Sire Ma Faces New Challenges with a Tranquil Heart

Last year, Sire Ma (馬賽) was involved in a lesbian dating scandal with mainland Chinese producer, Wang Ziqi (汪子琦). The couple had a messy breakup, in which Wang Ziqi accused Sire to be a liar. Facing intense public scrutiny, TVB postponed Sire’s activities after the scandal broke out, telling her to stay at home for a few months.

Now back to work, Sire expressed that she is actually thankful for the scandal. “Many friends have told me that a person can only grow with experience.” Admitting that her jobs have declined over the past months, Sire remained calm and said, “My mindset is calm. Whether it is jobs or other things in life, I will face it with tranquility. During the [hiatus], I’ve continued to educate myself. I’ve learned dancing, piano, and acting.”

Sire hopes to find new opportunities for a breakthrough in 2014 and is ready to take on any challenge, whether it is hosting variety programs or acting in dramas. “Whether it’s an evil role, good role, or anything else, I will cherish each and every opportunity. A senior once told me that good acting needs experience, and after this incident, I feel like I have grown in every way.”

Through the hiatus, Sire has learned how to fully enjoy and cherish her time with family and friends. For the New Year holidays, Sire and her family vacationed overseas – it was the first New Year vacation Sire took since debuting in 2008.

“I’ve come to realize that I never had the opportunity to live a self-controlled life before. I usually have others taking care of me. A while ago, my friends and I rented a house when were on vacation in Spain. We all went to the supermarket to find the food to make breakfast. This kind of lifestyle is interesting.”

Sire said she has learned to cherish the family and friends, “There will be a brand new Sire Ma in the new year!”


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  1. I believe Sire Ma’s TV career is over… Don’t think audience will accept her again after the scandal… If she remains in TVB, she will probably get bit-part roles, like Shirley Yeung.

  2. It’s not so much the affair as it was the lying and Sire’s duplicity. She listed that she started to learn piano, dance, etc… as a method of self growth, but fails to mention any introspection specifically.

    The ball, unfortunately, isn’t in her court – it is in the court of the “netizens” now. Provided TVB gives her another chance. She’s going to have to have a great role and perform spectacularly to get by this I think.

    1. It’s her character that I questioned. How she handle the lesbian relationship with her partner at the time was cold. Nothing about her is sincere.

  3. In Hollywood, there really are NOT any leading gay men in films but there are in TV. Big bang theory’s Jim Parsons is still kind of popular even thou he’s gay but there really are NOT any in the film big screen industry. Let’s see how far this TVB starlet will go? If HK are as open as they claim to be? My HK cousin always tells me that HK people are very open about les/gays so let’s see. haha…lol

    1. At least… there aren’t any that have made it public. No one thought Cary Grant was gay when he was in his prime either…

      1. Cary Grant wasn’t gay. He was bisexual.

        As for windy’s question, there WAS a leading man in films in Hong Kong – Leslie Cheung. His movies won many awards during his prime time, including Cannes Film Festival. But then again, he was bisexual, so I fail to make a point, too!

    2. Not true there are quite a few huge Hollywood actors in films that are gay and they’re extraordinary talented.

  4. wentworth miller is gay, but then he was never on the big screen much except resident evil….

    1. EXACTLY, the most he got recogized for was beloved series “Prison Break” and that was only TV. He was never really in any decent movies as a lead, mostly a secondary or supporting cast. Now that it’s revealed that he is gay, who will cast him? haha LOL…Let’s be real here, no matter how HOT he is, they will never cast a gay.

      1. In real life, Neil Patrick Harris is cast for 45 movies and else for TV, theater, etc. He announced he is gay in 2006 and from 2006 to 2014, he acted in 19 movies, 23 TV shows and 5 times in theater. He also won 10 awards with Emmy, People’s Choice and other awards.

        Wentworth Miller doesn’t seem to be worried too much for his announcement.

      2. Don’t you think you sound a little homophobic? There are some A list actors that are cast in lead films like Zachary Quinto and Ian Mckellen. All in huge franchises, especially Ian he came out from the start and people still casted him nonetheless. I highly doubt Hollywood would prejudice over gay actors in fact their the more acceptable ones compared to other filmmakers in different countries.

  5. TVB should make a drama featuring her in a lesbian relationship with Susanna Kwan. It would surely be a hit.

    1. Hhaha.. Let’s see if TVB will stick to their boring and predictable series to more trendy topics then? ahha LOL…probably will save their ratings if they surprise people you never know…All those series these days are just so boring and been there and done that.

      1. I just think that lesbian drama will reach the highest rating haha. In fact, most of TVB’s series are boring and I am just able to watch 1-2 eps and then drop it

      2. Lesbian theme is used for Midas. If it works, you’ll see more.

      3. Haha… so true. Though HKers will probably only like lesbian themes provided the actresses who portray them are straight 😛

  6. We luv you , Sire.

    Never mind what those nasty netizens, including here, has to say.

    They think they are so moral, and can do no wrong. They sucks. Ignore them all.

  7. bluesky2288,

    maybe you should try korean drama My Love From the Star, a cute and funny drama.

    1. what a silly girl.. she said she went holidaying with her friends in spain, bought food from the supermarket and cooked at a rented apartment, it was very interesting and she liked this kind of life very much? of course its fun and interesting cos its a vacation, and they are in a different environment, wouldn’t be the same if she were to grow up and live in that apartment, do her marketing and cooking everyday

  8. Her career are really over la. My family & friends doesn’t want to hear from her anymore.

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