Ruco Chan Pauses Baby Plans While Phoebe Sin Becomes a KOL

While Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) is busy filming dramas, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) primarily became a stay-at-home mom after giving birth to Quinta. Though the 30-year-old mom lessened her workload to take care of her family, she still makes guest appearances on variety shows and children programs occasionally. Despite reducing her presence on the small screen, Phoebe is very active on social media. With the artiste often advertising products like apparel, skincare, and household items online, fans are rejoicing at the idea of Phoebe becoming a KOL.

In an interview, Phoebe expressed that she is still interested in making a full return to the small screen when her daughter is older, but for now, she is doing well as a KOL. Phoebe disclosed she often gets work invitations from various companies, including one that allowed her to film an insect repellent video with Quinta.

She said, “I want my daughter to be exposed to more people and learn how to communicate with others. I am happy she was calm and wasn’t afraid of strangers. I will sign her up for playgroup soon.”

Ruco Wants More Children

Seeing that Phoebe is enjoying life as a KOL, Ruco is putting his baby plans on hold. “Let’s leave it up to fate,” he expressed. “I want to let Phoebe rest first. She got married and had a child at 30. That takes a lot of adjusting. She only found time now to do what she likes.”

Since Ruco is supportive of his wife’s newfound fame as an influencer, reporters asked if he would want his daughter to take the same path. “I would respect her wishes. Let’s wait till she is older to make a decision,” the actor said.

In the meantime, Ruco, who is filming Super Emissary <超能使者>, is looking forward to spending the Dragon Boat Festival with his family later today. He disclosed he did not take his daughter dragon boating. “She just swam in the bathtub,” Ruco said.

As for whether Quinta can eat zongzi with them, he said, “She can eat solids, but we will have to ask her mom first. She likes to eat. She is really cute with her eight teeth.”

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