Sire Ma Involved in a Lesbian Love Affair?

Sire Ma (馬賽) took a two-month trip to Europe and came home to lesbian rumors.

In August, Sire requested for two months off from work and spent the time traveling all around Europe. Sire was notably absent from the busy TVB year-end schedule,including the TVB Lighting Ceremony and promotional activities for Will Power <法外風雲>.

Sire freely shared trip photos on Weibo, commenting on the beauty of her surroundings and reflected on lessons learned. Since Sire had earlier admitted that she is currently dating, some were curious to see if she was traveling with her special someone.

This week, reports revealed that Sire went on the trip with wealthy mainland talent agent Wang Ziqi (汪子琦). The two women appeared close in photos that Wang shared on her Weibo profile, prompting speculations of a lesbian relationship. The sources also noted that Ms. Wang had paid for Sire’s entire vacation, suggesting that Sire is being “kept” and possibly using this relationship to further her mainland activities.

Wang Ziqi’s Background

Wang Ziqi was the former mainland manager for Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) and leaked the evidence of Frankie Lam (林文龍) cheating in the marriage in 2009. Ms. Wang was jailed for extortion. Since she left prison, Ms. Wang’s luck turned and her film and beauty business thrived. Ms. Wang regularly mixes with celebrities and her good friends include Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) and Carina Lau (劉嘉玲).

While Sire has yet to fully address the rumor, saying simply that Ms. Wang is just a friend, new details are challenging the validity of these claims. In addition to Ms. Wang, Sire was also joined by Ms. Wang’s business partner Laura Lee on their European getaway. Ms. Wang and Ms. Lee are the more likely couple however, as both of their Weibo profiles are littered with personal photos of each other and intimate messages. The two also posed flirtatiously during the trip, not at all hesitant to display their passion in public.

Sources: Oriental Daily; Oriental Sunday via

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  1. Umm. I don’t know what to day to this. I support lesbians 100%. I have no discrimination whatsoever but sire just didn’t look les to me…

  2. Does this Wang Ziqi have some lesbian rumours in the past? If not, can’t a bunch of girls go on a holiday together?

      1. Actor? As in a man?
        If so, then it is not lesbian rumours if she dated men previously in the past.
        You mean “with another actress”?
        I’m confuse, LOL!

  3. Going on holidays with a female does not make her a lesbian if that’s what they claim based on that fact. And even if she is, so…?

    1. There’s a video floating around and CLEARLY it’s Sire Ma. It’s not just one KISS. . but multiple. Regardless, congrats to her.

  4. Good for her. Whatever floats her boat. I don’t see a problem

  5. Gossip aside, I think Sire has so much potential in acting. I’m watching Will Power and this girl is a better actress than Fala.

    1. we must be watching a different show. i find her to be a terrible actress

  6. Anyone else thought Wang Ziqi was Mandy Wong in that picture?

      1. me too OMG! i was like they lesb O_O n i read the name ohhh hhhh … why is everyone called lesb when they cut their hair short and dont have a boyfriend??? or even if they have a boyfriend and if they hang out with another short hair women they are call lesb? O__O

    1. lol i did too at first, they looked like long lost sisters. mandy and the lezzie.

  7. Tabloids like to randomly label tvb artists as les or gays. There’s even this rumor of Bosco being gay, hence his breakup with Myolie, even Moses was once reported to be gay.

  8. Gays guys can easily detect another lesbo. My instinct tells me ms wang is lesbo by looking at her features etc……sire looks pure to me though

  9. wow lol you can’t even go on a trip without having the public make assumptions..

    1. Haha LOL…I know, esp if you are w/o a significant other. It’s like you have got to be attached or else. Haha I mean, even for regular people it’s been asked so imagine celeb life? There’s nothing to broadcast if they have no love life i guess. Sigh….

    1. Wow, this is NOT one of those regular rumors after all? Holy, that pic awwww..haha…. Wow

  10. Saw the video. Wow wow wow, definitely acting like the girl who is deeply and passionately in love. I am surprised no one even looked at them at all. Is that progress? Or is that cynicism in the sense we are immune? Anyway I am in a way rather delighted to see Sire looking rather happy. Now this is how you date. Openly. Let’s see what is her response and I mean what can she say? It is obvious. Unless there is a candid camera moment we did not know of.

    1. her antics in the video is kind of theatrical. even regular ppl however in love rarely act so passionately gestured in the crowded streets for all to see. yes either in love or heavily medicated.

  11. sire is too gd for that lez in the photo. maybe she should go for denise now that its in the open.

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