Sammul Chan Enrolls in Religious Studies After Suicidal Thoughts

Actor Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), who has been developing his career in Mainland China in recent years, shared his inspiring story in a church meeting a few days ago. He mentioned that a detailed physical examination in Thailand on his 40th birthday last year revealed that he was born without a major blood vessel in his brain. As a result of his genetic disease, Sammul once thought about writing a will and committing suicide. However, he reconnected with his faith and enrolled in a theology course under the guidance of his family.

After learning about his cerebrovascular issues, the actor began to re-examine his life. Aside from having an obsessive-compulsive disorder with difficulty making decisions and an obsession for cleanliness, Sammul also finds it hard to trust anyone other than his family and managers. Moreover, he favors being alone the older he got.

When he got his diving instructor license, he went for a dive and experienced suicidal thoughts. “I thought that if I dove deeper, maybe no one would find me,” Sammul said. “Fortunately, it was just a thought in passing, but it was a sign of danger.”

His suicidal thoughts led Sammul’s mother and sister to convince him to return to the embrace of the church. Sammul, who grew up in a Christian family, grew distant from his religion over the years, especially when he joined the entertainment industry and wasn’t able to attend church as often as he used to. He made the decision to reconnect with his faith, and during this period, he learned that before he was born, his father would often pray to God that He would use the best materials to create Sammul.

“I have not lived my life well for the past 40 years, but I decided to hand myself over to God and let him guide me,” Sammul expressed.

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  1. I went to do some research because I found this occurrence interesting. “Internal carotid agenesis occurs when one or both of the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain (internal carotid arteries) do not develop (agenesis).” Also, “Internal carotid agenesis may not require any treatment if there are no symptoms.” Did symptoms only occur when he turned 40? Maybe this is not his condition.

  2. Also, if he was considering committing suicide, he might have depression instead of just OCD.

  3. It sounds like a jump to conclusions on his part. If he has OCD, difficulty with making decisions, he might have anxiety disorder…he would benefit more from cognitive behavioral therapy or other types of mental therapy instead of relying on religion. I mean, not to say religion might not help with coping, but it’s more of a bandaid.

  4. If he was able to live so many years and be successful, I don’t feel it is worth killing yourself when finding out you’re missing an arterie.
    Unless if it deeply affected his wellbeing and his standard of life

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