Ron Ng On Bed Photo Scandal: “Do Not Blame Viann Zhang; I Have Forgiven Her!”

Viann Zhang (張馨予) staked a claim on Ron Ng (吳卓羲) as her boyfriend by posting a bed photo of herself on his Weibo blog on Monday night. The incident sparked intense interest throughout the City of Hong Kong. The “victim” Ron Ng finally surfaced yesterday. His admission that he had dated Viann attracted breakup speculations. Since Ron stressed that he had forgiven Viann and asked his fans to not blame her, it was evident that Ron was still very protective towards her!

Viann’s posting of her bed photo on Ron’s blog attracted a lively discussion among netizens and scolding from fans. To escape from the close scrutiny, Ron took “sick leave” from a promotional event for Prominent Family <名媛望族>. Yesterday, Ron finally found the courage to face the media yesterday.

At 8 AM, Ron arrived at TVB City and appeared to be in good spirits. He calmly apologized to the involved parties and explained the bed scandal incident, “First, I have to apologize to my fans who were worried about me, my family, and friends. I was unaware of the blog post when it first appeared. At the time, I was at Toby Leung’s (梁靖琪) wedding and attended an after party until 4 AM. When I saw the blog post upon returning home, I was a bit shocked.”

Ron explained that Viann’s photo was not taken at his home since she was in mainland China at the time. Ron indicated that he contacted Viann immediately to delete the blog post.

Ron Ng: “I Have Forgiven Viann Zhang!”

In June 2011, Ron was photographed picking up Viann Zhang at the Hong Kong airport, thus exposing their dating relationship. Since Viann often flaunted their romance in a high-profile manner, Ron was unable to retain secrecy over their dating status despite his tight-lipped nature. After the bed photo incident, Ron finally admitted Viann as his girlfriend. However, he said cryptically, “I have dated her.” Asked whether they had broken up, Ron did not directly respond, “Please give me some space!”

Although many people criticized Viann [for the bed photo incident], Ron emphasized that he has forgiven her, putting in a good word for Viann, “I called her to understand the matter. She admitted that she acted wrongly and apologized. I have forgiven her.”  (Are you in a cool down period?) “Please give me some space!”

Asked why Viann had to post a bed photo of herself on Ron’s blog, he stated, “I did not ask her. She already admitted that she had acted wrongly.” (Did Viann post the photo on purpose?) “I did not delve on that aspect.” (It was not the first time Viann caused a ruckus on Weibo?) “She has been in the entertainment industry for only a short period of time and thus acted unconsciously. She did not realize the severe consequences of her actions. She now regrets what had occurred.”

Ron stressed that Viann’s posting of her photo on Ron’s blog was not due to his attendance in the after party celebration following Toby Leung’s wedding. Furthermore, Ron indicated that Viann’s actions were not driven by jealousy or possessiveness. Asked whether Viann possessed access to his bank account, Ron laughed, “I will not go there! If all the money were withdrawn, that would be a big problem!”

Asked whether he still cared for Viann, Ron noted, “Stepping forward, I cannot just talk about myself. She is sincere.” Encouraging fans not to be upset, Ron said, “Every person makes mistakes.” Ron was fully aware of Viann’s whereabouts; due to Viann’s impending arrival in Hong Kong next week for work, Ron urged the press not to push Viann too far. “She is a newcomer.” In an attempt to put in good words for Viann, Ron displayed his protectiveness towards Viann.

Viann Zhang Defensive In Blog Message

One hour after Ron spoke with the media, Viann quickly updated her Weibo blog, “It was unintentional; there is no need for such a big response! Although I know that outsiders will not believe that it was a mistake [in posting the bed photo on the wrong blog], please give some space and do not push too far in every instance!” Immediately following Viann’s post, netizens responded cuttingly, noting that Viann possessed Sima Zhao’s heart and Mavis Pan’s lack of ethics.

This was Viann’s first public response since the bed photo scandal. After the incident, Viann disappeared from her blog for several days. After wrapping up The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate <龍門飛甲> and No Liar, No Crying <不怕賊惦記>.  Viann will arrive in Hong Kong to film a new movie and pictorial. afterward Throughout the bed photo incident, Viann’s fans were highly supportive of her.

A History of Viann’s Jealousy

Although normally tight-lipped about his love life, Ron Ng made many exceptions since meeting 33F-cup Viann Zhang. Crazily in love with Viann, Ron protected her each time the public criticized Viann. In June 2011, it was rumored that Viann had alerted the paparazzi herself when Ron picked her up at the Hong Kong airport. At a promotional event, Ron indicated that he trusted his “friend” and did not feel betrayed.

Viann flaunted her relationship with Ron on Weibo numerous times, resulting in mutual wrath between Ron’s fans and herself. Ron stepped in to pacify the “flame war” and asked fans to calm down and be courteous to the people he cared about.

It was rumored that Viann regarded Ron’s rumored costar, Kate Tsui (徐子珊), as her arch rival. Ron had posted a screen shot of Kate and himself on his blog, incurring Viann’s extreme jealousy over the matter. Ron deleted the photo with Kate from his blog afterward.

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Poor Ron has to apologize to his fans due to Viann’s bold actions again.


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  1. I’d like to see the photo of Ron and Kate together that Ron posted on his weibo…if anyone has a copy of it???

    1. I’d like to see it too. I think I’ve seen it before but i just can;t remember it. (:
      Thank You

    2. I’d like to see it too. I want to see what makes Viann so jealous at Kate

      1. Im not Kate’s fan but better her than Viann. Kate looks more outgoing and friendly to everyone

      2. Yeah ! Same here ! Not a Kate fan, but they seem to be very compatible and have more fun. Enough with mainland fake boobs cheap women !

  2. With a busty body like that, I suppose he can’t help but forgive her. But he’s probably digging his own grave.
    Ron, for once- please try to think w/ your head!

    1. These fake busty women are certainly not easy to handle!

      Once you’ve “tasted” them, you won’t be able to get away in piece easily! hehehe

      They will leech on ya till they’ve gain their compensation keke.

      1. LOL, Ron is addicted to them and he dares not to oppose her hehe

      2. You know what that photo is? A pretty girl lying in a guy’s bed, pouting, with lovelorn eyes and saying with her eyes and expression, “I’m such a hot girl, even when I am angry, I am pretty. I am in bed, why aren’t you coming to comfort and pacify me. When we make up, you can have lots of kisses and probably something more…”

        Very smart move of a woman using her wiles and beauty. Such an invite… Which guy can resist?

    2. That’s the problem. He IS thinking with his head. It’s just the wrong one

  3. So errr… they dated, they broke up, she posted, he deleted, he forgave her? Is this the right chronology?

    1. Minus the broke up part. If he already broke up w/ her, he would draw a clearer line f/ her.

      1. Maybe Ron and Viann are in a cold war, that’s y ron told reporters to give him some spaces to think.

        While Viann doesn’t Ron to think too long, she recklessly use his weibo to gain his attn..imo.

    2. When Ron was facing the reporters, he said that they DID date. When the reporters asked if they are still dating, he said give him some space (then he said that sentence a millions times after he first said it there). What I take from that is that Yes, Ron did date Viann and currently she is still his girlfriend, but he’s planning to dump her soon. So when the reporters asked, he didn’t say that they were still dating cause if he did say that, then a few months later when they are broken up, he wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of having to explain to the reporters what happened, why and how did they broke up cause he had just admitted recently that they were dating.

  4. If she loves him, she should be more considerate and not instigate between Ron and his fans. She is ruining his career if every time she makes a mistake and he comes out to defend her. She is so childish.

    1. Summer,

      I’m neither a Ron and viann fan but can u explain plz how did viann ruin his career if Ron is still single?

      1. I meant “she is going to…” Might or might not but the fans might be mad that he always help her. Still has a little negative impact on his career because of her silly “mistake.”

      2. True,

        If Ron continue to protect her from her silly, irrational, attention seeking behaviour,.. Fans will probably get mad at Ron for digging his own grave, tarnishing his image by this girl.

      3. Just having a Busty girlfriend (even though there wasn’t any disgusting pics or stuff revealed about them) will ruin his image which will lead to a ruined career.Why can’t HK male actors just look for a HK women whether she is from the entertainment cycle or not. At least they are a bit more modest than China ones and most importantly not busty in a sick way. Your image will stay a bit more clean that way.

      4. Edison Chan often have HK girlfriends like Julia or Cammie, any better?

        The girls like Jessica C, is she any better than Viann or PSS, or even worse?

        And Gillian Chung, sorry, but in term of fakeness, she is any better?

        The matter isn’t from China, busty or revealed pix, it’s characteristic of each person.

        Revealed pix, TVB girls have any less than these girls? They often show their bra “accidentally” to the public, compare them to lingerie models, I think they are WAY CHEAPER.

  5. Ron would be better off with Kate than this woman for sure!! Wake up Ron

    1. mAYBE YOURE right that Hk woman suits him more since they came from a similar background and understanding.

      I think this would the 2Rs LAST mainland barbie more in future!! had enough..

      1. Veejay,

        I doubt it’ll be 2R’s last. Once u go busty, it’s hard to go back.

      2. O’ really? i really dont know about that hahahahaha

        but your sentence made me LOL so hard..

        “Once you go busty, its hard to go back!”

      3. @ Veejay

        It derive from the phrase ‘Once you go black, you can’t go back’.

      4. Yeah, I don’t even know how Ron and Viann communicate cause Ron’s Mando sucks. Ray is mando so he has no problem with a mando girlfriend in terms of communicating.
        Hopefully 2R learned their lesson. Even if they pick another female form mainland, just make sure it’s not a barbie doll.

      5. @Veejay: The HK girls, I don’t think they are any better than Viann or PSS, just that their secrets are revealed or not. Compare Viann and PSS to Cammie, I still think Viann and PSS are better.

        Understanding, the China girl can be more understanding than any HK girl, who know?

        Similar background, please get in your mind that many of TVB girls now were born out of HK and many in China (Fala, TY for example). So are they also CHEAP?

        It isn’t a lesson to learn that not to love China girls.

    2. I do agree. Ron and Kate have had alot of chemistry together in some series. Can’t believe Ron is doing this 🙁

      1. bc they are still fake and wooden Ron will be bored of playing plastic dolls and go back to natural LOL

      2. @Kidd: Sometimes I think the reason for women who get excessively large implants stems from their insecurities. It’s almost like the bigger they want to go, the more insecure they are. Unfortunately instead of really dealing with the reasons for their insecurities, they are trying to “fix it” suoerficially.

      3. @ Kidd

        If she wasn’t an insecure woman in the first place, she wouldn’t have gotten those boobs.

      4. @advo,

        you forgot that she also had her face altered completely. She doesn’t look anything like this before. She looks like a chubby version of kate Tsui but kate is still better looking than her before Viann’s surgery.

      5. Viann is definately insecure or else she would not have altered her whole face and gotten big and fake boobs. I wonder how often she has to maintain everything since it is all fake???

      6. @Veejay
        Lol’s. I guess guys think it that way but i certainly don’t! (:

  6. She probably deleted the picture of him and Kate herself as well as deleting all his female friends around his age.

    1. Why did her bed pic on Ron’s weibo circle around so fast and the pics of Ron and his female partners not circle around. I wanna see the pic of Ron and Kate more than her bed pic. I bet it’s prob the guys who were so attracted to the pic (I mean her busty body) that started circling it. =(

  7. Why did Viann had to drag Kate into this? Ron and Kate are just brothers/good work colleagues. Yes i do agree that Ron and Kate has acted as a couple in quite a few series but this issue doesn’t need to come up every time. I hope Kate doesn’t have a bad feeling towards this issue and to Ron most of all. I don’t want their good friend relationship to fall just because of Viann. In conclusion just 3 words; Good luck Ron…

    1. Maybe because Ron is the only one who said Kate has grown more feminine. Bosco keep saying she’s like a man. lol

    2. Ron paired with Kate the most.

      Bosco must be keep saying Kate look like a man to avoid Myolie jealous

      1. Yes Ron did. Is it Bosco the 2nd one who paired with Kate or Laughing Sir (Michael Tse)?
        Haha i agree. But Bosco and Myolie agreed they are now dating so i guess Bosco says that. Also Myolie and Kate are good friends right? Myolie probably won’t mind

      2. In today’s news Kate kinda sarcastic to Viann. When reporter asked Kate if Viann is mad because of her kissing scenes with Ron, Kate said she has more intense kissing scenes with Bosco but Myolie handles it fine. lol

      3. @lol
        Yes I read that article too. Viann definitely can’t handle it but Myolie doesn’t mind.

    3. I’ve always said Kate was considerably acceptable.

      Right now they are completely in different leagues!

      1. I do accept Kate. She needs a man to love soon… I hardly think Ron and Kate see each other after the finale of the FH3 premiere

  8. Ron needs to wake up. Either you choose the woman and sacrifice your career, or you break up with her and save your career (and find another new woman). TBH, the latter sounds much more tempting.

    1. Yeah, she controlls everything. I understand why she has his weibo password, but what does she need his MSN one for? She’s gonna pretend to be Ron and talk to Kate rudely so that she’ll start to hate Ron and leave him? lols. They also said she has his Facebook password. He has facebook? is it private? I wanna see it!

  9. Anybody can have big breasts if they’re willing to fork in some money. Ron should just get rid of her since she’s causing so many problems with his fans.

      1. wow, at this point, if he still sticks up for her, I don’t feel sorry for him, he’s just an idiot who will realize his mistake too late.

  10. “She did not realize the severe consequences of her actions. She now regrets what had occurred.””

    Severe meh? Just a small matter.

  11. Isn’t it stupid that these brainless girls keep blaming that it was a glitch in their phones or computers that these bed pictures get accidently posted?? They act so ditzy why do these guys like them?
    The next thing u know she’d be posting sex videos of them!

    1. I would not be shocked if she does because didn’t she have some of her sex photos of her with her ex shown to the public before?? Therefore, I don’t think any of us should be shocked at all if that does happen in the future…

    2. But Ron and Viann rarely see each other, don’t think they have time for that. And Ron hates cameras. But you never know what she’ll be doing right beside you when you’re asleep.

  12. I don’t get it, what is the BIG deal? Guy does not want to admit that this girl is his girlfriend and girlfriend wants attention? So why do the “fans” get up all in her face? Are they dating the guy? So this guy is protective of this girl because he knows he has neglected her and won’t apologize to her but still makes it look it he is on her side so is “protective” of her during press meetings? Here is an idea, and “fans,” hold back, why doesn’t the guy just claim this is his girlfriend from the very beginning? Oh, wait, the HK media would disapprove and “fans” would be angry because their idol has a life. Gotcha.

    1. Well, it’s just obvious that the girl loves media attention and she brings some negative attention to herself by trying to make fun of Kate and some of his fans. I don’t really blame them for hating her. haha

  13. Ron took the photo with Kate during their Promo for FH3, the pix was where Kate leaned in Ron and they were both smiling…I saw it it on his page the other day as his icon but he changed it to his pix by himself without Kate so I guess the news was right where viann is jealous of Kate so Ron has to changed the pix…poor Ron for dating her,..she seem too controlling

    1. Why didn’t you start circling the pic? It obviously looks much better than Viann’s bed photo, even though I never saw the pic you mentioned.

  14. So most people were right, she’s a little off her rocker.

    Ron is a good guy to forgive her and defend her, but there is love, and then there is blind love.

    Run, Ron while you still can! The girl’s bat sh-t crazy.

    1. Ron love her too much and blinded now. Someone gotta smack sense into him.

  15. LOL LOL.

    What’s the big deal? She obviously posted the picture on purpose, but I don’t get the outrage since it was already known that they were dating.

    Ron is totally whipped. But honestly, if he wants to date a media wh*re then let him!

    1. yeah agre,

      who knows perhaps they’re in this together since Ron’s star is already fading. In TVB there are up and coming seniors and juniors that will outshine him easily.

      1. That is normal in the circle to be up and then down.. It happens to everyone since how many can really stay in the the spotlight for a long time? Not many…Good recent example is Kevin… Ron may shine bright again one day who knows??

        A big difference with Ron and Ray is that Ron has already admitted that they are dating and are together… That was a smarter move and he has learned due to Ray’s incident.

  16. Viann is driven by jealousy and possessiveness. She’s trying get her claws onto Ron and control him by using her wiles again and again. From Ron’s defense of her, it’s obviously he’s only thinking with the lower part of his anatomy!!! There are so many decent girls from HK to chose from and if he has to chose one according to the size of their chest then he deserves whatever that Viann has instore for him!!! Wake up Ron!!!!

    1. Ron seems to be only attracted to fake outer appearance and not her true inner self.

  17. I think he is only defending her because he was NOT in the photo with her. I bet that IF he was in the photo with her just like it was with Raymond, he would react differently… However, in his case he has admitted to his relationship with Viann unlike Raymond… For now, Ron still likes and defends her but she continues on like this… IF Ron thinks with his head, I don’t think would stay with her… Unless he honestly has no face or shame…

  18. I just wanted to add, oh gosh her fake long nails make her look like one of those evil fox spirits that have transformed into human form.. Scary…Is anything about her actually real???

  19. deja vu!!

    I think if this trend of bed photos catches on, it should be called “Panning” the boyfriend/lover/husband in honour of Mavis Pan.

    1. i wonder where did they got so much of money for these plastic surgeries since Viann was no one back then, assuming she was still young and her modelling was not that famous back then? They are definitely not those cheap surgery by those illegal doctors…

      1. @Pink Kidd,

        Your comment is funny but why r u using the name Kidd which the other user already been using it for a long time? LOL

        Anyway, You could be right on that..she could had sleeping to earn $$$ to get this surgery.

    2. You are right,this Viann Zhang look like call girl ,her big breast suck ,find other girl ,Ron.

  20. love is so overrated when marriage ends in divorce 50% of the time

    1. Not everyone gets married out of love and it takes much much more than just love to keep a marriage long, lasting and happy..

  21. Good looking girls are always going to attract attention ! I like them as a couple, don’t know why all the fuss. People should just let them enjoy their romance.

    1. People might enjoy their romance more if Viann can behave better instead of letting her insecurities over her head and do stupid things.

      1. I agree and I have noticed that when people behave better, people aren’t as annoyed and are supportive…

  22. It can only happen in HK. Hollywood actors/actresses date and separate and it doesn’t ruin their careers. So what if she posted a photo, she was fully clothed, no different to her posting a photo sitting on a chair. It’s not like Ron was in the background.

    1. OMG! So true but Ron and Kate were never actually together I thought! I just heard rumors but who knows if it is true

  23. Why does Ron have to call Barbie to remove a post from HIS blog?? lmao *makes whip noise*

    oh, and if anybody has that pic of Ron and Kate, we should post it E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.. Barbie will be so happy lmao don’t stop there, lets make Ron/Kate vids too XD

  24. I don’t see how Ron is so handsome. To me, he looks fat, and looks cocky. As for Viann, she is one hell of a dumbo that needs to go back to higher education lol.

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