Roger Kwok to Portray a Scumbag Lawyer in “Arrogant Man of Justice”

New TVB legal drama, Arrogant Man of Justice <法網囂雄>, will begin production this November. Produced by Tiger Cubs <飛虎> producer, Lam Chi Wah (林志華), the new legal drama will star Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Johnson Li (李思捷), Raymond Cho (曹永廉), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Selena Li(李詩韻), and Joyce Tang (滕麗名).

Roger Kwok will star as the titular character – an arrogant lawyer with a cool attitude. Although this will be Roger’s first time to portray a lawyer, Roger said he is prepared for the challenge, explaining that he has received enough script-reading training for the filming of costume comedy, Queens of Hearts and Diamonds <東西宮略>.

Roger revealed that he was initially afraid to get assigned in portraying lawyer characters due to their long-winding, court dialogue. However, Roger has found some confidence after filming Queens of Hearts and Diamonds last year.

The actor confidently said, “Luckily, I have good memory. Everything is digital nowadays, so even I do mess up on a line, the editors can easily fix that. I got a lot of practice from Queens of Heart and Diamonds, so if I could handle the ancient dialogue, I should not have much of a problem this time around.”

Roger spilled on some information regarding his character in the drama. He expressed that he plans to use a lighthearted style to portray his role, and described his role to be “melancholic, urban, and cool.” His role has a very peculiar style of talking, in which there will be a short delay after he speaks. He explained, “After my character finishes a phrase, he will think for a while before saying the second. He’s a bit antisocial and keeps distance from the people around him. He’s a scumbag and can get people feeling very ashamed.”

Roger also hopes that the filming of Arrogant Man of Justice will be on schedule, because he plans to spend time with his family for Christmas.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Sounds a bit like Ghetto Justice minus the disadvantaged area focus.

    Is he going to be paired with Sharon again?

    1. Hopefully not. I like Selena Li more, I wants to see her in a main role also 🙂

      Sharon is a good actor, but I want to see her in a bad role to see how she act…

      1. Sharon acts in bad roles quite often? Rather see Selena in a baddie role. She didnt have that chance yet?

      2. Not really evil but Selena was conniving in “just love 1” and arrogant in “forensic heroes 2”. I like her in those roles better than boring goodie characters. Like nancy wu, I think she has the edge to be a baddie that u like better than the heroine.

  2. I hope it’s not too comedy. I wants to see a serious side to Roger Kwok acting skill too. Roger seem to be a few who care about family and isn’t flirting around ^O^ hehehe thinking of x-mas already…

    1. Roger was good in Last One Standing where he acted alongside Kevin. His cold expressions left an impression with me which to this day I still remember.

      1. yes, i think his acting in Last One Standing is good. Thought he would win an award for his portrayal. Kevin Cheng was also good.

  3. Roger can do arrogant and despicable. But can he do lawyer?

    1. I want Roger to film Ancient series, it has been a while already..

      I have faith in Roger, he can act!

      1. Me too… I want to see him in more ancient series…

      2. Wasn’t he in that comedy with Fala? Isn’t that ancient series?!

      3. me too didnt enjoyed that series veyr much.. I prefer something serious

  4. Yay. It’s not a comedy. Roger really needed a break from comedy. Hope the quality is good.

    I believe Sharon and Selena are co-leading. So, it might be a triangle love.

    1. Not at all unless this is Law Lik Ah aka LA Law version with which I would have wished Kevin is in this because this could stretch him a bit.

  5. Sound like GJ as every1 have said. Hope he pair up with Selena.

  6. roger is the best actor tvb has left today and they should do everything they can to keep him

  7. Looking forward to this! Roger will be great as always!

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