Ron Ng Flies to Beijing to Mend Breakup With Viann Zhang?

Since Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Viann Zhang’s (張馨予) romantic relationship first surfaced in November 2010, the public outlook towards the relationship was not positive. With Viann’s flamboyant manner in handling the relationship and heated online flame wars with Ron’s fans, many speculated that it was a matter of time before the couple split up. Did the time for Ron and Viann’s breakup finally arrive?

A Woman’s Happiness Dependent Upon the Man

Possessing a habit of writing frequently on Weibo, Viann Zhang reflected on how a woman’s happiness was determined by the type of man she dated. On June 5th, Viann wrote, “Falling in love with a bad man will give you painful grief. Falling in love with a good man will let you live with smiles and happiness. With the constant smile on your face, you will grow more beautiful.”

Viann’s speculative message regarding love immediately led fans and the media to think that she and Ron had broken up. It was understood that Viann lacked security in the relationship, often letting her thoughts wander in a negative direction on a frequent basis. Allegedly, Viann decided to end the relationship and the pain.

Many of Ron’s fans even urged, “Break up quickly! Let go of Ron Ng!”

Ron Ng Eager to Patch Up Relationship?

Viann was currently filming mainland China drama, Naked Wedding <裸婚>, in which Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝 ) served as television producer for the first time. Regarding her speculative message on Weibo, Viann did not clarify about her relationship status with Ron. She only replied, “My Weibo thoughts reflected my feelings after reading the script for my new drama, as well as my friend’s experience.”

Yesterday, Ron was spotted at the airport in Bejing. It was speculated that he may be in Beijing in a last attempt to salvage the relationship with Viann.

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Jayne: What do you think of Viann’s reflections towards love? “Falling in love with a bad man will make you painfully entangled with grievances. Your tears will make people think you are a complaining woman. Falling in love with a good man will let you live with smiles and happiness. With the constant smile on your face, you will grow more beautiful.”

With Viann’s aggressive personality, I am a bit surprised by her fatalistic tone. I would think that she would think a woman’s happiness, or any individual’s happiness, did not rest in simply the choice of a dating partner, but laid in her own control and choices in life. 


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  1. Falling in love with a good man can still bring tears and grievances because no relationship is ice cream sundae with a cherry on the top.

    1. ….but falling a love with a bad man is guaranteed a DOOM to one’s lifetime happiness! Like how TY falls in love with Him who only cares to exploit her fame&money for the benefit of himself.

      It’s just a matter of time to prove if a bad guy is really disastrous to a “blind” woman’s (bad) love choice of life!

      1. It can go both ways because a guy falling for a bad girl would really mess up his life too. I think Ron should just let this plastic Chucky doll go since it seems like she is only using him. He should find someone better and more real to be his girlfriend and possibly future wife before this Chucky doll screws him over. That’s when it will be too late.

      2. HTS,

        Maybe Ron got addicted with her plstic looks or maybe her plastic body until he can’t live without the two plastic fake b00bs ? hahahaaa..

      3. Veejay,
        Hey, maybe you are right. I think Ron just misses those fake plastic boobs. He probably wants to play with them until they burst.

      4. Hahaha, so after the doll deflates he will go looking for a new one?

      5. @HTS,

        i think Ron was flying to Beijing to get back those “evidences” like memory cards or photos.. from letting Viann to leak them out like PSS.

      6. @exoidus,
        Good one and your comment made me crack up… Ha ha…

        I think you may be right because Ron learned a lot from Raymond. I bet he is in a rush before she leaks them out and he gets in big trouble.

      7. If these pix (if any) are similar to LF’s with PSS I will disappointed. Nothing much to see.

      8. Fox:

        U might be disappointed w/ Ron’s pics either way. Imagine if he took riskier pics w/ viann (like the recent bathtub photos of the miss hk contestant) but he was out of shape, looking all flabby. That’s even worse than LF’s being boring.

    2. It depends on your definition of a good man. A man can be a good man but bad husband/boyfriend.

      Some men treat their buddies great yet put their girlfriends/wives second.

  2. i am not a fan of ron but i think this girl plays too many mind games with him. i kind of feel sorry him, trying to make a breakthrough in his career while juggling this high-maintenance gf.

    1. When it comes to love, I would say most man will choose/love a woman on 1st sight because of sex or physical appeal.

      No doubt. Ron is clearly one of those blind guy! But I won’t pity him.

      1. I sort of pity Ron in some ways but in other ways, not really because he bought it upon himself. But then I guess if you are really in love you can’t really control it and tend to do stupid things. Time will tell how it will all turn out. Good luck to Ron!

      2. This speaks clearly that you have not been dating quite a long time. Ouuch! Common HTS, your age is catching up and you are not young anymore.

        Why you have to work so hard to make your life so tough when there are many simpler means to enhance your real happiness? If you find a good guy, service him good & fast and you can easily be handsomely rewarded with tons of million dollars worth properties. Isn’t this a very sweet and easily reachable dream? Hurry up!

      3. @tony,

        how about HTS dating you? What do u think? How much of “rewards” u will give her?

      4. Sorry Tony, but just because I have not really dated before doesn’t mean that I am completely lost when it comes to love and relationships. It is true that there may be certain things that I may not know but there are many things that I already know and understand. I am not materialistic like many people are too. There is more to life than love and relationships.

      5. @HTS,

        How do you know this guy tony? and he seems to like to chat with you..

      6. I also would treat a guy well because I love him and he loves me, therefore, it would make me feel happy to take care of him not because I want money, properties and other materialistic stuff. I am really different from most people that care way too much about things like that. Those things are just excess if you are emotionally unhappy.

      7. @veejay,
        I honestly don’t even know this Tony guy and don’t know why he likes talking to me. Maybe it’s because he knows I am single. Gosh, I have random guys that I don’t even know walk up to me to try to get to know me. I can’t believe it would happen online too and no one knows how I look too. Strange..,,

      8. maybe he just wants a green card from marrying u?

      9. @Veejay,
        Maybe and I don’t like it when people use others like that. I often hear sooo many stories about desperate guys that want to marry someone from overseas just because they want a wife, while the wife just wants a green card… I find that very sad and I don’t think that I would ever get that desperate.. I would rather stay single for life than do that…

      10. @HTS,

        I really admire you for being non-materialistic that’s a really rare quality.

        Well random guys checking you out just confirms that not all guys are crazy for plastics lar and do appreciate girls without or with minimum makeup 😀

        Yeah, there are guys that “import” girls abroad and change them out before the time period for them to gain citizenship. That’s really cruel 🙁

        Then you got pro-forma marriages. It’s just crazy have much money some people are willing to pay I suppose you can look at it as an investments though. I suppose the other party if in possession of excess assets should sign a prenup, LOL.

      11. @Exiodus,
        Thanks for your compliments! I am very flattered and I can say that I am really different from many women. I don’t care for designer name bags like most girls do(I do like a few, but only if I can get them for a good price). I do care for LV, Gucci and other expensive stuff. Basically, I am very low maintenance. I feel that you can live a happy and simple life without those expensive and luxurious things. Basically, you have to know what your limits are. If you are happy, even if you slept under the sky, you are still happy. However, if there is no limit to your desires, you can be sleeping on a bed in heaven and still not be satisfied. You know what I mean?

        I feel it is sad that marriage is too money based these days that the love part is sort of gone. I think if women were more independent, then they would care for the great qualities of the guy rather than how much he makes.

        There are many different people in this world so of course not all guys would care for plastic like looks and girls with lots of make up on. My dad always taught me that natural beauty is best. He did not like girls that wore lots of make up and couldn’t stand it since be believed that it was not the real them but they are just hiding under a mask.

        Actually, it isn’t the guy that brings the girl over that does the bad things such as dumping her and stuff. I actually hear more stories about the guys being the victims because many of those girls just use them and then dump them off. But it varies…Overall, it is just so sad that we now live in a world that is so money minded and materialistic. I remember back in the days where money was not viewed so highly and people were more loving and innocent. I guess those days of love and innocence are now long gone… Ok, I am getting nostalgic again…

      12. Oops meant to say that I “do NOT care for LV, Gucci and other expensive stuff. Gosh, I need the edit button.

      13. HTS, you are a nice girl, you will find your Mr. Right soon. Everyone have somebody, is just a matter of time to find your other half.
        We live in a world of what ever blah blah blah…. But we are the one in control of our life. We always have choice, and we make choices everyday. Certainly now in the 21st century, who we married are our choice.
        I live in life I don’t go with the “norm”, I live life as long as I don’t feel guilty with my conscience. What other people do is their business, we cannot control what people do. But we can control what we do.
        And not all rich people are happy. You are not in their family, you don’t know. There are rich people who constantly everyday stress over their business and stock market. There are rich people who don’t trust anyone because they think everybody around them kissing their a-s-s for money. Rich people have different stuff to stress about. Same to poor people, we also stress, just stress about different things.
        Give you example HTS. A rich man have money to hire maid, to hire cook, to hire someone to do everything around the house. Sure, some girls love that. As long as they have money from their husband, they don’t mind if he have a mistress outside or if he doesn’t come home everyday for dinner.
        My husband is not rich. Typical Asian man who work 8-5. But he cooks food so his wife and son can have dinner everyday. He clean the house for his wife and son. He hand sew my dress for me when we was in college, he alteration my jeans and sew my jeans. To me, that is more precious than a rich man go hire someone to do it. But it all come down to what you prefer. What ever float your boat. I wish all the single girls out there will be able to find the man of their dream.
        HTS, just little hint, if you like a man who cook for their wife and kids, choose the oldest son in the family. They likely will know how to do hourse chores since they have taking care of their younger siblings before.

      14. HeTieShou,
        I used to lament about my bygone childhood. Until I made my present better than my past. Until I put in efforts to prepare and await a better future.

        What drives us towards tomorrow is the hope and assurance that tomorrow is a better day.

        I encourage everyone to take actionable steps to carve a better future for themselves. Yes, I’ve been taking too many professional workshops about achievement and measurable goals.

        I’ve often wondered, “What if we were vampires and life were at a standstill, where we get to freeze the best time in our lives?” It wouldn’t be meaningful without change. If life were at a standstill, we would still find fault in it. Happiness should not just rely on situational factors.

        Embrace every stage that life has to offer. Innocence lost is wisdom and knowledge gained. Age does not take away purity of the heart, if you choose.

      15. HeTieShou,

        I dedicate this Nicky Wu MV to you:

        It brings back memories of lost years, a bit of nostalgia. But the lyrics are the chase for a better tomorrow as I wrote earlier. 🙂

        I found the dancing funny; it’s good that dance choreography has progressed. Sometimes passage of time is a good thing.

      16. @HTS,

        LOL, even if you like expensive stuff it wouldn’t matter. The most important thing is not to use credit to buy these stuff due to the extremly high effective rate after the grace period i.e knowing the limits as you mentioned.

        Think I know what you mean even if a rich person can be unhappy bc their friends are only after their money and have to constantly question people’s real intentions etc.

        Your dad is a very wise man 🙂

        Ofcourse it can happen the other way around. I find it really funny that while im “defending” the girls you are defending the guys 😀

        Money will always be important we can’t change that, but at least we shouldn’t put too much emphasize on it.

        Sometimes I wonder if depression is a by-product of the modern society and if people living in the stone-age were happier e.g didn’t have time to be depressed, need to go hunting for food, hehe.

      17. @Leilafan,
        Thanks for your compliments and sharing your experiences. I am glad that you found a great guy. I actually don’t mind cooking and doing most of the housework,but would appreciate some help since I hope to work as well and not just be the housewife. I don’t need the guy to cook for me since I can do that myself. My parents trained me to be a good wife. It really depends since I have all brothers and my oldest brother is the laziest person ever and would not even cook for himself,but others,no way!!

        Of course rich people are not 100% happy since money cannot buy happiness. Money can even introduce disaster if you don’t utilize it correctly.I agree that things that you do for people and gifts that come from the heart are priceless and money can never be as valuable. But sadly, many people these days value money too much. I can understand the importance of it, however, at the same time people also get too hooked on money that they don’t care about anything else.

      18. @Jayne,
        I know what you mean and I forever cherish all of the fond memories of the past, but don’t dwell on it to the point that it prevents me from not trying to chase for a better tommorrow. It is great to cherish sweet memories since it makes us happier and better people but at the same time, it good to move forward as well.

        I agree that innocence lost is wisdom and knowledge gained. We all learn new things everyday. I often imagine that we can freeze time or go back in time all the time. It is ok to dream but also know what reality is as well…

        Thanks for the MV of Nicky. I like Nicky as well so it was great to see that MV again. Love the lyrics!! I think I will always have that nostalgic feeling in me…

      19. @Exiodus,
        I totally agree with you!It is ok to like expensive stuff but as long as you don’t put yourself into a huge debt in order to get them, then that is the most important thing.But I think that even if you did have the money, spending hundreds of dollars or even in some cases thousands for a brand name handbag is just ridiculous. Wouldn’t that money be better spent elsewhere??

        Being rich is not everything and can even lead to a lot of unnecessary problems. My dad also taught me not to value money too much since it can break all ties and it would not be worth it. Sometimes I really do wonder if life would have been happier when it was more simple back in the stone age days like you mentioned?? Money is important but we should not be a slave to it.

        I have all brothers so I see things from a guy’s perspective a lot more clearly than a woman’s at times. I often see my brother’s wives take advantage of them and I don’t like that so as a girl myself, why should I do that to my future husband/boyfriend?? I even told my friends friend(who my friend said is potentially interested in me)how I like to take care of the guy more and he was surprised but happy since he said that most girls don’t think how I do…

      20. @HTS,

        It depends, if the stuff you buy will hold its value in the future it can be viewed as an insurance against inflation.

        I think it’s nothing wrong spending for instance 4000 usd on a watch, however I do agree with you that it could perhaps be spent better e.g vacation, investments etc.

        Once again it depends what advantage you are referring to. I suppose it’s normal for the wife to ask their hubby to buy them expensive stuff even if they could afford it themselves 🙂

        LOL, I think most guys would be happy abt it lar. But seriously you shouldn’t tell guys that, since it will give them certain expectations.

        I mean if both are working then it would only be fair if both shared the duties at home. For a housewife it’s a different story.

        It’s really sweet that you want to take care of the guy, but it should be both ways otherwise the guy may feel a little bit useless, hehe.

      21. Not every girl are after money, only those who have high demanding and ambitious are.
        China activist Chen Guangcheng, he not rich. He lives on the countryside village in Shandong, he is born blind. He self study, and help people fight against force abortion policy in China. After the Communist Party of China put him under house arrest for many and many years without freedom, his wife didn’t leave him. When she married him, she knows he was blind, they still married. After request for refugee to USA and granted, now their whole family can immigrant to USA.
        There a Korea actress who married to a guy who went to their same church, he was a student studying Christian philosophy. With that degree, no way he can make more money than his actress wife, and they still married and happy.
        There plenty of more examples I have seen. This all come down to choices, we can only speak for ourself, but we cannot speak for 7 billions people in this world. Nobody is the same, and there are always exception in life, and I still believe true love exist, the kind of true love that does not based on money.

      22. @Exiodus,
        I agree that at times you can spend a lot on something if it will retain its value in the long run. For example, my cousin bought a Gucci purse for $1700!! I personally thought that was a waste of money. If it did retain its value, then she has to keep it brand new and not use it. However, if she uses it then the value will go down right away. It just depends on what it is. If it is a figurine for example, then the value may be retained since you don’t really use figurine and just display it. Of course you have to be careful to not let it get dusty too.

        I know what you mean but I guess it is just my more independent personally that I would prefer to buy things myself and I personally don’t feel it is right to bother your husband/boyfriend if you can buy it yourself,especially something expensive. Unless, it was a special occassion and he bought something without me knowing it. I just don’t feel it is right to ask your boyfriend/husband for something expensive if you can get it yourself.

        I agree if you both worked then you should share in the housework. It is great to have a good balance and that you know how to take care of each other instead of one person just sitting back and treating the other like a slave.

        Of course I know that true love not based on money does exist these days. However,it is sadly getting more and more rare which is a sad reality but so true…

  3. Whether the guy is good or bad, this woman still needs to service them good good at the end of the day as this is what a love relationship is meant to be.

    1. As the saying often goes, a woman is a sex slave to a successful guy.

      Too bad, in Ron’s case it works the other way round.

  4. Ron should just let go of her because she’s stalling his career. Her own career, on the other hand, seems to be on a pretty good start. Just break it up LOL

  5. She dated him to gain fame and publicity. Then she dumped him after getting little famous.
    Ron is just so stupid.

    1. I wont say he’s dump if he just treated her as friend with benefits..because even if she has dumped him once recognition is achieved… He (ROn) still get to shag her although she’s made of plastic? lol.

    2. Ron is a bit foolish. But hey hopefully he will learn from this experience and know what kind of qualities to look for in his future wife. It is like trial and error and many times we need to learn the hard way. I think that may be one good thing that has come from this relationship with Viann.

      1. What if Ron dating Hetiushou? Will there be anyone here come out to blast him and say that he’s foolish?

        What about if Hetiushou has big boobs but discovered by reporters that the boobs are plastic made? Isn’t that an invitation to jealousy that can sink her frendship with all her lovely mates here?

        If HTS’ boobs turn out to be not as big as many people claims, will anyone here still come out and sing praises of her beauty? Can HTS still worth a few more extra cents then?

        Hehehe……I dunno why this little gal quite “impress” to me sometimes…but it’s nice to test her patience here.

      2. Sorry Tony, why are you saying those things about me? Also, why are you comparing me to the plastic doll Viann? I am natural and don’t even wear make up. I wonder how I am impressing you? You don’t even know how I look do please stop saying this and that about me because it scares me and makes me feel uncomfortable.

      3. Now, I know the limit of your patience.
        It’s quite understood that the above statements are made to assess a person’s limit which can be a quite hard to feel.
        HTS, I sincerely apologize for causing you so much of uncomforts & displeasures. Have a nice weekend. 🙂

      4. What, you were only trying to test my patience?? I can tell you that I can be patient but can be impatient as well. It just depends on the situation, my mood and whether something is urgent or not. I can be either way though. It is ok…

      5. HeTieShou,
        Tony is bored, single, and sexually starved as he has shown many times. In real life, we would usually ignore men like him.

        Tony- If you wish to be taken seriously and have better luck with women, it all starts with respect. Your comments about female and male anatomy in such explicit terms do you no favor. I had an acquaintance similiar to your approach; his over-aggressive behavior made him single for 15 years.

      6. @Jayne,
        I had a feeling.. No wonder he constantly talks about body parts and anything sexually related… It honestly creeps me out and yea in real life, women would run as far as away from him as possible…

    3. If wanna fame, maybe Ron isnt the best choice. Viann is somehow gainning her fame faster than Ron without the help of the news with Ron but her own efforts.

  6. I will cheer for you Ron, now go and get your doll back. It’s just unheard of that the doll tries to escape, LOL.

    1. Yeah..can’t let Chucky escape~~~~ He, I mean ‘she” is just too dangerous to let go, you won’t know if she will leak out any photos like PSS did to LF hahahahah.

      1. Not you mention that his career is declining. Only news abt him is connected to Chucky.

        As Chucky gets more famous the news will soon be:

        “Ex-bf, former TVB lead now klf ah Ron stalkes Viann and gets arrested by police. The courts send him to plastics anonymous” LOL.

      2. Good one Exiodus!!! I find it sad if Ron’s career goes down while hers goes up… It is good to finally get rid of Chucky though..

      3. Ron’s down in career relates to Viann? She really can make his fame go down? Oh, it’s too hard for her.

  7. Her reflection on love sound rather poetic, however when it comes from her I can’t stop LOL.

    Replace “smile” with “plastic” is the correct statement.

    Hope artists don’t copy her e.g my nose changed bc I smile alot, hahaha.

  8. Ppl are saying like Viann’s fame gained all thank to Ron. If that why Ron isnt that famous in China? If she gets the fame in HK then it’s more reasonable, but in China? Angelababy with Huang Xiao Ming is an example.

    Visnn’s statement on love isnt wrong. Woman, in general, always hope to find a man to lean on. They have more emotions and indeed think more than men. Therefore if women hook in a sad relationship, they will feel sad and tend to make it more complicated. This leads them to be down. But a good relationship will bring them a lot of happinesses and smiles. Hence they view life brighter. Hiwever, I disagree with her that can differ good man and bad man. In fact everyone has faults. The adaption is an important stage for a relationship. Learn how to accept your partner and never try to make him/her to become someone you want. Just love yours the way s/he is, unless you dun love him/her anymore.

    1. You mean you are requesting Ronn to just dump her without sufficiently assessing the quality of her boobs?

  9. I wonder, which one is Ron? The good guy or the bad guy?

    “With Viann’s aggressive personality, I am a bit surprised by her fatalistic tone. I would think that she would think a woman’s happiness, or any individual’s happiness, did not rest in simply the choice of a dating partner, but laid in her own control and choices in life. ”

    Isn’t the choice of a dating partner same as own control and own choice? She is like every woman in the world I suppose. She is looking for an ideal man, problem is she is probably that sort that bends the man to her ideals rather than adjusting to what is in the end called realistic compromise. I see her as a very passionate woman, she seems rather feisty and all and unfortunately she gives me the impression it is all about her. She gave very little thought to Ron’s career, she repeatedly go against his fans, and yes they taunted her and all but for his sake, she could have taken the high ground, she could have opted for classy and sassy rather than “Me! It is about meeee!!”. I can see why fans dislike her. For someone so expressionless, she is certainly full of expressions in everything else. I can also see why Ron sticks to her. But in the end I feel such a relationship won’t last. It seems she herself thinks she knows what she wants with her two sided cryptic messages about life, but allow me to be cruel; she writes like she thinks she is philosophical, but her opinion, writings, lamentations, whatever is empty. This is a woman so full of opinion and full of herself and yet those are just opinions. She sees nothing wrong in putting herself and especially the man she loves in vulnerable positions. I know she is dying for Ron so say “YES SHE IS MY GIRL SO SHUT UP!!” to all his fans, a recognition she is dying for but in the end I feel there is a certain sense of selfishness in the way she conducts herself. And such a woman is usually trouble. For once the fans are right. Ron if he wants to avoid long term pain should reconsider who wears the pants in this relationship and whether all encompassing passion is the way to go in a relationship that at this stage should require a bit more sense.

    1. Yes, mum! You’re right. Encompassing passion is the way to go in a relationship but how much passion you can derive from without truly incorporating sufficient elements of illicit sex into their romance?

  10. Ron’s a grown man. If he wants to fall, just let him fall. They’re both getting their fair share of benefits from this relationship anyway. I’m not a fan of either and they can have each other all they want.

  11. Uh oh, why nobody wanna stop the same comments toward Viann? Maybe after Viann broke up with Ron, she can find the peace in her career life?

    But I don’t hope that Viann and Ron will break up just because of the noises from the audiences. I hope that their love is stronger than that. Ron showed to the public that he wanted to protect Viann, so maybe he should do such thing at this moment.

  12. When I read the title of this news article, the first thing I thought was “That’s the worse thing you can do. Mend your relationship with Viann?? Stupidest thing to do!!”

    Hope the break up part was true, but the mending was fake. Also hope the memory cards and photos or evidences DON’T exist. Cause first, if there were bad stuff in those photos or vids, it would do Ron a lot of harm (cause he’s not as famous as Raymond) and second, I would not want to see anything disgusting.

  13. tony i am quite sure ron has sufficiently asses her boobs….

  14. Some time ago, Viann’s old photo of her original self was posted and comparisons were made with ‘before’ & ‘after’. She’s like 100% different person. But I’ve to give credit to the plastic surgeon for a job so well done (many mainland actress or wannabes have the same nose, lips and eyes and boobs) . It’s open secret that Ron and her are friends with benefit and Ron’s career has sort-of stalled since hooking up with her. Yes, he’s a grown man but a little ‘affection/lust’ can weaken a man. She sings only one tune and that’s the ‘ME theme’. If this is indeed a break, Ron should make a clean cut and ensure there are no scandulous photos/vids/sms, etc. Otherwise, he can go dig a hole and jump in.

    1. I wonder how Viann looks next to her parents? I bet she looks 100% different since she changed her whole face. I really wonder if her parents even recognize their own daughter? Even though she looks better after PS, she looks like the typical plastic doll look which is nothing unique at all…

      I agree that Ron needs to be careful or else he will have hide under a rock if they do break up…

      1. Haha, they should’ve gotten used to it by now. I wonder if Viann will force her parents to undergo PS just to protect her picture of being a natural, LOL.

        Her psyche seems rather fragile and could blow up any moment and drag ah Ron along with her…so ah Ron digging a hole and hide might be a good idea, hehe.

      2. I wonder the same thing.. It would be really messed up if she made her parents change their faces just to look like her so that she can say that she is natural. That would be pathetic since EVERYONE knows that she is not…

  15. She really looks good here….! She’ll probably end up being more successful & make more than Ron!
    Then she’ll dump him ????

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