Ron Ng Was Once a Reckless Spender

Debuting in 1998, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) became a quick star due to his sturdy good looks and fit physique. Along with Raymond Lam (林峯), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), Ron was groomed to become one of TVB’s leading actors. However, Ron was a gossip magnet and constantly landed in new headlines for his romantic escapades. Additionally, viewers felt he was a limited actor with little emotional range.

With his stalling career, Ron finally left TVB in 2015. After gaining filming opportunities in China, Ron became a staple actor in many Shaw Brothers dramas, such as the Flying Tigers <飛虎> franchise. An insider shared, “Ron has been quite popular in China for years. He was in Twin of Brothers <大唐雙龍傳> with Raymond,  and the drama was very popular in China although it only received average ratings in Hong Kong.”

Changing His Reckless Behavior

Early fame and easy money made Ron become an extravagant spender. The insider said, “When he first debuted, he gained popularity almost immediately. Which young man is not playful? He would spend lavishly on clothes, brand name watches, sports cars…you name it!”

Ron’s irresponsible spending worried his mother. The actor eventually realized he should curb his spending habits after meeting with a feng shui master, who advised him to invest in real estate instead. “The feng shui master, Mr. Miu, advised Ron to buy a property in the Bellagio area, saying it would bring him luck. After Ron purchased it, his career became even better after leaving TVB. He was able to pay off the property in only three years!”

Attributing his financial success to Mr. Miu’s advince, Ron continues to seek out the feng shui master for guidance. The insider further revealed, “Mr. Miu told Ron that his career will only continue to improve if he invested in real estate. In 2017, Ron purchased another 2000-square-foot apartment. Initially, Ron was worried that home prices were inflated, and he would not be able to make  payments. However, after he bought it, the jobs continued to come. He already paid off the mortgage of that property last year! That’s why Ron is very trusting of Mr. Miu and will do whatever he suggests.”

Changing his spending habits over the years, Ron continues to be a filial son and wants to share his wealth with his mother. Putting his mother’s name on his properties, Ron is currently planning to gift her with another condo. After marriage, he hopes to continue living with his mother and will simply purchase a bigger home for his growing family.

Source: Oriental Sunday

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  1. I only recently watched Twin of Brothers. Ron was pretty dull in that when he was with Leila’s character. His best acting in there was the subtle “truth telling” reactions to Raymond’s character. Ron was very handsome at that time. Oh how I wish they would do a sequel just so I can see Raymond and Li Qian together again. A re-incarnation story. Unlikely though.

    I have some interest in Ron’s recent series with Bosco, but I am a bit tired of the undercover cop series. It is nice to hear that Ron is managing money so well now.

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