Ruco Chan and Linda Chung Star in “Big Wheel”

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) will star in new TVB drama, Big Wheel <巨輪>. The 30-episode big-budget drama revolves around two brothers and the changes they face over the course of 22 years. The story will take place from 1991 to 2013.

At the start of the drama, Ruco Chan’s character will be a police officer, which will require him to complete various action stunts. Although the filming for his current drama, Heart Road GPS <心路 GPS>, is still ongoing, Ruco indicated that he felt great and had the stamina to start filming a new drama.

Ruco, Linda, and Edwin will be involved in a love triangle. Ruco was eager to collaborate with Linda for the first time. “She is an actress that I like very much. She gives other people a very comfortable feeling. I will love her very much in the drama, but there will be a love triangle,” Ruco said.

Linda also expressed her excitement in having the opportunity to work with Ruco, whom she praised for being a good actor.

Portraying a Foshan native in the drama, Edwin Siu indicated that he will need to deliver the impression that his character is indeed from mainland China. Promoted to a first-line actor in Big Wheel, Edwin exclaimed, “I have accumulated many things over the last few years, filming only several episodes in each drama to becoming a lead actor. I’m very excited!”

Produced by Amy Wong (王心慰), Big Wheel also stars Louis Yuen (阮兆祥) and Kristal Tin (田蕊妮). The cast will travel to Macau to film on location for one month.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Still the same group of people. At least failiar faces now given a chance to lead.

    1. Ruco and Linda should have interesting chemistry together.

      Producer Amy Wong has assembled similar cast members for her last few dramas, namely Ruco, Louis, and Kristal. Producers like to do this because they have already established a good work relationship and understanding, rather than take on someone new which will take time to assimilate.

      1. Like I saw Moses time and time again with Kenny Wong (Tak Bun) and I am convinced they must have their own love story one day. The way they talk to one another, so close, so intimate!

        Ruco and Louis will probably the BFF from screen to BFF in real life.

      2. “Ruco and Linda should have interesting chemistry together.”

        Brother and sister is my fear.

      3. Funn,
        Ruco doesn’t connect passionately with his female costars. He seems a bit shy around women, but Kristal Tin broke through that barrier in “No Good Either Way.” I wonder how he will treat Linda.

        However, they are both good artists, so I wonder how they will convey their love onscreen.

      4. But he and Kristal weren’t passionate. They were more like old couple.

      1. Linda is the female lead. Linda will pair with Ruco. There will be a triangle between Ruco, Linda and Edwin Siu. All media outlets today reported that the leads are Ruco, Edwin and Linda, and Krystal only mentioned as the other cast. In her series before this, Kristal mostly the female lead like in NGEW, KM, EMYM.

      2. Kristal Tin has not fully established in 1st lead roles yet. It just means that Ruco Chan is more promoted for 1st lead roles now than Kristal Tin. It does not mean that Kristal is demoted. Besides, Kristal is not that young in appearance. Ruco looked younger than she in “No Good Either Way”.

      3. Kristal Tin looks older than her age and with the new younger and fresher actresses coming now, it’s hard for TVB to promote her.

      4. Agree. Both Kristal Tin and Ruco Chan were born in the same year, but Kristal looks older than Ruco.

    1. To me, for now Krystal Tin is only female lead in male dominated series like Every Move You Make and King Maker, or series with male leads with lower statuses like No Good Either Way. Apart from it is Ruco Chan again who is leading this new series, but he is being very promoted!

      And Linda is a top 5 fadan so it’s normal Krystal’ll be second lead, like Linda wasn’t main lead in Can’t Buy Me Love.

    2. No, just because Linda is the female lead here, that doesn’t mean Kristal is being demoted. I believe that this is her first grand production also? One series does not determine someone being promoted/demoted. If you look at the whole picture, she seems to have been promoted to first/second lead roles instead of supporting and they are also sending her off to other countries for TVB promotional activities.

  2. Ruco is promoted a lot this year and Linda gets the chance back to grand series with this? Linda has slowed down this year although she has as many as 4 small series. Only WI and her pairing with Bosco got some good noise.

    1. Ruco is indeed promoted and keep getting leading roles since TOT. He has three series waiting to be aired with him as the first male lead. Ruco has established a good position in TVB.

      1. Yeah I also like Ruco especially in TOT and I’m happy too that he’s getting promotion opportunities.

  3. I like Ruco & lately, I like Linda, but I like Ruco & Tavia better. Seems to me Ruco is often overlooked even though he is a good actor. Good that he has opportunities. We should not be rating actors as being promoted or otherwise, each should have opportunity to lead and play smaller supportive roles because if we do this, we are merely doing what Tvb does. Better to build a community than a ladder.

  4. Finally, a heavyweight drama for Ruco. Srly, I thought TVB was limiting his talents by casting him in low-profile series. Ruco and Linda look quite compatible in terms of looks. Hopefully, their chemistry will be good.

  5. Fantastic! Ruco, Linda and Edwin in a grand production with the exception of Moses!
    Sick of watching the pairing of Moses and Linda, not that they don’t have on screen chemistry but to breathe the fresh air of a new direction.
    There’s Louise Lee as well, is she 李司棋?

  6. Linda is lucky that she gets opportunity to work/pair with different leading actors.

    I think TVB directors shouldn’t pair up the same actress and the same actor for more than 2 series because it is boring to some audiences.

    Moreover, directors should create new pairings and give other deserving actresses/actors a chance to lead/act in their drama.

  7. I love both Ruco and Linda so I cannot wait to see how this turns out 🙂 I think it’ll be refreshing to see new chemistry.

  8. Such a biased article. Edwin is also the lead actor. Why include only Ruco chan in the title? It’s not very fair

  9. It will be nice to see a new pairing, hopefully it’s not draggy since it’s a love story for 30 episode. I would like to see Ruco and Myolie together in a cop drama in the future.

  10. Interesting pairing Ruco/Linda. I hope Linda’s character will be written suitable for her- like her character in WI- it suits her & she did well.
    I’m glad Edwin is finally given a chance 🙂

  11. at least it’s a new pair up thats good. TVB is always so damn boring w/the same old same old pair ups. hope this new pair will be interesting to watch.

  12. Excitd to see this good looking couple.
    Hope they will have good chemistry together. Glad to see Ruco have a new & pretty partner after ‘No Good Either Way’,
    Krytal Tin can’t match him really. Ruco
    is a charming guy but Tin’s matured housewife look only fits to elder actors.

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