Roger Kwok Can’t Get Mad When Zoie Tam Yells At Him

Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) nearly lost their voices having to battle each other out in shouting matches, but all that tough love comes a sweet ending.

They were seen shooting their new TVB drama Say Lie <失憶24小時> at a Japanese restaurant in Lai Chi Kok, where they filming a flashback scene of their first time meeting and shouting in love. Playing a sushi chef, Roger makes a new sushi dish to profess his love for Zoie.

For the scene, Roger shaved his facial hair, for the first time in months since the start of filming.

“I’ve just been looking at your eyes, I didn’t even know you shaved,” said Zoie with a laugh. “You’re definitely a lot cleaner now!” Roger joked, “You don’t feel as if you’re filming with another person? My daughter is happy that I shaved. She didn’t like the beard!”

Roger and Zoie bickered for most of the series. Filming the flashback scenes were a good change of pace. “You do feel warm and giddy inside,” said Zoie when recalling the flashback scenes. “That process of getting courted is really sweet. My character is usually always angry with him, always yelling, and I wouldn’t hold back. It wasn’t easy for me. I really had to learn how to control my tone. My voice couldn’t go off-key, and I couldn’t be too aggressive. Now I have better control of it.”

Roger said, “She has a very cute way of scolding you! It’s like those Japanese girls with the high-pitched voices. I don’t feel bad after she yells at me.”

The three-time Best Actor winner said he take a break after Say Lie completes filming. “I know I’ll miss the cast and crew already,” he said. “I find the series very realistic. When couples are struggling financially, more arguments are bound to happen. It reflects what happens in our society, and that’s why I really enjoyed doing this show.”

Say Lie also stars Zoie Tam (譚凱琪), David Chiang (姜大衛), and Grace Wong (王君馨).


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