Roger Kwok Refuses to Try Tavia Yeung’s Cooking

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Roger Kwok Refuses to Try Tavia Yeung’s Cooking

Celebrating the grand opening of his new beauty parlor business, Ben Wong (黃智賢) invited several friends to the clinic warming, including Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Roger Kwok (郭晉安).

Thrilled to be at the event, Tavia already started making her way into Ben’s business and began chatting up the parlor’s doctors and practitioners. When caught, Tavia laughed and said her plan was to form good relationships with all of Ben’s employees so she could get free beauty treatments in the future.

Inspired by Ben’s business, Roger hinted that he is interested in starting a small noodle business with Tavia, even though she may be hard to persuade. Upon hearing Roger’s restaurant idea, Tavia expressed, “I’m not a cook from hell, I’m a pretty okay chef! My signature dishes are tomato and potato soup, stir fry beef and vegetables, and minced meat patties.” Laughing at her cooking abilities, Roger immediately said he wanted to throw up.

On whether or not she takes on the role as chef and makes food for husband Him Law (羅仲謙) at home, Tavia lamented, “He always tells mom that [he’s] going to starve to death. It’s honestly because my mom never lets me into the kitchen. But next time, I’ll definitely cook for Roger!”

Trying to avoid Tavia’s cooking as much as possible, Roger joked that he would rather die from starvation than to try her food.


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