Sammul Chan Returns to Hong Kong to Film “Elite Brigade 5”

Returning to Hong Kong, Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒) will be filming his new series Elite Brigade 5 <火速救兵IV> with Shirley Yeung (楊思琦). The press caught up with Sammul, who has been filming in Mainland China in recent years.

While Sammul has portrayed police officers and lawyers before, this will be the first time the 39-year-old actor will be playing a captain on the emergency search and rescue team within the Hong Kong fire department. Unfamiliar with the profession in the past, Sammul said he began noticing the importance of this operative only in the last few years. Evidently having done some research for his new role, Sammul briefly explained, “They’ve become more well known in the recent years, but of course I don’t want to see them too often. For example, years ago they were there to help with the big accident in Tai Po; they secured the scene as well as rescued victims from the accident.”

Although being a rescue worker is strenuous work, Sammul said the filming process was surprisingly not as tiring as he imagined. He laughed, “There’s a difference in being a team member and a captain; the captain just gives the orders and takes responsibility. I want this to be an opportunity to introduce this profession to everyone and let people  understand the psychological toll and stress they endure. This is why we should support and care for our firefighters.”

Working in Mainland China most of the time, Sammul joked that this was his annual trip back to work in Hong Kong. Sammul said he was approached several times in the last four years to film in Hong Kong, but his schedule was unable to accommodate. With regards on his future filming activities in Hong Kong, Samuel said he wants to place more focus on school as he plans to enroll in an acting course in an European acting school.


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  1. There was an Elite Brigade I-IV? Lol. I’ve never even heard of this drama.

    But Sammul & Shirley’s return is inevitable. I don’t see either of their careers soaring beyond their current positions. Most HK artists eventually comes back to HK, even if it’s for short projects.

    1. @coralie That’s because it’s an RTHK drama series, which TVB is only obligated to air as part of their license requirement so they are not going to give it “golden time slot” status. RTHK has been making these series for years. To be honest though, I view these series more as public service announcements than true drama series, so essentially have zero expectations for them.

  2. “Samuel said he wants to place more focus on school as he plans to enroll in an acting course in an European acting school.”

    That’s a good move. He has never gone to acting class. Everything about acting, he learn on the job and through studying other people’s work. Enrolling in an acting course will let him learn skills that he might get on the job. It’s also good for his career. Maybe he can branch out to other area beside TV series.

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