’s comment: “YO dude we are going down on the runwayyyyy and we are skylette deux deux trois”

        That was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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  31. smurf120 says:

    To be fair, after watching Josie, Teddy, Tucker, Tobey, Fergus segments which seemed to never end – Fala as Holiday was breath of fresh air when she wasn’t acting like a 15 yr old. They made Fala shine!

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  32. Cara says:

    I felt like the series was some fanfiction written by high schoolers where everyone gets paired up with someone. I think the main problem was the poor editing – the pace at which the characters grow close was either way to dragged out or too abrupt, it makes it hard for the audience to get emotionally invested in the characters, which is a major flaw if the series is so heavily focused on romance. The script failed to convince me why Sam and Jayden would fall for Holly and honestly, in the ending scene, I was more interested in seeing how Sam and Jayden tried to work together than finding out who Holly was going to end up with. I just didn’t care – because the poorly written script and lack of chemistry between the characters couldn’t convince me to give a damn.

    Also doesn’t help that there were way too many side characters. Yes, I know that like TITS 1, the series tried to promote and introduce newer actors, but ugh, at least cast better actors or write them better. I seriously could care less about Teddy, Hero, Pink Pink, or Eliza’s character. To be honest, I didn’t even really care about Heather or Roy, and I’m a fan of Elena and Kenneth.

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    • Cara replied:

      And man, at least give the female lead a better character. Fala’s acting was mediocre at best, horrible at worst, especially in her crying scenes or when she’s trying to act all carefree. It also doesn’t help that the script doesn’t give Holly justice.

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  33. tvbfan says:

    The theme song makes me not want to watch it but i manged to watch the whole series and I liked it

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  34. Anthony says:

    I didn’t particularly like this series even though it boasts of the stunning stars acting. I just thought the storyline was too anti-climatic. They could have incorporated so much action like terrorists hijacking a plane with Jayden, Holiday and Sam in there etc. Overall though decent acting by everyone!

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  35. Chen says:

    I never really got the love for TITS so I wasn’t excited for TITS 2 and now that TITS 2 has finished I don’t get the love for it either.

    Whilst I didn’t watch the whole of the series by the end of the whole show I was questioning “So what actually happened?”. To me nothing seemed to happen and yet people enjoy this series much more than say Beauty at War which equally had a slow pace but this show went on for 40+ episodes.

    It was an ok series on the whole but could have easily been completed in 20 episodes if the cast wasn’t inflated so much to accommodate TVB’s plans to promote the likes of Eliza and Rebecca. I will be disappointed if this sweeps the TVB awards because it’s not that great despite this years dramas being rather unmemorable. The only thing I really liked about this drama was the family scenes between Francis/Ron/Nancy etc etc.

    Side note, I don’t think the acting was that amazing, good but not great, and I find Francis Ng rather awkward sometimes.

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    • Chen replied:

      Oh and sorry to nitpick but I just want to say, if any airline had as sparse amount of passengers as Skylette I’m sure they’ll be bankrupt by now! jk. Yet ironically when the plane hits a problem the plane is full! lol TVB too cheap to hire ke le fers to fill the plane for every scene.

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    • sandcherry replied:

      I also found Francis Ng rather awkward sometimes. He was good in portraying someone senior (such as senior captain, Holiday’s mentor). He talked very well as a senior, but once he became Holiday’s partner, he mumbled a lot again.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Maybe because he doesn’t have chemistry with Fala and deep down he dislikes his scenes with her.

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  36. yinyang says:

    I hated Holiday’s character! I thought she was the worst character in the whole series – I kept thinking I really wouldn’t want to be on a plane if someone like her was flying it! haha..
    Normally I like Fala as an actress but this series, she was absolutely terrible. It was like seeing a 15 year old try and be a pilot – sulking whenever she didn’t get her own way.

    My favourite storyline was actually Coco’s – should have made her the lead!

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    • Jess replied:

      After i completed this show.. my only conclusion is… I hate Holiday… Honestly, initially i felt she was a person of character and attitude who just loves freedom. But there’s so many scenes in this show that Fala made it so fake.. How she kept “cheering” while flying in the Jet with Mr Cool, how she played in the rain, got drunk, “playing” around with her imaginary flight simulation and acting all cute and happy. All those scenes are like taken from those comic/anime scripts… In fact, it’s all those scenes that made me started to hate her… Eventually I fast forwarded all those scenes that focused on her doing all those “supposedly cute”/stupid stuff…Really a turn off… I mean you have 40+ eps.. Seriously? do we need all that extra scenes to know Holiday better? She does have her good points but after she managed to push Sam forward from Zoe, her goodness kinda ended right there…All i can say is, if i were Sam, she’s long gone… not even a candidate i would consider to date at all… Sam’s won himself a great pain in the neck…But oh well… guess they needed that happy ending for the audience…

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  37. kathy says:

    The Sam-Jayden-Holiday love triangle was a huge let down. I don’t know how someone like Sam would fall for Holiday. And they look bad together. I can never understand why it is so hard to let go of Daniel. The script didn’t have a good depiction of Holiday and Daniel romance that lead Holiday to be lovesick throughout most of the series, while Fala fail to convey the heartache of losing Daniel. Her romance with Jayden is forgettable. I’m not convince that Jayden actually “love” Holiday. The problem is the character Holiday. I cannot connect with her as she was super annoying for a 29 years old girl.

    The problem with TITS2 is the bad character development and the actor/actress doesn’t have the acting skill to help it either. Teddy, Apple, Holiday, Josie, and Pink Pink (Just to name a few) were badly developed. Teddy was annoying with his love for Summer and his pilot/engineering dilemma. He comes off as a jealousy and impulsive kid going after Summer. Summer romance with Isaac was cute up until Isaac found out about Josie illness. Same with Josie, she was sweet until we found out about her illness. Too many messy, undeveloped relationships..i’m not going to even talk about the other relationships.

    The only relationship I enjoy was Nick and Coco, which is the only relationship that seems to make sense to me. Yes, Coco decision to be a subrogated mother was insane and selfish (I personally don’t like it). But for that, her consequence was losing Nick. From the start, it was clearly Nick that love her more. Her love for him was still questionable. But at lease the writer didn’t be unrealistic and have Nick accepted it (thanks to Jim Jim’s character existence).

    Is it me or the character name is terrible…Pink Pink, Jim Jim, Hero, Holiday, Fergus?

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    • advo replied:

      But wasn’t Jim Jim’s character unrealistic then? He DID just accept it. Does that mean Jim Jim loved Coco more than Nick? I thought the Jim Jim-Coco relationship was just as badly developed as the others. He was just always in love with her since they were young and I guess she fell for him because he was there for her during her pregnancy? Lazy, lazy, lazy writing imo!

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      • Kathy replied:

        I was referring to Nick and Coco relationship that I enjoy. Never mentioned about Coco and JimJim. If JimJim doesnt exist, they goin to make Nick like JimJim and I would hate it.

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  38. Yogurt says:

    Good review job! Way better than someone’s tirade of nonsense ..

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  39. P. Tan says:

    I do agree with you on that. Thanks, Miriamfanz for a fine review, interesting and to the point without too much and longwinded analysis and criticisms re every character and scene.

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  40. TVB Addict says:

    I watched epd 1 to the end…proud of myself 🙂 well of course with much fast forwarding especially during scene whenever Holiday or Teddy appear. I mean what so special about a girl that actually happy go lucky but sad cos her pilot bf -fiance die & her world get upside down….& then out million people she got into PPP, successfully become a pilot & nailed two of the best pilot in HK…i mean she is not even hot or have super body….well i guess TVB just trying to teach us be silly (cos u might just get super lucky), annoyed the best guy u ever met (cos u will nail him) & have sober love story ^^

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  41. jenny says:

    the storyline getting confusing and weird as the series going on….it doesn’t make any sense at all…. teddy’s character was really annoying throughout the series as well as josie. through my view…what I got to say is ” tvb has wasted such a great amount of money on this annoying drama”…the storyline damn stupid…even a normal indonesia drama also better than this funny drama!! it wasted my time…[email protected]#

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  42. swan says:

    Haha. Great summary of the drama! I didn’t hate it but was definitely disappointed. The only 2 major airplane scenes happened in the last 2 episodes… >.< And the way they edited the emergency landing scene was horrible! I mean, we all know they will survive, but suddenly cutting to the wedding scene totally killed the mood. I'm most surprised at how much "focus" they had on the love stories, but how poorly they were all developed. I didn't feel connected to any of the couples, and can't really see why they're in love with each other. It would have been much better to watch the character's inner struggles (Sam coming to terms with him loving another woman after both Belle and Zoe have died? Isaac falling in love with his sister-in-law lookalike? Nick trying to accept Coco's decision to be a surrogate mother?) instead of all the pointless fluffy love geometry.

    I think they tried to put too much into the series, but didn't spend enough time developing those things. So it ends up being 40eps of pretty much nothing. I thought the idea of having the little subplots (if you can even call them that) showcasing the many different people that pass through the airport every day was pretty interesting, but it was SOOO poorly done that they were just random scenes that took away from the rest of the series.

    But at the end of the day I can still say I enjoyed this series. It's weird. I always admit that TVB dramas have many flaws, but they still manage to capture my interest haha. So I guess TVB is successful in that sense!

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      WaiT!! Belle.. died? When?

      Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim
      • swan replied:

        Oops. I thought she died in the 1st one but I remembered wrong. Don’t think they mentioned her at all in this one though did they?

        Login or Register before you can reply to swan
      • Funn Lim replied:

        If my memory serves me right, Coco did mention Belle and how devastated she was after her husband died. BUT she was not mentioned in the sequel’s timeline unless I missed it.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim
      • Godon replied:

        Nope, no mention at all. As if she never existed in the first place. Same for Vincent, well barely. Typical TVB style. Failed sequel and will be remembered as a disappointment for years to come.

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  43. michelle says:

    i did love the drama but i don’t like the ending. i fell that holiday should be with jayden either then sam. this is because they are more like a couple. holiday is a super active girl and jay den is very cool guy.sam is just like a brother to holiday, he looks like a old man style. i am sorry to say it for sam fans.

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