Ron Ng Doesn’t Feel Lonely Being Single

Although Ron Ng (吳卓羲) has had his fair share of romantic rumors, the 40-year-old actor is still currently single and loving it. Though not in a rush, meeting the right person would give him the desire to settle down. In a recent interview, Ron openly discussed about his love life and what traits he is looking for in a girlfriend.

Despite his fun-loving image, Ron is surprisingly domesticated and enjoys being home. He said, “I don’t feel lonely. I am busy at home with chores like doing the laundry, fixing the electronics around the house, exercising, and taking care of the family cat. When I have time, I will cook with my mom. We would both mull over the recipe book. My mom likes to eat healthy, whereas I prefer more tasteful foods like seafood, roast goose, and others. I quite enjoy my time alone, so I am not in a rush to be in a relationship.”

Although Ron may not be in a rush, his mother sure is and hopes to have a daughter-in-law soon. He admitted, “My mom has nagged me about it a few times. However, she understands that I don’t have time to get married, so my mom told me to have children first! With the current pandemic, I can’t even go out, so how can I meet girls? I need time to pursue the girl and get to know her. I can’t just meet a girl and ask her to come up with me. These things take time! I do hope to one day find my significant other and be like normal people – go out, buy groceries, and prepare a home-cooked meal together.”

Leaving it up to fate, Ron said Meeting the right person will make him feel the urge to settle down. “If I meet a girl whose personality and characteristics really attract me, I won’t just focus on work and will take the time to fall in love. I will spend time going on dates, get married, and have children.”

In the past, Ron believed that communication was the most important aspect of a relationship. Now older and more mature, Ron is more clear on what type of woman is a good fit for him. Naming the important qualities, he said, “I hope that my other half is a beautiful woman with a good heart. The most important thing is that she is filial. When I go out to work, she can help take care of my family.”

Source: Ming Pao 

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