Ron Ng’s Explicit Sex Messages with “Miss X” Emerge

Caption: Ron Ng denied that he had cheated on ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang.

It has been a rollercoaster week for all the siu sangs of TVB! On Saturday, July 21st, 32-year-old Raymond Lam (林峯) was caught on a dinner date with 18-year-old newcomer Karena Ng (吳千語). On Tuesday, July 24th, TVB “Golden Couple” Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) announced their heartbreaking split after 8 years of being together.

On Thursday, July 26th, Hong Kong tabloid magazine Sudden Weekly leaked the “real reason” behind Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Viann Zhang’s (張馨予) split! According to Sudden Weekly, Ron was dating a wealthy “Miss X” at the same time he was dating Viann.

Allegedly, Ron and the 25-year-old Miss X met in late 2010 at a karaoke party through mutual friends, and exchanged phone numbers. In February 2011, it was alleged that Ron texted and called Miss X out on a date, and the two have been together ever since.

Sent Urgent Sex Requests

According to Miss X, Ron allegedly suggested exchanging topless photos of himself with her in June 2012. Ron allegedly sent urgent messages requesting to have sex with her. The following text message exchanges occurred via WhatsApp:

April 11, 2011
Miss X: What is there to do? I’m bored to death!
Ron Ng: Make love.

May 10, 2012
Miss X: When should we go swimming together?
Ron Ng: Why don’t you try to see how to swim naked now?

May 16, 2012
Miss X: Since you earned so many Yuan dollars, will you treat me to 10 dinners?
Ron Ng: First, you take off your clothes, then your pants. You know what comes afterward?

May 27, 2012
Miss X: I want you to say “I Love You” 100 times.
Ron Ng: I can make love to you 100 times.

Steamy Audio Clip Exposed

In addition to the WhatsApp text messages published by Sudden Weekly, an explict audio clip between a male voice resembling Ron Ng and a female voice circulated on July 26th. In the audio clip, the man and the woman flirted with each other outrageously:

Woman: I am thinking of you.

Man: Are you drunk?

Woman: In my dreams yesterday, we were together.

Man: Dreaming and reality are not the same.

Woman: I feel very painful right now.

Man: Where are you now?

Woman: You don’t like me? Let me take a sexy photo for you!

Man: You said that you will give me a sexy photo?

Woman: Hmm….

Man: But you didn’t! Fine….

Woman:  Okay, let me do it…. You don’t like me?

Man: Don’t you feel tiresome?

Woman: I need warmth!

Man: What warmth?

Woman: I have a brand new pair of pink panties; they’re very sexy!

Man: Take a photo in your pink panties! Quickly!

Woman: How about I wear the panties for you to see?

Man: I didn’t ask you to give me a naked photo! I asked for the old photo in which you appear in pink panties! Show me that one! I did not ask you to be naked!

Woman (Sends a photo of toenails): How about this?

Man: Why is the color of your toenail polish flourescent green?

Ron Ng Cheated On Viann Zhang?

Sudden Weekly reported that Miss X did not know Ron was dating Viann at the time, and she only knew about their relationship after the paparazzi caught Ron picking up Viann at the airport. Sudden Weekly reported Miss X as stating, “I got angry and we had an argument! He told me I was crazy, and that it was a promotional tactic by his company. He said the paparazzi couldn’t even snap a picture of them holding hands, so they could not be together. I trusted him at the time, but after that incident I was beginning to lose my sense of security. He also felt it, so he bought me a Chanel ring as a token of our love, and told me that I was his only girlfriend!”

The tabloid magazine also reported Miss X explaining that Ron had always been a careful person. Not wanting their romance to be discovered, Miss X and Ron would rarely go out, nor did they take pictures together. Miss X allegedly said, “We’ve been together for so long! We don’t even have a picture together! Ron kept telling me that the rumors of him and Viann are not true, but when I saw her post a picture of a Chanel J12 watch on Weibo, I knew it was Ron who gave it to her. We argued again, and Ron would always come up with an excuse. I loved him too much, so I believed him!”

Ron is a Sex Addict?

Sudden Weekly alleged that every time Ron and Miss X would meet, they would have sex. Even when Ron was away at work in the mainland, Ron would force Miss X to send him erotic pictures. Sudden Weekly also said that Miss X originally refused to submit to Ron’s sexual cravings, but she later gave in because she loved him too much.

After Ron announced Viann to be his girlfriend on Weibo, the magazine said Miss X had enough of Ron’s infidelity and decided to call it quits with him. It was alleged that Ron felt guilty and tried to salvage their relationship. Miss X gave their relationship a try again, but she decided it was best if she left him. She was reported saying, “It was really difficult! I know I have to really call it quits with him. I don’t want to be soft-hearted again, so I decided to reveal our relationship! That way, he will hate me, not find me again, and I can really leave him for good!”

Viann Upset With Two-Timing Ron?

Last week, Ron publicly declared Viann to be his girlfriend through his Weibo blog, but four days later, Viann announced via her manager that she had broken up with him. Various sources claimed that Viann was upset that Ron had never acknowledged her as his official girlfriend, and that she was getting tired with the abusive slandering Ron’s fans have been giving her.

After Sudden Weekly’s reports were published, Viann wrote on her Weibo, “I found out about the truth today! I want to cry, but there are no tears! Why did you have to treat me like that? Thinking back, I really did let it all go. That girl who ran to the tattoo shop to get a tattoo of your name? She’s dead! As for me, I will rise from the ashes because I met the right one. Thank you, ‘good person.’ After I wash away the tattoo, I will start my life over again.”

Ron Responds to Viann’s Weibo Post

Asked if Ron had seen Viann’s recent post on Weibo, Ron said, “I have. She doesn’t know what really happened, so I will not purposely clarify or comment on the issue.” Asked whether he was upset that Viann Zhang immediately thought he had cheated on her, Ron said, “It’s not two-timing! I never dated that girl, so it’s not called two-timing! I didn’t explain it to her (Viann), so she just misunderstood.” Asked if he had remained friends with Viann, he said, “No comment. I had already said what I needed to say.”

When asked if TVB siu sang favored mainland Chinese girls, Ron said, “No. When I make friends I do not consider where they are from. There are good and bad people everywhere.”

Ron Denies Dating “Miss X”

During a filming break for TVB’s new drama Season of Love <戀愛季節>, Ron was asked about the woman who he had dated while with Viann Zhang. The reporter prompted Ron that the woman had intentionally moved to live in the apartment beneath him.  The reporter said that Miss X had shared explicit text messages with Ron.

Ron replied, “Explicit content? That’s impossible!” The reporter retorted, “But it is your cell phone number!” Ron said, “Maybe they were from old dating experiences…”

The reporter interrupted, “But the messages are dated…” Ron exclaimed, “Oh, I know who you are talking about! But at that time….umm…what kind of explicit text messages are we talking about? How explicit are they?” The female reporter grew embarrassed.

Ron continued, “I have not seen this girl in a very long time.” The reporter said, “That was after you revealed you were with [Viann Zhang].” Ron said,” We were never together. It’s impossible…. Are there any photos? But there are no photos.”

The reporter said, “She claimed that you had two-timed her.”

Ron said, “These things, I will not respond anymore. It’s best for you to focus on my work from now on. You can ask her yourself. I have never dated her. There are no explicit messages.” The reporter said, “But, there are many more…” Ron said, “It’s not the messages that you just showed me?”

The reporter said that they also had audio clips. Ron said, “What? But those are messages from her only!” The reporter said, “It’s your voice! She saved those audio clips!”

At this point, Ron quickly excused himself and terminated the interview.


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  1. wow… what is up with these male TV stars in HK? lol… it’s not been a good week for them -.-

    1. The winner in all of these scenarios is Kenneth Ma. 😀

      1. So he is the evil genius behind all this aka Professor Moriarty 😀

      2. Hahaha, maybe if TVB run out of ideas in the future they can write another dramas based on this.

      3. Yea, TVB is surely getting a lot of ideas from all of this real life dramas for their new dramas in the future.

      4. And the hero that saves the day is Ruco Chan aka Sherlock, LOL

      5. Kenneth might win an award this year since TVB will promote him to the top

      6. pearl: LOL. he’s indeed quite stingy.. even for himself 🙂

      1. I wonder if TVB canteen food is truly that bad?? I guess it may be better than school cafeteria food…

      2. Why hasn’t the health department come to check it out ?

    2. ahhahahahahahahahahaha……there are similarities of TVB’s siu sangs where they all have similar hobbies>>>>womanising

  2. Yea, it has been a bad week for all of the males… But then again, it is a lot easier for them to get off safe as opposed to the females…

    1. Larry,
      The flash capabilities on my computer are not working properly. Even Youtube doesn’t work for me! I have to check it out later tonight!

      The HK paparazzi is out to ruin TVB siu sangs!

      1. I wonder if this has anything to do with CTI?? They are on the verge of entering the market while the TVB siu sangs are all getting attacked… Strange..

      2. wow He Tie Sou nvr thought of tht. but its a great way generate ratings hahahahah

      3. Funny I was thinking about the same thing about cti

      4. CTI for sure since that guy has Billion of dollars to lose.

      5. How will 620 solve this? It’s harder than Boscolie break up case. The girl provided pictures and clips.

    2. Ron kept dodging the questions and want to know what the messages said before he answer the reporter’s questions. It makes it kind of obvious that something is going on. This year is a bad year for TVB siu sangs. Maybe they need to ask about TVB Feng shui. LOL

      1. Ron maybe with help of 620 already negotiated with the girl. Maybe TVB will pay higher price than the magazine to make the girl apiligize and explain LOL

    3. Those were the funniest audio clips I ever heard!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
      “Why are your toenails neon?”

  3. I’m confused by the report. Whether it’s true or false, why did this Miss X call to apologize?

    Maybe the Olympics will help TVB downplay all these recent reports. Doesn’t seem good for all the siu sangs.

  4. No ordinary man can resist good looking women especially when you work at the industry where they were all good looking and flirty. If you don’t have self control you’re just another wild animal that’s empty inside.

    1. Flower,
      Maybe that is why Kenneth Ma stays home and would rather hold his mother’s hands…. Too much temptation once you step outside.

      Sigh, I’m quite shaken myself by all these scandals as well.

      1. Maybe MM’s one will come out tomorrow. Have to prepare for everything.

      2. KM don’t flirt like the younger boys. There won’t be any scandal.

      3. I am rooting for Kenneth Ma sparking with Myolie now!!!

    2. Ron already got himself a plastic doll. Who thought he will have another one.

      1. …simply becoz he is a “man”..

        If he isn’t a man as you thought of, he wont flirt nor cheating any gals…

      1. If Miss X has these kind of pix, I kinda doubt they are only friends. Friend with benefit is the lowest level

      2. How did the paparazzi get the pictures? Miss X and Ron seem more than friends to me too.

      3. The miss X must be paid by the magazine to expose this!

      4. I think she wants revenge on Ron too for two timing her with Viann

      1. Listened to the interview withg Ron.. his tone of his voice and way replying to questions, he is guilty!!

  5. Now to think, if all of these things are true, will ppl stop bashing Viann’

    1. All the people bashing Viann for using Ron etc.. really need to apologize to her imho. Looks like Ron was just using her as a plaything.

    2. People will start saying Viann’s boring so Ron decides to have another doll

    3. Then overall, Viann is still bashed.

      If Ron dated a Txb actress, maybe he can find a grave right now. Actually look like he is finding one with all the above stuffs, but a bigger one in this case.

      Poor Viann anyway. Nothing can ensure that she is any worse tham Txb girls but still… Who tell her to have big boobs.

      1. It’s her own fault for taking the plastic doll image.

      2. Plastic big boobs girls are seen as cheap. Can’t help this

      3. There are a lot of artists who did plastic surgeries but because they are famous beforehand, they have fans to protect them, lead to fact that ppl feel unsafe whenever criticize them.

        But these models, there are good and bad person among them, but due to the plastic surger, they are crowned all bad. Unfair enough?

        If they did the PS after having some fame, better for them.

        Honesty, if not PS then Photoshop. Any pretty girl dun need to do something to make them look better in front of the audiences? Why only the models are cheap?

      4. Urgh. That girl has her problems too…

        Although, it’s a shame most people probably won’t have the heart to sympathise with Viann as the victim in this relationship. Just look at Myolie and you can see a stark contrast in how they’re treated. But who’s to say Viann stayed completely faithful throughout either? Meh. Just let them move on.

        All in all, TVB must have offended some sort of higher power up there to get all this bad karma inflicted upon them.

      5. why is it all have to be boobs?. All men fall for boobies trap..haha..
        Ppl will still bash her. I think because of her bad attitude or the way she handle PR.

      6. I think what make public think they are cheap is overly big breast implant plus always on display.

      7. @Fox

        Yes, it’s unfair. Unfortunately, PS is still a bit of a stigma in society these days.

        I suppose if you’re a model, the only asset you have at your disposal are your looks. By having PS, you’re gaining an unfair advantage and promoting the idea that beauty can be obtained via unnatural means/beauty can be bought. Artists are like that too, but they get less slack probably because they have other skills to contribute. Their looks aren’t their only selling point and their personality/talents is what (SHOULD) shine through.

        In this case though, Viann’s attitude is more of the problem. I know a lot of people like to poke fun at her looks, but it seems that the people who ARE rather fond of her simply find her “hot.” It’s all about her looks. Rarely do I see people commending her for her good character…

      8. But yeah, I don’t know her. She could be a good girl for all I know.

      9. But the most glaring differences between Myolie and Viann are:
        Myolie always have a good and clean image (besides her gwingness, but that’s just her acting)
        Myolie and bosco were together for 8 years
        On both sides, fans have on the whole accepted their relationship and send their blessings
        Myolie’s safe image, also gave bosco a better image in the current years.

      10. @Fox
        Many korean actresses and actors also did PS before they debut, however, they are also not met with derision as much as these leng mo big boob type. I believe is also the way they present themselves. Like some of these china big boob are always starving for fame. Anything to get them famous, they will try.

      11. In term of personality, I doubt of any innocent girl in the showbiz.

        Models can turn artists or artists can do model job so I dun think there are separated points for both things. Model also request talents to do catwalk and handle the photoshot. So look is their biggest asset, not the only one. Meanwhile, there are artists who only have look.

        guess that nobody can say Mirinda Kerr is cheap :p.

        There are good and bad, not too good and not too bad ppl everywhere. Who can ensure that Viann is truly worse than others?

      12. U don’t have to be innocent to be a good person.
        Innocence is very much linked to childhood, where one is very pure due to their lack of exposure to something bad.
        On the other hand, being a good person does not mean you need to have an innocent character.
        Like Myolie has her work with Oxfam which is good and charitable.

      13. True. Viann’s biggest downfall is her attitude.

        If Viann screws up:
        She’ll receive even more public backlash.

        If Ron screws up:
        The public *might* forgive him, whereas Viann will just be tossed to the side.

        Oh well. You reep what you sow.

      14. If Viann is the victim of a cheat, she is the victim even if she is the worst gurl in the world.

        I blv because the view of PS in Korea social is different to China, so…

        Not only Viann but also all China models. There are bad potatoes but it’s a must to bash them all cheap? Or bash them all plastic dolls?

      15. Indeed, I mean I still feel bad for viann, but there are many people who do not, because they already harbour her for her due to her attitude and they dislike her with Ron in the first place.
        I don’t think it’s just the view of PS being different. I mean groups like SNSD or SJ are all highly popular in china. If those china bigboob, are not so desperate for fame, like wearing clothes until 3/4 their boobs are showing, or latching on to famous guys to get fame, I don’t think they will receive such a bad stigma.

      16. Among the models, how many did such thing? And not only the models, even the actresses, veteran ones, did show boobs or butt. Do you see wat Yuen Lap wore last time? See-through with all body seen. And she is over 30, famous.

      17. But among the popular actress from china, most do not do such things to get famous, and tend to be more professional, like LYF, LSS, YM, TY, Sun Li, Hu Jing, Shu Chang, etc.

      18. @Fox

        Oh okay. I thought we were strictly differentiating between models and artists only. Not model-turned-artists or all that blah.

        In that case, if you’re a model turned artist, you’ll actually need the talent to back it up in order to gain people’s respect. If you’re an artist turned model, at least you’ve been more exposed to the media and on TV beforehand, where people have the time to know you and to judge you for your talents (or lack thereof) and your personality. Perhaps I don’t pay much attention to the media, but rarely do I see a model on TV (say, in an interview/chat show/variety show) where I can see them for their personality. I can only judge them for their looks alone.

        P.S. Pffft, Miranda Kerr has her fair share of haters. Look at paparrazzi pics of her and you’ll see what an attention/fame-seeking girl she is.

      19. Tomorrow when Im in comp, will bring you pux and more famous examples. Yuen Lap is a veteran actress, not the young one anymore.

        For the over sexy clothes, the girls you mentioned also had sometimes like that l:). But I wonder where is Shu Chang? I rarely see her recently?

      20. Ofc, some may have some sexy clothes, but they don’t do it to the extent the big boob model do. Or even if they do wear the same dress, their boob size is different so it actually covers up more, and there’s nothing to see. LOL

      21. Well these PS girls use boobies and doll face to get attention. Sell boobies = cheap cheap

      22. @vivien: like a China who dun watch Txb series, only China series or just few Txb series will ask who the heck is A/B/C (fill with name of a Txb artist).

        My frd in China and when she watches 3K, non of her roommates know anyone’s name in this series except LF who they knew through my frd and the movie Snake.

        Fair enough?

      23. There are Txb actresses who wore super short skirt and tank top that revealed half of boobies. Name them cheap, too, my dear vivien? No mention that they had PS as well

      24. That means TVB actresses dont get famous using boobies unlike Viann, PSS

      25. U mean like Samantha Ko? She is quite cheap..
        But I don’t know why.. Kate wear sexy clothes, but I don’t find her cheap, maybe her character is too friendly and tomboy. LOL

      26. because Samantha Ko rarely act in TVB series. She’s more noticed modeling and having big boobs

      27. Fala used to be called cheap too because she often wear bikini and take third party roles but her image change when TVB give her the mute role in MR. Characters help too

      28. Fox like i said some has been called cheap like Fala but image can change when a good vharacter comes. If continue playing third parties Fala wont be one of the big 5 fadan today

      29. Viann’s image make her dont have many crazy fans to defend her and attack Ron. Viann’s fans are mainly guys who don’t like to indulge in online bashings.

      30. Regardless of whether Ron cheated or not, people will still bash Viann because she’s an attention seeker. She likes flaunting her fake breasts (although I don’t see anything wrong with that). She taunted Ron’s fans. And people feel that she came into the spotlight by creating scandals with Ron, which is true. No one knew who Viann was until she dated Ron.

        As for Ron, he’s a douche. I’m starting to feel all the TVB siu sangs are douchebags (Bosco, Raymond, Ron).

      31. Sigh, fans are still so haters against Viann even though it now seems like Ron is no angel either. Don’t know how she has offended them…
        I am not against Ron, I actually think he is the most handsome of the actors at TXB, although it’s a pity his acting skills are not good. Anyway, I still find him and his image virile and sexy, even after the expose.
        Let’s talk about Plastic Surgery.
        Girls always denigrate other girls who have PS. In real life I think it’s true, as a couple of people I know have artificial enhancements done to them to make them prettier and I don’t like it because they use to be worse looking than me and now with the help of PS, their looks are boosted. I am not against PS but as a personal choice, I will not do PS. But by not doing PS, I feel kind of cheated, like my original beauty seems undervalued.
        In the entertainment circle, PS is quite common, so I don’t see why we need to single out Viann for bashing. She is materialistic and shallow, yes, but so are many girls in similar circles. In Korea I believe PS is even more widely practiced and accepted.
        Viann is a girl who uses her beauty to seek a better place in life. But men use money, sweet talk, etc to charm girls and get want they want from girls, why shouldn’t women use talents, personality, including looks if they have, to get to a better place?
        Of course we are not talking about inner beauty, substance and heart. As a girl, would I accept a man who is handsome because of PS? I am not against PS, but I suspect I wouldn’t fall for his personality anyway (PS not for medical reasons but purely to be more handsome).
        Maybe you disagree with me but welcome your comments.

      1. so hilarous!! thanks for the graph chart. They are true brothers

    1. Ha. Meanwhile, good boy Kenneth is nowhere to be seen. (But will he end up like Uhm Tae Woong and practically having the whole nation acting as his matchmaker…?)

      1. Well why not, goes to show people think he is a good man and good propective bf like the 3 siu sangs above

    1. I bet he just sweet talked the woman more to get her to clarify.. something like look I already broke up with her, so now I’ll be 100% yours! girls are always so dumb.
      And taking those photos for a friend!? Geeze I don’t see him taking those photos for tavia or raymond or someone. LOL

      1. if he took these for LF, Im sure I will laugh with my a$$ off, literaturely.

      2. That’s what he say, he said it’s very common to take such photos for friends. LOL “friends”

      3. Now I hope to see LF’s pink iphone to be stolen. Must have something fun!

      4. hahaha Fox,

        LF has a pink iPhone?? limited edition?

        Yeah I wish someone can steal it so we can see juicy pics hahahaha

      5. Ron implied he often aent half nude pix to frds. So maybe LF has some. If it’s truly on his phone, I will blv Ron and Miss X are frd. Or I celebrate for 2r :p.


        Not really a pink iphone but a pink hearted case. Lolz, started from May to now. Maybe Karena gave him as present :p

      6. Wow, I’m surprised Ron’s body looked toned in the pic. Maybe it is an old pic b/c I think he got flabby after dating viann. (No time to work out b/c too busy juggling women.)

        And if he and LF sent topless photos to each other, that would be quite interesting!

      7. In this case, I wish Ron’s phone is stolen, too.

  6. well, that can’t be the reason they split. viann only posted her weibo about finding out the truth yesterday, and she announced their split a week ago. but whatever, ron really had me fooled. i actually thought he was the victim of this drama queen. i am cringing as i hear him responding to the reporter: “what photos do you have sin?”; “well, you don’t have photos of us together, right? we never dated!” ack! at least he was able to keep his voice calm.

    1. It may be. Like Viann has her suspicion? But she isn’t able to prove it, and we all know how bad her image is, so instead of coming out then and acting the hurt victim, she can only issue a statement saying that they broke up.

      1. I think so, too. If she says Ron is baddie cheat with no evident on hand, we can predict that Ron fans and other ppl will pull her head to mud. They already did so even when she said about the breakup in short.

      2. Think about it, without the proof revealed by Miss X today. If one week ago, Viann came out and cry about Ron cheating on her, we will all think she’s trying to get attention again. Myolie and Viann have completely different status. Thus 3rd party suspicion may be the reason they split, just not confirmed until now.

    2. Yah maybe Viann smelled something but got no evidence until this girl exposed it

    1. Apparently a miss X come out with real pics and voice clips of Ron and her

      1. I wanna see those pics LoL… wanna see how Ms. X looks like

      2. Ron is very much smarter & 10x more careful than edison chen.

      3. where can i find the clip i want to listen to it tonight when i get home

  7. “I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy…” – Mean Girls.

    Wish Ron and the others the best of luck.

  8. Damn. Ron is a much better actor irl than on TV. Who would have thought?

    1. He said he scared of cameras and looked like dead fish in front of it.

      1. Ehm, then maybe he should have picked a different profession?

      2. LOL yah he’s handsome but dead eyes. No emotion

      3. That’s why he decided to be a dancer at first :P. Blame Louis Koo to introduce him to Txb.

  9. Haha! Viann is definitely enjoying Ron’s humiliation at the hands of the media. And thumbing her nose on his fans.

    Sob, sob!
    During her phone interview, Viann wept uncontrollably through the interview. Confronted with news of her ex-lover, Ron Ng, cheating behind her back with another woman of a wealthy background, she said candidly that she was dumbstruck: “From dating to break up, I’d always believed him.” After the breakup he continued to work hard to repair their relationship. Just two days ago he texted her a very lengthy message pleading with her not to believe the rumors. He even proposed marriage to her. But now she has given up all hope for this relationship. “I hope in the future he will be faithful in his love relationship.”

    1. viann has been craving for attention since first day. now she’a still trying to get attention

    2. As much as I dislike Ron, even before this furore, Viann is so vain and artificial. She maybe the victim and sure not an angel. I guess Ron and Viann deserves each other

      1. If she is cheated, even she is the worst woman in the world, she is still the victim.

        Angel is nowhere seen in the showbiz. Maybe the jade girls are even more wild than the naughty girls and the good boys are even more horny than the bad boys. Since they are all actors and actresses, don’t think of them as innocent ppl any second.

      2. i agree. viann looks artificial and wants attention. she’s no angel.

      1. PSS looks better than her many times, I have to disagree with you.

    1. She isnt one, merely an attention seeker. Karena is, but not Liu Yuqi. No pic, no credible storyline, she did even worse than Ting Man with KC.

  10. Such a chaotic month for TxB siu sangs. Hope next month can read more sensational news on the 5 Fadan.

    1. Do you really!?????? @@
      Fala and Sit Hang break Up?
      Tavia get new nose holidaying in Korea? Rumors due to getting beaten up by himhim?
      Myolie and Kenneth sparks while filming? And bosco crying?
      Linda is 3rd party????

      At this point, I think I hope next month will be articles about them having tea, shopping, jogging or sleeping. Too much sensational news not good for your heart my dear. LOL

      1. I think if Fala and sit hang ever break up, Fala will definitely cry the most since Sit is a hot catch with lots of $$$$.. and Fala may not get any mansion for her parents in the states anymore

      2. Myolie and Kenneth pairing will be very interesting indeed. What will best friend Nancy Wu has to say about that?

      3. i want myolie and ma ming rumour! ma ming and myolie match well! they are conservative and mature. all fans will be happy

      4. fiona- ma ming and myolie will never happen since he dated nancy who’s her bff.

      5. wow i can’t imagine that happen to the fadan @ nicole

      6. LOL, not going to happen la 🙂

        Fala has more to lose and will most likely let her hubby eat lunches outside as long as he know his way back home.

        TY, yeah most anticipated one for sure. Can’t wait to see her new nose (better/worse)

        Myolie and Kevin would be a more likely scenario.

        No news for Linda she is a good girl, LOL

      7. Cat fight of Nancy and Myolie? Or Nancy: you take him, Myolie: no you take him.

        Oh it’s funny quote from Loving you 1!

      8. Linda with Charles Chan will be the last hit to Txb =)). Look at Gillian Chung the former jade girl.

      9. Kate tsui has kids with the foreign guy she met un Gemany.

      10. Hey, the speculations are just a joke ok. LOL

        But I think Tavia’s nose should be better. Koreans are pretty much experts in that. She better have fixed it. If it’s just a holiday.. I’d be pissed. I want to watch a show of hers without following the blinking beacon.

      11. tavia looks so much better with her old nose but she has to change it into an ugly nose

  11. I finally listened to Ron’s audio clip and video interview.

    If such text messages were exchanged in May 2012, seriously he did not know who the reporter was talking about? Alarm bells should have sounded off at that point to say, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I have not seen the tabloid reports yet, so I cannot respond.”

    1. He basically digged his own grave when he pretended to be ok for the reporter to ask explicit question, then contradicts his own statements about knowing the girl and sending such messages.

      I was starting to like Ron again around last year, but this scandal, if true will damn his TVB career. Ms Lok herself have abandoned him – look at how she defended Ray & Bosco.

      Brush up your Mandarin Ron, perhaps you can consider migrating to Mainland China for your TV career.

      1. Wasn’t there a rumor that Ron made an enemy in Mainland since he stole Viann away from someone?

      2. LF and Bosco have higher market values. And good Mandarin LOL.

        Poor Ron.

      3. awwww.. no ths doesnt affect me liking him.. on contrsry i am more curious.. lol

      4. Ron’s case is the worst among 3. Bosco only has the hints, can pass. LF even dun have a picture, even dun need to reply. Ron has pix and audio. But if he can negotiate with the girl, maybe he will be saved.

        However, even the more serious one can be forgotten. Look at Deep Ng, Kelvin Kwan for example. Edc also can survive. Ron will have to.step down for a while. If 10 more years his acting improves, maybe he can reprise.

      5. I guess Ron will never satisfy with a 36G cup only.. so he likes looking at girls in their sexy lingeries hahaha.

      6. Why must Ron always be the least smart among these guys. Poor Ron 🙁

      7. Lolz, I wonder why someone is not saying CTI to Ron.

      8. Even with Ron’s case, I think he can be resurrected. I mean his fans hate Viann, most people quite neutral about their relationship. No one really ships RonxViann. they probably think that Ron cheated on Viann because she sucks and is a bad gf. If his gf is loved by audience, we can hold funeral for him now.

        Bosco’s case, have the highest potential to be the most damaging, but right now there’s not any serious evidence, so he’s relatively safe for now.

        Raymond.. what’s wrong? Ok.. playboy.. we all know, he was single.. Even if it’s true, one wanting to buy, the other want to sell.. is a fair trade.

      9. Regardless of this “scandal” the problem is the guy can’t act. Even TVB newbies can do better than him so he will be replaced soon.

      10. @vivien Ron only hav form 3 education. Bosco has form 7 and raymond has one year of college. Genetics is that way, we cant blame him.

      11. @nicole: year one in university. He passed college in Xiamen and learned year 1 in US, so undergrad is more correct than college.

        I kinda agree with your analysis. Ron can come back but sure that he’ll have impacts. Bosco and LF will pass unless there are pix.

      12. With universities in America (since RL went to UCLA), it’s pretty much interchangeable, as they differentiate by calling them “junior colleges”.

      13. Not only abt educational lvl, but from for instance his actions.

        I mean after being in the business for so long he is still renting a house. Guess he must have used all his money on plastic barbies, cars, gambling etc.

        Bosco on the other hand is smart enough to invest and diversify.

      14. Me too. Never did like Ron from the start but recently beginning to warm up to him this year but now has put me right off him again. Ms Lok will be busy this month

      15. These siu sungs should know that one cannot act and be famous forever so I give Bosco credit for wisely investing his money elsewhere and becoming partners in other ventures. LF always has his wealthy family to fall back on if he needs it but I highly doubt he will ever need their assistance since he is doing very well on his own already to get his name out there far and wide. As for Ron, he really needs to sit back to regroup and reflect on the past 10 years and learn from his downfalls. I pity him.

  12. Poor Ron. Search his name in weibo and many Viann and Kate fans call him cheap.

    1. they call him cheap because they couldnt get Ron’s love..

      1. LOL. Damn Ron’s searches in weibo move too fast!

    2. Searches weibo for Bosco. LOL poor WI fans the ending spoilers for WI are everywhere and so many ROFL. Many people said they dont believe in love after Boscolie breakup WTF no life.

      1. Search for Viann, lots of talk about Li Chen and Ron’s two timing exposure

    3. Can’t say he’s cheap when its a guy’s nature to look at sexy stuff.. maybe should rebrand him as Horny Siusang?

      1. Until the saint lose his holy circle, he will be called Lucifer

      2. MM not ssaint, he also like to look at sexy stuff. He’s also horny siu sang?

      3. At least Kenneth all talk, all think but no action

      4. Nicole,

        “MM not ssaint, he also like to look at sexy stuff. He’s also horny siu sang?”

        He is past * stage. He is 5 years older than the 3 major horny ones. He is now more into mummy.

        OK OK tasteless joke!

        But he has no preference. His taste in women is either younger than him OR older than him. Which means anyone from legal age to retirement age is ok.

        R&R is more specific.

      5. At least, MM is not breaking any girl’s heart. He’s just facing his computer screen.

      6. MM seems to be into intellectual women and hence prefers older ones?

        Not the young girls can’t be intellectual so don’t kill me, LOL

      7. Does Margie and Nancy seem intellectual to you? I never had the impression Margie was intellectual. In fact early in her career she was criticised as arrogant.

      8. Funn, so he like *? No wonder he likes Margie.
        It’s not so much intellectual, as much as wise. You can be intellectual without the age, but wisdom comes with age.

      9. Kidd, maybe he is breaking someone’s heart for preferring the computer screen.

        I feel all these girls jumping into bed with R&R should know the reason why they are jumping into bed with them. But so far no one says I am pregnant which means R&R are very careful in that sense.

      10. All is relative and I suppose older women is more intellectual due to life experience etc.

        No Nancy doesn’t seem intellectual or smart to me at all.

      11. So are you saying that with MM, just being woman is enough for him, dont care of age, look, intelligence or position?

        With this speed of promotion, maybe few months or years later, the real lover of 620 appear: MM. Or cat fight between Cat Tsang and 620 revealed. Kaboom!

      12. “You can be intellectual without the age, but wisdom comes with age.”

        Generally I agree but with R&R who is as stupid as they were a decade before, I am beginning to think wisdom comes with age for WOMEN.

      13. ma ming don’t play around with girls hearts like these 3. all girls in TVB likes him.

      14. Miss fiona, can you name a girl in Txb dun like LF, Ron and Bosco :p.

    1. I am not surprised at all. Ron is a guy who isalways associated with girls, girls and girls.

  13. Now I know why she dumped him.

    Anyway I am sorta happy to read all these Chinese actors having one GF scandal after the next. It shows they’re sexually active which is to me like admitting the obvious. Between Ron and Ray, these R&R for the girls, they two can fill up Jayne’s headlines column anytime.

    Now there’s Bosco so there RRB.

    Anyway don’t be sad fans of Ron. It shows that he has plenty of time to pursue his hobbies, I mean not that he has much of a career left.

    And let me ask; between R, R and B, who you all choose? At least Raymond has a bigger career to boot but the thing is how will that impact him? I doubt there will be any because now they will have male fans who will marvel at their conquests.

    Anyway, gotta listen to the clip tonight!! Wonder how he sounds?

    1. Funn,
      You have to watch Ron’s video clip. They edited the tape with creepy music too, as he instructed a woman to send him the pink panty photo.

      Anyhow, after all these years in the entertainment industry, Ron did not smell a trap in the way how the reporter staged the questions to make him look like he is guilty. He denied the explicit messages, then said they were from ex-relationship. Then said they were not explicit, then ran off. He acted too nervous.

      Casual sex is likely very common in the entertainment industry. So I am not surprised by the exchange.

      But it is a matter of when he had such sex messages exchanged with Miss X. Would Ron be excused as two-timer, if he had contacted Miss X, each time he had a “break-up” with Viann?

      Can Miss X be Ron’s “rebound girl” where each time he breakups up with women, he seeks Miss X out? Like a “sex friend”?

    2. Ron’s case is of course the worst.

      Bosco and LF can pass easily, but Ron will have some step down. And his career is already lower than his frds.

      1. No, Ron is a goner. Bosco is a bigger problem.

      2. Larry,
        “No, Ron is a goner. Bosco is a bigger problem”

        Ron’s audio clips are very damning. Bosco can still be saved as long as no woman comes forth and said she had an affair with him while he dated Myolie Wu. Thus far, still speculations as to why they broke up.

        However, Ms. Lok didn’t help by saying the Bosco strayed many years ago. This is thus far the most damning statement on Bosco in the breakup news. It is not what Myolie said and not what Bosco said, but Ms. Lok.

      3. Agreed ^

        I have no idea what Ms Lok is doing. -_-

      4. @Jayne, We still have little info if he cheated more the 1 gal. Bosco is really higher then Ron. This is really bad in the short term.

    3. If Ron runs to other girls for sex every time he endures a breakup, then what does this show about his character? He can’t live without women and sex? He needs to lay off of both for a while.

  14. So i take it Edison Chen can be pardon now right? Every guys basically a sex addict but it seems Edison got more swag than these guys but also a worse luck?

    1. This is clearly not playboy Edison Chen sex scandal. It’s very barely up to that level.

  15. Ron Ron look what u have done.
    It is indeed a BIG week for TVB especially for 620.

  16. Scandals are good publicity for males and shameless for females lol!

  17. Raymond, Ron and Bosco needs to get together and star in TVB series about their two timings!! Will be a hit. As much as I like Raymond and Bosco, have gone off them a bit. Bosco was a big let down!

    1. They are being coined the Three amorous knights, so that should be the title. In fact, they should wear batman, robin costumes, and make it like Ada’s superhero series, but they should act like perverts.

      1. ” Three amorous knights”

        Knights? Shouldn’t knights be more unlike them? Why not The Three Lotharios?

        Frankly if Bosco is not in the picture, R&R is the perfect name. They treat women like rest & recuperation.

      2. WAIT! R&RB!

        As in Rest & Recuperation Bastards

      3. I only translate the name HK media gave them into english. 瘋情三俠, but they used “crazy” 瘋 instead. You can call them what you want. LOL

      4. This is 10x better the crappy Olympic opening coverage in London.

    2. Still cant ensure Bosco and LF are two-timers so they can pass easily. Bosco only needs to think how to gain Myolie back.

      The only one now stuck in fire is Ron. He must do negotiations now.

      1. Negotiations also won’t help Ron since the audio is already leaked out.

      2. But if the woman agrees to say it’s a joke between them and no pink panty sent, the nude pix are photoshop, ge will be saved

  18. ok why do they always use that photo of viann. she doesnt look like that an

    1. at* all. all this gossip of hk guy relationship this week. man the truth now comes out

  19. CRAP LOL.
    OMG! Ron Ng really? -___- oh my. he’s definitely on fire. the voice clip. It’s him. Really sound like him. crap what a week

    1. nobody likes Viann and the miss x sound crazy. ron will be back to normal fast

    2. To save Ron another siu sang/fa dan needs to be sacrificed. I nominate Fala.

      1. Fala had an official bf and I doubt she wants to lose him. Sit Sai Hang is a big fish.

      2. Yeah, good idea on Fala. She is one of the cash cow of TVB to make money.

  20. I just find this whole thing about the three guys HILARIOUS! Made my day.

    I remember once, all three of them were injured during the same time too (Sept 2010)! Raymond injured his neck while filming Sister Fa, Bosco injured his muscles while fliming Female Fist and Ron injured his hand.. Some news like this was made too.

    1. They are trio. Their lives are linked in mysterious way. Maybe they can consider to be together instead of seeking for girls.

      1. But interesting that the three of them has not been in one series together.
        Like even with S4, missing raymond. The Four missing Bosco.. something just blocks them from being together. LOL

      2. Yup, never.

        2R was in Lofty water verdant bow, Golden Faith, TOB, The Four, DOL

        BR was LWOLAP, GTL, HOG, MR

        RB was TITS 1

        So LF is the bridge of Bosco and Ron :P. The mutual lover?

    2. Last year , three of them are also in scandals:-

      LF = mavis ‘s hp photos
      Ron= viann’s accidental mms in ron’s blog
      Bosco= nude scandal

      1. Looo,
        “Last year , three of them are also in scandals:-
        LF = mavis ‘s hp photos
        Ron= viann’s accidental mms in ron’s blog
        Bosco= nude scandal”

        Last year, Bosco, Raymond and Ron were portrayed as victims in the scandals, in which they were prone to somewhat uncontrollable circumstances.

        However, the love rumors that the 3 guys are currently involved in challenge their loyalty in love, which is a lot more damaging.

      2. Bosco was really a victim in this nude scandal.

        I don’t find that the one LF is having is as big as he had last year. Last year he passed easily, this year, it can’t give him a dent.

      3. Next year, its going to be interesting. any predictions with the 3 amigos?

      4. All get married with each other, and then we have a scandal of all 3.

  21. Allegedly, it was WeChat (微信) app instead of Whatsapp

  22. The mysterious thing about those trio connection is rather funny to me. Ray will be just fine as he’s single, rich, famous, he can be playboy but definitely not a cheater, lucky guy.

    Bosco will ruin his healthy image, I never like him in my life, I truly think he’s a player, let’s the nature takes it course and let us know, haha…

    For Ron, I think he will be in trouble since none will defend him for sure and he doesn’t worth to be defended, I couldn’t find his acting convincing at all. But still, who doesn’t try some different taste especially in such complicated environment like showbiz, but he did try to save the relationship and he did acknowledge Viann as his GF, he deserved to be forgiven. And that Chinese doll, does she hurt to much that she falls into the other man’s arm that fast?

    1. oh my cousin can go to another that quick too. she dated her recent boyfriend of 7 years and he switched to another guy without blinking an eye. She did like him but I guess he doesn’t meet her expectations so she just left. She love this current boyfriend so far but i wonder how long it will last. she dated too many guys.

  23. out of tvb scandals ron will be the most hurt on, he actually has evidencce, the others like raymond and bosco, their image will be hurt also but not as much as ron who had a recording of him saying disgusting shiet

  24. I think Edison Chen is quite upset right now that his reputation has been challenged by sleazy Ron. Hahaha!

  25. anyone that goes into showbiz all want something either money fame, grls or men. they’re all materialistic and fake. only the smart actors go for someone that is outside the showbiz. too much drama.

  26. What a mess…Ron seriously is playing around..nobody can point finger at you if you did not do anything..cmon on!!

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