Roy Chiu Attacks Alice Ke’s Bosom in New Drama “Marry Me Or Not?”

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Roy Chiu Attacks Alice Ke’s Bosom in New Drama “Marry Me Or Not?”

Roy Chiu (邱澤) and Alice Ke (柯佳嬿) scored a big win this past week with their newly airing Taiwanese drama, Marry Me Or Not? <必娶女人>. In the newest episode, they find themselves too close for comfort when Roy accidentally grabs Alice’s bosom. In reality, Roy was almost too embarrassed to film the scene, while Alice generously dared him to go through with it.

Marry Me Or Not? stars Roy as divorce lawyer Hao Meng and Alice as business manager Cai Huanzhen. In a humorous upcoming scene, Huanzheng secretly takes an incriminating photo of Hao Meng, causing him to chase after her in order to delete it. Unfortunately, instead of grabbing her cell phone, he finds himself grabbing her bosom.

Alice came fully prepared to film the scene; she shared that her undergarment was made of thicker material than usual, and she also donned a sweater so that Roy would not be able to really feel anything. In fact, when Roy expressed embarrassment about filming the scene, she told him, “Go ahead, it’s no problem. You’re very far away from the real thing.” Alice was so into filming that when the police arrived at the scene, she stuck out her chest and boldly complained, “Mr. Policeman, he groped me.”

Marry Me Or Not? marks Roy and Alice’s first reunion since their successful idol drama, Office Girls <小資女孩向前衝>, which aired in 2011. Fortunately for fans, their chemistry from four years ago is still alive and well.

When filming the aforementioned scene, the two even joked around with lines made up on the spot. “Who do you think you are – Roy Chiu?” said Alice after being accused of snapping a photo of Hao Meng. “Who would want to take pictures of you?” Roy then replied, “I know I look like Roy Chiu. You’re not going to delete the pictures, are you?” Alice countered with “Who do you think you are – Mike He (賀軍翔)?”, referring to another Taiwanese actor who bears a resemblance to Roy. Roy then joked, “I look more like Roy Chiu.”


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