Ruby Lin Makes Memorable Appearance in Netflix’s “The Victims’ Game”


After the less-than-stellar reviews of Netflix’s debut Mandarin-language drama Nowhere Man <夢者>, they are gaining back the favor of the critics after The Victims’ Game <誰是被害者>. The series is currently dominating Netflix’s Mandarin-language programming charts, and has received a high 8.1 out 10 rating on Mainland China’s Douban website.

The thriller series stars Joseph Chang (張孝全) as a forensic scientist suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism. Together with an investigative journalist portrayed by Ann Hsu (許瑋甯), they set off on a mission to find his daughter. The series uses a gripping investigative format to cover topics related to gender inequality, labor rights, guilty consciences, and mental illness.

Featuring a star-studded cast that also includes Wang Shih-hsien (王識賢) and newcomer Moon Lee (李沐), the final moments of The Victims’ Game features a memorable guest appearance by Ruby Lin (林心如), who is introduced at the end of the series as the main perpetuator in a plague of deaths linked to a nursing home. In assisting their suicide, she believes that she is freeing the patients from the chains of a painful life.

After getting arrested by the police, Ruby does a fantastic yet chilling performance in reeling the viewers into her character’s psyche in just a matter of seconds.

All eight episodes of The Victims’ Game are available on Netflix.


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  1. Thought nowhere man was good, didn’t know it’s rating was that bad (didn’t watch it, just based on previous article about it). Will definitely check this one out though. Fun fact, Tiffany Ann Hsu and Ruby are BFF, they love to guest starring in each other’s drama. I swear they just want to hang out xD

  2. Nah, the plot basically guessable when the second suicide happened. Ruby ‘uglify’ herself for this role, that’s all.

  3. I think this drama is very good. I love Korean thrillers and this drama is comparable to Koean standards. I didn’t realise Ruby has a cameo role in this drama until her appearance in the lasy couple of eps.. The acting for most cast is good.

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