Roy Chiu Lambasted by Yu Zheng for Dropping Out of Drama

Mainland Chinese producer Yu Zheng lashes out at Roy Chiu for alleged unethical behavior.

Golden Horse Best Actor nominee Roy Chiu (邱澤) has been accused of abruptly dropping out of a series by famed producer of Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略> Yu Zheng (于正). Claiming that Roy had “begged and screamed” about wanting a role in his new drama, yet quit at the eleventh hour after being assigned the role of third male lead.

According to the screenshot uploaded, Roy’s manager used the excuse of “a clash in schedules” for him to drop out of the drama, and claimed that the actor wanted to apologize face-to-face. Still fuming about the matter, Yu Zheng sarcastically commented, “I hope Mr. Roy Chiu can win the Golden Horse and become the movie king who never has to beg [for jobs]!”

Responding to the allegations, Roy’s manager Lia Tianjun (廖天駿) said, “This just happened in the afternoon. We realized that one of Roy’s earlier projects had been delayed, and was afraid of affecting teacher Yu Zheng’s February production, so we told him in WeChat. He got angry and we are still communicating the matter,” He added that everyone respected Yu Zheng, but that Roy had never met him and did not “beg” for the role. He did not sign a contract with Yu Zheng and informed him immediately when he realized the clash in schedules.

Thereafter, Yu Zheng continued to voice his discontent, pointing out the fact that Roy’s manager had messaged on the same day of the Golden Horse awards. “We had been in discussions for three months, why did he not bring up that he couldn’t make it (for the drama) earlier? I will not respond after the matter has concluded, my intention and wish is that artistes can have integrity and not mislead and bamboozle the production team.”

Close to 10:30 p.m., Yu Zheng voiced his irate feelings for the third time, blasting Liao’s version of the story, “Is your memory faulty? Firstly I had not invited you, isn’t it you who approached me through madam Li Jinping (李靜平)? Indeed, I have yet to meet Roy face-to-face, but you had discussed the drama with us and communicated for as long as three months. If you didn’t have an available slot then why not mention it earlier? And just when we are about to ink the contract, you accepted iQiyi’s web series in Thailand, did you consult us first? We had to accommodate you by pushing (Roy’s) scenes further back so you could earn from both sides. If these weren’t true, you could have turned us down directly, and we wouldn’t be in such passive straits now. If you didn’t promise me verbally, then why does your partner need to say sorry?” The heated words concluded with Yu Zheng saying, “It’s not that I can’t find a replacement actor, but I can’t keep this lying down!”

Nominated for his role in the movie Dear Ex <誰先愛上他的>, Roy lost the award to Mainland Chinese actor Xu Zheng (徐崢) who shone in the celebrated hit Dying to Survive <我不是藥師>. When the awards results were revealed, Yu Zheng reacted in Weibo, “Retribution is here.”


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  1. Whether YZ is saying the truth or not, if YZ is smart he should just shut his mouth because nobody is going to view him as the better guy.

    He could have keep that little fame he sort of gained back from the success of Yanxi Palace, but just because he earned some attention back now, he’s acting up again.

  2. Yu Zheng may be a bit*h but Roy is a scum. I know who I will believe more in this matter.

  3. Well someone can kiss goodbye to future roles with this hit maker although he may have legitimate reasons.

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