Sheren Tang Admired Jacqueline Law’s Bravery When Facing Death

Jacqueline Law (羅慧娟) passed away on June 30, 2012 due to pancreatic cancer.  During her struggles with her illness, Jacqueline had written a book detailing her obstacles, hoping to inspire other people to have greater optimism in life. The collection of Jacqueline’s thoughts have been published posthumously in a book entitled Living on Earth is like Living in Heaven <活在地上-如同活在天上>. 

With the book set to debut, several of Jacqueline’s good friends such as Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), Dicky Cheung (張衞健), Cindy Au (歐倩怡), and Peter Cheung (張崇德)  supported her by participating in the book release press conference. During the event, Sheren, Dicky, and Jacqueline’s husband, Lau Chi Man (劉志敏) shared their loving memories of Jacqueline with the public.  

Sheren and Jacqueline Were Similar 

Jacqueline’s close friend, Sheren felt comforted and happy to contribute to this book event for Jacqueline. Sheren revealed that they were quite similar in personality.  They both had a rough exterior, but they were actually quite fragile.  They were childlike and pursued simple things.   She admired Jacqueline’s bravery when facing death and said, “I knew that Jacqueline was a normal human being.  She was, of course scared.  Who wouldn’t be scared?  She really loved beauty.  Being affected by cancer, how would she not be afraid to turn ugly?  During the last year if there was something she wanted to do, I would try my best to accompany her.  I was very happy to help her fulfill her dreams!” 

Dicky Reflects on Jacqueline’s Outlook 

Dicky and Jacqueline had always maintained an innocent relationship.  During her struggle with cancer, Dicky was deeply affected by Jacqueline’s optimistic attitude when faced with terminal disease and commended her for the positive outlook in life. During the function, he shared one of his happy memories with the public.  He said, “Jacqueline left a deep impression on me during one of our dinner gatherings.  At that time, she asked her husband if she could take her wig off for her friends to see.  When I heard this, I almost spit out the spare rib that I was eating.  I was thinking, how was it possible that a patient with a terminal illness can be so open-minded. However, I was even more surprised by her husband’s response.  He said to her, of course.  You can take off all your clothes if you like!  They, then turned to each other and laughed, causing the rest of the group to laugh with them.  I learned on that day that you can face death optimistically, as long as you’re comfortable and at ease!” 

Jacqueline Was a Better Wife 

In the book, Jacqueline’s husband mentioned that Jacqueline only had two requirements when she married him.  One of them was to change out the old bed, as he had previously shared it with his ex-wife.  He stressed that Jacqueline was a much better wife than his previous one.

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  1. ” I learned on that day that you can face death optimistically, as long as you’re comfortable and at ease!”

    I suppose once you accept the inevitable, that’s when you have closure and with that you could face death in his face and say “You may take my soul now” when you have prepared everything, done everything humanly possible to depart from this world without any worries or lingering regrets. Friends and families do a big part too, by not being too upset.

    As Gandalf said; “”The journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one we all must take.”

    It is a matter whether we take the path with dignity or with fear.

    1. @funn,

      Just curious, do you believe or support in Euthanize an animal?

      1. Euthanize an animal? As in a very sick dog or a horse with broken leg? That sort? Or those street dogs?

  2. Good to the all her good friend are really there for her during the tough time.

  3. I wonder if sherene really understood Jacqueline at all. When a person is fighting cancer the last thing they have time/energy for is worry about their beauty. Obviously, she has no clue how painful & tired you are when your on chemo. At that point all you can think about is when will this suffering gonna end.

    1. Not quite true. Everybody wants to look their best. I think Sheren understood her perfectly.

      1. Funn,
        Obviously you never had chemo. Trust me when I say the last thing on your mind is how you look at that point. The only thing on your mind is how will/when will I get through this. Btw, it’s not a priority to look your best when you are puking like a sick dog for hours & can hardly get out of bed.

      2. Funn,

        Just want to be clear when I said above that you obviously have never experienced chemo…I meant to say I hope you will never have to experience chemo, no one should ever have to & hope they will fine a cure for cancer…soon!!!

      3. Of course I never had chemo. If this your way of cursing me? What I said is everyone wants to look their best, even when they’re sickest, looking their best is their way towards normalcy.

      4. Funn,

        Clearly you didn’t read my entire (2) responses. I don’t ever wish cancer on anyone.

    2. When you are really sick, looks are the last thing that should be on your mind. The first thing is to feel better and to get through treatment.

  4. Not everyone can be like her…think positive, look positive, do positive. Her positive sunshine attitude towards life and death is admirable.

  5. One of my close friends died of cancer too and faced it with courage like Jacqueline did. I hope that they are all at a better place..

  6. He stressed that Jacqueline was a much better wife than his previous one.

    I’m side-eyeing the husband pretty hard for saying this. I wonder how his children feel?

    1. I agree and feel bad for his first wife and his kids. The first wife is the mother of his kids and was probably married to him for much longer. He and Jacqueline were not even married for that long but he puts her above his first wife.

      1. It’s not nice for him to make that kind of comparison, who know why his first marriage failed, for all we know it could be his fault. For him to make that kind of comment in the open says a lot about his character…or lack of.

      2. Agree. Jacqueline’s husband should not have made this comment in the public even if that was how he thought of his first wife. After all, his two children are from his first wife.

      3. Distasteful his comments may be, he is voicing his opinion. For all we know, his 1st wife could have been horrible.

      4. Jacqueline’s could have made a simple statement that that he really loved Jacqueline very much.

      5. I thought his first wife passed away due to cancer too?? If that is the case then they stayed married til the very end, so I am guessing his first wife was not that bad or else he could have divorced her.

  7. Great to know that Jacqueline had do many great friends that still love and remember her. I cannot believe that I did not know that she and D-i-c-k-y were such good friends. I am so happy to know that and loved them in series together back then.., the memories will live on forever..

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