Selena Li Enjoys Scuba Diving with Boyfriend

Selena Li (李詩韻) and Raymond Wong (黃浩然) both attended a function for an athletic clothing brand yesterday. Both stars maintain fairly active lifestyles and shared their favorite activities to stay fit.

Having worked with the label for six years, Raymond joked that he even witnessed the owner’s daughter welcome her newborn baby into the world. In little less than half an hour, the pair changed into four different winter jackets from the company’s new fashion line.
A naturally frugal person, Selena confessed that she has saved a lot of money over the years because of the company’s sponsored items.

Since she will not film her new drama in Singapore until the end of the year, Selena looks forward to taking a vacation where she can enjoy a wide range of athletic activities. Her most recent obsession lies in scuba diving.  Since Selena’s boyfriend is also a scuba diving instructor, Selena revealed that they often go diving together. “I always have him by my side when we go scuba diving, as it makes me feel more at ease. I really want to get a scuba diving license and see the great white sharks in Mexico.”

Taking a hiatus from filming dramas after being diagnosed with Behcet’s disease, Raymond has turned to running to rebuild his strength. Hospitalized in September, Raymond’s face is still swollen due to the medication he had taken earlier, but he remains positive over his condition, “I should be able to recover and resume my health in another two to three weeks.”



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