“Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” Finale: The Men Beg for Forgiveness

The two-hour finale of TVB drama, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, was broadcast on Friday evening. The cast gathered at Metro City Plaza yesterday to watch the finale with the audience, in hopes of pulling up the viewership ratings. Throughout the dramatic 82-minute finale, the male characters begged on their knees for forgiveness from their loved ones for a total of seven times.


Near the beginning of the episode, barrister Arthur Chung (Damian Lau 劉松仁) kneels down and asks for forgiveness from his first wife, Koo Sam Lan (Mary Hon 韓馬利) before her death. He realizes that he was ignorant towards her feelings and needs in past years. He sadly thanks her for putting up with the many times he had hurt her.

A later scene involves Kam Muk Shui (Ron Ng 吴卓羲) chasing Kwai Siu Yau (Rebecca Zhu 朱晨麗) in a forest, planning to kill her when she refuses to leave with him. When he realizes how much Siu Yau suffered because of him, he kneels and asks for her forgiveness. Kam Muk Shui finally accepts that their relationship has come to an end. He agrees to leave her alone, as long as she finds happiness. Siu Yau decides to leave the Chung household and start a new life with her sister, Kwai Siu Yu (Bella Lam 林穎彤).

After the death of Sam Lan, Arthur’s second son, Jimmy Chung (Vincent Wong 王浩信) kneels and bows outside the gates of their household. Too ashamed to enter the house, he asks for forgiveness and feels sorry about being such an unfilial son. With the help of Hong Tze Kwan (Tavia Yeung 楊怡), he reunites with his pregnant lover, Choi Yuet (Charmaine Li 李思欣) and kneels for her forgiveness in trying to kill their baby. He promises that he will never harm her again. Jimmy then returns to the Chung household and kneels in front of his father for forgiveness for his past faults. He and Choi Yuet end up in a happy marriage.

In the last scene of the finale, Arthur and Tze Kwan meet in a church in Shanghai. To Tze Kwan’s surprise, Arthur kneels in front of her and asks if she would like to marry him a second time. She reminisces the time Arthur knelt in front of her in a ballroom for his first marriage proposal. Tze Kwan happily accepts, and the two reunite as a loving couple.

Forgiveness was begged for in the most melodramatic fashion and amends finally made amongst broken hearts.

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. This is some crazy boring tv series in tvb history. I thought When Heaven Burns was pointless boring. Now, SSSS can top that.

    1. Nothing can be worse than Three Kingdoms RPG, and the one that featured Linda Chung, Myolie, and Bobby Auyueng.

    2. TVB needs to rename the TVB Rotten Tomato Awards. Almost 3/4 of series from TVB is qualified.

      1. Right on Larry!!!!

        Jayne, it may be fun for us to vote for the worst series/actor/actress of the year.

      2. Larry3, RaySimpson,

        Although it may be funny to have a Rotten Tomato Awards, it may be offensive to many others. Let’s keep the polls positive!

  2. Last 2 episodes, every single character has complete flashback. I couldn’t stand it. Vincent’s Jimmy was consistent, the rest was insipid. I am still troubled by how suddenly Arthur realised he was a jerk and he wanted to change. However his shocked scene with a crying Vincent when he thought he killed the maid (who conveniently didn’t die) was the best.

    I am sorry to say this series littered with top notch performances by those few (except Kenneth Ma who was insipid and Rebecca Zhu who was absolutely one note and Ron Ng who’s dramatic flair is much lesser than his swimming skills perhaps) was stretched out 10 episodes too much. It felt like it will never end and when it ended, I was like right, 1st wife died, this man can never be alone so he has to marry and who else than the 4th wife who is by the way pregnant when was told she can’t be pregnant.

    Too convenient.

    1. “Kam Muk Shui finally accepts that their relationship has come to an end. ”

      Correction. Last scene he was walking and he narrates that he hopes one day he and Siu Yau can meet and start again. He never gave up.

      And Siu Yau never loved Charles. She was grateful, she liked him, she learned from him but she never loved him. And maybe Charles knows that which explains why in god’s name he never run after her, hug her, kneel down and beg her to stay and then just kiss her passionately. I feel charles is too … what’s the opposite word of proactive? It was like yes good a gentleman but man, you have to fight for your happiness which Muk Shui did unfortunately to the point of unreasonableness. However I blame Siu Yau since she could have told Muk Shui I don’t love you anymore at the beginning which she didn’t.

      And interestingly all the wives left looking still rich. I suppose they left with alimony from husbands.

      1. 3rd wife is coming from a banker family so she is rich. Tavia is a famous opera artist so I am sure she cant be that poor. 2nd wife I dont know much about : )

      2. Tavia is poor because remember at the beginning? 2nd wife if so rich wouldn’t have married Arthur. I wonder what happened to her opium addicted mom and the brother? I suppose Chai Yat Fai will pay their expenses even if he never stayed with 2nd wife.

      3. But i thought Damain gave Tavia a pecking opera place thingy and she can earn money from there. I think.

      4. true tavia was poor but then damian bought the opera for her so obviously she can earn money afterwards. agreed with second wife situation the former bf for sure would help her.

      5. yeah siu yau started out as a poor simple girl and left at the end as a rich divorced woman with nice clothes and classy hairdo!

  3. I totally dig Vincent’s performance as Jimmy in SSSS. This guy can act very well!

  4. i thought the end was pretty good,the moral behind this drama is good. i mean some parts of it was a little stretched but in the end i liked it . but too bad for charles , (didnt like siu yau anyways)

  5. I really like the ending. Thought the series was quite boring as a whole but one of the better endings TVB has come up with. Not exactly a happy family gathering but not too far from it. A little bit of everything.

  6. Overall the ending was good… It told a story. Knowing tvb it could have been worst!

  7. Really speaks to the acting that even towards the end I enjoyed the central family’s interaction, they could have excised the entire Muk Shui side story and given 3rd wife a better lover.

    Think the family reunion scene shows everyone has surprisingly modern attitude towards remarriage.

  8. Yea forgive n forget, easier said than done. Wats life anyway, 1st wife had stroke n died, 2nd wife almost went crazy, 3rd committed adultery n d 4th was much humiliated!
    Well, its fictional of coz but then wats d winning point coz he introduced d ruling of 1 husband to 1 wife? To fulfill his vow honoring tsz-kwan as his 1 n only wife? Sacrificing all to gain 1? O plz!

    1. Arthur was a chauvinist pig, and chauvinist pigs never changed no matter what. To have Arthur knell & apologise blah blah blah was nonsence. It would have made more sense for Arthur to go back home, whack Charles the * out of hell out of him for embarrasing him & then chase Charles out of his house. Then go ahead and marry some more concubines. 3rd wife continued to hve more affairs, 4th wife remained lonely and always waiting at the side for Arthur to come beg her to go home etc. That would have been a better ending.

  9. Kenneth and Ron’s acting are bad in this series. Rebecca is a newbie so I leave her alone first.

  10. Does anyone know the background music when Ron is trying to reunite with Kenneth’s wife? It’s right after Ron shoots Kenneth.

    It’s a violin song that is used frequently in TVB movies but I don’t know the name of it.

    I have been looking for this song for a long time but I can’t find it.

  11. You know, after all of this, I wonder…is it Ron’s acting or the character he portrayed that killed it for everyone? Both? I only skimed through the series, so I don’t really know.

    1. It’s Ron and his acting. Ron doesn’t have
      Much screen charisma, not entirely his fault I guess.

  12. Last two episodes were so freaking draggy! Too many flashbacks!
    The bestest part in the whole finale is the narrator who did the summary on all the wives, lol…nicely said!!!
    Overall, what a disappointment, SSSS.

  13. i reallt thought ron could shine in this series but how could someone shine in a boring series with a role that doesnt even matter

  14. I thought the ending had no climax everything seemed so predictable I mean yes it did sum up the stuff but it is not like fantastic or anything

  15. Just finished watching esp 36. it was very touching. i really liked it.

    1. which part of it was touching damien and idy or damien and tavia?

  16. IMHO the two episode finale is a total bore. The many flashback dragged the ending and if TVB edited out all the flashback scenes they could have just ended the entire series in one episode! With no climax and predictable ending the two hour finale is really a let down.

    I saw some pictures of the cast watching the ending together at the mall and a few of them were spotted shedding tears while watching? I wonder if I was watching the same episode as them as I don’t find any scenes worth crying.Am I too cold hearted or are they just shedding crocodile tears?

    1. I fully agree as I was feeling and thinking the same too!!! I’m such a sentimental person, but I didn’t cry one bit in the finale. The closest I got not long ago was on the separation of Yee Yin and Damien at the end.

    2. I think it’s just becuz it reminded them of all the memories they had while they were actually filming, whereas we wouldn’t have had those memories.

    3. I find the finale was very touching to me. If you watched the detailed and excellent performance of Damian Lau, I think you would agree with me.

  17. I think people have to remember that this series was filmed when TVB was at a crisis. They had no script, hardly any script writers and lack of camera men and directors.. I respect them for managing to produce a series and thought that although the storyline may not have been the best, the performances from various actors and actresses made it bearable!

  18. well, i pretty much enjoyed the last few episodes (epi 34-39) EXCEPT for Siu Yao’s storyline with Charles & Muk Shui. how i wished their stories are completely dropped out, then we would have 25 episodes in total to watch only, lolz. i must admit that the finale epi 40 was pretty disappointing as too much of flashbacks is a total waste of time. but overall, the message of this series has been delivered well even tho’ not at its best. credit to all the casts, they all did an excellent & brilliant job EXCEPT for the 3 mentioned above :p

    1. I also enjoyed watching the very last episodes. Most of the artistes did an excellent job, except Siu Yau, Kam Muk Shui, and the policeman. I also wished that the storyline between Siu Yau, Charles and Kam Muk Shiu was dropped completely. It would make “SSSS” a better and more entertaining drama series with good acting.

  19. I agree with the writer that SSSS has been dragging way too long until it reaches it finale last few days ago.. The storymode has been really slow and boring esp Rebecca’s role was too nuisance to watch!!

  20. “Forgiveness was begged for in the most melodramatic fashion and amends finally made amongst broken hearts”.

    However, “amends” is used incorrectly in this case. “Closure” is a better word as it does not construe actual forgiveness, and reuniting back together in the end.

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