Ron Ng Unluckily Fell into Sex Trap

The exposure of Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) explicit sexual text messages and audio clips with a mysterious woman shocked the public. It was speculated that Ron had even cheated with “Miss X” while dating ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang (张馨予), with “Miss X.”  However, it was revealed today that Ron was a victim in a widescale “sex trap” which implicated a large group of male actors!

A Cunning Sex Trap

It was reported that there was a mastermind behind the “sex trap,” in which a group of lengmos and busty women were ordered to bait male actors. Allegedly, the mastermind amassed a large list of male actors’ phone numbers and gave them to the lengmos to contact.  With the busty women willingly throwing themselves at the actors, several of the men were unfortunately unable to resist temptation, even actively exchanging sexually explicit text messages with the women.

The goal of the “sex trap” was to was to gather “damning” evidence of the men’s lusty behavior. The lengos heartily agreed to participating in the trap, which will help them boost their recognition levels quickly.

Ron Ng, unfortunately responded to temptation. It was understood that he did not have sex with the woman, but only exchanged explicit messages.  His explicit cell phone messages–which were compiled by the mysterious and wealthy woman known only as “Miss X”–were published yesterday. This resulted in ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang, lamenting that she had trusted the wrong person all along!

Before Ron fell into the “sex trap,” it was understood that Shawn Yue (余文樂) was also an unfortunate victim.

Taking a ferry to Macau to appear in a stage performance yesterday, Ron maintained that he did not know “Miss X” well and never dated the woman. Ron stated that he has been in contact with “Miss X” after the scandal broke out.

Regarding the explicit phone messages, Ron said, “I will let her respond to the matter. She will be issuing a press statement later!”


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Jayne: Sex trap? As in how Aaron Kwok fell into a sex trap when he was performing in a concert in Australia and gave in to temptation with a woman he randomly met there?

Do you believe that Ron is a victim of a widescale “sex trap” with a powerful mastermind behind the scandal?

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  1. Sex trap or not, isn’t he still at fault. They’re trying to save his image, which isn’t really helping.

    I don’t even know why Ron’s image is important, his actig sucks LOL. I have yet to see a drop of improvement throughout his acting career. If it wasn’t for his face, he’d be playing the small roles.

    1. Exactly.
      Also not really a fan of him. His acting is rather wooden.

    2. are you sure? I think Ron’s acting is really good. He’s lucky to get to act all different kinds of roles and he does them good, but too bad he’s treated like a KEH LEH FEH.

      1. Agree that Ron Ng’s acting is the worst of all top siu sang’s. Instead of working on his acting skills, he spent his time flirting with sexy girls. Shame on him.

      2. I also don’t think Ron’s acting is that bad since I have seen worse… Hopefully, he learns from this experience and will be more loyal to love in the future… I guess it is hard for guys (and girls as well) to stay faithful, especially in the e circle.

    3. Totally agree. Ron is a actor who has dated many many female artistes. If he was not that “casual”, he would not have fallen into the so-called “trap”. No one could force him to flirt with women.

    4. >>> Sex trap or not, isn’t he still at fault. They’re trying to save his image, which isn’t really helping

      Agree – that’s exactly what I was thinking.
      Don’t know this dude too well (otehr than Joyce Cheng had a crush on him) …. but was thinking like you.

      If he didn’t succumb, “trap” or not – nothing to happen.How is he a victim? He HAD a choice. He wasn’t kidnapped, stripped naked and raped or something.

      1. I agree. Ron is not 17 years old kid. He’s already 33 and can think for himself. It’s bad luck that he got caught as a horny cheater

    5. lol.. sex trap. i cant believe how ridiculous ths is gettng

  2. No, I don’t believe that was a trap at all. How convenient for them to say it is a TRAP and that THEY have been lured by the lengmos.

  3. There must be some conspiracy going on to bring down the siu sungs one by one or else why all the scandals all of a sudden. The real mastermind behind all of this is definitely enjoying the ‘show’ and like all of you suggested, it may be Ricky Wong.

    1. I know, I was laughing after I realized that 3 of the TVB fadans Ray, Ron, and Bosco are in big trouble with all the bad news that has to do with girls and cheating, these past few days.

  4. oh my goodness, one news after another unfolding. like an onion peel. geez, it’s making my lazy friday afternoon interesting. 😳 and i should be tuning in to the opening of the olympics in an hour’s time but here i am. 😳 tsk tsk tsk LOL sorry out of topic. erm, i actually don’t know what to think anymore. guess i’ll just read. 😛

    1. Ha ha I like your description of peeling an onion. Like it!!
      Trap or no trap he or all three siu sangs are to blame for their foolishness.
      Tuning to olympic now!!

      1. heh heh….thanks 😳 okay, in 1 minute …. let the games begin. so excited. yay *high 5*

  5. what if its a trap? Does it makes him any less guilty of cheating? Fact is he cheated.

  6. Honey trap eh? But then if you’re not tempted you wouldn’t have fallen for it. It is a matter of character.

    “Taking a ferry to Macau to appear in a stage performance yesterday, Ron maintained that he did not know “Miss X” well and never dated the woman. Ron stated that he has been in contact with “Miss X” after the scandal broke out.”

    This sentence alone is full of holes.

    He did not know her, never dated her and yet he knows how to be in contact with her. He also spent time talking to her and he sounded drunk since he was slurring his words and frankly I didn’t feel it was sexy, rather it felt like he was ordering her around, demanding her wear this, do that. Perhaps he was thinking he was talking to a prostitute or maybe he thinks she is into rough erotic talk which isn’t that erotic. We hear his side but I can’t hear hers so I don’t know her tone and what she was saying.

    Put it simply; people are always out to bait anyone. Be smart and have a bit of character so as not to fall into it.

    And Ron and Ray should be happy that it is only sex talk and some revelation. Wait till a woman wants more than her 15 minutes of fame; she baits them by getting pregnant. Then we shall see real drama.

    As for the lady, who to me is a tramp since she herself fails character wise, she should know doing this for 15 minutes of fame never would equal to a lifetime of employment. It may give temp relief in terms of income or recognition but what you earn is a reputation of someone who is untrustworthy and unrealiable and in entertainment world no one would hire such a person who will spill the beans for that small amount of cash. Gossip magazines maybe.

    We all know the entertainment world is filled with dirty money and dirty sex and easy women and lusty horny men. Same like politics. I do not believe anyone is simple minded or virginal or whatever. Whilst I disagree with Ron’s behaviour, I don’t think this alone should justify the death of his career. His behaviour has yet to reach the level of untolerable. He is a young man with cash and looks and looking for a bit of fun. Same like Ray. And whilst we can cry that these men hurt the women who were with them, don’t forget these women, young and old threw themselves at them for the fact they’re rich, famous and handsome. Some may be genuinely and foolishly think it is love but many are just for that materialistic momentary fun time or rather an illusion of a steady relationship when it is nothing more than a series of one night stands purely for sex without love involved.

    Each side gets what they want and gets burnt when they failed to achieve that. I am not excusing these 2 men’s behaviour, but to put it simply it should take more than being jerks and lotharios and bad taste in women to write their career off. One day these 2 will grow up and they might possibly find someone suitable or make the worst decision by settling down with someone who will suck them dry of their money or riding on their fame. These two may regret it, or they may have a few divorces and a few children in between being stupid and being wiser. Since they are in their early 30s, give them a few more years since they’re already acting like they’re facing mid life crisis with their need to be with girls so young they could be their younger sister or even daughters some years later. However in 5 years’ time and still the same behaviour, as their age goes up but the age of the girls’ they’re dating remains constant, then yes there is something creepy.

    But right now being stupid, lusty, young and shallow should not be enough to write them off totally.

    1. My mistake. He did not know her well. I suppose he can have her number. Well he may not know her well emotionally but he seems to know her undergarments well. And oh, he likes pink?

    2. “Whilst I disagree with Ron’s behaviour, I don’t think this alone should justify the death of his career.”

      I think his poor acting and lack of improvement throughout the last decade should justify the death of his career.

      I’m usually easily swayed when it comes to male actors. If you’re not a convincung actor, you better have good looks as compensation and you better work hard to imorove. But looks can really only take a person so far. It’s almost painful to see Ron acting.

      1. That'[s my point. Unfortunately fans won’t see that way.

        Fave star has gf- won’t be a fan anymore
        fave star cheated om gf – won’t be a fan anymore
        fave star in a sex tape – won’t be a fan anymore
        fave star in a sex talk tape – won’t be a fan anymore

        When “won’t be a fan anymore’ should be based on bad acting and even poorer character. Some behaviour is excusable, it makes them human. Anything short of immoral illegal act (note, no commas), everything else is fair game.

        Like I said, wait till he gets someone pregnant who won’t take no for answer. Paying the kid up through his nose.

        Even Jackie Chan survived his even worser scandal but then Jackie Chan is Jackie Chan and he has his posse.

      2. Ron got famous 99% because of his good looks and 1% for whatever acting skills he has. That and a lot of publicity is enough for him to make some moolah. A lot of people settle for mediocre borderline bad. Aka, Ron’s acting. For ex., most tvb actors sing horribly and yet they still get a lot of support and even release albums and whatnot. I never understood that. Some of them can’t even act for their life and yet they venture out to sing. Pick one thing and nail it first, good god.

      3. LF is probably the only TVB actor turned singer that can actually sing and sing WELL! I personally think that he sings better than he acts now. His acting hasn’t wowed me in the last few years so I’m really rooting for a great performance in HAL and hopefully I won’t be disappointed or else I’ll be resorting back to listening to his songs.

    3. Good points Funn and you made some good points about the dirty and dark world of the E circle. It is rare to have a faithful guy or girl from the e circle. I agree that I don’t excuse Ron and Ray’s behavior, but I don’t think it should be the reason to completely shut them off and doom their career completely. I think they are still single men who have looks, fame and money and still want to have fun. However, they should have done it when they were completely single instead of when they supposedly had a girlfriend. I hope that they don’t have a habit of this when they get married in the future if they do get married. My mom always stereotypes guys and girls in the circle as not being faithful because the temptation is just so high everywhere you go. There are some that are faithful but the numbers are very few. They also fall prey to those young women who crave fame,money and attention as well so they themselves need to be careful due to being around sooo many young and pretty girls who are unknown and would love to use them for fame and attention… The e world is so dark and scary… I wonder if any of you guys would ever join if you were given the opportunity to do so?? One of my friends wants to be an actress badly but I wonder if she is prepared to face all of this if she did become one???

      1. money is a root to all evils. unless u choose to live in a dark age, i can assure u 100% that you wont find a genuinely 100% faithful guy or gal in your life. Be prepare to get upset and heartbreak if there’s any chance you start a relationship with a guy or gal. While you are still single, appreciate the peacefulness of being single.

  7. What do we always say if something like this happens: If the bull doesn’t want to drink………

    But let be honest, infidelity happens all the time around us, only most of us aren’t famous. The only unlucky thing about Ron Ng is that he is kind of famous LOL.

    1. I know! Totally agree with you! Most guys and girls in the world are like this, but when people read and comment poorly about things like this happening with Artists, it seems like they’ve never seen anyone like that.

      1. Well they are in entertainment world and they earn their living through image and acting after all. So they have to take the consequences what they do in public.
        We, as the public, have our vices but enjoy their mistakes. That’s life and true!!!

    2. Thing is most of us aren’t public figures, but they voluntarily choose to put themselves in the spotlight when they chose this path.

      1. Ron also isn’t the smartest or the highest EQ among these siu sang 🙁

      2. I agree. Ron isn’t as smart as his peers so I want to see what action he will take to clean his name

      3. “Ron also isn’t the smartest or the highest EQ among these siu sang.” ……… totally agree.

  8. lol! this is his defense? Did she force him to call? Force him to say those sentences? I didn’t realize Ron was so easily swayed.

  9. if it’s a sex trap, why is she staying anonymous? to test the waters first?

    1. Test the water. She know Ron will contact her when things get out of control like this and it’s easier to negotiate when she has upper hand and she can demand what she wants in the negotiation. I’m guessing money

    2. She said she could face the publicity, according to Next. How true? Wait to see when she reveals her face.

    3. She could be afraid to of the backlash from Ron’s fans. She must’ve seen how Viann has a never ending fight with Ron’s fans.

    4. Ella also had hard times with Ron’s crazy fans. Too bad she deleted her weibo entry last night that was obviously directed at Ron

  10. All this reminds me of what happened to Aaron Kwok many years ago… He eventually got over it and is doing pretty good, so I think this will all pass with time… I think Ron will learn from this but in the hard way.

    1. Stupid trying to label it as a trap! Sure the world is a dangerous place.

      Can’t compare Aaron to Ron, their talents are just like heaven and earth.

      Ron should be playing klf roles soon…

  11. these are stupid excuses, even if its a trap, he shouldnt had fall in it when he already have a girlfriend, Ron’s image is tootally ruined now especially with that audio clip. People are bashing him in forums and weibo

    1. I saw it too :(. Poor Ron. What his crazy fans did to others before now come back at him. Even Bosco get a night break since WI ending made weibo full of WI ranting and LF no need to say will get away easily

      1. Because Ron’s case is the most serious and hardest to deny.

      2. I saw this too. I’m disappointed at the FB and tweets of my friends who keep talking about Bosco and Linda’s character in WI and forgot about Myolie’s pain.

      3. who cares? they have alot of love addicts flying around them like honey bees …no short of demand for these hansome guys

      4. Really?!?! My friends (ex Boscolie fans turned Myolie fans) all stopped watching WI. They are angry at Bosco for hurting Myolie so they cannot bring themselves to watch Witness where he is so perfect.

      5. You’re lucky. My friends who watch TVB are not fans of anyone and they still continue watching WI and fill the newsfeeder with their WI tweets. Not sensitive at all to Myolie’s feelings.

  12. Ron, stop playing with media and the audience. You are doomed.

    1. Ron need to learn how to deal with media questions. Don’t learn from 620. Not sure either she’s dumb at PR or just a troll.

  13. Ron honey, if only there were no voice clips and pics 🙁

    1. if they only mention insider said this insider said that, there’s still a piece of doubt. But handsome boy, you need to negotiate with the woman now how to explain the tape and pics. Suggestions include
      -conversation was only jokes
      -pics were photoshop 😛

      1. if men are not bastard, women dont like!
        Becoz women are stupid to like them.

      2. also, a “man” who doesnt cheat his “women” is not a man.

        a woman who has not been cheated by “men”(ie. more than 1man) is not deserved to be a woman.

      3. lolz, no doubt why you are forever alone, tony. Btw not so long ago women will be less than men and men cant choose women but women can. Or men have to choose to love each other :).

      4. men can flirt until 70-80yrs old but women cant. no doubt women always being lonely till death when they r being dumped by their husband midway after their marriage.

      5. Women wont feel lonely because they have kids around. Men will flirt until 70-80 but are joked by these flirts :P. “Old men is pervert but cant do anything”. Oh I feel poor to you.

  14. Hahahaa!

    This whole sex trap stuff comes straight out of a bad script for a HK B film.

    Again, fiction and news interchanged.

  15. An ahole will always remain an ahole. Thts’s why i lol’d so hard when i know he declared viann is his gf bt then soon enough she dumped him. Embarassing or wht.

  16. It was reported that there was a mastermind behind the “sex trap,” in which a group of lengmos and busty women were ordered to bait male actors. Allegedly, the mastermind amassed a large list of male actors’ phone numbers and gave them to the lengmos to contact. With the busty women willingly throwing themselves at the actors, several of the men were unfortunately unable to resist temptation, even actively exchanging sexually explicit text messages with the women.

    It isn’t a new thing. The reporters used this type of trick years. Who are their “insider”?

    But a trap with evidence is always worse than a trap with no evidence at all. Too bad, Ron’s case felt into the first case: a trap with evidence.

    Now he only can waste his name only if he can prove that the man in the audio isn’t him. The texts can be denied but the audio is harder. However audio can be edited and he can use it as an excuse. If he can negotiate with Miss X to stop and go to see public with him, it’s better.

    However, I wonder how can we know that the girl who come out (if any) is really Miss X?

    1. However, I wonder how can we know that the girl who come out (if any) is really Miss X?

      I wonder too

    2. So phone sex spamming is for real! Haha… can’t believe Ron is so dumb! I thought maybe Him Him would take over as the next tvb male bimbo but nope… Ron, u are still #1!

      1. If Him is a bimbo that will hurt his girlfriend Tavia

      2. Himbo can pass because he is kinda fresh to audiences so there are many who wont know his past if he is continuing to be promoted.

        PimRon is in sader case. He is already famous so reporters will stick at him like flies around dung to dig for more.

  17. oh well. sucks to be him. it is funny to bait these guys. hahahaha…some girls are very cunning to lure them with their hot bodies.

  18. Haha this is funny.. aren’t women/ men everywhere busy setting traps anyway?

    1. then dont make love with any man because you know that he will gonna cheat you someday somehow.
      make sense?

  19. They should really stop putting the blame on outsiders (outside TVB). Stop blaming people for things they have done. They are fully grown men for goodness sake! Stop making lame excuses for yourselves guys!

    1. yea rite. I hope ppl here (mostly females) dont blame their other partners for causing upset in their relationship.

  20. If it’s anybody’s fault that Ron has got into this predicament it’s he who is solely to be blamed. He’s not a juvenile, but a supposed to be grown-up adult who should be able to look after himself. I don’t feel sorry for him at all to be caught thus.

  21. Whats the story with Aaron Kwok sex trap?????

    1. the pervert placed his salted pig hand into the model’s under…….

  22. Ron please don’t find excuses otherwise you will lose more fans.

    Personally, I think Ron’s acting has been improved especially he acted pretty well for his role in L’Escargot.

  23. lolz sex traps, well it’s his fault for falling into it.

  24. If he is smart enough, which I really doubt about, he just remain silent and let go the story. People will forget Viann since she is just another plastic doll and Ms X, whom none even know about her existence. He will try to get better and better in his acting skills, he will be forgiven. But poor Ron, does form 5 really affect his reaction against the problem? Look at Raymond, he didn’t even say a word.

    1. ron only has form 3 education. I think it was reported that he misled people to misunderstand that he had form 5 education (I think people assumed, but he didnt clarify).

      1. His career once lopsided because his zipper was opened in public and he got many negative rumours and he didn’t handle all the rumours well.

      2. Ron Ng is a high school dropout; he only finished Form 3 (or Grade 9 in North America) from a lousy school. He even lied that he finished Form 5 from a decently good high school. That is why his English pronunciation is sooooooo bad!

    2. The press love to bombard Ron with questions because he usually can’t answer them well and hard to remain silent when press are chasing you.

      1. Thank you, I didn’t know he has that low level of education, the way he handling the media is quite disappointed so I’m wondering how he could get out of this trap.

  25. It all sounds like such a ridiculous excuse to me. I thought “Miss X” was wealthy already? And if she really wanted the fame and what not why have she not revealed her name yet??
    How is being some anonymous woman going to help her reach this “fame” that she set Ron Ng up for?

  26. Ella Koon said this in her weibo!

    今天看新聞!才知道世人終於知道真相了!我也愛過疼過!最終都是受傷離場!還曾經被誤會拿愛情做宣傳!It was really hard for me!

    Fans quickly guessed it was about Ron

    1. Ella and Ron must’ve broken up unpeacefully 😛

      1. If media see this, Ron got another rumour coming. Damn

      2. This whole thing is getting more and more interesting! 😀

      3. I agree. If HK media pick up Ella’s words Ron gets another trouble to deal with

    2. So more and more Ron’s history is coming out of the woodwork. 😛 The karmic wheel is turning.

    3. Time for Ron to sing “don’t blame me cos im stupid” 😀

      1. Nahhhh he is singing I’m just a mannnnnnnnn

    4. I wonder what happen between Ella and Ron. I forgot the details about their scandal. Anyone remember?

      1. They were rumoured to be lover. Ella seduced Ron and used him for free promotion because at this moment, she was kind of unknown singer (and actress as well). She was called “pretty face” and her company didn’t pay much attention on her. Ron fans bashed her a lot to call her a predator and attention seeker.

        After a while, her singing was accepted more but the rumour with Ron still caused her some troubles, even when she announced that she had a bf. Many Ron fans still call her predator until now.

      2. Thanks Fox. Now it’s obvious that Ella is talking about Ron! LOL

      3. That’s why actors obsessive fans are the most crazy. Sometimes you wonder if they are actually human.

      4. It must be the HK media making fake rumours about Ella and she had suffered from Ron’s fans until the recent Ron incident trapped Ron.

      5. I believe she shoots her mouth without thinking and therefore is an attention seeker. She finds her way of making publicity for herself. I never quite like her. I find her no class.

      6. It’s really unfair if Ron pursued her but she was called predator. She didnt pursue him but everyone think so without considering her feeling just because she isnt a famous singer. It’s really hard for her if it’s the truth.

        Now he is in trouble and you may find it’s cruel and attention seeker she is to say such thing. But to her the comment is like a final release because ppl can know she wasnt the predator.

        She will soon delete it, im sure.

      7. Hey Funn, Ella is no Viann Zhang. She deleted the entry already it must be momentary burst of anger LOL

        Ella: Serves you right Ron Ng! Grrr!

      8. She deleted already. That means no news later 🙁

      9. Vivien, the fact she deleted tells me whatever she says need not be taken into account. She doesn’t even have conviction to what she says which is neither defamatory nor insulting so she is just joining the fun. For me someone who professes a truth, posted it and then deleted it must mean whatever she said was a lie. Of she is saying the truth the weibo post should remain.

      10. I think Ella was excited to see Ron’s true colour exposed. That’s why the post and later when she calm down, she delete it.

      11. Excited people do things without thinking. It’s her emotion! LOL

      12. Funn- it is obvious that Ella is still angry over what happened, and in a moment of vindictiveness she made her comment to rub it in Ron’s face and show the world that they were wrong to accuse her of “social climbing” – when comments started to appear on her Weibo… she sat back, thought about what she was doing, and realized she suddenly didn’t want to be a part of the mess / drag herself back into it. So, she deleted the message.

        It’s not about conviction etc.. it’s about self-preservation. We’ve seen what Ron’s fan continue to do to Viann despite the fact Ron was proven a cheat… Ella decided she didn’t want to stir the pot 😛

      13. You make sense TVBFanatic. I also think Ella made the entry when her adrenaline rush was rushing from seeing Ron’s news.

      14. @ Funn

        “Errr Kidd, are you saying she is lying when she posted that comment?”

        You said she posted and then deleted the message prove that she’s lying about Ron (theory 1). So, I said that the more logical theory is she posted the comment in a rash moment and then deleted it after she calmed down (theory 2).

        I mean, theory 2 is more logical instead of theory 1.

    5. Well she isn’t mentioned is she and she quickly joins in the quoting thing. Someone needs some attention.

      1. Ella was cheated by Ron. She must’ve written to express her satisfaction after the HK press and Ron’s fans slander her with fake rumours all this years. She might delete the weibo soon, I bet.

      2. Faster than I expected.

        It’s a release to her now. And washed her image. She might be over excited.

      3. Agreed and because she deleted it fast it means she’s not attention seeker unlike the other ex. She just want clear her name.

      4. Well Viann dumped him .. for once I feel viann has more class that Ella. See her on TV and all I can see is really a girl who has no class.

      5. If she post, we can assume it is truth. If she delete we can assume it is a lie. If it is the truth, why is she afraid of offending people? After all all she said is she is relieved. She didn’t call names and all that.

      6. Ok, let’s take an example :D.

        If the girl who posted this message is Linda or Fala, do you believe? Or only for Ella?

      7. Ella is sexy but she’s natural and she sell voice talent. Viann sell attention seeking and her skin.

      8. @funn: ella still has High and Low which will be aired on 1 Oct. if she didn’t delete who knows that her screentime might be cut by TVB

      9. Funn – if she deletes we can consider it a lie? really? you really believe that? You’ve never ever said anything in your life you wish you could take back?

        That’s all that happened here. Ella made a comment because she’s still sore about what happened in the past. When all of Ron’s cronies started to attack her for it, she thought better of it and deleted the comment. Like I said before – self-preservation won out.

      10. There are actually 2 screencaps of her weibo post posted on tvb baidu before she belatedly deleted her entry. The comments on her weibo were mixed, some supporting, most berating her for throwing stones into the well that person has fallen into. And that she was being vindictive and unkind. Of course her supporters said Ron deserves it.

        Me think why mar your behavior and memory with such an ungracious act? Why still harbor such a strong emotion towards him who has hurt you, therefore letting him still have this power to stir you up? Ignore him, pass him by with nary a glance, don’t cast stones on a fallen man.

        She must have deleted the post due to heated comments, and thinking twice thought it’s prudent not to get into something that is quickly becoming a cesspool that is best avoided.

      11. @claimine

        Can you post the screencaps or link the baidu?

      12. TVBFanatic, if it is the truth why delete? So for posting it means for publicity. This is not the first time Ella is in trouble for speaking up at the wrong time. But if it is the truth, why regret posting it? Doesn’t that make her a hypocrite?

        Fala or Linda? I doubt they will be so stupid to post without thinking.

        It is a matter of either having no opinion at all like Tavia or having too much of an opinion like Ella. Former is boring, latter is exciting but once you retract with what you profess to be the truth, it makes you a hypocrite. So better don’t post if you can’t stand the heat. Like I said she said neither deragatory or insulting remark, it was a post about her feelings as fans say, and if so, why delete??

        Yes I posted things I regretted before but if it is racist or insulting, I will delete but other than that, my embarrassing quips are still online for everyone to read.

      13. Funn, this time I really disagree with you. Her posting the comment in a moment of adrenaline rush and then deleted it after she calm down and can think rationally is more logical than her telling a lie.

        Don’t let your earlier view of her mar your rational mind.

      14. She prolly posted without thinking over it rationally so her reason is not to seek attention.

        Still I have to agree with Funn on the fact that she shouldn’t have deleted it. Does make her look stupid.

        She has nothing to fear from TVB as 620 has already decided to sacrifice Ron to Vicente, LOL

      15. Kidd, she is lucky she posted something neither defamatory nor insulting because if HK is sue sue sue culture, her one time posting will cause her some serious money although it gets her publicity. A person should be held accountable to their comments. Just because there is a delete option doesn’t mean you can post without thinking and this is a world where everyone make known their every day lives and opinion to anyone on a daily basis through various means. What adrenaline rush? She is still accountable. If she intends to delete, then she should stop to think if she should write. She is not a newbie star who has yet to learn the ropes. She is considered experience. Her posting and deleting shows to me she has no conviction to what she said, she may be saying the truth but by her actions of deleting it, she can be presumed to be lying or doing for publicity and so Ron’s fans shall have cause to criticise her.

        She is opening herself to assassination so to speak. She can delete, but within a second of posting someone would have screencaptured it and in Internet everything is forever and ever and ever.

        So if she doesn’t mean it, just a rush to post, then either she is a hypocrite, or she is stupid. She can choose either one and I will believe either one will suit her.

        People, even my this comment will be on internet forever. I stand by my comments. Of course Jayne doesn’t have a delete button but not that I will delete. She doesn’t even have an edit button.

        I am not marred by my view of her when I posted my first comment. I am just sick of people posting then deleting something and then probably tell everybody else I was right but I had to delete. As if she never made that statement in the first place.

        If Ron was a bastard to her, then keep the statement. I feel her original statement wasn’t even offensive. She wants to please her fans or keep her job or whatever, so if that is the case, don’t post. Unless she is a 12 year old first time internet user.

      16. “Her posting the comment in a moment of adrenaline rush and then deleted it after she calm down and can think rationally is more logical than her telling a lie.”

        Errr Kidd, are you saying she is lying when she posted that comment?

      17. Assuming that she wanna some free publicity but it can’t change the fact that there is 50% she said the truth.

        Watever, Ron’s ex-gfs are haunting him.

        Don’t agree that other girls might be more smart to do such thing. No harm but good free publicity. And a chance to stab the one who dumped her without being bashed. Ella was the one who was bashed while Ron was free from this, even when they were together. Angry? Yes, sure that she was and the bitter is still available until now. Ella can’t forget.

      18. @Fox: Angry? Yes, sure that she was and the bitter is still available until now. Ella can’t forget.

        After how many years, still bitter? Elephant can’t forget neither can Ella. lol!

        Reminds me of Steven Ma’s essay.

        Forget Hate
        Indeed, sometimes, love’s flip side is hate. 有時, 愛的反面, 真的挺恨的!But not so for me! 說的, 不是我! Frankly, in my philosophy, love can be infinite, but hate is as to forget. 愛可以很盡, 但恨, 等如忘!

        There are friends of mine, who only yesterday were inseparable, pledging vows of undying love but in the instance of falling out or in a fit of intolerance, would cast their past off like ashes into the winds! Even to the extreme of becoming bitter enemies bent on destroying each other.

        If cannot be good friends or lovers, does it mean they cannot co-exist peacefully in the same place? Who gains? Who loses? It just cannot be distinctly clarified or delineated. But, people, oftentimes, like to shove all the blame onto the other party. Never mind how you are feeling, at least, I feel better.

        Yeah! You feel better. I don’t. Enough!

        Not enough! For some people, it is just not enough! Who owes who? Let’s not get into that just yet. Both parties or maybe just one of them will content with nothing less than his/her ex’s “death”. Death, be it the literal annihilation of life or the figurative ruining of life. In any case, hate you is just that, hate you! 反正恨你, 就是恨!

        This kind of mindset is shared by both females and males alike. Moreover, this kind of mindset has nothing to do with being self-centered or not. I believe it is an inherent trait in human nature; to possess. 佔有!

        This desire to possess; it is very insidious! It can push people towards atrocity, malevolence, cold-heartedness and even self-debasement. Or perhaps to infect people you hate with this frame of mind and behavior that you yourself do not wish to possess.

        I, truly, do not want to be this way!

        Once person to person destiny is over, they should split! Split? To what degree? The ultimate split should be to forget! It maybe difficult to forget everything all at once, but heading that direction cannot be wrong. Although to forget may be seen as evasion, but I also believe between ‘forget’ and ‘hate’, ‘forget’ is better than ‘hate’. 我也相信﹐忘和恨, 忘比恨好﹗

        source: 圖文並謬 pp 42-43
        Translator: Tamaya

      19. I don’t find how it is related :). Steven might feel better to forget, but Ella feels better to remember forever. It’s up to their decision.

        Remember or forget? Which one make you feel better, you should do it. Don’t force yourself to forget because it just makes you remember more.

        It’s my 2 cents.

      20. Ron hurt Ella deeply. What’s wrong if she can’t forget? Men who cheat in love a despicable.

      1. why bother to post if you’re gonna delete? Definitely attention seeker.

      2. Ella want to clear her negative rumours from dating Ron before

    6. So in fact Ella posted 2 message on weibo, the first one is:

      今天看新聞!才知道世人終於知道真相了!我留下了一滴清淚!I feel you sister !

      (2 first quotes are same to the second one. Third one is: I left a tear.

      2012-07-29 03:04:25

      Then she changed to the one we’ve seen:

      今天看新聞!才知道世人終於知道真相了!我也愛過疼過!最終都是受傷離場!還曾經被誤會拿愛情做宣傳!It was really hard for me!

      Clearer message.

      2012-07-29 03:21:03

      Then deleted it.

      1. Is there a screenshot to the first one? The second one already posted by fiona LOL

      2. I don’t see screenshot but I see a person reported it in KATVB.

      3. Netizens are fast. Now Ron’s past problem is coming back to get him

      4. Ella don’t want to get into trouble with TVB? I mean she maybe want to express her relief after all these years of being called predator but at the same time if she attack Ron blatantly TVB will get mad LOL

      5. That’s why I think Ella delete LOL

        Ella: Yes! Right on your face Ron!

        a few minutes later

        Ella: Oh no! TVB will get made at me!

  27. Actually, I kinda believe Ron fell into a sex trap. He sure is stupid enough to. LOL

    1. Well, that’s why his case is the most serious among 3.

    2. Ron should pray that media don’t see and publicize Ella’s weibo remark

      1. Well there is a chinese saying “older you get, the dumber you will be” haha

        Kinda makes sense due to the loss of brain cells. Poor Ron losing the little brain less he had.

        Becomes a zombie which creates a new niche for TVB i.e zombie series. Perfect since he doesn’t need to act just be wooden face 🙂

      2. LOL. Ron’s quotation is different: The older you are, the dumber you will be. Poor Ron 🙁

      1. He was drunk? That makes things alot better… so he’s a drunken pervert – lol…. women beware.

      2. Drunken and start spurting things like pink panties in Ron Ng deep voice and dead eyes LOL

      3. He was slurring he words. And he was not gentle at all. In fact he sounded pissed off. So now we know who to cast the HK version of 50 Shades Of Grey. He has the “fire power”.


  28. Can someone please translate what did Ella Koon write in her weibo?

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. Here it is..

      “I was reading the news today! And I knew everyone realized the truth! I too have been loved and been hurt! At the end I left the scene being hurt! I also was misunderstood to have used love to gain media attention! it was really hard for me!”

      1. @TVBFanatic: Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

      2. Hell. Turns out Ella was cheated by Ron! There really was many negative rumours about Ella and Ron relationship before.

      3. Ella delete the entry! I can’t find it when I tried to go back to read comments LOL.

      4. Ron’s case look worse now because Viann and Ella are joining forces against him!

      5. I agree. Ron is not facing the media alone, he also need to face his exes Ella and Viann. How will you handle this Ron? He’s lucky Ella deleted it

      6. a bit shocked to see ella’s messages today. really disappointed at you ron.

  29. Who’s next to Ron? Viann, Ella. Wonder if Joyce will come up next..

    1. Media will target Joyce Cheng in 3, 2, 1, . . . .

  30. But at the end Ron did try to save the relationship with Viann so I thought he really wanted to have serious relationship with her but she didn’t really care. I give one credit for him for this point only, the truth over the story between Ella is hard to say since the story was hidden and she mostly used him to get attention.

    1. Why do you say that? Ella certainly didn’t think she used him to get attention.. and the comments Ella posted on Weibo yesterday would indicate she’s still hurting over the entire affair…

      1. What I meant is in the past Ella was considered to use Ron’s name as the promotion, wasn’t it or I misunderstood the story from the beginning, hence I would say it’s hard to evaluate what she has just put on Weibo.

      2. Yes… people accused her on using Ron, but fans aren’t known to be the best judge of character. According to Ella that wasn’t the case, and based on the fact she is still angry at Ron for his unfaithfulness during their relationship it would seem that the idea that she used him only for “fame” is incorrect.

        If it was only for fame, she wouldn’t care so much about his current situation or how their relationship ended since she would have already had her “step up” into the entertainment industry.

    1. lol Fox 😀

      Translation of the bubbles:

      RON : Like I don’t have enough troubles!
      ELLA : I’m only telling the truth, don’t blame me!

      1. I always like On.CC’s pix and Apple Daily’s clips. Do you like?

        Dunno why but I’ve the feeling Apple Daily stepped aside on Ron’s case? I don’t see the clips :(.

  31. So let me gets this straight.

    Someone sends you a flirtatious message and you respond by sending a nude photo of yourself back.

    If you believe this a conspiracy then Ron definitely need psychiatric help.

  32. I don’t think this scandal will affect his career, i mean look at the girl from twins.
    She had a sweet image but still in the business, then their is Cecelia Cheung etc.
    The H.K. industry is getting like Hollywood
    where scandal don’t really affect one’s career, unless something involves child abuse etc.

    Instead it just shows us their true character,but some
    people separate celebs by their career and personal life.
    Personally i look at the character too.

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