Rosamund Kwan Secretly Married Taiwanese Billionaire 2 Years Ago

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Retired actress, Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam, was photographed with one of Taiwanese’s top ten richest men, Chen Tai Ming, vacationing in Paris in early July. According to tabloid reports, Rosamund and Mr. Chen have been secretly married since 2008! Due to Mr. Chen’s understated personality, the couple chose not to publicly announce their marriage earlier.

Since retiring from the film industry, Rosamund has speculated profitably in real estate properties. Allegedly, Rosamund’s net worth may be valued at $500 million (HKD). On the surface, Rosamund appeared to be single, but she was privately dating fifty-three-year-old Mr. Chen in the last few years.

An inside source close to Rosamund revealed that she and Mr. Chen got married overseas in 2008. Allegedly, when Rosamund, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Ray Liu Leung Wai and his wife, shared a dinner [two years ago], Rosamund was already married. The source said, “Rosamund’s close friends knew that she and Mr. Chen were married. At the time, Taiwanese tycoon, Guo Tai Ming, was also pursuing Rosamund, but she was not interested.”

When spotted at a Beijing fashion show in September 2009, Rosamund revealed that she already found her significant other, but said she was not in a hurry to get married.

Source: Takungpao

Jayne: All these famous actresses from the 1990s are marrying older millionaires! Rosamund’s marriage news made me think of Michelle Reis, who seems to have married better. Michelle and her husband, Mr. Hui, are often photographed together eating out, shopping at the mall etc. They seem to be very much in love…..

Since both Michelle and Rosamund were both involved with Lau Luan Hung (while he was married), were Michelle and Rosamund arch-enemies in the past?

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Rosamund Kwan Secretly Married Taiwanese Billionaire 2 Years Ago

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  • 16 comments to Rosamund Kwan Secretly Married Taiwanese Billionaire 2 Years Ago

    1. Funn Lim says:

      In love… with money. Why all gorgeous actresses marry such old ugly men? Quite simply because these “old ugly men” can do just that. They’re rich.

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      • Rosamund Chen replied:

        yes if you pretty you can find rich man same like Rosamund kwan,same like Tom love with money,they dont like life poor.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Rosamund Chen
    2. Kidd says:

      “All these famous actresses from the 1990s are marrying older millionaires!

      For the case of Rosamund, it’s just 5 years older. Not a very big age gap. My mom and dad has bigger age gap. Lol.

      I find Mr.Chen decent looking. Not ugly at all.

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    3. jinh says:

      The most shocking one is still Gigi’s marriage…. Sigh. I miss seeing her but if she has found happiness, let it all be.

      Login or Register before you can reply to jinh
    4. klee says:

      as you get older your realize that $ is important i think these actresses married older rich men because they can provide security and very comfortable life. Ultimately we want a man that loves and cares for us if you think about it, the actresses are not poor themselves but most of the time only older men have the wisdom and stability charm to women in their early 40s unless you love the ‘freshness’ of a younger man…it really depends on your own preference. I am dating a man younger 4 years and have dated a man 12 years older – there is a big difference in the way they think and view the world.

      Login or Register before you can reply to klee
    5. Joyce says:

      I agree that many of of these women are marrying for “stability” to put it nicely. What they really want is money…. and more money. But when it comes down to it, HK people are very materialistic and what they value most is money and “face”.

      Rosamund’s husband may only be 5 years older…. but he looks like he’s in his 70’s!!!

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    6. Chan says:

      Respond to the above, can people check Facebook, look at ordinary 53 year old people, they are more or less the same as Kwan’s husband, he’s okay, of course, you can’t compare him with Chow Yun Fat, Leung Chiu Wai. Can people look at people around them who are around 53 years old, I dont think they look good, most have big fat tummy. Please don’t criticize that much, look at yourself first.

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    7. HeTieShou says:

      Well most of these actresses are not poor themselves, but who ever said that money was too much?? My dad always told me that men go for looks and women go for money. I think that is true in a lot of cases that I have seen, but that is even more true for actresses. I have not seen any actress marry someone that is not from the circle or is rich. Actresses are very high maintanence, so it is difficult for them to marry anyone that is not rich or from the circle.

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    8. advo says:

      Honestly, I’m shocked that these actresses choose to marry for money since I would think they are the leastof people who has a need for it. They have a choice. Sure, they are not so wealthy themselves, but they can continue working and earning more. There are a lot of other groups of women who must marry money to experience reasonable wealth. I guess, being from the Western society, I do not understand why these woman ultimately, just want to marry well and retire young. I would find such a life very dull.

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    9. Kidd says:

      Advo, I don’t know the situation in western society. But, in asian society, especially chinese, most women still want to marry up. It doesn’t matter how much they themselves earn. They would still want to marry someone whose earnings are equal to or more than them. It doesn’t mean they are gold diggers. It’s just a mentality passed on to them. Her man must earn more (or at least equal).

      That’s why nowadays, it’s getting harder for women to find partner. Imagine a woman earning 10K per month and she wants only a partner than earns equally or more. The choices will be very limited.

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    10. advo says:

      @ Kidd, I wasn’t accusing them of being golddiggers, and lots of people in the Western world wants too marry up too. But few up them wants to give up working once they have married – there-in lies the difference. A lot these actresses seem to ultimately have the goal of marrying well and then give up on their career altogether.

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    11. Funn Lim says:

      Some calls it marry up but when you marry for money (just so happen there is love involved which is a good thing) or for better station in life (such as billionaires), to me these are ambitious women. Gold diggers only come into picture when they divorce and ask for big chunks or maybe ditch their husbands or boyfriends and marry rich.

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    12. Funn Lim says:

      And advo is right. Many Asian actresses probably enter the entertainment industry to marry rich but when that fails decided “maybe I should work harder” and so ends up marrying fellow actors or outside the entertainment business so to speak. To say all is not accurate but probably 8 out of 10 was probably a kept woman during the early years in their career. Their career then is to marry up because most of them are not born into money or rather does not have that social pedigree. Who can blame them? Who doesn’t want to be a tai-tai and do charity work and have great social networking? Asian women tends to emphasise on security.

      Asian men on the other hand enter a career for career which is why you see many actors are still around although some will venture into business ultimately since not many will be able to act until they drop dead.

      Unlike hollywood. Actors who are successful are considered the new royalty. Only in hollywood actors and actresses can get USD20 million per movie. If the situation is the same in Asian film industry, I truly believe there would be less marrying into rich families and more about concentrating on their acting or singing as a career.

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    13. HeTieShou says:

      Acting is a hard job so honestly, IF actresses can just marry a rich guy and then just sit there and enjoy life, why wouldn’t they?? I personally would find that kind of life really really boring, but that is just me. Since you can earn a lot more in the American entertainment industry, American actress may not go for money as much as Asian actresses do.

      Traditionally, I think generally asian actresses are more dependent and marry a rich guy for security. However, in some cases if the woman is more independent and makes a good amount herself, then she would not mind(in various cases) if the guy makes more or less than she does.

      Overall, it does vary from person to person. But as far as I see, I have not seen any asian actress marry someone that is not well off or is from the circle. I have seen actors marry outside the circle and normal citizens, but I have not sen any actress do that…

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    14. John Doe says:

      Yes. Women dig gold and men dig p*ssies.

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    15. John Doe says:

      Men dig p*ssy, sorry.

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