Ron Ng Denies Intimate Drunk Behavior With Toby Leung

TVB actress, Toby Leung (梁靖琪), was accused of tempting costars, Ron Ng (吳卓羲)  and Stefan Wong (黃長興), in her bikini by the poolside. Although Toby is a married woman, tabloids did not spare her in the scandalous report.

The Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> cast headed to Sanya, Hainan, last week to film beach scenes. Due to the beautiful setting, the cast soaked in the sunshine and had late night poolside parties. Known for her outgoing personality, Toby was photographed enjoying herself in the company of Ron Ng and Stefan Wong. Tabloids claimed that a drunk Ron hugged Toby intimately, disregarding her marital status. The group’s drinking games and party fervor reportedly generated much noise and aroused complaints from the hotel guests.

Ron and Toby were first romantically rumored while filmig 2006’s Men in Pain <男人之苦>. Later, Toby said that Ron was not her “cup of tea.” The pair remained friends and Ron had attended Toby’s wedding last year.

Toby and Ron’s Responses

Toby admitted that she had participated in a pool party, which included five men and two women. One of the females present was a TVB makeup artist.  Toby said that the group played drinking and wrestling games, having a lot of fun. The group’s antics wrongly gave others the impression that they were hugging and behaving in an intimate manner.

Regarding Ron only as an elder brother, Toby said that her husband was clear on the situation as they spoke on the phone each day.

Ron clarified that he and Toby did not hug each other nor hold hands at the poolside. Ron said that he knew Toby’s husband and only regarded her as a younger sister. Since Toby is married, Ron felt that the tabloids had reported unscrupulously in the incident.

Watch Apple Daily’s Coverage of the “Triumph in the Pool” Scandal

[vsw id=”vqSqWT_NQhk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Ming Pao

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    1. There are pictures. Someone post it yesterday at the Bosco-Linda TVB calendar article in the comments. Ron did hug Toby closely and they’re all topless in the tub.

      1. Lol,
        That’s a very sexy photo of Toby…

        Tabloids may like to pick on married artists now, makes the rumors appear to be even more scandalous.

      2. No really, is she topless as well? But from my point of view, the guy could be just anybody, the pic’s resolution is not quite good.

      3. Haha, Toby isn’t topless, but that piece around her boobs looks like it could fell any minute and *boom*, we got a Katie Middleton scandal.

      4. That dark thing on Toby’s body looks like a shadow…she could really be topless.

      5. I agree. That dark piece look sagging and about to fell down and expose her full front.

  1. So it was a hallucination of Ron hugging with Toby in the pic? And its “ok” for a married woman to hugged a man not her husband “intimately” and wildly? I guess Toby’s husband is just so open minded 😉

    1. Think positively, maybe Ron forgot he hugged Toby because of the alcohol effect hehe.

      1. Sorry but to say that’s a naive thinking that Ron forgotten Toby has a husband and also partly because of alcohol effect. Anyone who had alcohol can still act rationally and Ron isn’t someone who can’t take a few drinks and goes drunk like that. he’s a party animal, babe.

      2. People who forgot are the passed out type, but Ron and Toby above look sober enough to hold each other close and stand up in the water.

    2. Issshhh issshhhh issshhhh
      Toby Toby is so fortunate to have such a THOUGHTFUL husband!! HAHAHAS!!

    3. Well in this case you can’t blame Ron, he’s not the one with a wife…the guy is single, but on the other hand Toby is married she should know better then to put herself in this kind of situation.

      1. Agreed. This becomes big because
        1. Toby has a husband
        2. Toby only wear a strap to cover her voluptuous boobies.
        3. Toby cling to topless Ron.

        If Toby is single the situayion turns better

      1. haha yeah josie, you’re so right.. Ron only hugs HOT PPL with BIG tits if possible 😉

    1. OMGoshh!! Never knew Toby has such a GOOD figure!!
      Yup!! U r correct! Jayne shld use this pic instead!!!

    2. So, what Toby said is the truth. There are more than 3 people in the group and not just Stefan, Ron and Toby like Apple Daily said. Also, I really can’t figure out who Toby hugged in the picture. All the pictures I saw didn’t show the guy clearly.

    3. Well, that looks like just a friendly hug. Nothing too intimate. I was expecting Toby to be smothering her body all over Ron or something…

  2. Dumb liar: Ron clarified that he and Toby did not hug each other nor hold hands at the poolside.

    The picture shows otherwise.

      1. Toby sounds smarter. She gives wrestling excuse although don’t seem so from the pictures, but at least not deny straight away like Ron. lol

    1. But, the pictures didn’t show clearly who the guy Toby was hugging was.

  3. I didn’t even realize Toby went with them to Hainan. I actually don’t think there’s anything wrong with them playing in the pool. Friends are allowed to play around with each other. I just find it interesting that all the other girls (Myolie, Nancy, Elena, Eliza, Kibby, Kelly Fu, etc..) have a bunch of pictures of each other on their weibos but it doesn’t seem like they hung out with Toby.

    1. Nothing wrong with playing but surely there’s a limit when you’re a wife of someone? Her husband must be really open minded.

      1. Getting married doesn’t mean turning into a prude. They’re allowed to have fun with friends, even those of the opposite sex. It’s about trust.

      2. I wonder will the wife feel the same if in the same situation, in a pool and the husband is hugging some female friend in bikini?

      3. That means AC you’re ok with your wife/husband intimately hugging a male/female friend topless/in bikini in the pool in a wild party when you’re hundreds km away? Very open and thoughtful.

      4. That picture didn’t even show them intimately hugging though. It just looked like they were playing around. Wild party? I don’t see that either. I’m not even trying to defend Toby. It’s just that I grew up in the U.S. where this type of behavior seems more tame than scandalous. Also, I’ve seen Toby act more “crazily” when she goes on the super trio game show so I just think that’s how her personality is.

    2. Friends are allowed to play..even so there’s a fine line…specially when your married, it’s called respecting your mate. My husband is a CBC and I don’t think he’s cool with me wrestling with my male friends.

      1. agreed. Furthermore, they are only wearing swimming trunks and a bikini while “Wrestling”? Anyone with intelligence will know how often a bikini accidentally slips, especially with such manhandling such as wrestling. From what I see, she’s just wearing a bandana bikini, not even a halter or one with straps.
        How many partners will put up with that especially if they are miles away.

      2. Make sure you wrestle your male friends when you’re wearing a bikini and the friend is half naked hahaha. Make sure your husband is miles away too. See how he reacts 😀

      3. Then Toby’s hubby is mad cool for allowing her wife to do water wrestling with male companions when a CBC possibly can’t sit well.with it. LOL damn lucky Toby.

  4. Well, Ron is stupid as usual, everybody sees the picture and he still tries to deny, poor guy, he should learn better from his mistake. But honestly, it’s not the guy’s fault, Toby should behave better since she’s a married women, protect yourself. Guys single like Ron have nothing to lose.

  5. The video is so funny. ‘Don’t blame her, don’t blame her’, ‘Toby, you are my favourite’. Haha.

  6. So far, there’s no photo proof of Stefan doing anything promiscuous. So, he’s safe for now I think.

      1. Stefan’s still a gentleman and just let Ron have all the fun. Damn Toby the wife.

      2. Hence the name “desperate housewife” except for the “house” name.

  7. I think both Toby and Ron had to take responsibilities, especially Toby because she is married.

  8. They made it seem like such a big deal, more than it actually is. & i LOLED so hard at the animation.

    I think Toby just has a wild and open personality. I remember watching a function video of her & Him Law and they kissed on the lips like twice. I don’t think it was mandatory, probably just did it for pictures but still. Dang girl.

    Video of function here:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this because they’re not doing anything intimate but yeah I would feel pretty ticked if my spouse was hugging their friend whom’s wearing a bikini. A sexy one I might add.

    1. That function was to promote her own wedding planning company so she went all out. I remember thinking what a lucky dog Him is. Get paid to model and free kisses from Toby. I guess to Toby, it’s no big deal.

  9. If Toby and Ron want to get intimate, are they really that stupid to do it in front of 4 other witnesses!! Why must everyone just jumped to the conclusion that they did something wrong and condemning their friendly friendship??

  10. wow toby is like that huh. never knew she got some boobies. looking good there honey.she’s probably wearing a tube top swimming suit. or she is down like that.

  11. I never knew that Toby had such a nice top …… D cup. No wonder she liked wearing low-cut dresses. Why not ….. if she has such a nice figure?!

  12. I agree with the comments that a married woman must know how to behave. Even if her husband is open minded, it reflects VERY badly on her upbringing.

    1. I think Toby herself must have an open personality too but as a married woman it’s inevitable that people will find her went over the limit with the wrestling with Ron. Ron is single(just broke up) and nothing to lose.

  13. wow. since when did “hugging” someone become “intimate” and “scandalous”??!! WTF. haha
    The guy in the pic doesn’t even look like Ron (not to me anyway)
    Chinese media making bullshit news out of nothing again.

    1. Ppl will say to the news: Hello, it isn’t a big deal. Everyone know!

      Have ever read the news that Sammul was jealous because Ron when having LF around, totally forgot Sammul? If not, read it :P.

      1. WHich news are you talking about Fox?? That news about Sammul being jealous sounds kind of strange…Was he really jealous??

      2. I’ve never read of this news either. I’ve only read about Sammul fighting with Ella Koon over Ron.

  14. Lol I couldn’t tell from the pic that it was Ron but whatever:P

    Ron see this is the reason people tell you to just stuck yourself to Raymond x)

      1. lol i think it is more like this, LF tell Ron to trust him (Despite on the other post where he is standing up for Ron) and stick to him, but behind Ron’s back then LF has a lot of other people ehh ehh ;):P

  15. Yucks, Toby – no talent and zero beauty.
    Sorry just my humble opinion.

  16. can’t forget the game show (Eric Tsang’s) that she hang on to Bosco and held hands. tsk tsk tsk 😛

    1. Maybe she is a flirter by nature lol. Or that she actually just treat those guys as females, so to her, she don’t care if she is holding their hands 😛

    1. LOL TY also don’t want to lose to Ron who has a pool party with someone’s wife and Myolie who flirt with a boy 10 years her junior.

      1. That’s not intimate, that’s them in a car hiding from the paps, and at the unfortunate angle and timing looks like they were caught doing something intimate. Oh come on give us the real deal!!

      2. It would be better if TY didn’t try to hide and just act cool. Now she’s just short of admitting that she’s head over heels with Himhim 😛

    2. Tomolo the full process will be reported by Apple Daily. Will they make animation clip? They should because their clips are so entertaining.

      1. Won’t they need to censor the animated clip if they make one because this news is a bit XXX. I wonder whether Tavia will just laugh this off or show her unhappiness at how the paparazzis were depicting her actions.

      2. Well, it’s her fault that she bend down to hide and made herself look like she’s giving HimHim something.

      3. I agree Tavia herself made the situation look like this. Has the full news come out?

      4. Tavia is also the one who looks disorganized while Him looks calm. She should just act normal.

      5. Agree too. I believe it’s better if she just stayed normal and treat it like a normal friends outing.

      6. The title car shock is funny. It makes me imagine Tavia rocking Him wildly in the car.

      7. From the full article pictures, Tavia does look mad that they get caught and desperately tried to her face but it gives the media another angle to write.

      8. lol tavia… way to make the scene infinitely worse by trying to hide. it’s not like your relationship with Him hasn’t been talked about before.

      9. If Tavia didn’t hide, the press will just write this like her past rumours. Thanks to Tavia the press can make the scene sound obscene. lol

      10. Exactly about Tavia. She shouldn’t have hide in Him’s lap. She’s giving the paparazzis free ideas.

      11. TY looks the same with less makeup and she’s still pretty..but why she has to hide? there is nothing to hide there.. it’s just some common friends meeting and Him is driving her home..that’s all.

      12. Thanks. Lolz the made up dialogues for Tavia are funny. They can still pick on her nose.

      13. Poor Himhim. Can he still drive safely in this condition? If can (1) he got used with the action or (2) useless so cant feel anything.

        Such a place to hide. The car is large enough but between Himhim’s legs is the most noisy place. Cant bear all noises to run to Ronnie and Boscolie? Lolz, Ronnie’s manager is teaching artists under her to create noises by denying but letting reporters imagine? Wrestling and hiding between legs of a man, which way is noisier?

      14. The car turned out is Tavia’s car. As usual the paparazzis will go out and check the ownership.

      15. Tavia and Ron still under same manager ? What a coincident both are getting caught in awkward and dirty sounding scandals.

      16. @ Fox

        “Poor Himhim. Can he still drive safely in this condition? If can (1) he got used with the action or (2) useless so cant feel anything.”

        According to the chinese article. Himhim drove very slowly, 30km/h. lol

      17. Ron switched back to old manager. Do you really think that the friendship is the real reason for a common bday party? Last year when Ron has different manager, no friendship can bring a common bday party, lolz.

        But Wrestling and Hiding coincidentally are the worst pr things to do. Desperate them. Try to learn from MM who has excellent social skill and know how to make himself knowing nothing and not trying to do social.

      18. @kidd: oh more reasonable. Lolz, but Himhim is still good, dun feel high when reporters come to see him. Or he is too focus on scripted plan so dun have any mood to feel high?

      19. Why doesn’t Himhim(what a name) speed away and run from the reporters? Fox’s conspiracy theory is starting to dwell into me.

      20. @anon: himhim as obstacle between his legs, lolz. Cant speed up or it will turn real high.

      21. I don’t know whether to laugh at Tavia’s awkward reaction or to feel sorry for her.

      22. Him look super zen while Tavia look like deer caught in headlights.

      23. The clip is what it is. Of course the position makes it a very enjoyable imagined situation but these 2 are the last I will ever expect any sordid in public. But look at how easy for her to hide between his legs.

      24. Why couldn’t they have waited and done it in the apartment with curtains down?

        These photos would give people a lot of wild imaginations!

      25. No animation this time in AppleDaily clip :(. But Himhim smiled! In the clip can see that he smiled.

      26. Yes Him is calm and accommodating while Tavia acted like she wants to dig a hole between Him’s legs.

      27. I like the voice in the clip, very funny especially when he called Him Him

      28. Tavia must’ve got used to close contact with Him’s legs. She does look natural to be in that position for a long time.

      29. Yupz. Somehow this ended Tavia’s clean image free from negative rumours.

    3. Omg, the pics and description make it sound like Tavia was doing you-know-what to Him. I’m not sure if this is true, this is tabloid talking, right?

    4. TY you should just act like nothing, and if the press ask then just say that you guys are friends and he was driving you home from somewhere, that would look and hear better then those two pictures lol.

      1. Then how can have some more juicy news? PR PR! Himhim’s series is going to end, need some promotion for the ending. Some series is going to air, needs soon promotion. Txb should give the medals to the loyal ppl who always think for Txb when doing free PR to Txb without thinking of their images. Bravo, clap hands!

      2. [TaviaHim update] This is Miss Lok’s response: Tavia said to her manager she lied on Him’s lap because she was drunk.


      3. Tavia and Him may come out to explain today and is considering to sue the newspaper.

      4. lol poor Tavia and her clean image. Well that was the end of it 😛

      5. Those photos really gave people a lot of wild imaginations!

        Poor Tavia …….. you shouldn’t have drunk so much alcohol! It ruined your “clean” image!!

      6. HimHim sues Apple Daily for catching a woman put her face on his scotch =)) and here is wat ppl say:

        – Ron says: “They have me hug a married woman!”

        – Bosco says: “Hey at least they caught me nude”.

        – Apple Daily says: “Who tell her to hide us by facing his scotch. We didn’t do anything.”

        – Fox says: “It isn’t scandalous enough to sue. Next time at least strip his pants off then sue.”

        If wanna make it big with some more noises, do something better. If wanna stay silent, don’t think of suing Apple Daily. Wannabe the newcomer to Next’s lover list?

      7. How can it ruin her image when she is supposedly doing something with her rumoured boyfriend? It in fact helps her because come on, Tavia is boring, she has a boring image, being with Him spices up her image, makes everyone wonder why her? And Him being with her helps to restore his good guy image. This is PR at its best.

      8. 620 has officially included in the loop which signals that Tavia and TVB is taking this matter seriously to clean her image. Is Him changed management to TVB now?

      9. Honestly, i really don’t think that’s a big deal..Its very obvious that TY was hiding on Him’s lap to avoid those papps and they were not doing anything inproper in the car.. and eventhough they were caught together inside a what? Both are still single, they have the right to be together..anyday and anytime..

      10. How can HimHim be a good boy after this? Good boy won’t let gf do sexual and sensitive actions while zen-ing and driving :P. If HimHim wannabe good boy, he has to do things “like a virgin”.

        Or you are mentioning that he still can zen and drive the car slowly when his little brother is played, it isn’t a sign of good guy but a sufferance guy.

      11. Since they are contemplating to sue, Tavia and Him and TVB must think this is a big deal 😛

      12. Christine Kuo and Michael Tse also was written as car shaking earlier and it was actually a scene from drama, but they don’t intend to sue?

      13. @Veejay: We don’t find it’s scandalous but they are finding it very serious. If it was just a couple in the car, nothing big, but too bad, HimHim has a rumoured-and-always-denied gf that doesn’t know where to put face in but the best place for some juicy news.

        HimHim should say: “Because the car is too small!!! And I’m learning to become a Yogi!”

      14. @Fox
        I though Him lost his good boy image a long time ago? you know because of his hitting women scandal.

      15. @Linnh: Yup, HimHim lost it long ago in the case with Theressa and accordingly the 13 women matter. But Funn is mentioning that HimHim wants to gain good boy image from this time’s so-called scandal. I say no, he can’t use this case as a way to clean his image. It only turns his image from a woman beater to a guy who can’t wait until the curtain closes.

      16. Being tavia’s boy toy IS good for Him’s image. Instead of thinking of him as a ‘roid-raging Theresa butt bruiser, now he’s the whipped bf who waits 4 hrs (probably exaggerated) to pick his gf up. I guess tavia’s motherly love has successfully tamed the beast.

        But I agree w/ Fox about why bother to sue? Not like the reporters pushed her head into his crotch. Oh well, tavia is probably just mad at herself for sabotaging her chances at tv queen this yr.

      17. You all are hillarious about Tavia and Him Him. but really why need to sue? Just because Tavia is ashamed that she’s not everyone’s clean who never got drunk and never put her head on a guy’s crotch?

      18. I agree with josie. When Tavia and Him hooked up suddenly Him’s image changed into a boyfriend who was tamed by her motherly love and will do anything for her. This time letting her face lie on his cotch.

      19. So what was the clarification?

        “I was just talking to his crotch” – Tavia
        “Ermmm yeah…” – Him
        “So what if her face is on his crotch? They’re underground dating! Oops I said too much” – 620

      20. HimHim loves press conference to confess everything related to him and his “scandal”.

        HimHim will say in the press conference: “I… oh… I don’t feel anything. I get used with this action. It’s wat friend often do.”

        620 will say: “Crotch is just a normal place. Before they did that so it isn’t important. Oh, I have just said it, haven’t I?”

        Then reporters: “Ah, so all about the wine. Lessons to youngster, avoid the wine.”

        Happy ending, clap hands.

      21. Tavia just get drunk and in unconscious state during tat time. I dun understand wat big fuss all about. Tavia seems really get annoyed wat Apple Daily have reported. Good thing she spoke for her own if not people still puzzle why she hide her face on Him’s crotch

      22. @Fox

        The press conference is more for TY. Himhim image only got better because his part was the ‘gentleman bf’. TY was the drunk woman who hide her whole face in her bf crotch LOL

      23. Ops correction. ‘Rumoured’ bf because they only admit today after got caught.

      24. The story is clear from the beginning :P. HimHim is a good bf who patiently waited 4h (exaggerated much) to drive someone home and zen-ing when little brother was disturbed by overdrunk gf. Nothing harm him, from the beginning. Worst thing he passed – was still the woman beater. Now he is turning a tolerable bf who can drive in any condition.

        Bravo HimHim! And he looks “Why I have to go to this stupid press conference?” in the pix posted.

        Sorry to say this, but the press conference is unnecessary and just a public stunt. It only can prove a fact: 620 has new kids! Now who can say the opposite thing?

      25. And Apple Daily will simply says: “Hey, we don’t put her head to his crotch. She did it herself. The dirt in her mouth isn’t from us, too. We just shot the pix. Wanna sue? Let’s sue to see who will win. Every year we have a lot of lawsuit letters. Wanna see the form of one to copy?”

        End of the story.

    1. There are more Ron/Toby/Stephen’s actions here than the pictures before. The media are just releasing them batch by batch.

    2. They sure looks “wrestling” there but why is Toby the only woman there?? What about the rest of the women in crew? No matter how playful and westernized Toby is, she has to take care of her image esp when she’s already married as someone wife 😉

      1. Yup exactly. The rest of Myolie and her gangs are not around and I don’t know what to comment about Toby’s husband being totally fine with this. I know my boyfriend and I won’t sit still if either of us are wrestling like this with a friend of the opposite sex and we’re not even married. Maybe I’m too conservative?

      2. If it’s a simple hug during greeting or farewells it’s fine, but with Toby almost half naked and their expressions shows they’re on highs is too much for her married status. Then again maybe I’m conservative.

      3. These pictures truly showed it’s Ron and I agree with you two about Toby.

      4. Looks like I’m not the only conservative person here who think Toby’s actions were inappropriate for a married woman 🙂

      5. If wearing a strapless bikini and wrestling with a guy wearing swimming trunks in the pool is ok with some “open-minded” and non-traditional people here, how about wrestling in a hotel room, wearing bra and undies with a guy wearing boxers? They would be wearing pretty much the same amount.

      6. Lets just say Toby is just using “wrestling” as part of a celebration or game to avoid further speculations about her wild life. She’s simply an open minded, wild and flirty wife 😉

      7. Was Stephen holding some briefs or panties in one of the pictures, does this mean someone was naked inside the pool? Toby is blessed to have a very understanding husband.

      8. @Aznlaydee,

        I saw that too stephen holding something like a brief, panties etc. Did Stephen striped naked in the pool or it was someone else’ “panties”? LoL.

        While she can tell the world that she has an understanding husband but ppl were laughing at her back and looking at her husband as someone “wearing” green hat for her action.

      9. @ Veejay

        Stefan was not naked. Look at the picture where he was holding that ‘panties’. You can see the red waist band of his shorts above the water.

        Btw, Stefan looks kinda plump in the picture. He also need to hit the gym liao.

      10. Yikes, so whose red swim bottoms are those?! Man, those guys were drinking and smoking and doing who knows what else in that pool! I feel sorry for the hotel workers who had to clean it up later.

        Btw, Toby is strong. Look at her lift up fat Ron!

      11. Whoever can lift up Fat ron if the someone is in the water with Ron.. Water really helps alot!

    3. Wrestling for sure, not only hug. Toby said the truth lolz. But she will have to explain more to husbie today after this batch come out.

      1. That’s how media catch artistes in their lies. like when Gillian’s naked photos were released in the past, she denied and said it was fake, then they released like 100 at one go.

      2. This happened to Joe Ma and Benny too. Worse pictures come out after the first batch.

      3. Save the best for last?

        But in some cases the most scandalous ones are in the first batch.

    4. That’s bespectacled guy looks so Zen amid all the activities around him.

      1. Ppl around him exercised wrestling and he practiced yoga. Sport night.

    5. holy cow…what was Toby wearing? a tube is it? it slipped at one point and she had to pull it up? gosh…. 🙄 😯

      1. Which is why it’s so inappropriate!
        IF she’s just wrestling with ron in broad daylight in t-shirt and shorts, fine, at least she’s dressed.
        but she’s drunk and wrestling a man in a strapless bikini, in the middle of the night, with 4 other men watching on, and she’s a married woman. Yet, all these people are saying it’s nothing wrong?

      2. Exactly why it is inappropriate. They all do look high. Possibly drunk.

      1. Ron hide his body when in picture with Myolie because he know Myolie will post it in weibo but this half naked wrestling game, Ron must’ve underestimated the possibility that people will capture his topless pictures.

      2. You know Ron is in his 30s now, poor guy it can’t be easy on him to keep up with those other young good boddy guys (like him) haha… lol

      3. If he spent sometimes in gym, he can do it. Ronnie did lose weight successfully. Look at his the big beer belly in Brick of laws and Academy 2, he lost it after that and gaining a new one now.

      4. From Ron to Linnh: “Do you see that I’m using any chance to do sport? In the pool – also can practice wrestling”.

      5. Ron only exposes his bod electronically.

        He is a man of principles (his).

      6. This time, the pink/red panties aren’t in Ron’s hand but Stefan’s. Lucky for Ron.

    6. The guy in the middle looks traumatised. I wonder how she will explain to her husband unless husband is also in the pool and so they were having a full on groupie sort of thing? Never knew toby to be so… opened you know? I mean usually the least pretty ones are the most daring ones whilst the pretty ones are still daring but hide it.. this sorta reminds me of the xiao S incident.

      1. Toby’s husband is hundreds miles away. It’s gross when some here pointed about one of the guys might be naked. Toby need explaining to do unless her husband is really that open minded.

  17. One of the men in the clearer picture is holding up an that means Toby was in a pool with a man who was naked. Toby is one inconsiderate woman. Why did she bother to get married if she’s not going to change her wild lifestyle. I don’t believe that her husband is okay with this.

  18. I don’t like Toby’s ears. Very funny ….. sticking out. She would look much better if she had pretty ears, or if she wears her hair down to hide her ears.

  19. Toby, a rich pampered girl, shows that all the money in the world can’t buy class and dignity. I feel sorry for her parents, spouse and in-laws. Total disgrace.

  20. From the pictures it was more Toby who touch Ron’s chest and groping Ron over to try carry him while a euphoria Ron is enjoying the moment.

  21. Ron’s doing water sports here with Toby but maybe drinking beer made his belly stay the same plump.

      1. Ron’s idea of staying in shape probably means drinking light beer.

      2. More like deadly combination of Ron, beer, bikini woman and sports should stay separately.

  22. In another turn Tavia becomes a drunken girl admitted by herself , who casually put her face on boyfriend who’s driving her car.

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