Rich Siblings Propose to Dilraba Dilmurat and Xiao Zhan

Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) is known for her exotic, beautiful features and has millions of followers. Recently, a young passionate fan obsessed with Dilraba caused a scene when he attempted to propose to her in public. A video clip of his outrageous proposal went viral on the Internet, and even more hilarious is that his younger sister used the same methods to ask actor Xiao Zhan (肖战) to marry her.

In the clip, Dilraba’s fan was seen holding a bouquet of red roses, while standing in front of a Maserati and declaring his love for the actress. His two friends stood behind him holding a red cloth banner which read, “Dilraba, please marry me. I love you.” The male fan also said, “Dilraba, I love you. I will gift you with a Lamborghini and a Ferrari.”

Afterwards they switched banners and the new one said, “I made a road trip to Xinjiang to propose to Dilraba.” His exaggerated actions drew the attention of many bystanders, and netizens suspect that he must be a rich second generation.

Netizens quickly unearthed this fan’s background, and he has been obsessed with Dilraba for at least two years. This was not his first attempt in proposing to Dilraba. In 2018, he followed Dilraba around for nine months and stood outside her filming area in Hengdian World Studios waiting for 10 days for the opportune time to propose.

It was also discovered that his younger sister had copied the male fan’s proposal method. His sister is infatuated with Xiao Zhan and asked him to marry her in a public proposal. Wearing a wedding dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers, she stood in front of a Porsche with a similar red banner. She declared that she wanted to film a drama with Xiao Zhan, and was willing to ask her family to invest 500 million Chinese yuan to film The Untamed 2 <陈情令 2>.

Despite the bombastic proposals, many netizens question the siblings’ intentions and wonder if they are trying to gain attention for themselves by taking advantage of Dilraba and Xiao Zhan’s fame.

Source: HK01

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  1. Seriously do not understand fans that will go to the extreme to propose to their idols. What makes them think the stars will accept their marriage proposal? They will probably freak out with their obsession.

  2. with that many cash feels like spoiled kids who got nothing to do in their lifetime and fantasize hoping to be with their idol… this is sickening obsession shame to be their parents to have such kids.

  3. OMG…… seriously these wealthy 2nd generation is failure to society if there parents loose all there fortunes they would not know how to fend for themselves…….If i was filthy rich i would teach the aspect of being a kind person with brains and that you have to earn your achievements as you grow in life ….

  4. Instead of showing off or wasting your money on such stupid action, perhaps you can use it to help the homeless and poor people in your country. People will respect you more and offer blessing to you in return. Dont show your stupidity in the public

  5. At first, I thought “Rich Siblings” was some kind of drama/movie until I read the details. Neither encourage nor discourage these actions because they will probably regret this when they mature. If they are proposing to attract attention, they’ve succeeded, but still embarrassing lol
    Also, they’re possibly not rich. People are just assuming so because they have cars and lavish promises. There are such things as renting cars. They could be 空口講百話 xD

  6. Couldn’t they just buy their way into some drama their idols act in and meet/cultivate a relationship with them there? This is so showy and stupid.

  7. Smh. Mental illness is real. When you have been blessed in life to be born with a silver spoon, the downside to that is often times you lose grip with reality and any sense of normalcy.

    1. @gnomageddon
      I agree and honestly with that much money, they could have trained to be actors and actresses themselves. I think that would have been more realistic if they wanted to at least get to know their idols. Being friends would not have been bad either but already dreaming to marry them. That is so sad!

  8. Haha hilarious these big 6 prc/ccp kids with their so called wealth… these are the types that burn money literally without batting an eye.

  9. If those were my kids they are cut off! How embarrassing. As if the celebs can’t afford the cars themselves.

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