Sammi Cheng Back to Work with Andy Lau in “Blind Detective”

The Hong Kong box office dream team, Johnnie To (杜琪峯), Andy Lau (劉德華) and Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), reunited for Johnnie To’s forthcoming crime thriller, Blind Detective <盲探>, which commenced filming last October. In June 2012, filming halted after Sammi was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease – a disorder of the inner ear.

After two months of recuperation, a refreshed and high-spirited Sammi was seen returning to work in Kowloon Tong last week. The scene involved Sammi driving while chatting with Andy, who portrays a visually impaired detective. Filming went smoothly and the scene was completed within an hour.

Blind Detective is Andy and Sammi’s fourth collaboration with Johnnie To, and their seventh collaboration overall. Well known as Hong Kong’s “box office golden duo,” Andy and Sammi’s  films in which they starred together have earned over $196 million HKD in the Hong Kong box office. Their films that were directed by Johnnie To, including 2000’s Needing You <孤男寡女>, 2001’s Love on a Diet <瘦身男女>, and 2004’s Yesterday Once More <龍鳳鬥> exceeded $91 million HKD in the box office.

Although the film is currently slated for a 2013 release, an official release date has not been decided yet. Johnnie To is known for helming multiple projects simultaneously, and it is unknown when Blind Detective will complete its filming. As of now, only about half of the film has been completed.

Andy once expressed that his role in Blind Detective is one the most challenging roles of his career. Chinese Films reported Andy saying, “The character is blind but the director isn’t allowing me to wear shades. The director says ‘cut’ when he thinks my eyes are moving. So we’ve only managed to complete one third of the movie after three months of shooting.”

Andy Lau Responds to Possible Collaboration with TVB

In related news, a collaboration between Andy and TVB may be possible. Earlier, TVB’s largest shareholder,Charles Chan (陳國強), invited Eric Tsang (曾志偉) to produce a drama for TVB. Eric Tsang has already affirmed that he is indeed working on a script, and has invited Andy to partake in the 30 or 40-episode drama.

On August 19th, during an event for the 2012 London Paralympics held in Hong Kong, Andy confirmed the news of his consideration to work with TVB, “If the script is suitable, I will consider!” Andy joked, “Idol dramas are my first choice!” He also stressed that his price will be astronomical, and TVB should be prepared for the challenges.

Andy entered TVB in 1981 after graduating from TVB’s 10th Artiste Training Class that same year. He shot to fame after starring in producer Lee Tim Sing’s (李添勝) The Emissary <獵鷹> in 1982, and was promoted as one of TVB’s Five Tigers, a group of five young and popular male television actors that also included Tony Leung (梁朝偉), Felix Wong (黃日華), Michael Miu (苗僑偉), and Kent Tong (湯鎮業). Andy’s most representative work with TVB was 1983’s The Return of the Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶> and 1984’s The Duke of Mount Deer <鹿鼎記>.


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  1. TVB has been known to be stingy with their production budget for dramas. Not to mention that this will be a drama for their new pay channel, I really can’t see them blowing THAT much money to hire Andy.

    Andy is obviously just politely refusing by saying his price will be astronomical.

    1. I actually don’t think that, Andy is one of the top actor if they want to invite him it would of course cost quite a bit of money. If tvb really want to invite Andy I’m pretty sure they would spend the money but it really depend if Andy really want to work with tvb.

    2. I think Andy just joking 🙂 TVB cannot afford his price. If he film for TVB it is probably a favor to Eric Tsang and TVB…maybe he just guest star for a few episode.

      1. Why does everyone think that Andy will be filming for money? He does not lack it. If does agree it will be for friendship, interest and other reasons, not money.

      2. agreed HTS. i think only the friendship card mght work if not a great script…

  2. wow Eric and Andy collaboration for TVB, looking forward to that. Wonder how much is TVB offering Andy?hmm

  3. Well, I wonder TVB will be willing to cough up Andy’s fees!!!

  4. i thought Andy wanted to take a break for the baby? why is he filming again? if he filming again, y not film Iron Man 3?

  5. Sammi was never a good actress (very forced/show-offy type of presence). It’s unfortunate that Andy has to be paired with her to be considered box-office apppeal. Oh well… I guess whatever sells, right?

    1. ” It’s unfortunate that Andy has to be paired with her to be considered box-office apppeal.”
      huh??? so, you’re saying Andy can’t sell a movie on his own merit??

      I think Sammi is adorable. Her acting is very subtle but mesmerizing at the same time. I love her.

      1. of course andy can hold his own. it’s unfortunate that producers think andy has to be paired up with sammi for these type of romantic-comedies.

        i personally think sammi is not a good actress. she doesn’t have the range to carry out a variety of roles, only romantic/silly comedies.

      2. each to their own anna.. i think sammi is great as an actress comparing to these mushroon actresses.. thy seem to be sprouting out of nowhere n evrywhere regardless talent.

    2. I agree with lingling. I may not listen to Sammi’s songs but I enjoy her acting and love most of her movies. Her character comes across as natural and she has good chemistry with most of those she acts with, be it Andy Lau, Louis Koo, Lau Ching Wan, Eason Chan, Richie Ren, etc.. (Romancing in Thin Air, Love on a Diet, Needing You, My Left Eye Sees Ghosts, Marry a Rich Man, Fighting for Love).
      Playing a character in a movie is not easy – the actor/actress have to be able to convince audience of the relationship and feelings for each other and each scene in a short time (1.5hr-2hr compared to series). If u think Sammi is not a good actress, who do u think is good enough?

  6. Im looking forward to this andy/sammi movie! the last one was almost 10 years ago.

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