Selena Lee Signs with Shaw Brothers Studio

Although many TVB award-winning artistes have found successful ventures elsewhere, some have not had such luck. After exploring options with other talent agencies, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) decided to stay at TVB and her good friend, Selena Lee (李施嬅), also recently signed with TVB’s sister company, Shaw Brothers Studio. Many believe their decisions were due to the inability to find work elsewhere given the COVID-19 pandemic.

When responding to reports alleging that she could not find success once leaving the TVB safety nest, Selena disagreed with the claims. Noting that Shaw Brothers will only handle her work projects in Hong Kong, Selena continues to get filming offers from North America. I can simultaneously seek work in other markets. Everyone wants me to return for Barrack O’Karma 2 <金宵大廈2> and it’s a series that I really like. I have a filming project in Canada too that initially planned to start filming in August. However, because Barrack O’Karma 2 is also filming in August, they are postponing the filming project and will wait for me to complete Barrack first.”

Signing with Shaw Brothers does not conflict with Selena’s existing contract with American talent agency, Authentic, which is still in place. She also has a contract with a management agency in China. With talent managers representing her in different markets to ensure Selena’s wider reach to broader audiences, the actress explained, “Shaw Brothers is a very big company. Virginia Lok (樂易玲) is very experienced in managing artistes’ work, so I am confident with leaving her to coordinate my work here in Hong Kong. Shaw Brothers will help take care of and manage my workload in Hong Kong, so I am thankful.”


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  1. Sooo basically TVB. I guess we’ll be seeing her in Flying Tigers 4.
    I wonder if she’s talking about Blood and Water season 3. She’s supposedly the first lead in that. I wish her success! My favourite actress from the late 2000s era.

  2. Basically she never left TVB – still in the same family. As I’ve always thought with her look and talent.

  3. I like her but her acting always seems to be controlled and restrained hence holding back her full potential. Ali is good because of her ability to let herself go. Gigi Lai was stuck for a long time too in her acting until she let down her inhibitions. Again, I like Selena but none of her acting performances have been breakthrough for me. I wish her the best but at her current skillset, I don’t have too high hopes for her whether it be in Hk or internationally.

    1. @gnomageddon very spot on! She’s not bad but very restrained, Guess that’s why she’s never been in top spot. Good thing is she can speak English pretty well so she gets a wider market than most HK actresses

  4. What’s the difference ebetween Shaw brothers and tvb? Why didn’t she just sign with tvb? I’m honestly curious, not sure of the difference.

    I really like Selena though, super pretty and I don’t think she’s a bad actress

    1. @tt23

      Shaw Brothers have bigger budgets, productions and resources allocated per project than TVB ever will get.

      1. @anon I don’t understand why can’t Shaw and TVB merge resources. They would make much better dramas and can target them towards a wider audience base instead of making filler dramas that are just full of meaningless dialogue.

  5. Shaw is TVB. TVB is Shaw. Lol.

    If it doesn’t clash contractually, I think it’s smart to have different agencies represent you in different markets. Especially when Canada and HK are such differenr environment. Neither sides agencies will have the local, inside knowledge of the other markets for her ro fully exploit. More markets = more opportunities.

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