Samantha Ko Will Treasure That Someone Who Can “Click” With Her

Once passive about dating, Samantha thinks it is rare to meet someone whom she clicks with.

Sharing her pastimes and perspective on romance on the latest episode of Twinkle Twinkle Single Star <單對單>, single actress Samantha Ko (高海寧) said she likes children and is open to having kids “on her own.”

Does Yoga to Destress

Sharing her pastimes such as yoga and cake-baking with host Maria Luisa Leitao (黎芷珊), Samantha enjoys the therapeutic practice to help her destress and sort out her thoughts. “It allows me to focus on breathing and finding my sense of balance. Not having the time to think about other matters allows me to relax and tune in to myself. This makes me a lot happier,” she confided.

The 34-year-old is cool about being single right now, as she calls it a “mere phase” which gives her the space to gain more self-awareness about what she really looks for in a partner, so she can “meet someone better.”

Material Gifts Don’t Impress Her

Samantha was more passive and cautious about entering a new relationship when she was younger, and had less than five relationships with her longest romance lasting eight years. However, she now treasures meeting potential partners more.

“With age, I find it harder to purely fall in love now. If I really meet someone whom I get along with and click well with, I’d really appreciate it. Life is short–it’s truly difficult to find someone  whom you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for,” the actress said.

Describing herself as “hard to pursue,” Samantha revealed that gifts and flowers are not key to making her feel touched.

Sharing about her maternal instincts, she confided that she would let nature run its course, and is open to having children “on her own” when the time comes. She also hopes her children can have siblings to share their challenges in life with.

Okay With Boyfriend Being Attracted to Another?

The independent actress shared her unconventional, and perhaps pragmatic viewpoint on dating, as she “does not mind” her partner falling for someone else while they are in a relationship. “You think she is better than me, it’s okay! I have my self-confidence, you have temptations, and that’s fine.” She went on to explain, “But the reason I choose to be with you is because I think you’re more important than others.”

Prioritizing family over boyfriend, Samantha also shared her greatest regret about not having said a proper goodbye to her beloved grandfather before he passed away. She cried upon mentioning her grandparents, who had raised her. Although consoled that there are many others who did not get to see their loved ones for the last time, Samantha gets emotional whenever it hits her that she would have no other chance to see her loved ones again.

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