Sheren Tang Comments on the New TVB Family Culture

During a celebratory banquet for TVB’s high-rated drama series Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, TVB’s Executive Chairman Norman Leung (梁乃鵬) announced his plans on reforming  lacking corporate cultural in a scheme called the TVB Family Culture. Hoping to establish a sense of belonging to its artists and staff members, Leung stressed that the TVB family culture project will work on promoting more opportunities for their artists, as well as issuing more reasonable working hours and salaries to their employees.

At an event for Praisage, an online community that has users post positive reviews or comments on a staff member or brand, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) weighed in on her thoughts about TVB’s new culture makeover, saying that though she is happy for her former overworked colleagues, she is unable to perceive a fully-integrated TVB family culture in the near future.

She said, “It’s going to be a long road to achieve that. It’s good to have a start, but TVB’s a large company. It has its own political system, and you can’t just change that right away. When people leave, it will take a lot of convincing to bring them back.”

After shooting of TVB’s Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳> last year, Sheren was very vocal in expressing her disappointment with TVB’s poor script-writing practices, complaining that scripts were often re-written the last minute. Shooting for the 30-episode drama took a great toll on her overall health.

The two-time Best Actress winner also added, “I feel like the executives do not really understand what their employees want. Mr. Leung said filming would not go overtime and production would not start with an unfinished script. Why? Just having to deal with these concerns alone can affect the employees’ morale and health. How can the company improve this way?”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. TITS2 SUCKED . hate when they made it sound like it was a success…

    1. agree…it is not as good as the first one…but it is already better than a lot of drama that produced this year in TVB…because all those other are more sucked!

    2. Didn’t think it was that good, but don’t think it’s really sucked.

      I have to say, it’s terrible to have English posting on FB while the girl grew up in Paris (Capt. Cool’s half sister). Yah, i pay attention to those small details.

      Also, can someone tell me why when marriage proposal, they put the ring on the right hand ring finger, or the left hand middle finger. Is it a taboo of some sort to place an engagement/wedding ring left ring finger? Just curious

  2. “Mr. Leung said filming would not go overtime and production would not start with an unfinished script. Why? Just having to deal with these concerns alone can affect the employees’ morale and health. How can the company improve this way?”
    I don’t understand what she meant …

    1. Raven: Because Sheren’s meaning is inadvertently lost in translation. Also you have to read Sheren’s complete comment to grasp her meaning. Below is my own interpretation of Sheren’s comment.

      “I feel that the executives do not actually understand their employees’ needs. Mr. Leung said no more going over time, no more commencing production without a script. Why? (Because) this stack of problems affect employees’ feeling, morale and health. How can such a company continue to improve?”

      Sheren questioned Mr. Leung’s grasp of just how detrimental long working hours, and filming without a finished script can be and are to employees’ morale and health, thus affecting the company’s own growth.

      Sheren was being skeptical of TVB’s culture makeover big plans announcement. I’m too taking a wait-and-see stance. I’ll believe it when I see it. Talk is cheap.

      1. 我覺得管理層唔係好知員工嘅需要,梁生話唔再超時、唔再冇劇本下開工,點解?呢啲一層層嘅問題影響咗員工人心、士氣、健康,咁樣公司點進步?」

    2. Based on the actual Chinese writing, it seems like the “Why” is a rhetorical question Leung’s trying to explain for the changes he’s suggesting …

      at least that’s how i perceived it ..

      1. @Bridget: The above Chinese snippet is from the above translation’s source. Here is a more comprehensive write-up of Sheren’s response from a different news report. The rhetorical ‘why’ is not from Mr. Leung but Sheren herself.


  3. Feels like she never has anything positive to say about TVB. The company elevated her to stardom so she should be more grateful and supportive :/ They’re definitely moving to the right direction but OF COURSE, she doesn’t have anything encouraging to say.

    1. TVB never really promoted Sheren, if they did then she would of gotten best actress a long time ago since she’s been in the industry for a long time. Her acting and her hard work got her to stardom and of course thanks to the directors/producers that chose her to star in their series cause there’s no such thing as auditioning for roles in HK they pick you whether you fit the role or not

      1. Like how she ‘thanked’ producer Jonathan Chik & Chow Yuk Ming in BAW, for her fame from WAB?

        Thanks but no thanks.

  4. promote? whats to promote… same old hags/fobs in every tv series.

    seriously, all the Miss HK’s do nowadays is either appear as cameos or hold product placements. most of them are just waiting for a rich guy to knock them up!

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