Rosina Lam’s Husband Proposes to Her Every Day

Rosina Lam (林夏薇) and Hugo Wong (黃子恆) shot a kissing scene for their new TVB drama Hot Pursuit <乘勝追擊> a few days ago in Tsung Kwan O. The scene was about Hugo using lifebuoy biscuits as rings to propose to Rosina. She accepts his proposal immediately, hugs him, and kisses him. They kissed two times for the scene.

Asking if the proposal scene reminded her of when her husband, Jason Mok (莫贊生), first proposed to her, Rosina happily said, “He proposed to me every day before we got married. Even after we got married he would still ask me if I wanted to marry him every morning.”

So does that mean Jason would give her an engagement ring every time he proposes? “Of course not. One of the reasons why I like him so much is that he’s a very simple person. During the actual proposal he did have an engagement ring, but I won’t divulge the details.”

Asking if her husband would mind her kissing scenes, Rosina said, “There’s no need for me to explain to him about this aspect of my job. He understands.” She added that she will also have a sex scene with Hugo.

Asking Hugo if there’s pressure to film intimate scenes with a married woman, he said, “Not really if she’s fine with it, but if she resists, that’ll make me even more nervous.”

Rosina said her kissing scenes with Hugo weren’t nearly as intense as her scenes with costar, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬). “There’s a scene where Ruco and I get naked together. The scene is about us stripping off all her clothes to prove to others that we didn’t steal anything. My husband knows about this scene. One day he caught me trying out skin-tight garments. He told me I was too skinny, and even reminded me to wear garments that were more tight-fitting so it won’t show on camera.”

Hot Pursuit, produced by Yip Chun-fai (葉鎮輝), is a thriller drama about a team of professional con artists. Ruco and Rosina play a pair of gamblers who are employed by a casino tycoon to find a mysterious embezzler. Joel Chan (陳山聰), Pal Sinn (單立文), and Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) also star.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. what?????????????? “naked” together with the sizzling hot macho sexy Ruco???? TVB , pl don’t disappoint us after all that anticipation!

    1. @isay: Getting naked with Ruco….hmmm…Rosina is one lucky woman.
      I like Rosina — sweet, candid and unpretentious. But I do find her too skinny.

  2. This drama will be worth watching…my idol Ruco in it. Rosina, Hugo, Pal Sinn. Hugo looks so romantic ‘proposing’.

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Hugo Wong is *actually* really good looking?

      1. @jessehsuan @elizabeth @ sasamii I think he’s a pretty good actor too, just been given mediocre characters to play all these while. He just needs to be given a breakthrough character like Ruco Chan did with The Other Truth!

    1. @linvin8
      He’s always being cute but just those minor roles in every series. Typical TVB, probably no connections of any kind so playing minor roles for years and years.

    2. @linvin8 Yes, he is good looking. He has all the criteria to be lead actor, but, just lack the chance. Or maybe it’s a good thing. The time he spent in small roles gave him training in his acting that when the time for him to take on bigger role, he can do it well.

      The exodus of actors in TVB helped quite a number of actors like him. I don’t think he would have this current chance if not so many TVB actors left the station these few years.

  4. Hugo IS good looking. he is charismatic, has a nice voice and just needs a good role to break through. very versatile too.

  5. rosina is sweet and knows how to separate her work and private life…she could have yakked but doesn’t, unlike someone.

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