Ron Ng Begs “Miss X” to Clear Up Sex Scandals?

Since the exposure of Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) explicit sex messages and steamy audio recording with an anonymous wealthy woman known as “Miss X,” the public has been waiting for Ron to come forth and account for the promiscuous rumors. Earlier, it was reported that Ron had fallen into a “sex trap” and did not in fact have sex with the anonymous woman. He denied dating “Miss X,” stating that he had contacted “Miss X” after the scandal surfaced. Ron also promised that “Miss X” would be issuing a press statement to clarify the sex scandals. One week has passed, yet there was still no public statement from “Miss X”! 

Ron and Viann Back Together? 

A close friend of Ron’s ex-girlfriend,Viann Zhang (张馨予), revealed that Ron had panicked over the phone sex scandal. Allegedly, Ron had rushed to Beijing to explain to Viann. The insider disclosed, “When Viann publicly announced the separation, she only wanted Ron to pay more attention to her. They had already patched up, and Ron even proposed to her!”

The insider further said, “The night before the news was exposed, Ron rushed to Beijing on the same night to explain the matter to Viann. He said that he had no relationship with the woman, and that they never met before. They only played with each other on the phone!”

Ron also allegedly told Viann that he loved her the most and would seek the woman to clarify the matter. However, Viann was allegedly devastated upon hearing the news and did not believe in Ron. 

“Miss X” Refused to Help Ron

The unnamed wealthy woman, “Miss X,” reportedly leaked the sex messages, audio recording, and topless photos of a man resembling Ron Ng to the media. It was reported that she wanted to expose the “true colours” of Ron dating two women at the same time.

The insider also leaked that Ron allegedly begged “Miss X” to help him ride out the crisis. “Ron begged the woman for help, and asked her to clarify the matter. He asked her to say that they were only sending the messages as friends.”

However, “Miss X” was allegedly bitter about being Ron’s “kept woman in the dark,” and decided to leave Hong Kong permanently. Before her departure, she allegedly wanted to punish Ron and expose his promiscuous behavior.

The insider said, “Actually, the woman only pretended to help Ron. The next day, Ron even calmly told the reporter that the woman would issue a public statement. In the end, there is no such thing! When a person seeks revenge, why would she help him?”

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  1. Sleazy Ron’s brain must be as small as his “you know what”; otherwise, how could he expect help from someone whom he had allegedly screwed over.

      1. and homo sapiens is animal as well…

        Regardless of their brain size some of the dinosaurs were actually quite intellingent. So I do apologize to the dinosaurs race for the comparison. It’s simply not fair to them, LOL

    1. I think its all a set-up by vianne…….. to trap Ron…… I believe she can n is capable of creating a scandle to corner ron. I only hope ron will not fall into her web.

      1. which he already is now under her thumb… once again……..

      2. Viann gives drama to HK gossiping world. She’s a great entertainer!

      3. I don’t think Viann is capable to create this kind of trap and manipulate big gossip magazines. If she really did I’m amazed.

    2. Ron prove himself dumb by the way he’s reacting to this rumour. Other people have worse rumours but handle it better LOL

  2. Ron’s negotiations with “Miss X” obviously fell apart. He should not have said that “Miss X” would step forward to issue press statement without 100% certainty.

    In recent weeks, Ron has been quoted as saying one thing, while the women, Viann and “Miss X” say something else to make him look as if he is covering up.

    Ms. Lok has not actively stepped in to put a good word for Ron, letting him flounder.

    1. VL’s inactivity over Ron’s difficulties is very revealing. It speaks volume about Ron’s place in TVB’s food chain. In VL’s eyes, he is a nobody.

      And people still accuse Viann for her exploitation of Ron’s fame. LOL!! what fame?

      1. Even though Ron is not that famous, he is definitely more known than Viann. Who the heck knew who Viann was before she dated Ron??

      2. Ron is famous enough. If not famous he wont get this coverage now LOL

      3. Maybe Ms.Lok has still not thought up a way to save Ron. Ron’s case is more complicated than Bosco’s and Ray’s.

      4. Ron case complicated because of his poor response, Viann not letting go and Miss X nego fail LOL

    2. Ron is not the smartest guy LOL. 620 might be angry that he’s so foolish to get involved with this Miss X in the first place

    1. I hope not because if he does, he truly an idiot!! After all she has done, it will be really shameful if he does.

      1. She was cheated on Fox. According to Ron’s fans, it was all her fault for that. 😛 And now I’m reading (above) that she set up Ron with this woman (lol). Some people just can’t accept that Ron made a mistake -.-

      2. I know that Ron made some big mistakes, however, for Viann to milk it the way that she is.What does that show about her??

      3. Show that she is a drama queen and attention seeker, but doesn’t mean Ron can cheat her, if he really did that.

    2. NO Ron! Do you want to make yourself look more foolish than now? Now is already foolish! Get back on your feet and just start anew!

  3. poor ron isnt it… tht goes wthout sayng if u wanna cheat do it well lol… who the hell is miss x. i wanna knw who she is

  4. No one is willing to bail him out this time, not even 620, he is doomed. What were you thinking Ron?????

  5. bah. originally sympathised with viann, but now i’ve read that she announced her split with ron just so he could pay her more attention, i don’t anymore. don’t like a girl who plays mind games. being in a relationship with her must have been mentally exhausting for ron also.

    1. But yet she dares to say that dating Ron was a nightmare. I think it was the other way around. Viann is actually scarier than I originally thought. She truly is Chucky.

      Ron is in big trouble now…. Hopefully, he will learn from this. At least this isn’t as bad the Edison scandal. He will get through this with time if he learns to behave himself and become more aware and alert.

      1. i nvr knw wht the fuss was abt regrdng edison… so wht hes a sex addict… the ladies were willing n of age… should gve tht guy a break..idols shouldnt e put on a pedestal.. like most of us thy hve their weakness..

      2. EDC’s sex addict isn’t a matter. What make ppl eww toward him was his habit to take pix and clips of the procedure when he had sex and collected it on computer. Don’t mix two in one.

        If he is only a guy with high sex demand, it won’t be a big fuss to him since it’s kinda normal to a guy to have sex with a girl in legal age and with the acceptance of both. Those who don’t have sex for years but still addicted with sex videos are much more disgusting because it can lead them to crime since they can’t satisfy themselves just with the sex videos. The sex is natural demand of human (any genre). Not a bad thing if a guy has sex with a girl under the standard of laws.

        However, the habit of collecting pix when having sex isn’t the healthy one.

      3. since the girls were willing i am prettysure thy knew he was takng pics n thy dont mind. who r we to judge… clearly i assume it was for hs own collection unless the pics were secretly taken then its a different story all tgether

      4. All the girls said they didn’t know about the pix. Believe them or not, it’s up to you.

        Who are we to judge? Oh well, you are judging as well. Not here but somewhere in this site. So maybe whenever you judge, you should refer to “Who are we to judge”, said by you.

      5. yes u guess iwas a bit judgemental aswell… i apologise if my opinion seems a bit judgemental… will try my best nt to in future… clearly all of us make mistakes

      6. Agreed. Ron just need to change and improve himself. 33 is still young for a guy and actor. He has more years ahead of him.

        This goes to LF and Bosco too. Careers and personality can be improved. Good luck.

        I’m nice! LOL

  6. I was wondering if I just missed the Miss X public statement. lol

  7. In the end of the day, Ron, you’d better confess your love to LF and make a couple, then no girl can bother you =)).

    1. Not really Fox. Some girl will claim she had threesome with Ron and LF ROFL

      1. How thick their skin is? The two guys are together, no space for them to join in. Only guys can make threesome in this case.

      2. LOL the dialogues fit the expression well. ROFL threesome

      3. My version of dialogue for the pic:

        Ron: (the dumber one) Geez what’s with you guys? No need think anymore! Let’s get hot!

        LF: but come to think of it, 620 will be angry later…

        BW: Yea Fungfung is right Ron..I’m not sure about this.

        Ron: Geez!

      4. Vivien,
        Great idea to do funny captions for the “Three Amorous Knights.” I will post the photo on Facebook later, and ask fans for their input. It’s about time we had a humor break…Next Magazine’s recent stories sound a bit far-fetched.

      5. Raymond : No way! She’s not 18, she’s 20, too old for my taste. Hide me!!

        Ron : Ray ah, 20 is ok, I mean did you see the size of her…can squeeze…

        Bosco : Guys, seriously? For me as long as she is a woman and a co-star, fine by me!


      6. @fUNN,

        hAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA BEST dialogue of today 🙂

      7. You guys here did better captions. The three guys are cute and they grew up together in TVB which make it cuter. But it’s ironic that Ron become famous the fastest but now he’s the one behind aww.

      8. Oh my gosh, the dialogues were hilarious!! I liked Funn’s the most. It really made me crack up..

      9. Yup, they three make threesome. Three handsome make a threesome.

  8. Ron and Viann are meant for each other. This is turning into a clown act with a clown and a witch.

    1. Whos clown and whos witch LOL? Ok its obvious whos who 😛

  9. SO COMPLICATED! WHO IS LYING NOW? Why cant Ron just move on with his career. Its not like this Ms. X nor VIann is likely to have any significant impact on his career. In fact, it was these 2 women tt landed him in REAL HOT WATER and brought him down to where he is now! GROW UP BOY! DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT – WOMAN, SCANDAL OR CAREER?

    1. Lady Gaga,

      Since Ron dated Viann, he seemed to have prioritized his love passions above everything else. Maybe Ron wants it all and cannot pick.

      I always thought Ron was a level-headed person. He always seems Zen-like in his TV entertainment news interviews, not showing much emotion.

      But his “Miss X” audio clips showed an impatient, lusty side. I am surprised, but perhaps not too much because I do think that his relationship with Viann must have been quite primal as well.

  10. I still don’t get what Ron wants, once he said he just wanted to focus on his career, and now he wants Viann, after such a scandal of how hurt she was after being dump by Ron, she doesn’t deserve Ron even the most womanized guy like him.

    1. Tony you must be a male chauvinist who enjoys trolling here

  11. The guy is trying too hard to clean his image and funny that MsVL doesnt care and letting him die

    Sorry Ron, nothing can save ya now!

    1. Guess that she is busy to cover for the others. Thses 3 are “revealed”, still have some who might be revealed soon if it’s really a sex trap like Txb claimed last time.

  12. i dont think any of this stuff is even true about bosco ron and raymond

  13. it might only be because these 3 are the easy targets cos theyre young handsome and popular and loves to have fun so magazines pick on them to write and make money

  14. Oh dear, this is excruciating.

    Viann got lucky and must have breathed a sigh of relief when Ron’s scandal got out. She probably wanted out of this relationship since she bagged herself a new lover anyway AND what a bonus; she can now play the victim!

    Never been a fan of Ron, but he really needs to drop Viann, admit to his mistakes and move on. Stop dragging this out, because it truly is an embarrassing sight. You know, when news got out that him and Viann had broken up, it seemed like he just quietly went on with his life/career, managing things well by not creating a huge stir. But with THIS, it’s like his calm demeanour has all gone to pot…

    1. It’s not Viann alone. You should blame Miss X too for publishing the voice recording and topless pictures of Ron. That’s what give Viann an opportunity to shoot at Ron. Ella also had taken a strike.

    1. Where’s the recording of Viann and Miss X?
      How did the reporter get the low down of their conversation!?

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