TVB Denies Regime Change Rumors, Will “Optimize” Drama Department

On Friday, Hong Kong gossip magazine Good News reported that TVB went through a large regime change in the last few months—because TVB’s director of drama production Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) had fallen out of favor from TVB shareholders, TVB’s variety executive Sandy Yu (余詠珊) and assistant general manager Felix To (杜之克) were assigned to help Catherine Tsang to look over the drama department, thus stripping Catherine Tsang from total power. This shift in personnel allegedly caused certain TVB artists of the “Catherine Tsang camp” to receive less promotion than those who supported Sandy Yu.

The CEO of TVB Group, Mark Lee (李寶安), admitted in an interview that TVB did go through various changes behind-the-scenes. He expressed that in order to rebuild TVB’s former glory, he must “optimize” the entire drama department. He said, “The competition is extremely high in the market. If we don’t stand out, we will fall. TVB will try their best to recruit all the talent back.”

Mark Lee added that the drama department’s current priority is to improve creative work and production value. He said assistant general manager Felix To is a “great talent,” and clarified that his position in the drama department is to support Catherine Tsang, rather than “strip” her from power like what the gossip magazine unfoundedly claimed. He said, “While Catherine Tsang is focused on handling her usual affairs, Felix To can continue his work in production. This way, we can manage our artists with more and better resources.”

The CEO added that he hopes this new arrangement in staff can improve the coordination of TVB artists’ exposure rates on television, aiming to prevent the same TVB artists from appearing in different dramas that are being aired at the same time.

Sheren Tang and Power Chan Returns

At the moment, TVB is working on recruiting as much talent back as they could. Previous sources say that TVB is in discussion to convince Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) to return for a TVB drama next year, and Power Chan (陳國邦), who had a rather public breakup with TVB a few months ago, also revealed in an interview that he will be returning to TVB to film a sitcom with Teresa Mo (毛舜筠) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) early next year.

“The decisions you make depends on what information you have at hand,” said Power. “When the information changes, your decision also changes. You can say that my decision to return to TVB is like turning back and eating old grass, but this plot of grass was never behind me. It has always been right in front of me.”

Power revealed that Felix To was the first to contact him about returning to TVB. He then received calls from both Catherine Tsang and Teresa Mo, which prompted him to make the decision to return.


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  1. Woah Power Chan is returning! Yay! I hope they give him more opportunities fro now on. He’s a great talent

  2. power chan:“The decisions you make depends on what information you have at hand,” said Power. “When the information changes, your decision also change”

    lol a nice one, then he can do and say whatever he want and afterward saying “oh with the information on that moment i didnt know that….” so he can wash his hand clean and doesnt have to take any consequences. yes he is eating returning grass but this times it taste better. thats his goal from the beginning and he reached it in the end.

      1. @isay thats just the point he put it nicely while he isnt,he is pretending. if he said he reached his goal then i will even have respect for him.

      2. @isay

        Same, the little respect I had for him for leaving, has vanished upon the announcement of his return. He’s so full of it.

  3. Everyone named above are excellent actors. I look forward to Sheren’s return. And if they throw out Ruco than that’s the stupidest thing tvb can do.

  4. One of my dreams is to take a tour aroundTVB and take a picture with TVB Buddy someday. He’s such a cutie.

  5. POWER CHAN !!!! TVB better cherish him this time around a very dedicated and loyal worker is hard to get one now a day!

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