Ruco Chan and Aimee Chan in “Unrequited Love Double Cities”

Filming TVB dramas non-stop this year, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) will appear in new romantic comedy, Unrequited Love Double Cities <單戀雙城>, opposite Aimee Chan (陳茵媺).

After portraying lovers in Ruse of Engagement <叛逃> and starring together in Love Exceeds the Coastline <情越海岸線>, Ruco and Aimee will be caught in a complex love rectangle involving Lin Xia Wei (林夏薇) and Elaine Yiu (姚子羚). Ruco’s character will be a flirtatious player whom women can’t help but fall for his charms.

In the sales presentation unveiled earlier, Aimee and Xia Wei are Hong Kong tourists that become fast friends while staying at the same Malaysian resort. Both women have been suffering frustrations with their current boyfriend. As they exchange their relationship stories, “Ben” walks towards the beach and they realize that they are both in love with the same man!

Unrequited Love Double Cities will film on location in Malaysia, featuring the colorful local landmarks and sunny beaches. Ruco’s character is a tour guide in Malaysia and also a music producer. Will Ruco intentionally show off his muscles in the beach scenes? “I will not especially do so. But I’m trying to diet now. My schedule is too busy, so I will exercise more later. Hopefully, there will be something to see!”

The new drama also features a supporting cast consisting of Tony Hung (洪永城), Samantha Ko (高海寧), Benz Hui (許紹雄), Toby Chan (陳庭欣), and Matt Yeung ( 揚明).


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  1. “Ruco’s character is a tour guide in Malaysia and also a music producer.”

    Huh? An unsuccessful producer perhaps?

    1. Wasn’t there already a drama with Aimee and Ruco about music filmed earlier?

    2. Look at his outfit, he must be producing island music.

      Anyway, how long are the 2 girls on vacation that they both end up w/ the same boyfriend? Sounds like a bad episode of “the love boat” or “fantasy island”.

      1. Ruco looks weired in this outfit. Hope his look as a music producer will be better.

  2. Lol wow the only people that i like up there is Ruco and Elaine Yiu

  3. wow…ruco paired w/amiee? Eww… Amiee 1st lead now too….double double ewww!!!

    1. Hahaha. This isn’t the first time Aimee leading with Ruco too.

      1. I think Aimee Chan is only the 2nd lead actress in “Love Exceeds the Coastline” ; the 1st lead actress should be Selena Li.

  4. Looking forward to seeing Tony Hung in his first drama! I loved the show “Pilgrimage of Hope” that he hosted.

  5. Elaine Yiu is a good actress. She acts well and should be promoted to 2nd lead actress, not Lin Xia Wei (林夏薇). Lin Xia Wei is so new, but she is a cousin of Raymond Lam and automatically she is promoted more by TVB. Not fair to Elaine Yiu!

    1. Lin Xia Wei is actually a pretty good actress, even though I only saw her in that one long sitcom. I’m sure being Raymond’s cousin has helped her, but she seems to be really friendly to all her coworkers and she’s pretty natural. I’d rather have her be promoted than all these other newbies who can barely speak cantonese.

      I’m not sure what’s going on with Elaine. Maybe they’re trying to develop her as a host because she recently hosted the TVB8 music awards.

      1. Elaine Yiu is a good actress. It is a shame that she is not promoted in drama series.

      2. She’s only been a better actress recently. I remember her being horrible in her first few series where she was lead in Safe Guards and the villain in Revolving Doors of Vengeance. I hope they give her some bigger supporting roles in the future, but it does seem like she’ll be doing a lot more hosting in the future. She’s going to be hosting some type of program with Alice Chan.

  6. Happy for Ruco Chan as he is cast for another drama series though it is only a small production.

    1. I think Ruco is newly added. The original cast was only Tony Hung, and Yeung Ming. Some said that with this weak cast, this series can’t arouse interest for purchasers overseas. So Ruco has to film his 5th series in a year.

      1. It is good for Ruco Chan. He deserves to act another drama series. However, it is not very good for an actor to act so many drama series in a year …….. audience will get tired of watching the same artiste. It happened to Linda Chung in 2012, and many people got sick of watching her in 4 drama series within 7 to 8 months.

  7. Don’t like Aimee either. She’s too high profile with Moses. Why don’t they collaborate? Bty, Aimee can’t match Ruco in terms of acting. Hope Elaine Yiu will have more screen time with Ruco.

  8. Elaine Yiu, I’m impressed with her, Bottle Passion and now, cameo in friendly fire.

  9. Elaine Yiu deserves to be promoted. Wonder how TBB marketing is working. Aimee can’t gain the hearts of majority.
    Many people in the net dislike her to pair with Ruco. They said her better to be dumped back to Mo.

    1. Aimee Chan surely looks prettier than Elaine Yiu, but Elaine acts better than Aimee.

      1. Not really. Aimee looks not so natural. some said she has gone under surgery.

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