Sire Ma Cries Tearfully; Admits Mistake in Handling Lesbian Love Relationship

Above: Accompanied by her mother, Sire Ma speaks about her lesbian love affair.

Sire Ma’s (馬賽) image plummeted after she was caught lying about her lesbian relationship with mainland businesswoman, Wang Ziqi (汪子琦). Sire had criticized the press for fabricating rumors, but a video surfaced showing Sire and Ziqi locked in a passionate kiss together. Asked by TVB to take a hiatus due to the scandal, Sire finally emerged today to speak about her lesbian relationship.

Bursting into tears, Sire admits she had handled the incident poorly, which hurt her family. While she claims to have ended her relationship with Ziqi, Sire denied the motivation was to salvage her negative image. Sire also does not cross out future lesbian relationships as long as it is “true love”.

Sire Apologizes for Lying

Sire’s mother and TVB management executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), accompanied Sire in her public appearance before the press today. Sire fielded questions from TVB host, Luisa Maria Leitão (黎芷珊), but did not accept any questions from reporters.

When news first surfaced that Sire was dating lesbian lover, Wang Ziqi, Sire’s first reaction was to deny the relationship. Sire said, “I was very scared and nervous. I didn’t know how to face it, so I used an inappropriate attitude and language to describe this incident. After one month of reflection, my friends also me to think clearly about what I really want. I know I was irrational and that my behavior affected people around me, especially my family and myself.”

Sire said that her relationship with Ziqi has ended, and only wants to focus on her work now. Sire said it was her own choice to end the relationship rather than being driven by negative public perception. She will not think about future relationships for now, but will not turn away “true love” even if it comes in the form of another same-sex relationship. Sire said, “I respect all kinds of true love. I feel that true love does not discriminate against gender, age, or social status.”

Toured Singapore and Vietnam with Ziqi

Although Sire said her relationship with Wang Ziqi is over, news reports surfaced that the lovers traveled to Singapore and Vietnam as recently as last month. As Sire experienced the lowest pit in her career and took a hiatus from TVB at the time, she whiled her time away at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sand’s casino. Sire was a high end roller, sitting at a baccarat table in which the minimum bet was $600,000 HKD, but the lovers did not have much luck in their gambling.

Ziqi reportedly gave Sire a lavish monthly allowance of $200,000 HKD to splurge on. Allegedly, Sire’s mother wanted Ziqi’s $20 million HKD house to be transferred under Sire’s ownership. After Ziqi’s family intervened, Sire and her mother finally stopped pressuring Ziqi.

American-Chinese entrepreneur Laura Lee, who claimed that Sire had stolen Wang Ziqi from her, blasted Sire’s materialistic side. Laura said, “When I broke up with Ziqi, Sire had dated Ziqi for half a month. I know that Sire already took $500,000 HKD. Since it’s already been two months, the amount is likely a seven-figure amount now.”

TVB executive, Virginia Lok, responded to claims that Sire received a $200,000 HKD allowance from Wang Ziqi. Ms. Lok said, “I won’t comment; I don’t know if it’s real or fake. I have already said that I will not mind artists’ private lives. They have freedom. As long as their family accepts it, we can’t do anything about it.”

Although Sire has maintained a low-profile since news about her lesbian relationship surfaced, TVB denies that the former Miss Hong Kong beauty was shelved by the company. Nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Sire will make an appearance at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards on December 16.


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  1. I feel bad for Sire Ma. A lot of artists deny their relationship when they are “caught” but Sire seems to be targeted because she is (or was) in a lesbian relationship.

    On a side note, I really like Sire Ma. She’s young and has potential. I feel she has been seen as a negative light as soon as Bullet Brain aired. I don’t think she is a bad actress rather, she was a miscast in Bullet Brain. I really liked her in River of Wine and she did pretty good in the dancing drama with Myolie and Linda.

    I hope TVB doesn’t freeze her (despite what Virginia Lok says)

    1. What a waste of a decent-looking girl…….could have had lots of men but ended up choosing the lezzie part…..she should know the entertainment history is not kind to gays or lesbians who are open about their sexual preferences……..

      1. typical homophobic person’s view.
        “waste” of a human just because they have a different preference from you.

      2. ^Agree with what r said.. ‘waste’? She is not so-called ‘a waste’ because of her sexual preference for the same sex.

  2. If anything I feel sorry for her. Who she love and how she live her life should not affect her work and not my concerns. It is despicable the media “exposing” her personal life and force her to come out…the decision to come out the closet is personal and take a lot of courage especially in Asia and a celebrity. If this news is true it so sad that she is “force” to apologize and break up for the sake of her career and family.

    1. She should have known better than to PUBLICLY display her affections.

      1. The problem is not her publicly displaying her affections. The problem is homophobic idiots who belong in the dark ages. If straight couples can kiss and publicly display their affections, so can gay couples. Why does the media and the public have to make such a big deal out of it. How about ‘mind your own business’ and ‘if you don’t want to see, then close your damn eyes’. I thought HK is suppose to be modern and democratic and forward thinking. It turns out it’s all a facade. HK is still just a conservative and critical little hole.

  3. poor girl! toughen up and hopefully can get back on tv soon.

    1. there is no man in a lesbian relationship because it doesnt involve a guy. If you mean whether who assume the dominate role i think it would be Ziqi.

  4. It’s a pity for Sire! Despite her poor performance on Bullet Brain she has performed pretty well in other dramas.. It would be bad if her career ended like this.

    But then again if Shirley the women who cheated on her boyfriend and then got pregnant with someone else can come back to TVB and act in pretty large roles I’m pretty sure Sire can too.

      1. Shirley is in an upcoming drama with Linda Chung ‘Big Apothecary” she has a pretty role there, you can look it up.

    1. It took Shirley 3-4 years for someone to actually cast her in another series though.

    1. I also don’t believe the relationship has ended. Saying “it’s over already” is often an indirect way of saying “please don’t talk to me about it anymore.” Unfortunately for Sire and other artists, they will never see the end of something documented so publicly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more news headlines on this issue.

  5. Pitiful if this is true “Sire’s mother wanted Ziqi’s $20 million HKD house to be transferred under Sire’s ownership”

  6. all the best to Sire and Zi Qi.

    by the way, Sire mom look like HoCC?

  7. i feel bad that this whole situation blew up like this but what is this about her having an allowance of $200,000 ??! is that normal ? i’ve never heard of getting an allowance in a relationship. Someone explain this to me plz.

    1. If it’s true, then it is insinuating Sire was Ziqi’s “kept” woman by having money and gifts lavished on her. That’s my guess

    2. Its when older business man (woman in this case) give a young pretty girl monthly allowance to keep them happy and sexy times.

      No money? No younger girls.

  8. I find it strange that her relationship just suddenly ended like that. I wonder if it is for real? But regardless of anything,wish her the best and it is great that she is so open about love.

    1. Don’t think it was love. More like playing with fire and got burnt.

    2. Ziqi’s family are already not happy about Sire asking for her name on one of Ziqi’s property. And now the media world is reporting on this relationship, so they definitely will try to get rid of the gold digger.

  9. Sire Ma deserves it. She is now acting like a cry baby to get reputation back.

    Sorry but that’s not how the world runs.

    She is forever tainted.

    Doesn’t matter if TVB will stop “freezing” her. She will not be popular.

    Once mistake cost your career. Taht’s how it works!

    1. Not really since there are many others that have done worse,but guess what, they are still raking in the bucks now. Time will heal all and people will eventually forget this since it will fade with time.

    2. Agreed too! She has been pretty ruthless when she sounded the paps for fabricating her lesbians rumors. Turned out the relationship was real after all and she get caught with her hands in the candy jar. I have always feel she is fake and not being her real self. Sorry to say, not a fan of her. Her acting is passable but not superb. Many others are better than her with greater personality to shine.

      1. I used to like her too and thought she was a sweet innocent girl, but then there were rumors of her stealing people’s boyfriends, e.g one of the twin who was her husband in SSSS and now this Wang Ziqi who had a girlfriend. I just not very fond of people who like to be the 3rd person.

  10. She shouldn’t have lied. ANd if the relationship is not over, she shouldn’t have said so. Now the reporters or paps will tail her to prove she lied again and again. Be honest Sire and things will go well. Lie and that’s the end.

    1. Absolutely! Those lies were her downfall to say. And to blast the paps n fans for accusing her. What a hypocrite person!

  11. Sire, you don’t have to apologize for anything you have every right to conceal any sort of relationship you’re having it’s none of our business anyways.

    Funny how there are couples who have denied their relationship for years before confirming it but yet they never received any backlash. So what if she lied? She said she wasn’t ready she never actually denied she wasn’t in a relationship and from what I know they had just started it’s understandable how she handled the situation. People making a big fuss over nothing.

  12. I cannot help but get the feeling that Sire Ma was forced to do this public interview”. This woman is being frozen out b that hypocrite Virginia Lok and the big guns at TVB.

    So many celebs have hidden and lied about relationships, sued , and continue to threaten to sue about relationships and like TS said, the yare still raking in the big bucks. This is happening to Sire Ma because her relationship is a gay one.

    I believe hat whether or not we morally agree with the lifestyle of gay people, it is happening all over the world and Chinese need to open their eyes and realise people are what they are ,
    and learn to live with long as a gay person, r anyone for that matter, is not sexually involved with children, they have their choice to get intimate with who they want to.

    Why was there only a TVB reporter allowed o ask Sire questions. Sire offended the other reporters an accused them of spreading malicious gossip and rumors about her, when those rumors turned out to be true. They are the ones who should be allowed to speak to Sire now at this “interview”. Those were the ones who Sire offended.

    Sire seemed to be forced or strong armed by VL and t TVB powers that be to do this so called interview.

    If I was Sire, I would take what Virginia Lok said as n insult. That clown is likening Sire to a chid that made a mistake. What a bunch of horse manure. So falling in love with another woman I a childish mistake, which makes Sire deserving of being frozen out?. Give me a break.

    The only mistakes Sire made was lambasting the media and accusing them of spreading rumors about her hen the rumors were true. Next is blatantly lying to the fans who are willing to support her, no matter what. She should have just kept mum. he knows she is an idol and she should have kept the steamy DA for behind closed doors, knowing how Asians feel about same sex relationships.Unless millions of fans march in a protest in support of her, Sire’s career unfortunately is in the tank. This is sad because an individual’s preference should not determine whether their career continues to flourish or not.

  13. All this PR stunts, ie crying and lying on TV/media interview to get sympathy reminded me of Shirley Yeung.

    Well, as long as the strategy worked for 620.

  14. Did she really end her relationship so quickly? Must have meant a lot to her then… a terrible thing when someone has to pass up on what might be “love” simply to stay employable.

  15. 620 is a dumb witch. TVB needs to canned her. Very bad PR.

  16. lol typical makeup look for bad news. You would think someone died with that makeup.

    1. Well I dont see why they would put on their best makeup look either.Makes the whole story more convincing.

  17. I watched her interview with Luisa and I don’t think she did a good job explaining herself at all… She had a whole month to think of how to address the media and her responses were not that great.

    1. Oh I think she prepared herself well. When asked about details of her lesbian relationship several times, she evaded those questions. She always had the answer “the past is the past, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” This girl is terrible. First she went for the money. When that didn’t work , she tried get her image and placement with TVB back.

  18. Hi AC.. can you provide a link or let me know where I can watch the interview/press conference? Thanks

  19. I do not think that she needs to apologise to loving anyone, but my main problem is the accusation on how she stole the woman from her girlfriend. Regardless of gender, your friend’s lover is off limits.

    I feel sorry for Sire on how this matter had really been blown out of proportion by the media. But after all the dirty laundry that hanging up at the moment, I really don’t see Sire in been heavily promoted by TVB in the future.

  20. Sire’s mother was willing to prostitute her daughter to get the HK$ 20 million from Ziqi. Very luckily, Ziqi’s family stepped in to put a stop to the transfer.

  21. How old is this girl? She can’t defend herself on her private life? She needs mommy’s permission to be a lesbian? Be what you are. Now she’s selling her soul for money. Sad girl. Crying and all the drama because she “was” a lesbian. What’s this? 1913? I thought it was 2013. Should change her name to Scary Cat Ma.

  22. Gold digging at its finest level, no sex just companionship… pff…

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