What Ron Ng Looks For in a Girlfriend

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) has matured, but he is still not ready to settle down yet. The 41-year-old actor has a long list of requirements he desires in a girlfriend, and cites her ability to accommodate him as a top priority.

Since Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄>, Ron has come a long way, and has grown along with other actors such as Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) who entered the industry at the same time. Viewers were delighted to see the trio star in Flying Tigers 2 <飛虎之雷霆極戰> together earlier, and realized that almost two decades have gone by and how many things have changed. Although Kenneth is now in a steady relationship with Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), Ron and Bosco are still eligible bachelors.

Requirements in His Girlfriend

Staying single does not bother Ron, who continues to prioritize his career first. “A lot of the time, you don’t get what you want just because you want it. We all make our own choices, and as long as the timing is right, you can move onto the next step. In most cases, the problem is because of work. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or effort in wanting to communicate or get to know each other. It’s better if you’re just filming in Hong Kong, but when you’re in China for several months, you can’t just rely on video calls or talking on the phone. I’m just waiting for a person who understands my profession.”

His ideal girlfriend should be filial, attentive, caring, and independent. Ron also revealed that he dislikes women who are overly attached. From what he sees while filming, many of his colleagues’ girlfriends would visit the filming set, and he is worried that his future significant other would become upset when he films intimate scenes.

Understanding that he may come across as having too many expectations and even greedy with these desired qualities, Ron laughed, “Finding the right person at the right time is not an easy job. We’ll let fate decide!”

Mom Wants Grandchild

Besides wanting to find a woman who understands the demands of his work, Ron said that his future girlfriend must be able to get along with his family and is willing to take care of his mother while he is away for filming. Currently living with his mother, Ron stressed that he will not leave her behind even after marriage.

Besides occasionally receiving pressure from his family on finding a girlfriend, Ron’s mother is more eager for a grandchild first. In fact, Ron’s elder sister even offered to help him take care of his future child when he is busy. However, understanding how difficult it is to raise a child, Ron wants to concentrate on his career first and find a suitable partner before having children.

Future Career Opportunities

Entering the industry when he was only 18 years old, Ron has played a variety of different characters at TVB. Reflecting on his past roles, Ron looks forward to new challenges. He never had a chance to play a character with a physical disability, and hopes to get a chance to play a blind or deaf role so he can use non-verbal cues and actions to express himself in acting.

Though he often stars in crime dramas and action roles, Ron has interests in working in comedies and bringing joy and laughter to viewers. Ron praised Stephen Chow (周星馳) and Nick Cheung (張家輝) for their excellent performances in comedies, and hopes he can also diversify his performances.

Source: Sing Tao

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Funny timing. I am bored and watching Twin of Brothers for the first time. I now see why he was big back then. Even though completely boring, he was cute looking. His description for a girlfriend sounds like Nancy’s character, a woman that will bend over backwards for him. I think everyone wants those qualities in a partner, including a woman wanting a man like that. But will he also be filial, attentive, caring and independent to his girlfriend?

  2. A floundering man in his 40s talking about his long list of requirements in a partner lol. Unrealistic much. But hey, there are women who have very low requirements.

  3. he’s the same as his buddy Bosco the only differ is paparazzi couldn’t catch him with other girls lol……..but if he really wants to find a girl that has low quality preference and good looks get the hell outta mainland cause .girls over there are starting to llook more like plastic dolls so unnatural just imagine everything starts falling apart like MJ lol……

    1. @sherla1019 wow “falling apart like MJ”, have some respect for the dead and also a music legend who has a traumatic childhood that scar his whole life. You must be one of those brats that still haven’t reached puberty or already but stuck as one.

      1. PPPPffff sensitive u dont know me so call me a brat your the ppl that bullies others for speaking there minds

    2. @sherla1019 Haha that’s hilarious about the PRC/CCP woman not surprised at all by that though…He’ll probably end up with a mainlander chick just like Raymond.

  4. Basically he just wants someone who is filial, caring, and independent. How is that a long list? These articles overexaggerate. But anyway, list aside, it doesn’t sound like he wants to nor is he ready to settle down, period. Maybe he is commitment phobic or has commitment issues. Sometimes it’s not that you haven’t met the right person, but simply that you refuse to stop and interrupt your lifestyle for anyone. I think that’s his case.

    1. @gnomageddon
      I agree and his requirements are not too bad and are reasonable so why is everyone calling him demanding? Yes, these and all articles add more salt and pepper into it. We should take everything we read with a grain of salt. I do not think it is commitment phobia but maybe he is afraid of marrying the wrong person and ending up in divorce? There are just so many people in the world, so how would we know if they are the right one? Cannot just blame him as it takes 2 to tango. What if he truly has not met the right person? We honestly do not know.

  5. @gnomageddon @sherla1019 @coralie His ideal girlfriend should be filial, attentive, caring, and independent. Ron said that his future girlfriend must be able to get along with his family and is willing to take care of his mother while he is away for filming!

    Ron has very similar characteristics to Bosco and Ruco very 大男人主義. Very old fashioned mindset. Woman must be the one to take on the role of caregiver/homemaker for man. Woman have to bend over backwards for him, put his needs first. Be willing to sacrifice her “time” to take care of him and his family. Why can’t it be the other way around?

    1. @sam01
      Honestly, these days things have changed and women work too. I see women working more and neglecting their kids and the household. I see that in my family of all brothers. I think both women and men should share the household and family responsibilities but it also depends on the situation too. Like in Ron’s case, he is an actor who often works away from home a lot so I do not think it is wrong of him to want a wife that can look after the family while he is away. I am sure he would do his share when he is around too. I have seen cases in my own family where the women works and that is it. They do not take care of their kids or do anything but work and put money in their own pocket but that is it. Basically, there should be a balance whenever possible. If his future wife is an actress then he can stay home while she works. Esther Kwan and Nick Cheung did that and it worked out. We do not know for sure how it is so should take these articles with a grain of salt.

    2. @sam01 Right?! Do everything for me and my family. Put your life on hold since I’m the breadwinner. I expect you to not bother me when I’m filming. Sounds so ridiculous, yet this is what some breadwinners expect – to be attended to hand and foot.

    3. @sam01
      I also want to say that we need to be fair instead of siding with the women all the time. Many women breadwinners are not only demanding but also unreasonable. My aunt is like that and treats my uncle like dirt. But some female chauvinists always need to side with the women even when they are wrong….sigh…

      1. @hetieshou I don’t think @sam01 is a female chauvinist at all. And your frequent examples of your brothers anecdotes sounds like a crappy situation to me. Tell your brothers to dump their abusive wives. It’s a small sample of women who becomes entitled with their privileges but does not speak for the million others (statistically speaking) who are going through what your brothers are going through. Bottom-line, ANY breadwinner should still provide not only financial security, but also do their part at home.

      2. @coralie
        Dude, I was not referring to her but was referring to YOU! You always side with the women even when they are wrong! What is wrong with you?

      3. @hetieshou wow so you admit being passive aggressive is your thing. Dude if you got issues with my comment, COME at me. Don’t be lying around making references to people, you’re an adult.

      4. @hetieshou uhh I literally just wrote in my comment that ANY breadwinner should be doing their part at home and at work. I did not specify a GENDER here. You’re the one super sensitive to my comments and brushing me with a broad stroke about how that’s female chauvinism lol. Hypocritical. You’re a pot calling a kettle black because you are MOST definitely a male sympathizer.

      5. @hetieshou Until women are equal to men, there is no such thing as “female chauvinists”.

        For every demanding aunt or sister- in-law that you have, there are 10 other women who aren’t treated equally in the relationship.

        In this article and many others, the actors only list what they want from women, never how they would treat them equally themselves.

    4. @sam01 I think initially it may sound like he is expecting too much from his future wife but upon further thought, as @hetieshou pointed out, he is an actor that always has to be away for work. I think wanting his spouse to help look out and care for his mom while away isn’t too ridiculous of a request and understandable. Take Pakho Chau for example, he is a good man and responsible husband it seems, and he has mentioned how his now wife always helped take care of his parents while he was working. I mean, of course, ideally, one should take care of their own parents, and even after marriage, they shouldn’t “expect” their spouse to take care of the entire family or the elderly parents for them; but reality is, regardless whether you are the man or woman in the relationship, if your job requires you to be traveling a lot or away from family a lot, it is understandable that you would hope your future spouse helps look after your elderly parents. I don’t think that is demanding. In fact, I think it is responsible and filial for him to consider that. But I do think that even though he has to be gone for work a lot, I hope that when he does get married, he doesn’t just leave his wife behind to only take care of his parents. He needs to be back to do his part and spend time with his wife and take care of his parents as well when he is off work. I should hope that if he does decide to get married one day, he will understand this and be responsible and present for his wife and family.

      1. @coralie oh I don’t have a good opinion of him either ever since he cheated on Ella Koon. Good thing she saw his real side, dumped him and moved on. I didn’t know of the news in the article you linked me but I’m not surprised of his past or if that is still his current behavior. The one good thing out of all of this is that he knows he isn’t ready to settle down. But hopefully if and when he does get married one day, he would’ve really sewn his wild oats by then and be a faithful and responsible husband. Usually that’s how these types of people are, players for a long long time, but they understand how they are so that’s why they refuse to get married. Until one day they’ve had enough, felt tired of aimlessly dating around and want a family, then they commit. But until then… haha they take their sweet time. Women should be advised lol.

  6. Don’t worry, Ron.

    There’s someone for everyone as long as people are willing to settle and compromise.

    But, really…it’s articles like these where straight men talk about the long list of accommodations they want from future female partners that make me glad I’m queer lol. The reporters could have made him look a little better by asking him what he’s willing to do to offer to his partner when he’s around.

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