Ron Ng Accused of Dating 3 Women at the Same Time

After Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) phone sex messages with a mysterious woman known as “Miss X” were exposed, he was plagued by accusations that he had cheated in his former relationship with Viann Zhang (張馨予). Malaysian actress, Cathryn Lee (李元玲), has now stepped forth to claim that she and Ron have been dating since March 2012. Faced with allegations that he had dated 3 women at the same time, Ron vehemently denied that he had ever dated Cathryn.

“Piano Goddess” Cathryn Lee

Twenty-six-year-old Cathryn Lee came from a wealthy family background. Cathryn’s mother is a former Miss Malaysia beauty pageant winner. Cathryn received a Masters of Piano Studies from Great Britain and is the beloved student of mainland Chinese pianist, Li Yundi (李雲迪). Cathryn was also known to wear sexy attire in her piano performances. Photos of her in a dress with a plunging backside earned her many fans, who branded Cathryn as “Piano Goddess.”

At one of Cathryn’s piano performances, Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) assistant was mesmerized by Cathryn’s beauty and invited her to join the entertainment industry two years ago. Cathryn has appeared in several movies and television productions in Malaysia and Singapore.

Love at First Sight?

According to 3 Weekly, Ron Ng met Cathryn when he travelled to Malaysia at the end of last year. The pair reportedly met at a bar, in which Ron immediately introduced himself to the beautiful Cathryn. After exchanging phone numbers, it was understood that the pair had dated for 6 months.

An insider revealed, “When Cathryn went to Hong Kong in March, Ron claimed that he was not dating anyone. Ron always asked Cathryn to visit him in Hong Kong. To save money from hotel costs, Ron even urged Cathryn to stay at his apartment.” The insider was a man who was friends with both Ron and Cathryn.

Ron’s Text Messages to Cathryn Revealed

WeChat text message exchanges between Ron and Cathryn were revealed, in which Ron sent a photo on May 20th of himself laying topless on his bed. On June 17th, Ron sent the message, “Dear, when will you be in Hong Kong because I am thinking of you too.” Cathryn replied, “Will you be free in July?” Ron replied, “I am free right now.”

Ron also sent Cathryn a long motivational text message during one of Cathryn’s unhappy moments. Ron wrote, “There is no need to worry. Everyone has high and low points. When you are successful, there will be many people from afar to use you to their advantage. When you hit a low point, they will come and stomp on your some more. Thus, you have to evaluate the person carefully and make sure you do not trust anyone easily.”

Ron added, “I believe that you will be successful and have many achievements. You are beautiful and play the piano so well. You know how to write songs and have a kind heart. Kind people will have good repayments. Hope rests in tomorrow.”

Cathryn Blasted by Ron’s “Wife” to Stay Away

On July 26th, Cathryn allegedly received an odd message from a woman who claimed to be Ron’s wife. The mysterious woman sent the message via Ron’s WeChat account user name. In the audio clip, the accent of the female speaker made it difficult to decipher the words. The mysterious woman then texted, “I am his (Ron’s) wife. Who are you?” Cathryn was shocked by the message and only wrote, “You’re crazy!”

After the exchange, Cathryn’s suspicions towards Ron were raised. Although she asked him whether he was dating anyone at the moment, he continued to said no.

Cathryn’s manager, Mr. Chan, confirmed that Cathryn had dated Ron in the past. Mr. Chan said, “Cathryn has mentioned that she dated Ron Ng. However, after the message from his ‘wife,’ Cathryn felt shocked and was very disappointed.”

Ron Denies Knowing Cathryn

On August 8th, 3 Weekly showed a photo of Cathryn Lee to Ron Ng and asked if he knew who she was. He replied, “I don’t know who she is!” When prompted that Cathryn was a Malaysian pianist, Ron’s lips started quivering. He said, “…I know her!”

Asked whether he had dated Cathryn, Ron replied, “No” and said that she was not his girlfriend. Prompted that a woman claiming to be Ron’s “wife” had text messaged Cathryn, Ron said, “I will not respond on that matter!” Asked to verify whether his WeChat account matched what the reporter had in possession, Ron said, “Yes, but I will not respond.”

Speaking with Oriental Daily, Ron said, “Just because we saw each other several times does not mean she (Cathryn) is my girlfriend. That’s a big joke!”

Cathryn expressed her disappointment that Ron did not acknowledge her as his girlfriend. She said, “I am very disappointed by his response. It turns out that we are only players in the entertainment field!”

Sources: 3 Weekly # 670 via, Oriental Daily

This article was revised on August 11, 2012 at 9:48 AM. Earlier versions of the article stated that pianist Li Yundi is of Malaysian origin, which has been revised to reflect that Mr. Li is instead of mainland Chinese nationality.

Jayne: Cathryn Lee is beautiful and Ron Ng may very well have been attracted to her. While his text messages to her were flirtatious, it is difficult to say whether they had truly dated.

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  1. Gosh I don’t want to read about Ron and his womanizing anymore. Ron you might be cute, but your acting needs improvement. Stay away from the big boobies mainland chinese woman and stay single or get yourself a nice girl. Stop messing around. You are doing yourself no favour and I am bored with your news!!!!!!!

    1. Ron is not only messing around but also leave momentos for those girls to come back at him! Dumb douchebag

    2. agreed, his needs a lot of improvement not just acting, he is disgusting.

      I hope this will ruin his career to teach him a lesson and also his brother , Lam Fung
      both just putting on the innocent guy act.

  2. its not ron fault.. girls are just taking advantage of this situation

    1. It was NOT Ron’s fault. Whose fault was it then? If Ron never did it, no one could complain about him.

      Did anyone complain about Chan Chin Pang, Steven Ma, or even Kenneth Ma?

      1. I agree. If Ron didn’t mess and play around with these girls those SMS and pictures won’t appear. Ron’s attempt at denying he knew these girls is also funny because he admit he knew them later.

    2. I totally agree with u on this one!!
      I mean, my country MALAYSIA, if as reported, she is that a SUCESSFUL PIANIST and lolll SO PRETTY, everyone CONFIRMLY knew her but OMG, I DON’T!!!
      I wish those magazines to have a REAL CHECK b4 posting their articles!!!
      I even suspect do this person EXIST??!! HAHAS

      1. omg agree yen..who is she.. nvr even seen her be4. but stll ron… if u wanna be a player be a smart one lol… a tip do nt go around gving your semi naked pics lol

      2. This time he gives a picture of him topless in bed. He must’ve picked up the pose from Viann.

      3. She maybe attention seeking biatch, but she exists and Ron has indeed sent her the topless picture and those SMS. It’s printed up there in the magazine scans.

      4. Yes I am also a Malaysian and never heard of her. Wow all these news about Ron. The media is not going to let him off so easily. With so many evidence, Ron is in big trouble with media!!

      5. This is a very low act to do by both party. The woman for publicising the messages and pics and Ron for 3-timing the girls. No doubt the woman above also wants to raise her profile,and make some $ for herself hence this. Whereas, Ron probably thinks of this girls as “Easy come, easy go” so why bother abt it back then. To him, he’s a very much wanted man with girls falling allover for him and the girls see him as an opportunity/a golden ticket. Anyway, all wrong. Never air your dirty laundry in public to all the girls involved. But we know of course they wouldn’t and would come out 😉

      6. btw, also a malaysian here and have NEVER heard or seen of her that is until NOW.

      7. Yes, shes a malaysian and she does exist. not that famous back home but now is featuring in some singaporean drama. go check her put on fb, she has a public figure account but with her chinese character name. For fame maybe, money not an issue…shes rich

    3. Just because Ron has been a big mess regarding his love life lately does not mean that it is ok for every girl who has known him or met him a few times to come out and claim to have slept with him or dated him before. That is not fair that these girls are taking advantage of his big mess so that they can get something out of it. The next thing you know, more and more unusual girls that have met him a few times would all come out and claim this and that… I don’t agree with Ron being player and he got dumped already, but I don’t think others should take advantage of the situation either…

      1. These girls may be biatches, but Ron’s still a player who mess around with many girls. If he didn’t, the girls won’t have those SMS and pictures and voice recordings to show to press.

      2. I agree that Ron is an idiot, but these girls aren’t any better…

      3. But there’s a picture of him half naked in bed? Well, maybe he does like sending random naked pics of himself to his friends.

      4. I agree with you, Ron is a jerk, but those girls are jerks too, when they do this to get more “famous”

      5. This is starting to sound like Tiger Woods went tru in the past. When more and more girls will just come out even they have just met once and started selling whatever little they know abt him to the paps.

  3. Huh??!! Im from Malaysia and certainly haven’t lol heard of her!!!
    The entertainment industry here is DEAD SMALL but lol lol lollll haven’t heard of her AT ALL >.<||||

  4. :/ am I the only one here who don’t find Ron attractive in any ways at all? It’s not like he’s really tall and have super sharp features, he’s rather plain looking in my opinion. And in comparison to the other actors his age he is neither good at acting; nor does have any stage presence. On top of that, his douchebag behavior certainly matches his douchebag looks. So how he manage to bag three girls at one time is beyond me.

    1. If Ron Ng is considered attractive, then Ronald Cheng would be the quinessential male beauty.

      But then, we are talking about Hong Kong here, which must have different standards then the rest.

    2. No you are not alone. Do not think he is attractive at all, myself!!

  5. Looks like Ron’s reputation is highly affected by these negative news about his dating life.

  6. I’m just waiting/hoping Ron *** pics get leak! ;P

  7. He denies everything but there are apparently photos again? Ron hasn’t learned it would seem 😛

  8. It’s strange that like the others from Malaysia I, too, hve not heard of Cathryn and usually I am all ears about upcoming or well known pianists. I sshe a concert pianist or one who plays in such places like night clubs. Certanily not in the MPO or news of her would have emerged, in the newspapers, at least. Besides, I don’t think her type of dressing would be suitable for a concert hall. Anyway, Ron seems to have got into another ‘love’ mess.

  9. The text msg sounds innocent. It’s just an adv a friend giving to another. This Cathryn is just being naive. I am not aware of just pianist as well in Malaysia

  10. Cathryn looks pretty. However, no offense, she has the typical Angelababy-ish face. *cough cough*
    Seems like another girl jumping on the publicity bandwagon!

    1. Left I believe, some people found her old facebook page with old photos of her before her new account was made. I’m not surprise she looks too much like Angela for it to be a coincident.

      1. She actually looked pretty good before. She definately looked better than Viann and Angelababy when she was her real self.

      2. Meant to say that she looked better than Viann and Angelababy pre plastic surgery…

      3. She look away better b4 plastic, kinda girl net door look. Now, she just look like another viann zhang.

      4. She’s actually already pretty before with no makeup and no Angelababy transformation.

      5. This is Cathryn’s latest post made a few hours ago:


      6. Ok I go to the fb link. 30k likes for an unknown pianist? Or did she achieved those likes only after this cover story?

      7. From her facebook page she give me impression that she’s not yet a well known pianist and is ‘dreaming’ to be a big pianist LOL. Now she look like a lengmo maybe because she look like Angelababy.

      8. she looks pretty decent, considering the pictures are before makeup!!! she’s a big on the bigger side though.. i am just expressing my opinion (i am definitely bigger size than her)

      9. i suddenly feel sick of all these people.. wanna be a model.. sure just get some angelababy ps done! works everytime!

      10. Hi guys and girls, after looking at more pictures from her FB page, I actually think she looks more like Ava Yiu Kiu…. The HK singer who has is also a FB beauty guru.

    2. We all know why she has the typical Angelababy look. Is that the standard look that everyone is trying to go for??

  11. Googled her and found out that she is one of Mediacorp’s new artistes:

    Cathryn Lee, 25

    Cathryn holds a Master Of Piano Performance degree and has trebleclefs and crotchets on her mind. “The first impression I give people is that I’m blur and slow, like I’m a daydreamer,” she admitted. “It’s just that I have music playing in my head.” Her friends were quick to concur. “Sometimes I see her playing air piano on the tabletop!” Akit said. “She’s imagining that she’s playing the piano to an audience of 20,000,” JC chuckled.

    The Kuala Lumpur native was discovered while playing piano at a hotel bar and has since acted in the MediaCorp drama The Quarters. “My dream is to become an established musician who can hold a concert and have everybody buy tickets to see it,” Cathryn said. “As for how I’m going to get there, needless to say, it’s by becoming a star.”

    1. omg u actually googled her… lol i thought it says she cme frm a wealthy family.. why is she playng at hotel bars.. in msia the circle so small how cme i nvr heard of her…

  12. “I don’t know who she is!” When prompted that Cathryn was a Malaysian pianist, Ron’s lips started quivering. He said, “…I know her!”


  13. This is all BS stuff – He is a celebrity so if those stupid girl wants to be with him – he is a man he is not gonna turn it down….Life moves on and have other things to worry about instead of just gossip…

    Those cheap girls wants attention for themselves…I think all of others is blind to say the girl in the picture as “Piano Goddess” They all need to have their eyes exam. Else, they all love touching plastics.

    1. he is not going to turn it down? A man of good character would turn it down if dating someone else.

  14. Not surprised that Ron is attracted to her. She looks like a mix of Viann, Angelababy, and Ava Yu. Very pretty tho, hehe.

    1. Why does Ron love this kind of plastic looking women. They’re pretty but look like empty plastic dolls with boobies 🙁

      1. If Miss X look like Cathryn or Viann, Ron really has a favoritism for this types of pretty dolls.

      2. I doubt he loves any of them… they were all playthings for him.

      3. Because hard to find non PS girls in the industry now?

        How to define an empty doll? Just because they had PS they cant be smart or have a soul? Prejustice much?

  15. yeh well girls after girls just keep on coming out and say they slept with ron or they dated ron and all these girls are miss no one

  16. sandcherry look at bosco and raymond theyre going through the same thing as well cos these 3 guys have always been easy targets of mainland chicks cos of their goodlooks theyre popular and they love to party

  17. Ok, I have never ever heard of this girl… Why is she suddenly coming out now and saying that she dated Ron? Where was she before?? I think she is trying to use Ron’s big dating life mess to gain something for herself… I think just seeing someone a few times and sending some text messages does not mean that you are dating them… How is “dating” defined?? Dating seems to be a very broad and general term these days…

  18. Ron’s a dumb b*stard. After seeing the magazine scans through the link up there it just shows he’s really dumb for playing outside and leave his mess around.

    1. No wonder he’s looking dead on camera, he must be tired from having girlfriends from many countries. Now what? Romance of the three countries?

  19. Ron contradicted himself. First he said he doesn’t know her. After more prodding, he said he saw her a several times.

  20. I am Malaysian and I have absolutely no idea who Cathryn Lee is.

  21. well it looks like magazines are just making up more crap cos cathryn lee does not exist

    1. Sorry to burst your bubbles. Cathryn Lee and the half naked photos did exist :P. The magazine might exaggerate the rumour, that we know but these things do exist.

  22. and miss x does not exist only little babies will believe all this news

  23. good job Ron! I am sure any guy would cheat on their gf’s for Cathryn. Good choice!

    1. Wow, you will cheat on your girlfriend for plastic? Go hug a coca cola bottle or something.

    2. She’s just AB clone. Pretty and sweet looking but not original or authentic enough?

  24. Did the author just replace Bosco’s name with Ron’s? I swear I saw the same title!!

    1. Except Ron’s gossip attached with Ron’s topless pictures and text messages captures has more credibility than mere gossiping with drama set stills haha.

    2. Ron’s contradictory responses made the rumour more chuckle worthy too.

      My advice to Ron: Never ever sent your topless half nude pictures to many girls across the globe again, and better to flirt by phone calls or face to face. It takes more effort to record that way.

  25. Ron Ron Ron.. your life is officially over! “Don’t blame her” =))))

  26. nah ron life isnt over 620 will do everything she can to save ron even though hes not her most fav cos ron still has the looks and 620 loves her boys with good looks

    1. Himhim will take over Ron’s place soon LOL. Himhim’s body is awesome and his acting is improving while poor Ron is drowning in love troubles.

  27. after all I still like Ron and his series. But I hope he learn from his fault, and stop been a jerk in love.

    1. Most probably yes. But nothing speacial then. The girl is just one of the bus-load of girls Ron is supposed to have dated. Def not a 1 in a million here. Haha.

  28. Gosh, I’m sick of all those who are involved. Some of the girls have no shame. As for Ron, just admit to your mistakes instead of letting people drag you around.

    1. agree skinny. gosh ron just be a big boy. admit it. i am a player. so wht.. face thm down.. by u lying through your teeth its gonna get worse.

      1. When he admits it, he will die faster because he denied. If wanna admit, say it from the very beginning. Now he should remains silent instead of saying anything. The more he says, the longer the discussions about him is and more girls to come.

        But it’s also his faults to let them have proofs. It makes him in deep water.

    2. Why do they have no shame? If they think they are the only one involved because he lied? They didn’t know about the others. Yet they are supposed to be shamed? lol…

      1. The whole thing just reeks of publicity. On the one hand, I do feel sorry for the girls; regardless of my personal feelings, they are victims at the end of the day. On the other hand, it feels like they’re jumping on the bandwaggon a little (and to be honest, there’s no need for them to air it out in the public). Were they genuinely oblivious to Ron’s ways or were they willing to turn a blind eye? Were they in this relationship together, knowing there’ll be no serious commitments and sex only? And how are we to know the girls didn’t have a little fun on the side either? Okay, that last line is unfair of me, purely making assumptions here, but it’s rather tiring to hear a bunch of people coming out of the woodworks. If they have any ill feelings towards Ron, speak to him and him alone. Have some dignity people! Them AND Ron.

      2. ermm yeah why do the girls have no shame when they have been two timed? seriously, nobody wants to be treated like a fool 🙁

      3. Well…let’s say you were going out with a guy and you found out he two timed you with two other girls, you could be upset enough to take drastic measures……..

      4. If everything is to be believed, Ron cheated so he’s in the wrong and the girls are truly victims. There’s no two ways about it. But if I were in the girls’ position, even if I have no respect for Ron, I’d at least have a little more respect for myself.

      5. Because the audiences want juicy gosships. Dont tell me that you dont want to see.

    1. Don’t tell me that we will be seeing her in Spore series!! I used to like watching Spore series!!

  29. btw, li yundi is mainland chinese currently living in HK. Since when is Yundi a malaysian?!

    1. Chingchongchong,
      I have made correction in article regarding Li Yundi’s nationality. Thanks.

  30. Wow ! After plastic surgery done Cathryn Lee’s face changed to another face no one could recognized her so scary.

    1. Looking at the before pics and how she looks now, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to recognise her even if she were my former friend/classmate. Not to exaggerate further, but if I’m her parents and see her only once a year, I doubt I can even recognise my own daughter.

  31. so thats why she came out using ron to let people know who she is..

  32. From the way Ron response to the journos, I gather yes, this girl is just one of the many that Ron have dated in the past(but obviously not for long/important enough hence can’t recall) or just an acquaintance/a person whom Ron have met for in a social setting for once/twice. Can see that there is any serious/long-term thing with most of the girls except of Viann. But 1 thing is for sure, Ron attracts all the publicity hungry girls.

  33. agree he could have also just been friends with them and had a joke or 2 but the girls now decided to come out and say they dated him

    1. maybe the girls think sharing a drink or two. being invited out means automatically u r the gf. but its actually a common occurence.. hvng drinks or meeting up doesnt make u his gf…

      1. I agree and that is why I question, how do you define “dating”??? Does it mean just meeting a few times,sending a few messages and eating out a few times,etc?? ARen’t those casual things that friends do with friends all the time?? Just because you see each other a few times and do some things together does not make you a girlfriend…

  34. dating is whn one promise commitment to each other… thn u r exclusive.. if nt u r just going out n being frens all.. could ve ron n theirs defination dating is different…

  35. Cathryn is beautiful! Ron i hope your career go down hill.

  36. so Plastic… has the same eyes, chin as Angelababy… I wonder why these plastics are still so famous with the same face? its just like “CLONING”

    1. Cgin agree that it’s the trend of pointy chin but eyes? No ah. Angelababy has nicer eyes. Buht she dun looks resemble to Angelababy.

  37. Cathryn Lee did plastic surgery, it’s so obvious, her eyes were obviously cut before, why does ron alway choose plastic barbies?

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