Sheren Tang: “Chasing Ideals Is More Important Than Money!”

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Eight years ago when Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) had filmed TVB drama, War and Beauty <金枝慾孽>, she was treated as transparent by the media, who regarded the other cast members, Gigi Lai (黎姿), Maggie Cheung (張可頤), and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) with greater importance. Reporters had even attempted to crop Sheren out of the photographs.  After the series was broadcast, Sheren’s popularity skyrocketed, bringing her fame and fortune.  Experiencing various peaks and valleys in her career to-date, Sheren looked past money and focused on achieving ideals and meaning in her life instead.


It was understood that War and Beauty 2 will not continue the plot of the first installment, despite Sheren’s character name remaining “Yue Fei.” In the sequel, Sheren’s character was quite weak in the beginning of the series, before strengthening to defend herself against Christine Ng ( 伍詠薇). Sheren lost favor with the emperor, thus spent her time enjoying Chinese opera and falling for opera star, Moses Chan ( 陳豪), who was also romantically involved with Alice Chan (陳煒). Sheren’s younger sister, Christine Ng, took the opportunity to hire an assassin to kill Alice and incriminate Sheren.

Ada Choi (蔡少芬) will portray a nanny who also serviced Sheren as a maid. Thus, Ada understood the secrets between Sheren and Christine. When Ada fell for court warden, Kenny Wong (黃德斌), she had to counter against Christine Ng’s machinations.

Chasing Dreams More Important

A highly sought after actress, Sheren turned down numerous money making opportunities in mainland China in order to reprise her role as “Yue Fei” in War and Beauty 2. Sheren admonished the recent trend in news reporting where money was often linked to various topics, including the focus on artist filming fees. As reported by Ming Pao, Sheren stated, “It appears that everyone is just interested in material gains. In school, we were taught to have dreams, principles, and not just look at money. It was important to be a good person, use our intelligence and reflect upon life. These were the things to chase after.”

Since the market in mainland China was vast, the filming fees were a lot higher than in Hong Kong. Sheren stated, “Is an artist’s passion being obliterated?” It turned out that Sheren had turned down various palace dramas due to similar material resembling War and Beauty 2, as well as potential schedule conflicts. The actress looked forward to working with another passionate talent, Producer Jonathan Chik (戚其义).

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  1. Then why not give it a new name, a new era, a new story, a new background, not call it War & Beauty? WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYY?

    And Sheren, I sorta agree with you, but I suppose you can only chase ideals if you can afford it. So money first, ideals later. Good that ideals and money go together but how many can have that privilege?

    Anyway oh dear, furs in the picture above is needing some good scrubbing. Looks worn and dated and old.

    1. Bc the franchise WAB already have a solid fanbase and that’s what TVB is targeting i.e. desperate HK housewives that loves drama lots of drama, LOL.

      Yeah, just like Ada refusing to accept any projects related to ghosts. I mean common it’s your job and act a little pro. la!

      In the end it comes to money, if Sheren was dirt poor she would do anything required…

    2. Because the old one was popular so they want people to follow on, thinking it will be as good as the old one.

    3. Didnt they try to make a indirect sequal under a diff name with basically the same cast and failed bad? i forget the name… it was filed in a dessert *goes google*

      ah “The dance of Passion”

      i think having the tag of o former hit series will draw in fans that liked the original series.

      Personally i agree with you id prefer the name change name. Its the same with FH3 would have prefered it under a diff name *shrugs* which reminds me they never conclused the Kevin (and Charmaine) story. Kevin woke up… did he lose his memory? *dun dun dun* lol

      1. Okay scrolled down and saw the ratings okay i stand corrected it didnt fail but i thought the series was *bleep* lol

    4. Ok so this is technically not a sequal then… I agree that why not just give it a new name?? The old series was not even that good so I still don’t get why it was sooo popular to start with.

      I also don’t like the costumes and they look old and used. Maybe they are running out of money?? Or are they trying to become more different and unique??

      It seems hard these days to do anything without money. It is sad that we are becoming more and more money oriented in this world.

  2. there’s no doubt that sheren tang can really act very well.

  3. Can this series live up to WAB? Seeing Moses again already look tired. Sheren is good but can the seres be good? ROFL

    1. I personally did not like WAB so maybe this one will be better??

  4. Ada to pair up with Kenny Wong?! C’mon, she deserves someone less boring.

    1. Somehow I agree with this. Kenny Wong has zero expression in his face.

      1. LOL, he is prolly even worst than wooden Ron. However at least he has a six-pack and pretty seems pretty fit.

      2. Him him also got 6 packs and can act much better than this Kenny. Face a lot cuter too ROFL 😛

      3. Kenny has a better figure than Him, IMO. I like the lean body type. At least Kenny’s moobs aren’t in your face.

      4. but the six packs didn’t help Kenny in his emoting.

      5. lol, if six packs or eight packs are in any way positive correlated with emotions or acting skills then TVB would be in big trouble, hahaha…

    2. So Kenny won’t act an “useless” guy this time?

    3. I agree with MoonRiver, Ada deserves someone better!! kenny is a bit too boring.

  5. Sheren stated, “It appears that everyone is just interested in material gains. In school, we were taught to have dreams, principles, and not just look at money. It was important to be a good person, use our intelligence and reflect upon life. These were the things to chase after.”

    Is she one of those artists abandoning TVB for CTI or not renewing her contract? [this is a question. not trying to jab at her]

  6. I just don’t understand what was so good about WAB. I rewatched it last year and I thought it was just average. Coming from me, a person who enjoys ancient and palace series, it means a lot. I just don’t know what was so appealing about it. I thought Gigi and Charmaine’s acting was dreadful. I’m happy that the “sequel” will be indirect and will have some different cast members.

    1. Agree with you Ric, even if Ada is one of my favorite artist and she’s the reason why I will still watch this series. I still hope TVB would make the WAB sequel by replacing the “old” cast with some new ones like Mandy Wong, Christine Kuo, ty, myo, fala, kate whoever is younger than these original casts. Is tvb trying to project some ancient series with “old maids” fighting for a man (the king)? no offense but i think Astrid, Ada, sheren and now Christine are way too “mature” for these roles and its funny to see them fighting among each other for some guys…lol

    2. Didnt like GiGi in that series too!
      I find that story too dark for my liking. Hope the new one is better.

    3. I totally agree with you Ric. I saw WAB a couple of years ago and did not feel that it was that good at all. It was just like any typical palace series. It seems like series that praised more often aren’t that great while the series are less praised often turn out better.

    4. Yeah, I couldn’t even finish it. Think I saw the ending though nothing special about it.

      So im expecting it to fail, still never know with the HK housewives, hehe.

    5. I think the best part of WAB was Sheren’s story. I don’t care much for the others.

  7. I loved the relarionship between Bowie and the lady who tried to get sick to see him.

    Other relationships were not realy touching.

    TVB likes to do sequel but we know “sequel” does not mean “starts from the end of…” (season of American/English series).

    Anyway, just wait until it is released, we can throw stones at TVB if it sucks.

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