Power Chan Returns to TVB 2 Months After Quitting

Actor Power Chan (陳國邦) has returned to TVB less than two months after his resignation. TVB executive Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) admitted that it took some persuasion to convince Power to work for the station again.

It took Catherine three attempts to get through to Power, “We sincerely wish to work with each other. The reporters initially asked if it was a pity to let Power go. I had said that it was not a pity, as he would thrive wherever he goes. At the same time, I knew that he would definitely return. However, it took us a few tries to persuade him!” Catherine added that the new contract with Power contained terms that he was satisfied with, but declined to reveal the length of the contract.

Power thanked Catherine and said,”I made the decision to leave and then re-join TVB within two months. This was not an easy situation for the company. I am grateful to Catherine for spending so much time and sincerity on working things out with me. She used both the soft and hard approaches.”

Would Power have to rearrange his schedule in light of the sudden decision to re-join TVB? He expressed, “I would have to reschedule certain things, such as my previously arranged teaching stint at Hong Kong Baptist University. [TVB executive] Sandy Shaw (邵麗瓊) is very understanding and takes into account the time I’ll need to spend on teaching.”

Power added that his initial decision to leave TVB was not made under consultation with any friends, “But I did ask my wife [Mimi Lo 羅敏莊] for advice throughout the whole situation. She told me that she would support me whether I chose to leave or stay!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’m happy that Power is back, but when Catherine said, “I knew that he would finally return,” it sounds a little off. So she thinks that Power can’t leave TVB? That he can’t find a better job than his place in TVB?
    Power’s acting was really good in The Confidant. I hope to see him as lead actor with a good script soon.

  2. I’m also happy he is back. Always like Power! Take for him to leave before TVB gave him a better deal…..

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  4. I wonder what TVB promise him to get him to return? The Best Supporting Actor award at year-end ceremony? Not that he does not deserve it but this return and change of mind seems a little too quick.

    1. @arc78

      It was pre-meditated from the get-go to post an online post (threat) as a bargaining chip to gain a better position within TVB, and it paid off.

      No disrespect to Power Chan and his trade, but if TVB ran mildly decent, they wouldn’t need to succumb to Power Chan and his demands. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Power becomes the lead, like how Kenny Wong got suddenly promoted because they have no talent left.

      These guys have zero marketability and charisma (particularly Kenny), the only difference is Power is the better actor of the two. If these guys were that talented (first-line leading material), they would’ve rise to the occasion 20 years ago like their peers (Bowie, Sunny Chan, Roger Kwok, etc.), and that’s happening now only because there’s no one left – scrapping what’s left from the bottom of the barrel. As an audience or a fan, I am not sure if you should be happy or sad for them.

      If these guys were in Mainland or any respectable TV station, they would be scrubs (supporting).

      1. @anon
        Absoultely right…b/c TVB sucks. I mean, if you look at other countries, even supportings had a shot at trying out leads but back to support after their leading shows dont shine. Korea – yes, we see lots of main leads as leads all the time but sometimes u see not as popular ones get to play a lead at least once whether it’s those comedy or whatever but u see them TRYING to be promoted but do TVB do that? All these kalafe’s we see are always kalafe’s that we have seem them forever but don’t even know their names? lol…it’s sad you know. but then some actors/actresses are so overrated. Esp some of the series too, sucks like hell and still made into movies???? Actually, Kenny he used to be hot at one point? hahah…LOL He really looks old now and Power Chan – I never really like him. face wise or acting wise…NO one is there now so all these so called veterans are now playing leads. Sad but that’s the route TVB seems to be going, it’s like not much of a choice right now.

      2. @kiki It is obvious TVB show favoritism toward certain artists, they will promote whoever they want regardless that person is good/bad actor. Take a look at all those siu sungs fandans Tony hung, Jason Chan, Him law Benjamin Yuen, Vincent Wong, Eliza Sam, Priscilla Wong, Grace Chan, Sisley Choi. They have already been given many opportunities that other supporting actors doesn’t have. Although they have joined the showbiz for only a short amount of time compared to the veteran artists,TVB had already started heavily promoting them, giving them lead roles in every series.

      3. @anon TVB is not shortage of talent. There are plenty of outstanding and talented artists such as Mak Ka Lun , Dickson Lee, Eric Li, David Do , Jimmy Au. It’s just that TVB refuse to promote them to leading status despite their potential. They are still stuck with playing minor roles after all these years.

      4. @unknown


        I had to google search every one of those names, and only some showed up.

        In my eyes, they are decent actors. I see them in the same light as Power Chan and Kenny Wong, no leading potential.

        It takes more than talent, acting and loyalty, to be a lead, just so we are clear on that.

      5. @unknown

        1. Appearance (You need to be easy on the eye)
        2. Charisma (Without this, you won’t get anywhere)
        3. Drawing Power (A good/great actor never goes unnoticed through their acting. They naturally rise above the rest and demands on-screen presence. Ex. Kong Ngai, Liu Kai Chi, Chow Yun Fat, Alex Man, Kenneth Tsang, to name just a few)
        4. Expression (A good/great actor can fully immerse into their role and BE that character, not just play it through physical and emotional expressions. This typically can be observed and felt by the audience, as if they can relate to those characters).
        5. Eyes (They can act their emotions through their eyes. This is what separates a great actor from the rest). I don’t mean crying and single teardrops either.

        If you want an example of an actor that possessed GREAT acting skills, had great first lead potentials, but was often underutilized and never given the opportunity. That would be Kong Ngai (he has points 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). I don’t see ANY Kong Ngai’s at current TVB.

        Of course, this is all under the assumption that you have a good role, a good script, and a good production, which I haven’t seen much of from TVB in the last 16 years.

      6. @anon 麦嘉伦, 李家聲, 李天翔, 杜大偉, 歐瑞偉, 王維德 Most of the actors I listed has the good looks, acting skills and talent. They definitely deserves to be given chance to lead a drama. Although you might consider them only a decent actor but to me their acting skills are at least 10 times better than the inexperienced newcomers. I will rather TVB promote those veteran artists instead of the popular young artists (such as Tony hung, Jason Chan, Him law, Benjamin Yuen, Vincent Wong, Grace Chan, Sisley Choi, Eliza Sam, Priscilla Wong.) I’m really tired of seeing them on screen. Despite their poor acting skills, TVB would continue to heavily promote them and give them leads roles. I really don’t understand why TVB keeps on promoting people with bad acting skills. I feel it is quite unfair for those supporting artists, they had joined the showbiz for much longer than those siu sungs fandans but they had never been given the same opportunities as others had. They are still stuck with playing minor roles after all these years.

        Chow yun fat and Alex man are a versaite actor although I do find Alex man’s acting is a bit over exaggerated sometimes but I do agree that both of them are a leading material.

        As for Kong Ngai and Liu Kai Chi I’m not going to deny that they are great and experienced veteran actor, but they don’t have the looks or charisma to be a leading man. Kong Ngai most memorable roles to me would be The Legend of the Condor Heroes. He did a great job in that series. You probably didn’t follow his news closely since you weren’t even aware that he had already passed away 3 years ago.

      7. @unknown

        Though I agree that most of the leads at TVB today don’t quality to be leading. I disagree that the guys you’ve mentioned deserve to be there either. I think they lack the talent and charisma, and handing out leading roles just because they’ve been loyal doesn’t make sense. I think none of them have any marketability, at the end of the day, it’s a business.

        If Liu Kai Chi and Kong Ngai doesn’t have charisma then no other leading actors today at TVB does. How you fail to observe this is beyond me and makes me question your observational skills. How much of their work have you seen? Just Condor Heroes? I know that’s his most popular role, by no mean you can judge someone based from one work.

        Yes, I am aware that Kong Ngai passed away 3 years ago, what made you think that I wasn’t aware? I can’t use someone that is deceased as an example of a great actor? lol

      8. @anon I disagree with your comment that none of the actors from TVB are qualified to be the lead expect for Liu Kai Chi’s and Kong Ngai. That’s only your personal opinion. There are plenty of great and talented supporting artists who have the skills, talent, charisma, screen presence and potential to be the main lead. Everyone have a different opinion. You may think he/she is only a decent actor while others will think they are really great actors. I’m just simply stating my opinion, if you don’t agree with it fine. I don’t expect you to have the same view as me as each and everyone have their own preference of artists.

        Of course I’ve seen a lot of Liu Kai Chi’s and Kong Ngai’s 70s, 80s, and 90s series not only limited to the Condor Heroes. I’m not judging him based from one series. You assume Condor Heroes is the only series I’ve seen him in just because I didn’t mention about all the series he had starred in. In your previous post you said that you don’t see ANY Kong Ngai’s at current TVB, so I thought you weren’t aware that he had already passed away.

        From my point of view, Liu Kai Chi’s and Kong Ngai’s were indeed great and experienced veteran actor, can convincingly act at any role thrown upon them, but they’re not the leading man types because they don’t have the looks and charismatic.

      9. @unknown

        “I disagree with your comment that none of the actors from TVB are qualified to be the lead expect for Liu Kai Chi’s and Kong Ngai. ”

        I never said that. I was only listing the ones you mentioned don’t qualify.

        “That’s only your personal opinion.”


        “but they’re not the leading man types because they don’t have the looks and charismatic.”

        And the ones you mentioned do? The scrubs you listed hasn’t even achieved half of what Uncle Chi and Kong Ngai achieved in the same phases of their career. I can’t believe that you would even argue with that. LOL! Whatever I am done with this.

      10. @anon You’re obviously a diehard fan of these two veteran actors. Have I ever said anything offensive or disrespectful toward your idols Liu Kai Chi and Kong Ngai? Why are you so defensive? Perhaps it’s because I don’t praise them like god hence you got mad and offended. You can show your support to Liu Kai Chi and Kong Ngai but there is no need to bash/discredit the other actors just because you think that your idols is a better actor than them. You don’t need to degrade the other actors just to put your idols on the top.

        So what if i think all the actors I listed are qualified to be the lead? I’m entitled to my opinion. Who are you to tell me I’m wrong? As I’ve said before, I don’t expect you to have the same view as me as each and everyone have their own preference of artists.You may think he/she is only a decent actor while others will think they are really great actors.

      11. @unknown I noticed that you posted the same message over the past few days in the discussion over Liu Kai Chi, while addressing a specific user on our site.

        Just a friendly reminder: please refrain from posting the same message multiple times, as it can be regarded as spamming and of an inflammatory nature towards other users. This time, I will delete the duplicate messages.

        To All: Let’s keep the discussion friendly! Thanks! Failure to adhere with discussion decorum may result in termination of user accounts.

  5. I’m fine with Power in supporting roles but as lead? Nah. ….don’t think i can sit through that.

  6. First, the news of Power Chan returning is actually “old news” now, since this article is from a few weeks ago. I personally don’t have a problem with it, since he’s a good actor and I like watching his performances.

    I’m actually more excited about the “hot off the press” news (like from yesterday) that Gallen Lo is returning to TVB in March to film a series. Female lead for his series hasn’t been determined yet but I sure hope TVB doesn’t ruin things by casting one of those atrocious newbies as lead! With the huge shortage of decent actresses at TVB currently, I’m a bit concerned that this will be another one of those “veteran lead babysitting newbie actress” situations again.

    1. @llwy12 Oooo whaaaat? Yay, Gallen!!

      I share the same concern on lead actress. Who do they have left that can be a good match with Gallen?

      *crickets chirps*

      Even if they choose the better ones (i.e. Nancy, Natalie, Elaine, etc), I’ll still be weird out by the pairing. It wouldn’t be so off if they actually recognize the age gap like in Lawrence and Kate. I just hate how they just pair two vastly different age group but pretend like they’re only 2-3 years apart. It’s stupid.

      Besides, can’t they have a series that focuses on bromance or famance? Why must there be romance as a focal point? Are all the see-lais that dry in their real life that they must see rom on TV day in, day out?


      1. @jjwong LOL…well, this IS TVB after all, so we know there will likely be a romantic storyline somewhere.  The new series that Gallen will be filming is a modern series, produced by Wong Wai Sing…he will be playing a CEO of a major corporation and his character will be one of those ‘not quite good but not quite evil’ types (premise sounds a little bit like Golden Faith to be honest).  Two artists who are confirmed to be participating in the series are Fred Cheng and Jacqueline Wong.  No female lead yet – Wong Wai Sing said that they are still working on it.  Since filming starts in March, I’m pretty sure we’ll hear more about the series soon.

        P.S.:  What are the odds of TVB inviting a veteran actress back to star opposite Gallen in the series?  That’s what I’m actually ‘praying’ is going to happen – because of they cast someone like Grace or Sisley (yikes!), I am going to be super-pissed.  If TVB stays within the pool of actresses they currently have, Nancy is a huge possibility, especially now that she has TV Queen title under her belt (wild guess on my part though, so don’t quote me on it, lol).

      2. @llwy12 Yea, right. I should’ve known better. It IS TVB after all xD His character sounds bland, hopefully there’s more to that. I like him best in comedy.

        Yea, Nancy has the leg up to be the lead on this one or Kristal (I prefer the former). Wouldn’t it be awesome if they reunite him with Jessica or Kenix or Flora? If he’s paired with Grace or Sisley, this will be (yet another) series I’ll boycott.

      3. @jjwong Hmmm….so I was reading more on this…Wong Wai Sing was asked about possible candidates for female lead and whether Gallen requested anyone in particular.  He said that Gallen did not request anyone in particular and is pretty much leaving it up to him.  Wong Wai Sing says that he has a few people in mind, but can’t reveal yet because not confirmed – but he threw in something that makes me think it might be one of the actresses currently at TVB:  “Of course, for Gallen, it will be more refreshing to collaborate with someone he has not collaborated with before.  Also, quite a few artists heard the news of his return and have expressed their hope of getting to work with him.”  If he does go the route of casting someone Gallen hasn’t worked with before, most likely it will be one of TVB’s current crop of “fa dans” (argh)…anyway, let’s wait and see.

        By the way, looks like the script hasn’t even been written yet (at least that’s what Wong Wai Sing said – he had only presented the story concept and initial character description to Gallen when they were discussing…but supposedly, the character is ‘tailor-made’ for Gallen).  Great….that gives me even less hope that the story will be decent, since it sounds like the script will be a “rush job”

      4. @llwy12 Oh my, the casting and script don’t sound promising… Who are the “current crop of fadans”? How can they not have a script when they’re filming in March???

      5. @jjwong Not surprised about the script, as that’s how TVB has always operated.  It’s just that a few years ago with HKTV coming through on their promise to have 100% complete scripts prior to filming and Sheren Tang making a big issue about TVB’s “on-the-fly” script habit, TVB had made some changes to their ‘process’, requiring that 80% of the script be completed prior to filming.  Now that HKTV is out of the picture and no one is holding TVB accountable, looks like they are going back to the “on-the-fly” script thing that they’ve been doing for decades (I guess old habits are hard to break).  I haven’t found out who the scriptwriter is for this series yet, so hard to say whether the script will be a total disaster or not (a good scriptwriter would be able to make a ‘rush job’ still come out decent)…the series is only 20 episodes though, so if it’s horribly bad, at least it will be short, lol.

        “Current crop of fadans” means the actresses currently in lead positions (or being promoted to lead positions) at TVB – not going to specify who because everyone’s definition of “fadan” will probably be different (some Media outlets refer to certain actresses as “fadans” when those actresses are nowhere near qualified to be considered one).  At the end of the day, it could be anyone, since TVB can of course cast whomever they feel like – though if producer Wong Wai Sing gets to make the decision, it will probably be an actress he has worked with in his previous series.

    2. @anon @llwy12 Yea, I do remember their notorious on-the-fly script. I just can’t believe they’re doing that when they have a vet filming for them. It’s disrespectful, imo.

      Oh, I totally under what “current crop of fadans” means but was confused who ARE the current crop. I mean back in the days, there were an unofficial-slash-officialish list. 2016 will be interesting… and scary…

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