“Dinner at Eight” Holds Blessing Ceremony, Features New Actors

Dinner at Eight <八時入席>, also known as Come Home Love: Dinner at Eight <愛·回家之八時入席>, held a blessing ceremony on March 3 to officially announce its principal photography. The sitcom, which will be replacing Come Home Love this April, will see the return of Off Pedder <畢打自己人> stars Teresa Mo (毛舜筠) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) in the lead, supported by veteran actors Chung King-fai (鍾景輝), Florence Kwok (郭少芸), and Power Chan (陳國邦).

According to TVB, the show revolves around the employees of a popular television network in Hong Kong. Wayne Lai plays a television producer who is not only well-known for his productions, but also for his irritable temper. Teresa Mo, who plays the associate director of the company’s accounting department, often falls victim to his outbursts.

“It’s a fantastic role,” said Wayne. “Now it’s my turn to yell at her.”

Dinner at Eight is Wayne and Teresa’s third collaboration for TVB—after 2008’s Off Pedder and 2010’s Some Day <天天天晴>. Teresa joked that her sole reason for returning to TVB was because of Wayne and his “crazy” role. Wayne then pointed out that his character is quite irascible, but he believes that the differences in his character and Teresa’s would create some strong chemistry onscreen.

Mentioning that Anthony Wong (黃秋生) would be guest starring in a few episodes for the series, Teresa said, “Yes, and I heard it’s going to be soon. We need to ask the producer for more details. We haven’t received the script of his appearance yet.” The veteran movie actress added that TVB extremely values the show, expressing that the audience can expect the show to feature more famous guest stars in the future.

Power Chan Returns to TVB for Teresa Mo

Power Chan may have recorded the shortest time for an artist to leave TVB, as it was reported earlier this year that Power has signed a new contract with the broadcaster, two months after announcing his leave from the station. Power said it was Teresa who convinced him to return.

Power, who plays Teresa’s young uncle on the show, said, “My first television drama was with Teresa. Ever since then we have remained in contact. We are very close and she takes care of me like her own younger brother. It was Teresa who suggested TVB to cast me in this sitcom, and since my older sister has called for me, I’ve decided to come back.”

“Dinner at Eight” To Introduce New and Old Stars

dinner at 8 CKF kitty lau
Kitty Lau (right) stars as Chung King-fai’s sister-in-law.

Also in the show is veteran actor Chung King-fai, who plays Wayne’s father. Angela Tong (湯盈盈) stars as Teresa’s close friend, and Come Home Love’s Florence Kwok stars as a businesswoman and single mother to an adult daughter, portrayed by 2014 Miss Hong Kong Veronica Shiu (邵佩詩).

Dinner at Eight would also star many “green leaf” actors, including the familiar yet unacquainted Kitty Lau (劉桂芳), who plays Chung King-fai’s sister-in-law. Eric Li (李天翔), known for his villain roles, plays Florence Kwok’s personal assistant. The two will eventually start a romantic relationship.

dinner at 8 ricco ng ng ka yee
Newcomers Ricco Ng (left) and Ng Ka-yee (right).

Singer William Hu (胡渭康) will star on the show as a has-been idol and television presenter. Dinner at Eight is William Hu’s first major role after returning to TVB in 2013. Rookie actors Ricco Ng (吳偉豪), Chow Ka-lok (周家洛), and Na Ka-yee (吳嘉儀), graduates of last year’s 28th artist training class, would also be starring on the show as their debut. Although they feel stressed and nervous, the trio are looking forward to working with their seniors.

Source: On.cc, HK01, Mingpao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. can they please drop the CHL tag??? this is a whole new drama, stop linking it to CHL! UGH

  2. their reasons for returning, all sounds very “kae” (“false” in hokkein)

  3. 28th training class? They still have training classes and are now introducing the graduated students? Happy to hear that. At least we can be hopeful that “they were trained” before being thrown in a drama lol.

  4. Veronica Shiu, omg… Anyone watched her in Fashion War?

    If you think Sisley Choi is bad, Veronicae is even is ten times worst.

    She is stiff as a stick , and her voice is more whiney than Sisley…she is that bad…

      1. Oooooo Noooo… Veronica Shiu yes i do agree her voice my god!!!!!! Another annoying goddess added into TVB list I never liked her to begin with

  5. Please don’t tell me tvb aim to start promoting Veronica by starting off putting her in this new sitcom as a regular now that they’ve had some success with promoting Sisley and Grace. I mean, I thought Sisley was bad at acting, but to my surprise she’s not doing too bad in Fashion War, Veronica on the othe rhand has only had a few scenes so far, but every time she’s on screen it makes me cringe! Her acting is so stiff and comes off as fake.

    1. @melodylai

      A sitcom is a good training ground for newcomers. If they want to promote Veronica, this is a good place to train her.

  6. I am happy that Eric Li get a regular role the sitcom. I hope this role will bring him more popularity like the bring the Come Home Love cast.

  7. it looks very promising hope they’ll parody a lot of the current showbiz news 😉 Power and William return to TVB it’s already a win for me and worth watching the serie.

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