Rosina Lin Secretly Marries CEO Boyfriend

28-year-old TVB actress Rosina Lin (林夏薇) married her 41-year-old CEO boyfriend, Jason, in an extremely private ceremony this past weekend. Rosina is very mum about her private life and managed to keep her dating life out of the public’s eye. The media and their colleagues did not know about their relationship. The couple reportedly dated for over a year.

Their wedding ceremony was held at a luxury mansion in Victoria Peak on the afternoon of July 25. It was attended by close family and friends, including Rosina’s cousin, Raymond Lam (林峯). The Lam family is renowned in their hometown Xiamen—Raymond’s grandfather Lam Mung Fei (林夢飛) is influential in the legal industry, and Raymond’s father Lam Wah Kwok (林華國) is a wealthy real estate investor, owning many rental properties and shopping malls.

Rosina’s husband Jason, who carries a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Ohio State University, also invests in several businesses. He is the executive director of many listed companies, including the Hin Sang Group and the Chinese Food and Beverage Group. Jason has about 12 years of investment experience. Two years ago, he started a new company with an anonymous millionaire in Hong Kong.

Despite Jason’s wealthy background, Rosina has no intentions to retire from the industry. She will resume work in mid-August.

Rosina and Jason’s wedding was held secretively, and a source leaked that the couple did not allow pictures to be taken during the ceremony. However, Rosina’s manager, Candy, shared some photos of Rosina wearing her wedding gown on Weibo the following day, but kept Jason’s face hidden.

The source also revealed a clip of Rosina singing The Wynner’s old-school hit “Friend” at the wedding, but Jason did not go on stage to perform with her. After performing the song, Jason kissed Rosina on the cheek.

After the wedding, Rosina, Raymond, and Raymond’s girlfriend Karena Ng (吳千語), went to an after party event with ten other friends. Raymond treated the group to over ten bottles of champagne and was with Karena the entire night.

Before the event was over, Raymond spotted some reporters and quickly notified Rosina, who left the venue with some older female friends. Raymond and Karena stayed until the end, and watched American singer Chris Brown end the show.

Raymond and Karena left the club at around three in the morning. Reporters rushed to the actor to ask him about Rosina’s wedding, but Raymond pretended to be clueless to protect Rosina’s privacy. “Never heard of it!” he said. “I really don’t know!”

On Sunday night, Rosina and Jason held a wedding banquet and invited close colleagues. Those who attended the dinner include TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), and Nancy Wu (胡定欣).

Source: IHKTV

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  1. Had no idea who she is since can’t recognise her english name and then i realised who she is. Frankly she isn’t exactly tabloid target. Rich guy? Of course. See her background.

  2. Sorry this question is off topic but does anyone know if TVB still have training classes like they did before? I remember most of the older actors and actresses came from those classes. I saw a lot of them in one of the music videos back in the 90) but anyways, nowadays it looks like anyone could be casted? Just curious. Thanks in advance for answering my burning question 🙂

    1. @kaykay408 the most recent class I remember is Tavia. I think she’s the only “success” one from it. 99% of female now came from Miss HK. A few male from Mr HK when they had that. But there’s no influx of male atm. The females are still continuously feeding from Miss HK. It’s sad really… It’s pretty much anyone with connections (as stated above) and remotely good looking and extremely skinny (esp the girls) then you’re in.

    2. @kaykay408 Yes, they still have TVB training classes. They are just very low key and the ones that graduate from it are starting from the bottom. That is why people don’t really notice it.

      1. @jlau421 that’s sad. No wonder nowadays the quality is so low. Look at Yammy Nam, Stephen Chow, Sean Lau, Tony Leung…just to name a few. They are all good actors and successful.

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