Shaun Tam Always Puts His Family First

Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) stars as the titular character in TVB drama Justice Bao: The First Year <包青天再起風雲>. Even though his recognition continues to rise with more leading roles, Shaun’s first priority is always his wife and two children.

Due to his parents Ti Lung (狄龍) and Tao Man Ming (陶敏明) being artistes, Shaun entered the Mainland Chinese industry in 2000 as an actor and singer. In 2015, he married actress Yann (任祉妍) and have a son and daughter together.

In order to spend more time and reside with his family, Shaun signed with TVB in 2016. He shared, “I was very lonely as a child because my parents were always working. Now that I have my own family, I want to make sure I invest enough time for my children, which is why I chose to work in Hong Kong instead.”

Being married for four years, Shaun thanks his wife for being so accommodating and loving throughout his career. He believes their relationship is at its best because they separate work and home life, while sharing responsibilities together. The couple believes the most important thing is teaching their children to be good people together. He said, “If I ever need help with my scripts, my wife will always be there guiding me. She sometimes accompanies me to filming. I just hope that people will enjoy my acting.”

Being a second generation celebrity, Shaun does not want to push this path onto his own children and instead wants them to pursue their own dreams and happiness. He remembers his own path when he started out as an extra and promotion to male lead. Though there were many times he felt like giving up, Shaun is glad he powered through the obstacles to reach his goals today.

As the star of Justice Bao: The First Year, Shaun loves how his character serves justice and is analytical when solving tricky cases. Since this character is so iconic, Shaun hopes that he can bring a new perspective to viewers, especially since his father Ti Lung once played this role. Pursuing this character has been tricky because Bao is not just intelligent, but also brave and courageous. Shaun hopes that fans can see his hard work in the drama.

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  1. I am enjoying Justice Bao, though not crazy for it solely because of Shaun Tam. I like the retro feel for this series because for me it is retro. I find Shaun has the commanding presence and at times a powerful voice and he plays Bao as harsh, unrelenting and yet still green and learning. His co stars are ok, many guest stars are ok, some casting decision is to me plain wrong but and a huge BUT the script and scene editing above all else fails dear Shaun and co stars a million times over. The script is senseless and when it makes sense, it makes stupid heartless sense, at times making Bao not only overly harsh but making idiotic decisions and at some times, hypocrisy rules when the series really wanted to show him being put in a difficult position. There are far better ways than having him marry a spy who in her way to make his life much easier with her being gone, decided to pretend to betray him and killing about maybe 5 or 6 innocent lives that nobody cares because those are ke-le-fes. The best for me was the case of the cheating ungrateful cruel husband, Chan Sai Mei. This Chan Sai Mei is even worse than the textbook Chan Sai Mei who is already written as a douchebag. It was however a great part of this series even if the crying scenes were not good. *Katy Kung crying-no tears no red eyes*. Hugo, for all his scandal was creepily good in that role. Anyway, I feel a lot of stuff in this series spoilt royally by the editing and writing. Half the time many casts are famous but not given much to do, as if this was made a decade ago.

    But for all it is worth, I cheered when Justice Bao personally punched and kicked and went fight club with that arrogant envoy who I wonder, does he have authority to order army in or even decide on treaty terms?

    Full credit to Shaun for making Justice Bao handsome and sexy. I like this updated version. What I don’t understand is the title says First Year but he’s already high ranking. I’d rather this series shows his rise from childhood, make it about him personal life and all than court and everybody else. TVB screwed up again.

    Oh and a lovely family. One son of famous celebrity who didn’t screw up. Good.

    P/S Shaun doesn’t look remarkable in modern clothings. He looks handsome in ancient costumes. And why don’t TVB cast someone like him who can speak many languages, chiefly english fluently in a series like those doctor or lawyer show rather than let us suffer from actors having to suffer thru pronouncing words right?

  2. Justice Bao the First Year overall was decent. It wasn’t mind-blowingly awesome, but it is better than most things that TVB put out nowadays. Judging from the ending of the last episode and the name: Justice Bao the First Year, I am assuming there will be a sequel. Hope the sequel will not be terrible as most TVB sequel tends to do that. Also, hope they keep the same cast and have guest stars as the first drama. Speaking of guest stars isn’t it funny how they let Katy Kung, Grace Chan, and Zoie Tam all guest star with the exception of Jess Sum? I was honestly expecting Jess Sum to complete the Little Wife’s club cameo appearance.

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