Ruco Chan Rumored with a New Girlfriend Again

Being one of TVB’s most popular leading actors can come with its disadvantages, and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) is definitely facing the brunt of it. According to a recent report, Ruco is claimed to be dating a former ATV actress, Teresa Lou (樓茜妮).

Ruco has been plagued with dating rumors since he shot to fame in 2011 with the popular TVB legal drama,The Other Truth <真相>. In 2012, while the 37-year-old was shooting Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>, Ruco topped gossip headlines when it was rumored that costars Selena Li (李詩韻) and Lee Yee Man (李綺雯) were fighting for his affections. Around the same time, Ruco was rumored to be dating mainland Chinese actress Ma Su (马苏), with reports alleging that Ruco was the third party in her relationship with longtime boyfriend, Kong Linghui (孔令辉). Ruco dismissed all the rumors as false.

While promoting Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> last year, gossip columns speculated that Ruco and his costar, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), were seeing each other. Claiming that the pair grew close on set, their dating rumors intensified when Linda was seen in Ruco’s car. Though they denied dating speculations, Ruco and Linda remained affectionate towards each other on the set of period drama The Apothecary <大藥坊>, which is currently shooting in Hong Kong.

Rumors with Teresa Lou

On January 15, 2014, Ruco’s friends hosted a birthday party for the actor in a hotel in Tseung Kwan O. An insider leaked to the press that Ruco went to the party with 36-year-old Teresa Lou, a former ATV actress and 1999 Miss Asia winner. The source suggested that Ruco cheated on Linda with Teresa.

Teresa, though born in Hong Kong, spent her childhood in the United States. In 1999, she debuted in the Hong Kong television industry after winning the Miss Asia crown and the Miss Photogenic award. In the five years she was with ATV, she only filmed six dramas. Disappointed in her career, she left ATV in 2004 and retired from the entertainment business. She is currently helping her father with his jewelry business. Teresa is extremely wealthy, and resides in a $30 million HKD mansion in Happy Valley. Reports say that she purchased the estate 10 years ago for $21.8 million HKD.

Ruco Chan Apologizes to Linda Chung

Ruco denied his rumors with Teresa in a recent phone interview, clarifying that she was just a good friend whom he has not seen in over seven years. Ruco explained that he had recently met up with many of his former ATV colleagues for a dinner gathering.

He also apologized to Linda Chung, expressing that he felt embarrassed for getting Linda involved in his rumors. He also made clear that he is not dating Linda, stressing that the two of them are just colleagues. “Linda and I have always been just colleagues. We’ve never started [dating]. I originally didn’t feel like I needed to clarify anything because the reports are nonsense, but now they are starting to affect others, and I am really sorry.”


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  1. I believe him. Since he denied, so be it. However I recently saw a headline which says Ruco is on a dating binge and he is dating everyone. I was laughing very hard because it does seem to be true. Now if this girl is true, ahhh the implication of him dating a much richer woman… that will taint his career forever with all the negative press on supposedly being a gold digger. But I think they’re just there for gathering. If they’re dating, his hand should be on her shoulder.

    1. Funn,
      Ruco’s ex-girlfriend, Eunis Yiu, was the sexy type. Can’t help but think that Ruco may have been attracted to Ankie Beilke. Physically, they look very good together.

      I think Ruco and Linda get along because both are very since people and dedicated to their work. Linda once praised Ruco for discussing acting theories in-depth with her while filming “Brother’s Keeper”. He is probably more at ease with Linda because she has a widely known boyfriend.

      1. “Ruco may have been attracted to Ankie Beilke”

        Agreed, Ankie is probably like a breath of fresh air for Ruco. Would love to see Ruco and Ankie paired for another series. They did a great job in Brother’s Keeper.

      2. Ankie’s a very sexy and attractive woman but i doubt she’s his type. Attraction is only one aspect of a relationship. Based solely on attraction any relationship is doomed to fail in the long run when the sparks die down.

      3. Jayne, no doubt he was. Question was it the way described in another article, you know the language and cultural barrier. I do think they were an item.

      4. Funn,
        Language and cultural barrier may have been a factor due to Ankie’s upbringing. But as to whether that was the reason it didn’t work out, it’s hard to say. If Ankie was not misquoted in previous reports, she had a great impression of Ruco and basically said that she wouldn’t mind dating him. So I also believe they were a pair.

      5. @Jayne I think Ruco likes Eunis type, those tall, pretty and miss HK/Asia type? Remember his first long-time girl friend was a model?

      6. Norika,
        “I think Ruco likes Eunis type, those tall, pretty and miss HK/Asia type? Remember his first long-time girl friend was a model?”

        Agree, so Ruco seems to prefer fit women with nice figure with interest in sports. Based on Eunis profile, probably women in their 20s.

      7. Yeah-yeah, dating is nice but I was more referring to acting/dramas. Ankie Beilke seems very professional and willing to really do her homework and get into the character. She doesn’t hold back like some of the other fadans when it comes to intimate scenes. And, it’s done with class.

    2. I believe him too.. that he is not a gold digger nor serial dater. But all I can see is Ruco protecting Linda, he seems to be he is not too concerns with the negative rumours towards him on dating issues

  2. Looks like a group picture cropped out for the purpose of this article. shame shame.

  3. The picture’s deliberately cropped to make them seem like they’re the only ones in the picture. Unfortunately, they forgot to photoshop the other person’s arm out of it. Losers

  4. Leave Ruco alone, he’s no womaniser or serial dater. He has dinner with a female friend (alone or with a group) and the press goes to town with made up stories of one leg in 2 boats. Seriously, he just can’t be seen with any woman without juicy gossip being generated to sell those trashy mags.

    1. buzz,
      Let’s take the romantic rumors in stride. It’s a form of publicity for Ruco and perhaps an indication of rising popularity as readers want to know about his love life.

      1. Jayne, yes it does show he’s getting popular if the “dogs” are interested in him. But this particular write up is very damaging to his reputation, making it seem like he’s a cheater and gold digger. They had to emphasize that teresa’s rich.

      2. buzz,
        “But this particular write up is very damaging to his reputation, making it seem like he’s a cheater and gold digger. They had to emphasize that Teresa’s rich.”

        What matters more may be how Ruco responds to such reports, earning him more respect each time.

        Ruco’s responses are well thought out and often leave little doubt, so not really concerned that this particular piece will harm his reputation.

      3. I think it is a given whenever someone is richer than the other. He can;t be a cheat if he wasn’t with someone else to begin with. I don’t see how this is damaging his reputation. I think more damaging would be dating and not admitting and yet saying he won’t mind letting people know he is dating as in hypocritical. Again never see that of Ruco. An attractive man such as himself should be dating. And I am happy to read those women he is supposedly dating or dated is around his age even if they have great body. Does it mean Aimee could be his type?

      4. Jayne i agree his responses were very sensible and really showed what a mature and responsible man he is. Trouble is you know how some people like read more into the negative articles and ignore the positive ones. Each time he has a new drama, such love rumors will surface.

      5. buzz,
        Kenneth Ma, Jason Chan, Ron Ng, etc. had plenty of dating rumors as well. But only Ron’s image was truly damaged because of the voice clip evidence. Otherwise, without real evidence, we’ll just treat the news as “possibilities” without conclusive evidence.

        And even if Ruco were dating Teresa, there’s more to her than money that we don’t know about.

      6. Correction on Kenneth Ma. He has rumours about wanting to date someone. Ruco’s rumours are always about him dating someone. Wanting and dating are very different.

      7. the good side is, it is a form of publicity for Ruco, however,the bad side is that teh bad rumour is spreading like crazy to many readers eg. mainland via weibo, when many people doesn’t even know who Ruco is and they dont have a understanding of his real personality at all.
        When filmimg in Malaysia, due to the “Aimee got harrassed” fake news tones of people believed at that time.

      8. These reports appeared due to Ruco’s rising popularity while OL is now airing. Oriental Sunday Weekly has its cover with Ruco & Linda hand in hand and the mags were sold out in a couple of days. Ruco is targeted becos his market value.

    2. I don’t think Ruco is dating Teresa. Please don’t believe the news without evidence. If he is he would’ve already admitted judging on his truthful personality.

  5. ruco is super handsome with well toned body..ruco is indeed rare beauty and no wonder he attracts all the female…ruco is no gold digger..its her who attracted to one can blame him if its the girls who willingly attracted to ruco charm….ruco is really suen poon

  6. Sorry but what’s with the shirt ? I mean sure he wants to be different and stand out.. But the shirt..haha

    1. LOL!!!!!!! I didn’t even notice that t-shirt because my eyes was just on his handsome face!!!! Then I look again at that T-shirt and oh man, need to deduct points!!!! Lol.

      1. Let;s do a bit of math.

        With that t-shirt : deduct points
        With another t-shirt: maybe add points
        Without the t-shirt or any t-shirt at all : full marks?

      2. No-no, forget t-shirts but must leave something to the imagination…a tight white tank (like in Brother’s Keeper) is best.

      3. On second thought I agree with you all about the hideous shirt. Since photo is blurry, my fear is the material is those see thru kind or those shiny sort. Nightmare! He is going into Bosco territory but good news is Bosco tends to wear like this in public functions whilst Ruco wears like this in private function. But what is it with flower motifs this year?

        One thing for sure. Pants will be tight.

      4. Oh yeah if NO tshirts then of course full marks!!! Lol. Fainted when he walked out of the washroom in BK after shower …. half naked drying his hair!!! Haha.

      5. JCLL, then you’d hv fainted too in OL ep 6 where there was a much longer clip of him in nothing but a towel, ep 4 of him in the bathrobe and that ep of him showing his “pat pat”. Cos i sure did!

      6. I’m not watching OL but will surely check out his body in ep 4 and 6 then!!! Lol. Thanks for the info 😉

    2. Awwwwwww!!! He just wants to apologize to Linda! So sweet. All the other women he don’t apologize for the trouble but just Linda he want to say sorry. U just keep making me think u have a crush on her! Lol

      1. Or maybe there is nothing going on so conscience dictates he must apologise for her. As for others maybe they were an item so his conscience is clear.

  7. My guess would be that Linda and Phillip are still dating and that’s why there are such strong denials on both sides.

      1. SOs = Significant Others

        Yes, looks yummy. I’ll have to try that recipe sometime.

  8. “The source suggested that Ruco cheated on Linda with Teresa.”

    Isn’t Linda still with Philip Ng?

    1. I find it morally offensive that the press accused Ruco cheating on Linda but not Linda cheating on Philip. Isn’t it Linda who has a relationship and not Ruco?

      1. The media wrote that Linda and Philip broke up and she started with Ruco by siting in his car home.

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