Shek Sau Misses Son’s Wedding Due to Theater Project with Power Chan

With rehearsals underway for his new stage play with Power Chan (陳國邦), Shek Sau (石修) has been so busy with work that he even missed his own son Sam Chan’s (陳宇琛) wedding in England.

Although Shek Sau and Power having been TVB artistes for many years, this will mark their very first collaboration. They will be taking on substantial roles in the stage adaptation of traditional Chinese opera, Reincarnation of the Red Plum <再世紅梅記>. Known for their passion and diverse range of acting skills, Shek Sau and Power generated immense chemistry together during rehearsals. In addition to practicing their lines, Power shared that they have also been rehearsing their voices for singing and dancing. “It is very different from opera singing. In the stage version, we will focus on speaking words and on the lyrics.”

Shek Sau is so committed to this project that he could not find time to attend his son, Sam Chan’s wedding. The 68-year-old actor admitted, “Originally, I had plans to go, but I had rehearsal for this play and other work obligations. Work comes first. There is a lot of chemistry collaborating with Power, so I canceled my trip.” When asked whether his son was disappointed, Shek Sau replied, “No. As an artiste, our time is very unstable. I looked at pictures; I know he is very happy in England.”


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  1. I don’t know how close the father-son relationship is but it is rather sad he chose work over his son’s wedding.

  2. If Shek Sau and his son were not close, attending the wedding would have been a great opportunity for him and his son to bond. If they were even close, it is sad. Either way, it is very sad. It says something very alarming when a person says that work comes first, even before family. Sadly, that is the case with countless chinese.

    1. @bubbles23 once in a lifetime and his father missed his wedding. it’s hard to understand. the next thing he will miss is when his grandchild is born.

      1. @janet72 A child getting married should be a happy gathering for family members. If my son was getting married in Tim Buk Tu, and I was the King of the world, I would have to get there no matter what. Work is important, but you can’t hug work, talk to work, build a family with work. Cuddle or make love to work, take work out for ice cream or to the park. Work will not bathe and dress you when you are old and can no longer do these things for yourself.
        I can see a few idols missing their children’s wedding because of work. That is, if they allow theit offspring to even date. There is one that I can even see him missing the funeral if his child goes before him if he had something happening. How horrific.

  3. It’s the East mentality vs the West. Eastern actors place a lot of emphasis on work, even over family. The West also weighs a lot of importance on work, but those that neglect their families are chastised.

    Sam used to be a TVB actor, so I’m sure he’s aware of his father’s work ethic and the uncertainty of his career. It’s sad but no right or wrong. Just a mentality difference. I’m sure he understands.

  4. if i were the son my biggest blow – beloved dad not showing up at the wedding and then the second blow is reading on the newspapers dad prioritizes work over family…..

  5. Personally feel family should always come first. Son big day and Dad was not there.. must be disappointing for Sam.

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